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Political Action Groups

If you are trying to be involved in shaping public policy, you are trying to use private law for public purposes or private church law to manipulate public commercial policy. No one really wants to have a church or another individual, without the option of choice, dictate what he should think or do. Yet what is happening with special interest groups is just that. Political action groups, also called special interest groups, i.e, environmental, health, labor, industrial associations, state, county/borough/city coalitions, religious foundations, etc., are nothing more than individuals who have banded together because of a common belief of conscience. Their endeavor is to put pressure on the lawmakers of the 14th Amendment trust to pass laws that favor their beliefs. If they are successful, then the laws that result become the policy of the trust that bind the rest of the 14th Amendment trust beneficiaries whether they like it or not. If they don't, then another special interest group is formed to try and counter the previous one and so it goes, ad nauseam. The politicians become the pawns of the most powerful special interest groups.

The only way to change public policy is to prevent private law from having any part in making public policy. This can only be accomplished by each individual acting separately and independently using Public Laws for private purposes. The only way the individual can do this is to move out of the public charitable religious trust that is making the public policy and take back his estate into his absolute control. Remember, Public Laws are laws that guarantee separation of powers so private conscience laws cannot dictate public policy. All political action groups have failed to make any difference, because of their inability to recognize that our nation was established first and foremost as an assembly of individuals acting independently in their own best interest without harm to another - basic general common law.

Even if political action groups went so far as to foster a constitutional convention, the basic Constitution could not be changed. What the citizen is unaware of is that the first ten Amendments to the Constitution, called the Bill of Rights, were passed as public in Law Amendments by the "states in this union" known as the Republic of the United States of America. These do not apply to the "several states" that are political subdivisions of "a territory" of the 14th Amendment trust of the District of Columbia called the "democracy." In the opposite vein, Amendments 11 through 25 were passed as private at law Amendments by the "several states" operating as political subdivisions of the trust and have no application to the Republic and its citizens. Amendments 11 through 25 function outside the Constitution. Any additional Amendments that would be added by a constitutional convention would be added as more private law only by the "several states" as a "democracy" outside the Republic and its Constitution. The more Amendments the democracy wants to add will not give more freedom and rights, on the contrary, only more oppression and control.

Any special interest group who says that the Constitution is going to be changed and/or repudiated in the future does not understand what it is talking about.

First, because the repudiation of the Constitution was started by the passing of the 14th Amendment in 1868 and completed by the people giving up their law (gold) in 1933 to move out from under the Republic and its absolute constitutional protected rights to parliamentary democracy, and

Second, because the basic Constitution of the Republic can only be changed by the people of the Republic and there is nobody living there. The only changes to the Constitution that the 14th Amendment trust democracy, and its political interest groups, can make as to the Amendments that it made for itself and its citizens - that only comes with more control and oppression.

As long as the people of the democracy continue to function under the group mentality (based on mob rule of opinion polls under the Roman civil law), more and more demands are put on the private commercial system. The more claims for benefits from the system, the greater the tyranny and oppression required to make the people perform to the debt and the interest on the debt that is created in order to supply the peoples demands. It is the debt, and its uncontrolled interest, that is causing the production of the American worker a halt. He is being taxed in ever increasing amounts and ways to try and pay for the national debt he has unknowingly and voluntarily demanded by his silence, a silence that is financing his destruction.

Government produces nothing, it can only take away. Why can't the people see that the same thing is happening in the government today that happened in those 147 communist social experiments in the early days of our country? The non - producers overwhelmed the producers to cause a total collapse of the commune.

It is bizarre how the people of our nation sense something is drastically wrong, both politically and economically, and yet keep making all manner of beneficial claims (now they are pushing for national health insurance), the very cause of our national economical illness. It seems that no none can see the forest for the trees. No one can see that they must unequivocally stop all demands from the government and become self-sufficient at all cost. When individuals change their standing in the law from 14th Amendment citizens, dependent on the social insurance trust, to non-14th Amendment citizens who are self-sufficient operating under the Public Law merchant - our nation will change and not before.


From the historical records, it is evident that our forefathers knew that at some point beyond their time, the majority of people of this nation would get enticed and prejudiced into an economic jurisdiction that would become repugnant. The Constitution allowed those repugnant jurisdictions, but it also made provision for one to walk away from them anytime they would individually choose. Knowing the law will allow one to do it and that is what this Treatise is all about.


The above 'excerpts' in themselves are enlightening but for anyone that has gotten this far there remains even a greater 'treat' by reading the 'Treatise' in its' entirety and that can be found at the link below. It is crucial for you to know that the Republic is still alive even if an empty house. You can walk away from the 'democracy (mob rule)' that tyranny and its' servitors have instantiated. Not without work and not without an understanding of the real Law. Your life and that of your children, depends upon this crucial understanding. My hope is that you will all get interested, overcome laziness and apathy, and walk away from the system of slavery called 'democracy' and become, again, a proud citizen of the greatest republic this world has ever known.

The Treatise:




7 Feb 2006 @ 05:38 by ashanti : Is the way through....
The solution to the legal issue will not be through the law. It has to be addressed at a different level. The level of postulates.
law is, my dear lady, a postulate. ;) the way out is through refers to a special aspect of maritime law which i'm sure you know mr r was alluding to. because he tried to allert people to what was happening as well as tried to undo some of the damage that has been done, even though his methods were not perfected (wrong courts, inefficient tools, not enough understanding), he ended up getting himself murdered...

yet, his spirit lives on for those who have eyes to see with and ears to hear with. tone 40 is sovereignty!

the way out is through the system and is found in knowing exactly who you are in relation to the system being used. as an example: i am a citizen of the soil and am not under the juris (from the latin Jur meaning oath) diction (spoken) of the 14th amendment. most Americans are with the exception of those who move their political choice back under republican laws. by that i mean 'the original republic.' more on this at a later date. stay tuned. ')

addenda: the constitution embraces two systems of law.
first: public municipal law for private purposes operating 'in personam (in and for the individual person).'
second: private law for public purposes operating 'in rem (in and for property or anything that has nothing to do with the individual).'

de jure government (inside the constitution).

de facto government (oitside the constitution)

Art. 1, Sec. 8, Cl. 17

R understood what had gone down here during the 30's and prior. An inferior form of 'government' was instantiated unknown to the 'people' of this country. It is called 'Democracy.' Thank FDR for capstoning that treason. However the original Republic still stands and we are working towards its' restoration. There are many hiints in Scientology,per se, though the format R had to use was necessarily a cloaking device.

The Crown Developers Corporation of Barristers is called The International Bar Association.

The International Bar Association and all member BARs are the legal arm of the UN.

All Supreme Court Justices must belong to the BAR. All attorneys ''at'' law also must belong to the BAR. The BAR is the British Accreditation Regency and they own all copyrights to the 'laws, ordinances and statutes issued under their domain. Do you begin to see the insidiousness of the ''system?'' Well, it is occupancy by a foreign corporation and power that we are up against and the people here in the USA don't suspect a thing. However there are people far and wide who are waking up to the insidiousness of the 'occupation' and are sharpening up the tools of the demise of the system of injustice which permeates every aspect of life in the American Police State.

You, in ZA, are also being 'colored' by the insane and unjust system so anything i dig up may also, however obliquely, apply to your de facto system of government as well... as it is all run out of the 'Crown.' Lorded over by private corporate laws; or I should say 'by laws.' ;)  

10 Feb 2006 @ 00:27 by jobrown : Here's an article
in keeping with what you're saying, vax.
Oh they have something to hide alright. ;) So do we. Thanks for the linkage blueboy.  

10 Feb 2006 @ 07:39 by koravya : By the Way
All of this is very interesting. The complexity of those distinctions and definitions, about who can and who cannot do this, that, or whatever. My goodness; now I have to go out and read the Constitution, and not only read it, but study it, and read what others who’ve studied it have written about it, and if I put enough time into it, maybe I’ll be able to figure out or decipher just what exactly what is in it, at second and third and fourth levels of meaning for every other word that isn’t an article. And I need to do that for what end? So I can repudiate the tyrannical frame of mind engendered through the composition. The blessings and the poisons have been stewed together. Would you like to take a drink? Keeping your distance from the web of deception, whatever level of distance your personality can muster, given whatever background one may have come from, is the recommended virtue. The children of the Earth have had to struggle through that jungle of streets and alleyways where the law you know is the law you talk to. Yes indeed, we have been rather undereducated in the niceties of the constitution. Read me my rights. It took a long time for the supreme blackrobes to get around to that one too, didn’t it? I think I’m just gonna lay low and keep out of da man’s way, cause well, he’s got more guns than I do. These are kick-the-door-in-on-you MoJos, dude, and I got no time for that. Tell me about my sovereign freedoms. Yeah, that’s cool. Detachment is an attitude. This is all very good conceptual material, for truly, it is really about the individual’s self-conception that is at stake here. **/-_*  

12 Feb 2006 @ 17:39 by swanny : The United democracies
The esstential premise of the united democracies
is not that "might is right" but that the global
good of all or most is right.
Canada 2006

perhaps but until we resolve the global good in terms
of example we are moot I suppose.  

18 Feb 2006 @ 18:54 by jobrown : OK, Vax....
.... I've been waiting for someone -ANYONE- to come up with the most obvious Question to be put forth here -considering the link you gave and here are the intersting sub titles: "It's Pure Law"

"Take Back Your Estate"

"Declaration of Independence"

IF it really is this easy and there's guys -like the article writer in this link, WHY DON'T THEY HAVE an OFFICE in every town, helping people with it -and do it with honesty / integrity; as a serious SERVICE- business??????
The Good News in this process would spread its Gospel and people would start to become aware of their true Rights and Freedom -and what it takes to re-gain it all what's lost right now, to most people on Earth. WHY NOT DO THIS THING AS A SERVICE,when 'you' already are one who masters all that it takes???
The few out there , who offer any service in this direction, both you and I know, are all a little slimy... without integrity, but filled with same kind of greed-poison as the Big Boys, that their Services are meant to defeat!....
I just can't get this logic to really be logic at all!... HELP ME OUT HERE! Heeeeelllllpp!..... I -like the rest of us- need a Way Out!.... Those who know the Way, where IS that Way? Be a little TANGIBLE in your "Help" -not just a web-site with SAMPLE LETTERS!!! TO hell with that kind of "help"... Who in their right mind would risk the rest of their life in prison, coz they followed the SAMPLE LETTER and ended up behind bars, 'coz they screwed up SOMETHING in the Document that was supposed to give them back their Freedom! It really is time for these guys to be more tangible.
As I've told you before; I have talked about these Things with so many and most of my friends say the same thing: "I only wish there was a Lawyer's Office that I can trust, who would help me with "all this". I agree!Don't you agree too, Vax?
THANKS -once again- for a GREAT article, reminding us what is more important for our successful survival, than ANYTHING Mainstream Life has to offer! You're the BEST!
: )/ A-d
PS: Then again, this too is to be remembered and understood and worked on and allowed into being!


dear A-d the burden of responsibility remains with those who see through the lies and deceit that are being projected by the implanter orgs who want to enslave this planet to their bidding. been going on for a long time here on planet earth and elsewhere in the galaxy.

lawyers work for the corrupt courts. this is nothing new. the same situation has existed seeming forever. it might be easier, one thinks, to rely upon sheisters for revelation of the way but...

lawyers and attorneys only work at law not in it and they work for the 'courts' not you. getting out of the system means just that. rebuttal of their assumptions about you and knowing concretely who you are. this stuff is all hidden and secreted away and the path to it is made difficult and the way of the slave is made attractive till it is too late and the slave perishes as his soul is sucked right out of him by the vampires masquerading as governments and authorities and...

i can only give broad hints and the task is essentially and individual one as each case is different. we can, of course, pool our findings and try to help one another understand the tools with which we can wage a war of attrition against those who would enslave us but...

it looks like there will always be those fprces, powers, monsters and daemons and liars and thieves and...

who will always want to control, control, control, our every thought, word, and deed...

so, too, will we always fight them for it seems to be the essence of the game called life to's an exercise not for the lazy of mind and the weak at heart. ;)  

19 Feb 2006 @ 20:21 by jobrown : Yes, my sweet Darling friend, Vax
I do hear you!.... you are so right in every thought & word you say. Yet I know there ARE SOME lawyers , who have broken out from the Box, coz, they've seen the Light!.... I just send them all Love & Light and pray to God, that their numbers keep growing and their Strength as well, so that they will start banding together in People-Help/ing Projects against the vampires, since they -after all- have the factual/socio-political-academic knowledge needed to lead us all out from BONDAGE.
I am right now receiving the Cosmic Promise that this will happen in avalance manner from this very moment on. I am feeling the cry of relief from somwhere very deep of my Being and I cannot stop the tears of relief that just keep rolling down my cheeks. You know that very deep cry of Relief, when a danger or disasterous situation is finally lifted away/removed by DIVINE INTERVENTION! This is 100% beyond my conscious control. It just is what is happening! On cosmic level, I understand, this is what it took to take us to this point where this could happen, this particular Cosmic Window of Life-Opportunity for ALL who so wish, could be opened up by Universe: Your post of the article and our little dialogue! We DID IT, Vax, we did it! : ) "When ever two or My Name... " Bless your Heart!/A-d


yeah, A-d. glad you are experiencing that re-lief. sure, we are doing it. it must take place at an individual level and with every new level of understanding and application we all grow. i'm a shadow runner, you know...witness what happened to old cheney? ;) heh, heh, heh.

"we don't need no stinkin badges."--jordan

here's an interesting link that you may find of inestimable value in your search for ''freedom'' from tyranny and enslavement. ;)  

22 Feb 2006 @ 16:50 by jobrown : Ooooppps. Vax,
I posted a comment in the wrong blog!... Sorry'bout that!... I guess Universe wanted me to greet you here, in this space today!.... what can I say...but Good Morning Sunshine! : )Hugs & Kisses! : ) from your friend A-d
Wrong blog? Is there really such a beast? Lets eat it for lunch. Thanks A-d for the greetz...  

26 Feb 2006 @ 20:33 by vaxen : Bandolexia:
Within the 14th Amendment, the people have had their property reclassified into an alienable Right as in Roman civil law. The result is that the people have been sold into slavery (serfdom) of the trust. Thomas Jefferson said, "The land belongs to the living." When a person is civilly dead to the law, he is as good as being physically dead - he or she cannot own property in the absolute sense.  

7 Mar 2006 @ 17:15 by gordon @ : New movie
I'm curious to see how this turns out. Even if it is just a sneak peak down the rabbit hole.

If you haven't already, check out the trailer...  

12 Mar 2006 @ 21:19 by koravya : Hey,
Looks like a good show.
Think it will show at the Cine-plex?  

18 Sep 2008 @ 04:14 by Daniel @ : the real enemy
are you guys serious not even the government could be that corrupt if it is only Jesus will be able to overturn it Prayer changes people and people change things
We are to obey the authorities unless the authorities disobey the law of conscience and or the Law of the God of the whole earth The father of our Lord
Yeshua (Jesus) the true governor of the nations We have more important concerns the governments of mindkind have been corrupt since the Fall evil seducers growing worse and worse They are very close to implementing the mark of the Beast. so very close so i am n ow focused on saving souls I have enough information on Government Corruption to fill an Encycopedia but I became bitter
with it it was no longer benefitial to me as it cause my marriage to breakup unforgiveness and Demonic Oppression to worsen. I am a victim multiple times of
government corruption but it was not helping me focus on Jesus while I certainly am not ignorant of most of the real corruption like Executive orders which are reality not fiction I am not focusing on them because They are the firewood of hell and the wrath of an angry God will consume them unless they repent I hope they repent. We need to the people they are on the losing side
only those siding with Yeshua (JESUS) win all else are the enemy the government is not siding with Yeshua so they are the enemy but the real enemy is Ha Satan
the adversary or enemy of Jesus who they so stupidly serve shunning salvation
which is only found in a regenerated life in the water and the Blood of Yeshua
not in the elites the elite are elite firewood of hell and will go there if they serve the enemy of Jesus instead of him just like we send soldiers to prison or shoot them for treason so will the Lord treat them if they dont stop
I have many purposes in writing I struggle but I am becoming victoroius in praying for those who use and abuse me The government fits that bill but Satan more so for when he is finished He will take them to a Party some party being with the author of the lie and the father of it
PS The government to start chipping are Military members the beginning of the year check mit out for yourself We can educate the public on the real enemy Ha satan of which the the gov is only a slave pawn now who is being played we for short time as believers they are at their party until the Lake of fire some party  

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