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WING TV Hacked!
by Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani

“My suspicion is that you are on someone’s radar, big time.”

The above words were told to us by someone who has been in the upper echelon of computer security for the past two decades. And yes, after 1 ½ years, WING TV has finally become such a danger to the bloodthirsty cabal which executed 9-11 (and beyond) that they are now taking extreme steps to shut us down.

These cowards who lurk in the shadows are doing so by jamming our server with millions and millions of what appear to be “legitimate” hits from various IP addresses, but in reality they’re coming from “spoofed” locales that are highly sophisticated in nature.

In other words, our server isn’t showing a single IP or IP range; but instead this massive spoofing is being distributed by a source which has “virtually unlimited resources to create bogus traffic.” (Any idea who that could be!)

Our contact also mentioned other possibilities, such as SMURFS, Fragle syn-floods, zombies, or a vanilla DDOS (all of which sound like a Dawn of the Dead cartoon show).

Nonetheless, as anyone who’s been trying to watch our show during the past week knows, our daily broadcast is either: (a) crawling along at a snail’s pace, (b) freezing up, (c) or simply shutting down entirely. This massive “jamming” is similar to a radio station being hammered by an influx of outside interference, or a radar screen that is “spoofed” and all the operator at the screen sees is snow. (By the way, that was how Ron Brown’s plane was deliberately made to crash – its radar was “spoofed”.)

To give you some idea of how MASSIVE this hack-job was, even though we tripled our bandwidth last week, our server told us that if left “uncapped,” our total usage would have been 9 terrabytes/month. Now, if you’re like us, you have no idea how much bandwidth this is. We have been told, though, that 1 terrabyte equals 1 trillion bytes, and it would only take 8 terrabytes to digitize all the tapes and movies in a typical video store. And we were getting hit with even more firepower than that! This wasn’t something being done by some snot-nosed kid sitting in his basement!

In essence, we were being hammered at about 622 megabits/second, which would have had to originate from numerous T3 pipes, or even an OC-12 pipe. We’re not exactly sure what all this mumbo-jumbo means, but every time we bumped-up our bandwidth, the attackers bumped-up their server requests.

The big question at this point is: why is WING TV being attacked with such intensity? The answer, at least from our perspective, is twofold:

First, none of this happened until after our historic appearance at Ground Zero on the 4th anniversary of 9-11. On that morning and afternoon, we stood with our 14-foot 9-11 WORLD TRADE CENTER CONTROLLED DEMOLITION banner at the epicenter of those tragic terror attacks and created a firestorm like none that’s ever been seen before. We finally put the TRUTH right there out in the open for the entire world to see at Ground Zero, and it pissed the powers-that-be off more than we could have imagined.

Subsequently, The Village Voice ran an article the following day with our banner in live full-color 9-11 Conspiracists Invade Ground Zero. Then, the next week the American Free Press ran as their front-page lead article Victor Thorn’s Bombs in WTC which reinforced the notion that NYC’s firemen and police officers know that 9-11 was an inside job, but are being silenced by a city-wide gag order.

We also ran several other articles on the WING TV homepage that are being widely disseminated around the Internet:

WING TV at Ground Zero

Fireman Admits Again: 9-11 an Inside Job

9-11 Fire Your Phony "Leaders"

9-11 Ground Zero

Let's Honor the 9-11 Victims

WING TV Attends DC Anti-War Protest

Nicholas Levis: Tarred and Feathered

We have also appeared on two different occasions at the White House holding our 9-11 WORLD TRADE CENTER CONTROLLED DEMOLITION, the second time in front of 250,000 people at the September 24th anti-war rally. On top of that, we are also appearing every Friday night on Alex Merklinger’s Mysteries of the Mind radio show, which is now listened to in 177 different countries.

Secondly, we also feel that we are being targeted because our exposes on certain individuals and groups within the alternative media and activist movements are so right-on-the-mark that patriots everywhere are wising-up in a big way to all the fear-mongers, money-grubbers, gatekeepers, Company Men, sensationalists, and downright crooks. In other words, their cover has been blown and people are sick and tired of being taken for a ride by these phonies. So, instead of looking to them for their information, they’re turning to REAL alternative sources --- those that can’t be “handled” and “managed” by the government and their intelligence agencies.

In closing, we don’t know what other problems will confront us in the immediate future, but one thing is certain: we will not be intimidated, we won’t be denied, and we’re going to keep shouting louder than ever before because it’s obvious by their tactics (trying to shut us down) that these bastards are running scared.

WING TV is pushing things to the limit, and we're not going away; regardless of what those cowardly worms try doing to us.




31 Jan 2006 @ 21:21 by jobrown : THANK YOU, Vaxen!
Yes, we all need to know what scams are ran against us. That is the only way we can stay clear from them/their shit! How far did we get about "the Magic Bullet" uncovering???.... We can't let that happen again; the stonewalling! One way is to not try to make them admit/accept accountability!.... We know they won't.But once we know the scam, we shouldn't ASK them : "Did you do this" or " Why did you do this?" We KNOW they did and we know why and just as with little bastards/bratts; the PARASITES and they won't cope with their own evil doings! The remedy with shitheads is to leave them in their own shit to stew!... and only with their own kins/ accomplises. That is the best and hardest "punishement" they can ever get!... because for their very survival they -being the PARASITES that they are- NEED people of/with HIGHER cosmic energy to feed from psychicly!!! They accomplish that every time we scrape our foot, keep our heads bowed and engaging in POLITE CONVERSATIONAL communications/interactions with them -about ANY Issue! All we should do is LET THEM KNOW THAT WE KNOW EVERY SINGLE OF THEIR SCAMS AND WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT IT!... "DOESN'T BOTHER US" "Eat your own shit" and leave them! Walk away. Do what we need to to get around their shit!... and NEVER give in to argue -as you know, even the greatest effort to have an intelligent meaningfull conversation/inquiry about anything at all with them will very rapidly deterorate into an argument! .... That happens even here on NCN, whenever we are gullible enough to even TRY to discuss with the members here of that particular PARASITE Mindset! Let alone to try with even bigger parasites! Of course, at the very Heart these people are all emotionally ( 'Spiritually') extreamly immature and or outright ill!... and now I'm going to look up "Alex Merklinger’s Mysteries of the Mind radio show". Thanks Friend! : )

Now it is some ten hours later. Ohhhhmy ohhhmy.... I just found two articles discussing the Magic Bullet Theory of 911!!!


There -obviously- are people out there, who believe these "Official" nonsense cookie cutter Stories!...


Sure, A-d, glad you read the article and are aware. You might want to study the "Commercial Affidavit of Truth," otherwise known as the "C.A.T." A google search should pull up plenty of sites but if you don't have the time here is a good reference site for many 'points of law.'

Vax, just to show the readers that there ARE people out there, who do go their own LIFE FRIENDLY WAY...turning very intentionally their back to the DESTRUCTION MODELL, that the Bratts so adore and so desperatly wants -not only them to continue to work with and work on, but still trying to force us all to do the same! People are indeed saying "Hell, NO!" in ever greater numbers! and


danke on the linkage sister. reminds me of just how very much i'd like to be, eventually, with some flesh and blood people out there somewhere doing the do of the be, do, have equation together...some real ARCU of the hand clasping and body hugging sort...blood, sweat, and tears beyond the facade of virtual reality which we've had so very much enough of...thanks again for the linkage. enjoyed the Pc (permaculture or pre-clear?) ;)  

31 Jan 2006 @ 21:44 by joda : Viva la resistance !
Seems you've got Alito confirmed..

It's amazing how perforated is our news media reality today. For example my comments are usually censored at major portals in my country. People swear, libel each other, post incredibly stupid and usless comments, but their posts appear with no problem, it seems. But when I try to comment some major article, point to people some facts, connect the dots for them - I'm usually censored. When the 'news' is out of front page - I've got no problem, but otherwise, I've got no chances...


I don't quite understand, j0da, how you are being censored. Do you mean that your comments do not appear, there in your country, to a slog like this one? Or is the censorship somehow deeper, wider, more in the everyday life sphere?

You know how Marcabians 'handle' truth seekers, eh? ;) Since Marcab is really an analog for Mercantile, or Merchant based, society we can then go to the Law of Commerce for a hearty remedy. Tort Law deals with personal injury. I would consider censorship to fall under that category.

It's all about Honor and Dishonor. The first one to argue, or remain silent as to rebuttal, loses. ;) How can I help?

Your status as a real live being has not changed in reality, but it has changed by presumption and perception in this 'fictional' world that we live in. A remedy most certainly exists, though it has been purposefully hidden from us, and discovery of it has given us real weapons of truth.

In Commerce Truth is Sovereign

BTW: Thanks for the link. I've been doing that for so long; now I see at least one other proposing the same! Wow! ;)

Hey Vax, thanks for Your concern :) I was talking about censorship at my country most popular news portals. Personal blogs are free of it, but You know, one can get the biggest 'punch' by putting a message in places where the biggest number of people acquire their knowledge about recent country and world events. At such big portals every comment must be accepted by a moderator - and it is this point where some of my comments to articles aren't getting through.

Also, what I want to say, that I've got huge respect for american citizens, who express such a concern about their country, their rights and all the wordly grim occurences. The number of 'independent' news sites in US is stunning. Even taking into consideration that many of them are just cointelpro crations, there are still many honest and informative people willing to put the truth on the web. In that light I find it very saddening that I don't see such a behaviour in my country. It looks like the is NO INDEPENDENT journalism here. Sure, there are some media revealing some part of the truth, but those are catholic media, so they are biased in an obvious way... The rest is owned by foreign corporations located in US, Germany and scandinavian countries. Our whistleblowers are merely kids, without any real organisation or real and workable knowledge. They see some things and try to get the word to the people, but I can't see any with some good understanding of the big picture.

Well, I'm a bit occupied recently, trying to work and learn in the same time, so.. I'll be going now. Things will slow down in a week - I'll contact You then.


3 Feb 2006 @ 11:19 by joda : share the tech of Your "way of life"
" I've been doing that for so long; now I see at least one other proposing the same! Wow! ;)"


I just thought it would be great if You could share with us some ways to cope with life in a western country without dependence on the State. I know You gave us a lot of info about legal system and sovereignity, but if You could provide something more universal, regarding everyday life and living - like providing Yourself with basic needs (shelter, food, communication, etc) without using that damn enslaving currencies..  

7 Apr 2007 @ 17:55 by Vaxen @ : Experience...
Sure, I'd love to... but, then, I'd have to kill you. ;) I'll think about it joda my friend. But, you know, you've been gone from NCN for such a long time... see ya in Budapest at Midnight on June 21st, at my favorite bridge...

I'll bring the smoke and you bring Gru Shin KA. ;) Miss ya bro.  

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