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The Problem: Either the required nonobservable energy input must be modeled or the energy conservation law is falsified.
Sen states:
"The connection between the field and its source has always been and still is the most difficult problem in classical and quantum electrodynamics."
Bunge stated:
"In order to keep Maxwell's second order equations and at the same time discard its advanced solutions in a consistent way one must add the hypothesis that the charged bodies are the sources of the e.m. field-a hypothesis that is taken so much for granted that it is hardly stated explicitly."
Bunge also stated:
" is not usually acknowledged that electrodynamics, both classical and quantal, are in a sad state."
Kosyakov bluntly states:
"A generally acceptable, rigorous definition of radiation has not as yet been formulated.” …"The recurring question has been: Why is it that an electric charge radiates but does not absorb light waves despite the fact that the Maxwell equations are invariant under time reversal?”
The Solution: The charge continuously absorbs virtual (subquantal) photon energy from the vacuum, coherently integrates it, and re-emits it as real observable photons.
In 1957, particle physicists discovered the basis for solving the problem.
Lee and Yang strongly predicted broken symmetry in 1956-57.
Wu and her colleagues experimentally proved it in Feb. 1957.
It was a great revolution in physics. With unprecedented speed the Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang the very same year, in Dec. 1957.
In the nearly half century since then, that revolution and its implications have not migrated across the university campus from the physics department to the electrical engineering department, to convince the department and its professors of the urgent necessity to update and extend their seriously flawed and archaic EE model.
In particle physics, every charged particle polarizes the vacuum around it. The charge is surrounded by virtual charges of opposite sign, resulting in a dipolar ensemble and a highly energetic exchange between charge and active vacuum.
The asymmetry of opposite charges (and thus of any dipolarity) is a proven broken symmetry.
For a broken symmetry that is discovered, something virtual has become observable. In this case, that “something that has become virtual” is virtual energy received from the vacuum.
Virtual EM energy from the vacuum is continuously input to the charge’s polarization ensemble, absorbed as a differential change in mass by the charged mass, coherently integrated as that differential mass change, and then re-emitted as observable EM energy.
Coherent integration of disordered virtual energy into observable energy is a process for consuming positive entropy and producing negative entropy, as follows:
The charged particle ensemble continuously absorbs disordered virtual photon energy from its seething vacuum energy exchange.
The energy dE of each virtual energy photon absorbed is transformed into a virtual change dm in the mass of the charged particle, by (dE)/c2 = dm.
Since mass is unitary, its successive virtual changes dmi integrate unitarily (coherently) as dm = dm1 dm2 … dmi …. This process reorders the absorbed disordered energy, but as a summation change dm of mass-energy until the quantum threshold is reached.
When sufficient virtual mass-energy change dm is accumulated, there is sufficient mass-energy excitation DE = (dm)c2 for emitting an observable photon.
Incessantly perturbed by vacuum fluctuations (zitterbewegung), once the quantum threshold (DE ) is reached the excited charged particle abruptly and forcibly decays by emitting a real, observable photon. At that moment, coherent integration of virtual energy into observable energy has been accomplished.
To model the process, a new geometry and group theoretic methods are required.
This does not correspond to Klein’s geometry and methods, but it corresponds to the far more modern and complete Leyton geometry and methods. The electrical engineering model is still based on Klein’s geometry and methods.
In Klein geometry, a broken symmetry at a given level loses the symmetry information for that level and reduces the overall symmetry.
In Leyton geometry, a broken symmetry at a given level does not lose the symmetry information, and it also generates a new symmetry at the next higher level. Hence it increases the overall symmetry. This is necessary, in order for a negative entropy process to exist and for it to absorb and coherently integrate disordered vacuum virtual energy into real, observable, ordered EM energy.
Leyton’s discovery of the resulting hierarchies of symmetry is thus another giant revolution ticking away in physics.
“Static” EM fields and potentials are actually freely flowing, nonequilibrium steady state energy currents. Freely catching the energy from this energy flow and using it-without affecting or killing the source of the flow-requires special provisions:
For use of this “free” flow of energy transduced from the vacuum by the charge, the energy must be transferred from the source without work; i.e., the form of the energy that is transferred to the collector must remain the same when it is collected.
Hence one must intercept and collect the energy in “static” field and “static” potential form, in the intercepting/collecting circuit.
This means that the Drude electrons in the receiving circuit must be pinned during the energy transfer so that no flow of current occurs during that transfer process. In that way, the energy is transferred from the source in work-free manner, by asymmetric regauging of the receiving circuit alone.
Then the external source of the potentialization must be disconnected from the receiving part of the circuit, and a load inserted in the receiving circuit as well as preferably a one-way gate (diode) also.
During this “potentialized working circuit completion” process, the Drude electrons remain pinned, so these operations are current-free. Static conditions must continue to be held while the “working circuit for powering the load” is assembled as an entity separate from the original source of potentialization, with the collector circuit and its prior potentialization (asymmetrical regauging) being a part of the new assembly.
The Drude electrons must then be unpinned, so that current can and does flow because of the emf developed by the overpotentialization condition.
Then as current now flows, the excess potential energy of the former receiving circuit portion is dissipated in the load to power it freely. There is no related back emf (due to load powering) through the original, now-separated source of the potentialization.
In this way energy freely received from an external source of potential is separately shuttled into the receiving circuit as work-free energy transfer only. Then the collected potential energy is separately dissipated from the receiving circuit in its inserted load and gating, without using half that free potential energy to destroy the dipolarity of the original external source.
The main principle is this: The primary source of free potential energy flow should only be used to furnish potential to a collector in the absence of current. The potentializing “external receiving circuit” should never dissipate that energy with the original source of energy still connected. The collector circuit collects energy only in a pure energy transfer situation, never in a “power” situation. When the collector circuit dissipates its collected energy to power the load, the original source of potential must never be connected.
The charge ensemble (and any dipole) is a magic “ratchet” for consuming disordered virtual state energy of the vacuum and producing ordered observable state energy in space.
The charge produces a continuous negative entropy interaction, of the kind shown theoretically possible by Evans and Rondoni.
This dramatically revises and extends the present incomplete second law of thermodynamics, which has admitted only positive entropy interactions. Now it must admit negative entropy interactions as well.
It solves the old “heat death” problem of thermodynamics.
It also solves the major problem of thermodynamics today: its temporal asymmetry.
It is ridiculously easy to extract real EM energy from the seething vacuum-all one wishes, whenever one wishes, anywhere one wishes. Just assemble some charge or make a dipole, and let it alone. It will extract and pour out transduced EM energy from the vacuum, continuously, so long as it exists. The original source charges of the universe have been doing that continuously, for some 17 billion years.
The only energy “crisis” is how to effectively intercept, collect, and utilize the steady EM energy flow to power the circuit and its loads, without destroying the source dipolarities and thereby shutting off the free flow of EM energy from the vacuum. Obviously, that is an energy problem our scientific community and our electrical power community are not addressing. We have a “scientific dogma” crisis, not a physical energy crisis.
Regauging and Energy Conservation:
In quantum field theory, gauge freedom is an axiom. It is widely assumed by electrodynamicists and physicists.
By gauge freedom, one can freely change the potential-and thus the potential energy-of an EM system at any time, as one wishes.
In earlier history of electrodynamics, the potentials were considered to be mathematical figments and not physically real.
Only the fields were regarded as “real”.
So long as the net fields of the system were unchanged, the system was considered to be “the same” regardless of change of potential (and thus regardless of its change of potential energy).
For simply changing a system potential (regauging the equations) that resulted in an increase in the system’s potential energy, and without net change in the overall force field, no question of the conservation of energy was raised-and such questions are still ignored.
We know of no text which points out that regauging a system’s equations implies a free change in the potential energy of the system involved.
We also know of no text which then details from whence comes the excess free regauging energy so universally assumed and utilized by the electrodynamicists.
Leyton’s hierarchies of symmetry, however, do provide the answer.
In the Maxwell-Heaviside equations, “symmetrical” regauging is the simultaneous changing of two potentials-A and f-but just so that the two free translation force fields also produced are equal and opposite. Thus the net resultant translation force field change is zero, even though the stress of the system has been increased by the presence of the new equal and opposite forces fighting each other.
If one wishes, asymmetrical regauging-such as changing the magnitude of the system’s electrostatic scalar potential (its voltage) alone-can be used.
As previously stated, if no current is permitted to flow, this asymmetrical regauging (increasing the voltage alone) does freely increase the potential energy collected in the asymmetrically regauged system. It is done without performing work, since-as an example-mere voltage amplification in the absence of current does not of itself involve any work. Instead, it is pure asymmetrical regauging, and “for free” under the gauge freedom axiom.
The local ambient vacuum is actually a very high electrostatic scalar potential, taken only as a reference zero potential. In other words, other potentials are measured with respect to being a change in that ambient local vacuum potential.
Note that “the” potential as such is not absolutely defined; only the difference between two potentials is defined (and then only for their difference in point intensity of their composite energy flows). Hence the change of potential “in the circuit” actually is a change in the local potential intensity of the vacuum. That is a free asymmetrical regauging of the vacuum itself, and the “excess energy” connected with the regauged system comes directly from the regauged vacuum.
We strongly stress that “the potential” itself does not appear in EM equations. Only the “point intensity” of the potential-i.e., of its composite energy flows appears and is calculated and used. Similarly for “the” EM field: Only its point intensity appears and is used.
One concludes that the vacuum can be and is asymmetrically regauged at will, in a local region, thereby producing excess usable EM potential energy in a system located in that region. “Flow of potential energy through space” actually refers to transmitting a change of the local potentialization of space (vacuum) itself.
One further concludes that the source charge is the fundamental and most basic EM system that performs that asymmetrical regauging of the local vacuum potential. And it also does it continuously and “for free”.
Technical Result: The source charge ensemble obeys the conservation of energy law (first law of thermodynamics), but totally violates the present form of the second law. Source charges freely furnish all observable EM field energy and EM potential energy in the universe, extracting and transducing it from the local seething vacuum’s virtual energy.
The dipolarity of the charge’s polarization ensemble continuously (i) consumes positive entropy of the virtual state vacuum, and (ii) produces negative entropy in the observable state.
In every electrical circuit, power system, or EM device: In any system, the local EM fields, potentials, and their energy are formed by the changes in the intensity of the EM energy being extracted and reordered directly from the altered local vacuum by the associated source charges and dipolarities in that system. The charge produces the transduction function; the altered vacuum intensity furnishes the energy freely.
Thermodynamically the charge ensemble is a nonequilibrium steady state (NESS) system. The charge is the first known physical EM system continuously producing purely negative entropy in accord with the theoretical demonstration of Evans and Rondoni.
All EM systems are powered by energy from the local vacuum, and always have been.
Cranking the shaft of a generator is not what powers its attached external circuit.
Dissipating chemical energy in a battery is not what powers its attached circuit.
Burning hydrocarbons, building dams and windmills, and using nuclear fuel rods have nothing to do with directly providing the actual EM energy from the immediate vacuum to the attached external circuits, the power grid, and external loads.
The charges and dipolarities in those circuits, grid, and loads freely provide that service, as “gushers” of continuously flowing EM energy transduced from the seething vacuum. All the rest is just to switch the intensity of the vacuum’s interactions with the local ions and charges and dipoles in the circuit or system.
The Electrical Power Engineering Situation: Electrical engineering departments, professors, texts, and electrical engineers are unaware of what actually powers a circuit.
The power engineering EM model erroneously assumes an inert vacuum, a flat spacetime, and thus an “inert external environment”. In the model there is no such thing as “usable energy from the vacuum”-any net receipt of energy from the vacuum to the system is totally excluded from the discipline and the model.
This terrible error continues even though the active vacuum and its exchange with all charges and ions has been thoroughly proven in particle physics for decades.
It continues nearly a half-century after proof of the asymmetry of opposite charges (of any dipolarity) in their virtual particle flux exchange with the vacuum.
The Result: the monstrous, centralized power engineering grid and system. With its insatiable demand for power and fuel, this system generates ever increasing destruction of the biosphere.
Conventional engineering procedure only builds and deploys electrical power systems that (i) continuously destroy their own dipolarity and thus (ii) continuously destroy their extraction of energy from the local vacuum by reducing the activity of the local vacuum itself. And (iii) the conventional systems do it faster than they power their loads.
The burning of hydrocarbons, use of nuclear fuel cells, building of dams and windmills, etc. escalates relentlessly, increasingly strangling the planet.
The entire scientific community considers it primarily from the flawed standpoint of the power engineer. Even the National Academy of Sciences, National Science Foundation, and National Academy of Engineering do not realize what actually powers an electrical circuit or the power grid. All assume they do, of course-but they also unwittingly assume that every EM field, EM potential, and joule of EM energy in the universe is and has been freely created from nothing at all, by its associated source charge(s).
Borrowing a phrase from Nikola Tesla-who gave us AC power in the first place-the present national electrical power situation is “one of the most remarkable and inexplicable aberrations of the scientific mind which has ever been recorded in history.”

Implication: a national power system headed for disaster.
Electrical professors and departments adamantly refuse to update their model.
The National Academy of Sciences, National Science Foundation, National Laboratories, Department of Energy, and our universities still have not grasped the source of the energy that powers every electrical power system, circuit, and device.
Electrical power engineers falsely assume that, except for the solar cell taking its energy from conventional solar radiation, one cannot build an electrical analogy to a windmill powered by “free EM energy winds” in space or vacuum. They are quite wrong.
Every EM field and potential is already a steady state “EM energy wind” system, established and maintained by the asymmetry of the associated source charges.
Every charge is already a “vacuum energy wind” system directly analogous to a special “solar cell”. The charge’s steady energy flow output is freely powered by virtual energy continuously furnished by its active vacuum environment. Every charge proves that such systems are not only possible but also ubiquitous. It is the scientific dogma that is flawed, not nature.
Energy is not conserved by accounting for mass systems and observable energy alone, but by accounting for mass systems, observable energy, the active vacuum, and the virtual energy exchanges between active vacuum and mass systems.
As Nobelist Lee put it: "Since nonobservables imply symmetry, any discovery of asymmetry must imply some observable. The experiment of Wu, Ambler, Hayward, Hoppes and Hudson… established the asymmetry between the positive and negative signs of electricity."
Lee also briefly considered some basic ideas for directly engineering the vacuum. Ironically, Lee himself apparently did not see the source charge solution and its revolutionary implications to power systems and power engineering.
The power company uses the energy content in fossil and nuclear fuels to crank the shaft of the generator. This forcibly separates the opposite charges in the generator and its external circuit, forming a source dipolarity. By its asymmetry of opposite charges, every dipole in that dipolarity then continuously extracts EM energy directly from its local vacuum, and pours it out to form the associated field and potential energy available in the circuit to power the loads and losses.
In the standard closed current loop system, half the energy collected from the vacuum by the external circuit is used only to drive the spent charges through ground return back to the generator and through the back emf of its source dipole. This forcibly scatters the separated opposite charges and destroys the dipolarity, quenching the free extraction of EM energy from the local vacuum.
The other half of the collected energy in the external circuit is dissipated in the losses and loads of the external circuit itself. So less energy is used to power the load than is used to destroy the source dipolarity.
To get more energy from the vacuum, it is necessary to again restore the source dipolarity in the generator and external circuit. To force the opposite charges back apart, at least as much shaft energy must be input to the generator again, as was used to destroy its dipolarity.
Hence greater mechanical energy must continually be input to the shaft of the generator than is dissipated in the loads. The standard closed current loop circuit guarantees COP 'is less than' 1.0 operation. The only reason for this insane operation is because the circuit is built specifically to require it and self-enforce it. Nature does not require it.
Thus our power engineers only build power systems that destroy their “free extraction of vacuum energy” process faster than they use some of the vacuum-furnished energy to power their loads. We must pay to continually crank the generator shaft to restore the dipole that the circuit is designed to continually destroy.
We pay the power company to deliberately engage in a giant wrestling match inside its generators and lose. This is the real reason for the increasing energy crisis.
Hence the giant pollution of the biosphere continues unnecessarily, the power meter stays on our homes and offices unnecessarily, and the gas meter stays on the gas pump unnecessarily. But the energy cartels continue to reap a bonanza around the globe.
There is not now-and there never has been-a single electrical engineering department, professor, or textbook that knows and teaches what really powers an electrical circuit.
Neither the scientific community-the National Academy of Sciences, National Science Foundation, etc.-nor the Department of Energy has a single funded and determined program to understand how to better utilize the free-flowing vacuum energy already powering all circuits and power systems. None of them even realizes what powers the grid system. None of them realizes that up to a trillion times as much Heaviside energy flow is unaccounted and wasted, as the Poynting energy flow that is accounted and utilized. The proof that any EM field or potential is a set of longitudinal EM wave energy flows is given by Whittaker.
Jackson at least adds that the Poynting vector is arbitrary and a curled energy flow component could be added. But he also states it would “have no physical significance”. That latter statement is true only in a flat spacetime condition and only when the “assumed unit point charge” at each point in space is static rather than self-resonating. The Bohren experiment produces COP = 18, and indeed the entire field of “negative resonance absorption of the medium” violates Jackson’s assumption. However, scientists in the “negative resonance absorption” area of optics do not discuss COP 'is greater than' 1.0, but only discuss the change in reaction cross section.
The seriously flawed advice of our scientific community to our government’s energy decision makers is that “more of the same energy means” is what is required. Were it not so tragic to humanity and to the biosphere, it would be a cosmic joke.
With only that flawed scientific advice available to him, President Bush is struggling to (i) allow updating old polluting power plants without additional pollution controls, (ii) allow drilling wherever oil and gas are to be found, (iii) massively increase the grid transmission lines and the number of power plants feeding it, (iv) go for fuel cells as an intended answer to the transport problem, and (v) consider building additional nuclear power plants. He has been offered no other viable choice.
Coal is probably going to become the immediate power fuel of choice. Recently some 65% of our oil needs were filled by foreign sources. Most of that comes from unstable regions of the world. The clear danger of foreign-induced U.S. economic disaster is obvious.
Meanwhile, the grid is “splintered”, its “control” is highly disorganized and also splintered (often depending on “courtesy call” from one separated part to another). Parts often compete against each other, there is no central regulating and enforcement authority, maintenance and reliability have been scavenged, etc. As a massive system of potentially clashing servomechanisms, almost everything in the handbook for servomechanism control theory is violated by the present grid. The grid is highly unstable, terribly vulnerable, and its main “protection” is abrupt shutdown of power plants, refineries, etc. to try to prevent their damage. Even the clocks throughout the system are not all synchronized.
Together with an aging grid with one of the poorest servomechanism control systems imaginable, the August 14, 2003 severe blackout in New York, Ohio, and Canada-and others in England, Spain, and Italy- are just the beginning.
The recall of the governor of California for the energy disaster last year is also just the beginning, as an angered citizenry holds its political leaders accountable for bureaucratic bungling, splintering of control and responsibility, corporate profiteering, lack of liability controls and enforcement, etc.
We need not ask for whom the warning bell tolls. It tolls for us, and it warns of an eventual great grid disaster, potential economic collapse of the U.S., and perhaps potential economic collapse worldwide. It also warns of the increasing spawning of energy wars and terrorism, in addition to ever increasing poisoning of our biosphere, strangling of species, induction of diseases, and global warming.



30 Dec 2005 @ 20:31 by vaxen : Eiya Ho Ha Hei...
Hence all “static” EM fields are actually steady state dynamic energy flows, in the manner pointed out by Van Flandern {} when he states:
“… we must distinguish two distinct meanings of the term ‘static’. One meaning is unchanging in the sense of no moving parts. The other meaning is sameness from moment to moment by continual replacement of all moving parts. We can visualize this difference by thinking of a waterfall. A frozen waterfall is static in the first sense, and a flowing waterfall is static in the second sense. Both are essentially the same at every moment, yet the latter has moving parts capable of transferring momentum, and is made of entities that propagate.”
Experiment establishes there is no observable energy input to the source charge. Yet charges pour out energy and establish all EM fields, potentials, and their energy.  

31 Dec 2005 @ 06:08 by jobrown : The last two
sentences here in your comment are the ones that -once again- show us how LITTLE we (= our so called science)REALLY know/s!... eh? I admit, I don't know anything at all about electricity and it's physics - or about the physicis of electromagnetics, for that matter, but I once heard, that the ONLY PROBLEMS "out there" are the ones ( we hang on to ) in our Minds - and NOT "OUT THERE" at all!!! I've been given THAT concept a lot of thought -and I 'm still working on it! : ) At the same time; I have already accepted the fact, that "Some things I'll never understand"... The only thing I can say for sure, that nothing can stop me from my never ending wonderment of Life! Something like 90% of our "knowledge" that we Today call 'Quantum mechanics' are really not proven facts -science- at all, but educated guesses/speculations, that in later times someone dis-proves! How about Light being the fastest thing in Universe? ; ).... Not true after all! THOUGHT is the fastest. etc etc. But LIFE is the Mystery that should never stop us from looking around in AWE!... only shut (the f--- up ) a little more, or what dousay, Big Boy? : ) I agree; speculation can be fun too! *!* Thanks again, Sweetie! : )  

18 Aug 2007 @ 13:45 by NRen2k5 @ : Wow
Who let the kids on? Vacuum energy my fat furry ass. Yes there is energy in an EM field around a battery but there’s so little as to be useless.  

18 Aug 2007 @ 15:31 by vaxen : Yeah...
the rest absorbed by your fat furry fracking ass... You should do some investigating but with a mind like yours that's undoubtedly impossible. So, bleed it and're going down fast.  

20 Sep 2007 @ 19:09 by but @ : ...
How does an electron continually radiate without any input?  

10 Jan 2012 @ 01:24 by me @ : Yes
Quote: "How does an electron continually radiate without any input?"

That, exactly.  

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