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The Secret Team

The complete book online:



14 Dec 2005 @ 05:00 by koravya : Looks Like
Quite a read.
I'm just into the preface now.
Looks rather enticing.


For one as astute as thou art, koravya san, I'm sure therein you'll find a yield of veritable gold nuggets. ;)  

14 Dec 2005 @ 10:29 by joda : Yes, the preface
sounds very promising.

In school I never liked history and I didn't learn it much, cheating at exams to the extreme. The books were lying, I was lying that I've read them, teachers were lying that they cared about teaching us something useful. Heh.. I went to primary school in a communist country, and graduated from secondary school in the capitalist country - so I witnessed swapping of "history versions" with my very eyes. Eastern Big Brother officialy was gone, welcome Western Big Brother!

If only we had worked with books like this one, history would have been my favourite subject ;) And my generation would have been much smarter today than it is...

"My" generation? "Their" generation? A GPM perhaps? Hegel, Kant, Gide...

You guessed it --- get outside ALL generations and BE WHO 'YOU' are. Simple. The term 'generation' is a Madison Ave. ploy to rob people of their ''fiat'' currency.

Getting something for nothing (dollars are worthless insurance script) whilst 'enslaving' themselves further and further to the BIG LIE. YOU are better than that. You also have a questioning mind (Alladdin's Lamp) so polish it to be as razor sharp and double edged as is Excalibur.

Oh, I trust you will do just that and that you will not 'cop out' to the 'global implanter/enslaver ways.' Shall I call you a ''Loyal Officer?'' But of course! LO-1, it is much easier to destroy than it is to create. ;) Glad you are reading Fletch's work.

You may find in the below link something of true worth. Hub's earliest definition of Scientology was: "The Study of Truth." ;)  

14 Dec 2005 @ 19:20 by gordon @ : LRH, Prouty, Jack/John Parsons, Crowley
Great timing! I am working on something that Prouty's letter regarding 'Bare-Faced Messiah' brought to my attention >>> Sheep dip...

The mysteries abound surrounding military intelligence. Up is sometimes down, left might be right and LRH might have been Steve Johnson whose real name is Steve Smith who is actually a female dog that sniffs for land mines.... All dreamed up by some of the most devious minds on the planet.

On the other hand, LRH might have been a gifted youth named Jim that the ONI trained in religeous leadership like some TV evangelists and sent to do his part in breaking down the Federal Reserve.... Or maybe to help keep some of the more gifted people controlled and ethical....

The truth is, I am having a hell of a time determining truth from fiction. For example, one person claims they met LRH twice and they were clearly two different people, reminding me of a couple of books, AI! PEDRITO! and the Mission Earth series. Which lead me to believe those fiction novels and others had a message... Maybe meant to mislead, but a message nonetheless. Am I understanding the message? Did LRH really write Mission Earth? Wasw he really still alive at the time? I have so many questions and the answers come laboriously at best.

I hope to keep as non-biased an approach to this subject as possibble. I have a tendency to be a bit entranced by LRH's writings. A psychiatrist would likely say I have trust issues.

Any helpful thoughts???

Helpful theta? Sure...but it looks like you are hot on the path of discovery. Realise, for one thing, that ''you create or mock up your own reactive mind (R6 Bank).''

Now this means that only you can unmock it! ;) Oh a class XII can surely help you to realise that point but it is only you who can grab that ''bull'' by the horns and '8C/route it' up to qual. "Sheep dip" in abundance!

During those fabled nine months when LRH was incognito in New York City, with his two body guards, prior to returning to the ship in Lisbon, he chanced to visit the Quebec Org's fledgeling offering. He intro'd himself as Mr Harris.

One person there, Etienne, recognized him but...since Mr H was incognito was telec'd not to say a word. Of course it is rather hard not to recog LRH! Nevertheless...

You might want to check out this and, of course rummage through the text for that which may be of interest to you. Listening to your own source, your own true self, requires balls of brass and a hearty disposition. Also the ability to see through the 'gloss (sheep dip)' and glean from what's left...the real ''core.''

Good luck, thetan, you're not alone. ;)  

16 Dec 2005 @ 15:24 by gordon @ : Thanks for the link vaxen!
And thank you again for the insightful thoughts, helpful theta.

On a side note, I read recently that LRH lived on Bainbridge Island WA (U.S.) for a period of time. I knew he had a place near here (I currently live on the island), but I was not aware of him living on Bainbridge. Do you know if this is true??? I wonder if I can verify this with a title company?? This would be the third city I've lived in that he also had a home at some time (Clearwater, Los Angeles, Bainbridge).

Also I would be very interested in this...

"I may store here in a workgroup setting all the valuable materials that one needs in order to go OT in which case I'll contact those interested privately so that we can dialogue on the best ways to accomplish our OMNI missions."

my email  

16 Dec 2005 @ 20:33 by joda : Well Vax, we haven't any military ranks
in The Jedi Order, but if You wish, You can call me "Loyal Officer" :D

Thanks for Your remark about "generations"! In fact, there is no thing like generation. People are being born to this world every single day, they don't come in waves :) It's amazing how easily we follow the programs, how we walk the prepared paths, talk with certain "magick" words, think somebody else's thoughts and ideas. Oh, boy, the game is tough (but still, quite fun).

And while I am at programming.. have You seen recent Guy Ritchie's movie - "Revolver"? Interesting.. lots of weird stuff goes on in it, including main character suffering from multi personality disorder [sorry Vax for the "psycho" lingo, I don't know scientologese counterpart ;)] and his name is.. Mr. Green.
Manchurian Candidates Wake Up Procedure? Maybe not, but I bet it's restimulative like hell.

cheers friend,

p.s. I've went through Pierre's web page. In my case, it rises even more questions about so called "Free Zone" than I had before. Well, we shall see what will come out of this...


haven't seen the movie but did go through the programming. multiple personality disorder is no disorder at all. well into 75% of the worlds populace has been behaviorally conditioned in this manner...covertly. the multiple personalities are called 'alters.' as in ''alter is.'' it means a helluva lot more than the scienos are lead to believe. hub was a master programmer. it was his task to program 'thetas.' theta = 4 to 8 cycles per second. we are talking electricity here. hertz cycles per second of pulsed electicity. technique 8-80 touches on it.

dont forget the term psyche is a greek word. greek word for ''soul.'' if you get a chance to read the legend of psyche please do. also freuds works in this regard are good...his studies on mythologie prejudice his later findings with lots of nuggets of truth from which hub liberally borrowed. hub mentiones this in 8-8008 and other places. read the red on white. forget what the 'FZ' and their ''standard tech'' says. there is no time for their repetitious nonsense. we need rapid ways of clearing not of ''making money'' which is not money at all but theta bits meant to enslave you...

as for the ''jargon?'' it is good jargon but takes awhile to learn but it is good...helps to develope awareness...

be back later as i'm just getting up online after the worse ice storm ever hit our state and n. carolina as well. lots of damage and lots of people without electricity and phone services. thanks for you comments and...don't forget who developed the concept of the jedi knight and don't foprget the reason for developing OT's. it is a well kept military secret that is all over the place for those who know it...

study the ''rights of a thetan'' and the omni experience. the first experience in OMNI is absolute certainty.

"To honor your integrity above all else."---Code of a loyal officer.

"Certainty in all three universes must be regained, for certainty, not data, is knowledge."---via factor 28

"In the phrase 'how do I represent it in clay' is contained the secret of the teaching."---HCOB 10, Dec, 1970R  

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