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That little bit was from Tommy Thompson one of the so called ''leaders'' of the ''free'' zone. A freezone Scientologist calling a dear friend of mine, Captain Bill Robertson, a squirrel! Well, when ''Tommy'' refused my application, I was just testing the waters, I really had to laugh.

It's a bit like the pot calling the kettle black, you see, for Tommy purports to be delivering 'Standard Tech.' That is to say 'standard scientology technology.' But his ''standard tech'' is so off the line that it amazes me how he could possibly make such a judgement on me and one of my earliest mentors in life.

At the same time I was being intensely ''moderated'' by another group, well the moderator of the group, called IFA which stands for 'International Freezone Association.' Oh, there are plenty of good people there, and many responded to my earstwhile pleas concerning free thought but...

IFA purports to be delivering 'standard tech.' OMG! So friggin much 'standard tech' going on in the 'Freezone,' which Captain Bill started, that I just had to think to my thetan; oh, how bored these poor people must be!

I shan't bore thee with quotes from Ron, he was also one of my mentors early on in the game, but one thing he said I've always gone by and that is: "If it isn't fun it isn't Scientology." Even when I'd be auditing the wind whilst sitting on chicken droppings in the chicken coop at a well known RPF camp I'd think of that saying...

If you ever chance to go up the bridge to freedom remember that. And when you get fed up with your ''higher echelons'' go out and take a walk, breath deeply, laugh a little, forget them and remember who you really are.

The following is something that I posted at IFA and the moderator there ,who considers himself to be a Scientologist after the ''Standard Tech.' order, there really is no such dog, wouldn't post it. This, of course, lead to my leaving that little bunch of...

Enjoy this if you're a ''Free Zoner,'' like me, operating from SOL.


Issue I


For better or for worse, You and I have decided to leave the official Church of Scientology and its organizations.

I see the Free Zone as a group of benevolent people, currently without much structure, mostly united by their belief in Spiritual improvement and in applying key tenets professed by L Ron Hubbard and breakthroughs made through 5000 years of thinking men. I see the Free Zone as an area where people of good will truly abound.

I consider everyone in the Free Zone to be my friend.

I consider no one in the Free Zone to be my enemy

While the opposite of the latter might not necessarily be true, all I can say is that I have not only no desire for enmity, but I am fully prepared to declare all bygones to be bygones for anyone who may have felt offended, justly or unjustly by my zeal in the past.

My views match those of LRH when he wrote in 1978:

“An old poem, which has been newly adapted as policy:

There is so much bad in the best of us

And so much good in the worst of us

That it ill behooves any of us

To talk about the rest of us.

The Free Zone is, or should be devoid of political purpose. The Free Zone does not seek to control people and is granting self-determinism to its members.

True freedom for all arises when the able and even the unable move along the paths they have set for themselves.

The vast majority of people in the Free Zone, including myself have no agenda in mind, save the spiritual improvement of oneself and others.

Our beliefs are not unlike A.E Van Vogt’s, who in 1953 wrote: “I, personally, consider
Hubbard the first major genius to appear in the field of human behavior since the younger Freud…So long as Hubbard permits his fear of losing "control" to motivate his actions, so long as temporary expedients and opportunism are the order of the day… Dianetics will carry with it the odor of a cult and of a con game, and public relations will quite properly remain at low ebb…”


We do not hold LRH as a Deity-like entity who was always right and never wrong.

We acknowledge the brilliant, and less brilliant discoveries made by him and others.

We hold dear to applying Technology in the best way possible and to what truly works.

I discourage practices that I characterize as Willfully Altering the Tech, because from years of experience, I have observed that, they generally cause more harm than they do good, since they are generally the result of their progenitors’ inability to apply perfectly working Tech correctly in the first place.

The definition of Squirreling has become greatly politicized within the Church. Any defectors or anyone fallen out of favor within the Church would automatically get branded as such, regardless of his application of Tech Fundamentals or his background.. Technically (and legally) as RTC “legally owns the subject”, Squirreling has become any violation from the tenets held by RTC no matter how much in Violation of LRH Technology or the Scientology Axioms they may be, so the word Squirreling is now utterly devoid of meaning and have discontinued my usage of it..

I do not own the Subject of Scientology, the Spiritual advancement of Mankind or its Freedom; therefore, anyone in the Free Zone may invent processes, which violate the fundamentals of auditing, basic Axioms, or the structure of the Human Mind without fear of my actions toward him or her, except my quietly pointing out the errors, for anyone who asks.

Except for pointing the Technical errors and explaining them to those interested, I have no desire to either interfere or compete with another’s practice.

I do not hold to be above the concept of ever erring and I recognize that, like everyone on Earth, I have done my share of mistakes in the past.

This said, I have obviously accumulated a lot of Technical baggage and experience in my two decades working with the Tech and it is my intention to use to the best of my ability what I know for the betterment of people, without being swayed by popular opinion or the desire to appear “politically correct”

My main this lifetime goal has been “Seeking of the Truth”.

LRH (and other earlier philosophers such as Buddha) have said: “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: (1) not going all the way; and (2) not starting.”

My goal in my “Free Zone” activities is to go “all the way” on the road to truth.

The Free Zone offers the unique opportunity to travel on a true Bridge toward Spiritual Freedom.

It replaces the Church “Bridge” which under the guidance of RTC has become cluttered with Tollbooths, Spy-cameras, and Propaganda posters.

On May 9th, 1980, a mere half hour drive from Flag, the Main Span from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge collapsed, leaving people either stranded precariously close to the edge of the chasm, or meeting their demise by falling into an abyss over 18 stories tall.

In the exact same way the Bridge currently offered by the Church has become a Bridge with its center span Missing.

The Free Zone offers the only viable alternative.

Pierre Ethier

Class XII Auditor and C/S

© 2004 Pierre Ethier Class XII and C/S

Permission to use this bulletin free of any royalties is given to all individuals of Good-will within the “Free Zone”, provided the Copyright mark and name of the author remain on each issue distributed.

Vaxen Var ICS OSS
Independent Scientologist
Independent Field Practitioner
Free Zoner



5 Dec 2005 @ 12:50 by joda : If and when we are unwelcome
That means ONLY that.. we are unwelcome :)
when the jewel of knowledge programming activates itself
it surely takes it's toll


"what is true for you is true for you"...many like this concept when they refer it to themselves, for it perfectly validates their viewpoint. but to know one's own truth and accept the truth of another - that's almost unbearable for most of us. why is that? was that Aristotele that got us into this shit of "objective truth"? :D

If I know the truth and your knowledge differs from mine, therefore You know the not-truth/untruth/whatever?

I refrain from judgement because I know I followed this line of thought so many (life?)times. But there is some funny chapter about this kind of interaction in Ouran's "Ghost Danse":
(inspired by Max Sandor's Trap articles at

Hubris (Greek) - overweening pride or overconfidence;

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make proud.

One of the inevitable pitfalls on the path to enlightenment and
spiritual freedom is the Hubris Trap. This specific trap may
well be the reason Buddha spoke his creative Word of "no-
self." It is also the reason why many religions (esp
Christianity) stress humility.

It happens to a student like this:

The student starts out as an ordinary Human person, a meat
body walking around at the mercy (or lack of it) of a violent
universe. There's nothing quite like thinking oneself to be a
fragile organism to create a sense of mortality and insecurity.

Then the student discovers that he really is an immortal spirit.
I don't mean reads about it, and "understands" it. I mean he
KNOWS he is a spirit and not a body. That's quite a relief! He
feels much better and keeps studying and practicing his
exercises/solo auditing. Soon he finds that his understandings
have turned to knowledge, to CERTAINTY. Another student
may speak of a difficulty, and our first student finds himself

He becomes really, really expert. He teaches large numbers
of students, publishes his wisdom in a series of
books/websites, councils/audits the lame and halt to throw
away their crutches, and pretty soon he's damnsure he's hot
shit -- because he gets 130 emails a day telling him he's hot
shit, gets snailmail letters from as far away as Pluto, and
beautiful young girls want to meet him.

Before long he starts thinking he's extremely hot shit.

He is THEE being! Thee BIG BEING. The MAN. The DUDE.
All eyes are turned to him. He has become SOURCE for
thousands of worshippers. All wisdom flows from him and if
something didn't flow from him, why then it must not be

Sound familiar?

Sure it does, here's some examples: Sun Myung Moon, David
Koresh, L. Ron Hubbard.

In case #1, what the hell possesses this fool to think he has a
right or obligation to marry thousands of couples to one
another who have never even met before?

In case #2, David abused his influence on teenage girls by
marrying them himself. Not as huge a misdeed as this
sexually aberated society makes it out to be, but definitely it
was a selfish disregard for public relations!

In case #3, Ron was well known for abusing almost everyone
around him on board ship, being more of a tyrant than could
be believed, given the brilliance of his knowledge of the mind.
If he thought John McMaster should be in the water alongside
the ship, he should have moved to behind John's head,
become John and jumped overboard! Not order him thrown
over the side by the crew. And let's not even go into him
assigning all source to himself, now there's some REAL

The worst thing is that hubris stops the spiritual student cold.
There is no further progress made by a person who is
enforcing a Self which cannot tolerate an effect upon it by
others. Such a person gets no case gain from any further
counciling. They won't allow it, because they won't allow
another person to be Cause, Source, etc.

I know what I'm talking about here, I personally plowed face
first into hubris about four years ago. I started thinking I was
hot shit. I had to keep reminding myself that I was no bigger,
no different than any other person. But I was also educated
enough to recognize it as a trap, so I kept digging, didn't treat
it as an end phenomenon of a process called "Point to God"
(joke) or any such foolishness.

I recently (8/30/00) ran across an internet conversation
between Ralph Hilton and Ken Ogger on this very subject. I
would be very remiss if I didn't include it here:

Ralph posted the following question -
> I don't perceive that anyone on XXXXX or who is running a "Clearing
> tech" group is fully able to grant beingness to terminals of
> comparable magnitude. Sometimes it seems to me that some actually
> believe that there aren't any. Perhaps there are exceptions. I have
> yet to meet one. I met a few in EST but never isolated the key factor
> that Werner partially resolved and Hubbard didn't seem to get close
> to. Nor, obviously, a way of translating it into Scientologese.
> I've been looking for a simple approach to this factor. Any ideas?

It does seem to be a common denominator of tech finders who
evolved through Scientology rather than on some other line.
Note that it is common but not always present in gurus in other
fields such as science or computers. So it is possible that
Werner was simply getting the usual percentage of humble vs
arrogant geniuses.

In Scientology, on the other hand, it takes tremendous arrogance
and certainty of self to even dare to question the most trivial
thing that Hubbard said. So only the arrogant even begin
to think for themselves.

I'm probably just as bad on this line as Alan or Michael.
But I think it is very dangerous. So I keep reminding myself
of Hubbard and how he ended up.
During the 1952-4 time period, he moved with a speed and depth
that was just fantastic. But he got too full of himself and
stopped listing [listening?] to others. And eventually he just went solid.
There are hardly any new ideas after 1954, it is mostly just
refinement, better ways to run the same things, rather than
further advances in basic theory.

You can't go it alone. You've got to listen to others. You've
got to accept others ideas as well as your own. We cover each
other's weak spots.

And the real game is to figure it all out and set ourselves
free. It is not a game of one-upmanship. We shouldn't be
competing for the staring role in "The Battle of the Service
Thanks again,
The Pilot

*that is not the whole chapter - I encourage anyone interested to obtain and read the whole book - one can search for an pdf file on the net. Fravia+ will tell you how :)

When we are unwelcome, so be it :) Vax, it reminds me of "FZA freedom of speech" affair. Maybe due to the "glibness of a student" or unwelcome distracting comments made by wayward seekers Paul closed the place for chit-chat :D He surely had his reasons. The place now is reading only, but still - a fine place to come by, calm the thoughts and contemplate on some real good stuff. Page went through lots of changes - Paul surely isn't wasting time ;)


Yes. But it was funny, to me, how my ideas seemed to threaten his little acts of whimsey and how he did leave the ''backdoor' open for VM. What is is...and I've mostly only had ''problems,' if you can call them that, with terminals who somehow feel threatened by anyones' questioning their belief patterns. A fun game which doesn't lead to popularity but then I can be happy living in a cave doing TR-0 the hard way for hours and hours and hours...I think TR-0 is the ultimate level.

What happened to Hub is well known to a few of us who have worked Intel before. You should read Fletch Prouty's summation of R's Intel career and not listen to the ''dupes'' in the Church or Free Zone, which isn't really "Free" at all.

The ultimate core within the overall work can only be understood from the perspective of a Guardian. One could do far better studying the UCC and Sovereignty (Native State) plus the red on white, blue on white, and green on white from ones' own Source Level Operations and to hell with everyone else. Adopting the creed of the researcher and forgetting PC to the max. Most of the ''junkies'' who portend alliance and knowledge are freewheeling louts and beggars and Sun Tzu's recommendation was: "...they are expendible." Hub's background in ONI must be absolutely understood and so must the context of the cold war and 'spookdom' to make any head way in the game of three universes.

Luv ya bro. Outflow a line to gmail. Later. Keep that ARC well 'hidden.' ;) RO  

5 Dec 2005 @ 19:21 by vaxen : PS: Joda...
and thank you so much for your expanding views.

None of them, the 'ORGs' (Targ dumps?) of Free Zone-Freezone (Is that an anti-freeze?), really 'want' us to be free. El-Ron, Xenu, Yatrus. Tech, Admin. and Ethics. What a mix! Well, we come from sector 0 and have a few surprises up our sleeves for them. Just take a good, honest, look at how ''they'' "clear" planets!

Isn't that funny? I love this from your opening:

"...when the jewel of knowledge programming activates itself
it surely takes it's toll."---Joda

"Ride that GE, thetan.
Ride that thetan, Static.
GE 'uses' you both!"
"The 'Company' revolts."--- Mish  

6 Dec 2005 @ 10:55 by ashanti : Infection
The FreeZone contains within it the same infection that is carried over from L.Ron Hubbard's Scientology. It is a "meme"/"virus" (Serge Gerbode wrote about this at some length way back when) embedded deep within the Tech. And it infects whatever it comes into contact with.

One of the many, but key factors is phobia induction. So differing views/people are seen as inherently dangerous, rather than just as viewpoints to be duplicated, analysed, and/or accepted or rejected, or modified. I have variously been accused of being an agent trained at the Tavistock Institute, a German agent, and various other things for simply pointing out some different viewpoints.

The rejection of your application is the result of this meme at work.

- ashanti

Yeah...a 'memory trace' as the originator of the concept of ''engram'' called it. He called it a Mnemene (thus Mnemonic) also...

"Trapped in a game of other peoples considerations."---A SCN

This world (game cycle) is an O/R by 564 GUMs, I wonder it is called an ''Emergency!'' heh heh

How I found the freezone?
I returned to Native State (Sovereignty)
Isn't that rather ''senior'' to any C/S?

Got lots of cogs to share...

The meme comes from ONI, for one, MK-Ultra for another, the ''Phoenix Project," as well... and also the work that was/is done at Montauk, and elsewhere, on time bending and shapeshifting and remote viewing and Psy-War, in general.

The meme is about ''making'' good 'super-soldiers' and 'super-spies' (cf., OSS). I did say ''making.'' Source is an 'intelligence' term.

Once you crack the 'aesthetic wave' and reverse the ''program'' you can then reverse and/or crack the rest of the applications...

Very interesting stuff. ! Oh, Gov stuff...but, then, KB knows that doesn't she ashanti san? A wee kiss for your trouble my Free Thetan lady. ;)

Indeed she does, Vaxen-san, just as RA does... ;-)

6 Dec 2005 @ 21:55 by joda : let's clarify that once and for all
For the first time I starded to think for myself about this
much obscured subject and decided to look into the matter anew.
No more repeating, just plain research and text exegesis (not that
I am an expert, but what a heck..)

1)The Free Zone Decree

The FREE ZONE DECREE was received on Earth on the 10th of November 1982 at 1030 GMT. It states, (as relayed from Mainship, Sector

Official Decree - Galactic Grand Council
1.The planet known as Teegeeack - local dialect "Earth" or Terra - Sun 12, Sector 9, is hereby declared a Free Zone.
2.No political interference in its affairs from any other part of the Sector or Galaxy will be tolerated.
3.No economic interference in its affairs will be tolerated from any non-planetary agency or power.
4.All of its inhabitants are hereby declared Free Zone Citizens and free of external political or economic interference.
5.The regulating agency of this decree is the Galactic Patrol Sector 9, Sector Commander Elron Elray and his designated representatives.
6.The planet is henceforth under the Sole Auspices of the Galactic Patrol, Sector 9, for coordination with Galactic and Sector Affairs and for

compliance with this decree.
7.The Technical and Ethical experiments in progress on Teegeeack are not affected by this decree and are to continue under the auspices of

the Galactic Patrol, Sector 9.
8.This Decree is issued by unanimous vote of the Grand Council.



a)found at RO (

Free Zone


To help resolve the confusions that have built up around the definitions of the words "Free Zone", we would like to state the following:

The term "Free Zone" was originally coined by Captain Bill Robertson to mean the independent delivery of Scientology outside the Church

of Scientology.

Soon after that he founded "Ron's Org" in 1984. For many years within Ron's Org the terms were used more or less equally. But already in

the early 80s there was a broad field developing which consisted of many other groups or practices, some of which were more or less

delivering standard tech, but most of which were delivering altered versions of Scientology in practices where only an insider could trace

some parts of their technology back to LRH's tech.

Today where the term "Free Zone" is used, it is often employed in the broader sense of covering all those practices and groups which deliver

therapies and training to help individuals to overcome mental barriers and improve abilities and which are to a greater or lesser degree based

upon Scientology Technology. In a narrower sense some use the word to mean only groups that deliver Standard Tech outside the Church of


The establishment of the Ron's Org Committee and the clear definition of the name "Ron's Org" which we present on these pages is also

intended to offer some help to anyone searching for somewhere to get the bridge. Now, for everybody’s benefit, we can clear what exactly is

meant by the term “Ron's Org” and what somebody can expect when he goes to one.
b)found at RO (

What is the Free Zone?

The Free Zone was founded in 1983 by Bill Robertson in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. It explicitly delimitates itself from the official and

unofficial organizations of the Church of Scientology. The goal of the Free Zone is to apply the philosophy and technology of L. Ron Hubbard

in freedom and in its original sense, as Hubbard intended it - and in the form that we came to know it: a workable method to help the

individual to form and improve the conditions of his life. We advocate the path of the golden middle, and we don't view this philosophy as the

only possible way to happiness.

The Free Zone consists in part of persons who earlier have been members of the Church of Scientology but have been thrown out because

they held onto the original philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard, or left on their own when they saw that this philosophy was no longer used in a

constructive way. The others are persons who learned about the philosophy in the Free Zone for the first time, authentically and without


Our goal is to apply the technology of L. Ron Hubbard in freedom and as we understand it, and thus help other people to find a bit of their

path towards themselves. We don't subject people to an "authoritarian teaching" which has to be believed to the letter, but instead

everybody is encouraged to find out what is true for him - or herself.
c) found at IFA (

What IS the Freezone?

“”Freedom from” is all right, only so long as there is a place to be free to. An endless desire for freedom from is a perfect trap, a fear of all


Bill Robertson in Frankfurt/Main originally coined the term Freezone in 1983, and the concept has spread throughout the world with

thousands of people using and practicing the technology of Lafayette Ron Hubbard. The biggest groups are in Europe and the US but there

are many hundreds of small groups and individuals using and practicing the technology of Lafayette Ron Hubbard. The Freezone, by

definition is less rigid and not bound as is the 'official' Church of Scientology ™.

The Freezone is mostly made up of persons who have previously been members of the Church of Scientology but have either been thrown out

and excommunicated for one reason or another, or left on their own accord when they observed that the 'official' church was no longer

practicing the original philosophy. In addition there are people who have learned about the philosophy in the Freezone for the first time

without the influence of the 'official' church.

The Freezone includes many groups and organizations around the planet as well as individual auditors and people all of whom have an

appreciation of Scientology and it’s founder Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

Many of these groups practice the original philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard, applying the same principles and applications. However

there are also groups which practice altered versions of the original technology and naturally the same benefits obtained from Ron’s

discoveries and workabilities can not be guaranteed if one were to depart from the known workable philosophy. It has been said that the

Church of Scientology™ comes into this category since the departure of its founder. This means that one needs to be circumspect (careful not

to take risks) in this arena as one is dealing with one’s own spirituality.

To this end, the International Freezone Association is a group that has been specifically set up for the benefit of all those who wish to

participate in Ron’s philosophy and enjoy the unparalleled spiritual gains obtainable as a result.
d)found at FZA (

There are two, yes, TWO versions of the Free Zone. One is the original concept as relayed by Captain 'Bill' Robertson and the other is an

altered 'free-flowing' version as defined by supposedly 'public opinion', but in actual fact by a handful of individuals whose businesses rely on

deception and alteration in order to 'make a living'. Here is a definition of both versions:

Free Zone : Based upon the Free Zone Decree as relayed by Captain 'Bill' Robertson, it is a quarantined area where spiritual awareness may

be pursued completely free of outside non-dynamically aligned influences. The Free Zone is an area free of outside influences where spiritual

growth may continue, unencumbered by counter intention.

'FreeZone' : This is a 'loosely' organized group of individuals who practice Scientology in various altered forms as well as practicing totally

off-beat practices. In it's demonstration of alteration, the spelling of this term is sometimes used as "Free Zone" in an attempt at creating

confusion in order to further the various agendas involved. Those that fall within this definition sometimes refer to themselves as 'FreeZoners'

or "Independents".
*) yeah, from 'e' through ALLLL the characters to 'z' (and further??)

It is up to an interested researcher to look for all the other INTERPRETATIONS
3) Conclusion

Well... I DON'T KNOW how about You gals and guys, but NOWHERE in the original "The FREE ZONE DECREE" I can find ideas which

later one can see in cited interpretations :)

In the original Free Zone Decree I see only the following:
-that ECONOMIC and POLITICAL interference from non-planetary forces won't be tolerated by Galactic Grand Council
-that Earth inhabitants are declared free of non-planetary POLITICAL or ECONOMIC interference
-that said Galactic Grand Council intends to enforce above restrictions by use of it's local law enforcement group
-that TECHNICAL and ETHICAL experiments in progress aren't restricted by this decree and are under 'protection'
of local law enforcement group

So, this decree doesn't say anything about our (human) spiritual freedom, our (human) economical freedom, freedom of thought or ANY OTHER HUMAN FREEDOM.
What I see in this decree is that Earth Dwellers are ALLOWED to do what they have been doing here for millenia and that experiments in which those local life forms are being used are to be continued.


I don't have the means to verify, if this decree is being followed/complied by any forces/players present here on Earth. One can find many

sources which claim quite the opposite situation. But the fact that there are many sources of ANY kind of information doesn't mean that what

they propagate is true...

Also, that subject reminds me about one another thing:

2. There shall be no interference in the ways of Man (revoked).

Second code of Loyal Officer is revoked. That says a LOT. There was, is and probably will be INTERFERENCE in the ways of Man.

And in this way all the wonderful and all the horrible things continue in the everlasting dance of creation. If it isn't "fun", it isn't infinity ;)  

7 Dec 2005 @ 03:08 by vaxen : ST
"Our goal is to apply the technology of L. Ron Hubbard in freedom and as we understand it, and thus help other people to find a bit of their

"path towards themselves. We don't subject people to an "authoritarian teaching" which has to be believed to the letter, but instead

everybody is encouraged to find out what is true for him - or herself."---From Jodas notes above.

Thesis: CoS Anti-Thesis: FreeZone Syn-Thesis: Full blown agent of Marcab

Routine 6 (Stimulus Response) "makes" Thetans. Nothing like a little Fort Bragg "Behavior Mod" now is there? ONI supported/funded much of the ''work'' done at SRI. Puthoff, Swan, Price (dead agented), were all upper level OT's, plus twelve ''clears'' were involved as well. Also "The Company" got ''trained'' there, too.

Oh there is a big ''push'' on, with ST now, in the Free Zone... but a careful analysis will reveal the real 'intent/purpose.' Dupes are a very relevant unit in any mind warfare game. Psy-Ops is not pretty, not all theetie weetie fluff.

When given any real advanced ''ST" (The OT levels can be found 'in the grades') then Op-Terming by Dup (;)) becomes the order of the day and whatever C/S that ''watches over'' the static/s that is/are to be ''programmed'' (i.e. the publics and the raw meat) will shoot you down if they can. In my caseless case that is very difficult for them. You see, we are not hierarchical and we have the real Tek! ;)

Standard Robots did Adolph's, and the Wall Street Crowd's, work for them --- very well. Oh, there were others involved, as well, and they still are. Interesting that when I mentioned ''Implanter Orgs'' to Michael, one of the moderators at IFA's yahoo group, as well as also mentioneing that Mish was back...

he didn't even know what an implanter org is nor did he know who Mish is, either. heh! Funny, that... Standard Tech? Ah... Comm Ev, anyone, for questioning them on issues --- and denying their appraisals? Wheather is fine in 'Joberg' this time of year...

"Concept Processing" is a whole nuther ball of wax.

"Process aesthetics and occlusions vanish and current life can be cleared in a few hours."---Ron

"A heavy blow gives amnesia. A heavy forcefield can utterly nullify the entire personality of a being."---LRH

You will not be long in processing before you finally discover, to your own joy, that you are not a perishable MEST body."---LRH

You will find electronic incidents very viscious and so heavy that they push one downscale to a not-isness which is summed up by "I am not,"_"I know not." Disbelief, distrust, and many other low scale concepts rise as you run these heavy incidents."---LRH

Somatics of great conviction, however, await your first contact with "Black and White."---LRH

"The electronic fileds are ready to run. They are in "present time (PT)" They contain heavy effort and emotion and they also contain an aesthetic band. The aesthetic bands alone pin these facsimiles to theta. You run out the aesthetic wave and you have run the incident."---LRH

"The running of "Black and White" is very simple: simple to do, easy to audit."---LRH

"What do we mean by aesthetic? We mean solely, and only, BEAUTIFICATION. Beauty is theta."---LRH

"Straight wire, lock scanning, valence shifting (actually an enforcement of viewpoint), all are replaced by "concept processing." "

" Black and White" and "concept running" make clears, MEST and theta, in a very short time and they are so simple that one cannot mistake any of his moves. WHile an auditor can get complete results with them, they do not try his wits. They are 1,2,3 processes."---LRH

"Many electronic implants on the wholetrack..."---R

" As detailed in "What to Audit" there are many electronic implants on the whole track. In other words any pre-clear (pc) has, in the last few thousand years, been placed in an electronic field and rendered 'null,' 'void,' and 'obsessed' by heavy ''electrical" currents. "---LRH

"The object was slavery, a compulsion to be good and obedient, and to have a MEST body."---LRH

"As one makes a dog tame by beating him, one has been made to obey by being beaten with force fields."---LRH

As an Independent Field Practitioner I can truly say that most of the SCN people I've come across in both realms are totally ignorant of the real TECH as well as of the real purpose behind the Intelligence Organization/Order called...

SO here we GO again...
Be, Do, Have...
a little ARC-U someday...
may save you from...
your worst nightmare.

"Get how beautiful it is for you to be an individual."



Best, Ron  

30 May 2007 @ 22:11 by Storm @ : "The Pilot"
Grep this people. I don't know if it is or is not true. FOr now I'll assume that it is true and will start monitoring the time line. Date locate this if you've a mind to, friends. KSW for real!

The Pilot. Alias Ken Ogger. The Pilot lives and works in Los Angeles, USA. He has done extensive and independent research on the mind and upper Levels. He is however as a scholar firmly based on Ron Hubbard's teachings. He has written two major books on his own research and the subjects: Super Scio, 1997. And Self Clearing, 1999.

"I have been involved in Scientology™ since 1965. I came in with great hopes and high goals, and since they were not entirely betrayed, I kept my mouth shut and hung on despite all of the obvious failings.

"By late 1968, I had passed beyond the fanatic stage and could see that the organization and the tech had serious flaws. But I would not abandon the truths I had learned just because of Ron's imperfections or the Sea Org's insanities. Instead, I followed Ron's own advice, which was to ignore all authorities, including Ron, and evaluate each datum on its own merits and discover what was true for myself rather than simply believing in the subject."


From groups plus private lists:

Ken Ogger, known as "The Pilot", a pioneer of the
Free Zone, was found drowned in the pool of his house
in LA on the 29th of May 2007.

His hands were tied with wire and a heavy concrete
weight held his legs down.

The police is investigating.

Ken Ogger was known as the author of analyses about
the Church of Scientology's mismanagement and author
of auditing manuals. After his own wife betrayed his
identity to the church, he suffered a breakdown and
soon afterwards went through a severe health crisis.

On 20th of May 2007 he reported back to his newsgroups
in his old dynamic way. He published a series of texts
in which he told about his physical recovery, about his
plans to become active as "Pilot" again, but also about
the Church of Scientology's attacks on his private life.

Nine days later he was dead.



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The Pilot ( wrote:
>subj: Super Scio - THE PILOT RETURNS
>It has been seven years since my identity was revealed to
>OSA (Scientolgy's Office of Special Affairs) by my ex-wife
>I never imagined that I could get messed up so badly after
>learning and processing and mastering so much. But the
>CofS has had half a century to perfect black Dianetics and
>they are light years ahead of anyone else in their ability
>to ruin people.
>But they probably never imagined that I'd ever come back
>from the grave to haunt them. And here I am.
>I don't believe in being a victim or casting blame but the
>story of what happened does need to be told and I'm putting
>it in a posting called "Black Scientology". For the
>Freezone I'll also put out a posting discussing my efforts
>to handle this casewise.
>I'm going to use my old style of posting everything at once
>and then coming back and doing another bulk post in a few
>weeks. Some things will go to both ARS (alt.religion.scientology)
>and ACT ( and some will only go to
>ACT and the entire set will also be posted as a single
>big file named post## for those who are building an archive.
>I appologize for having been gone for so long, but I was in
>no shape to talk after OSA got through with me. I have almost
>literally been dead and resurrected and even spent a month
>in a coma not to mention spending a few years in hell here
>on earth.
>Now I think that it's time for me to share my experiences
>and what I've learned and discovered with you.
>My true goal remains, as always, to see the research continued
>to carry us from the human condition into a Godlike state.
>Best Wishes to all of you,
>The Pilot
>aka Ken Ogger


4 Nov 2007 @ 08:18 by Conquistador @ : Bean

A party line is a fixed idea, pet theory, or other philosophical
vanity that when confronted by evidence or reason that it is wrong,
over rules that evidence or reason.

People may be stuck in one or more party lines.

The core party line is the perfect certainty that perfect
certainty is useless, undesirable or impossible.

We call this 'mind broke'.

Perfect certainty of uncertainty is the beginning of personal

Homer Wilson Smith  

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