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Electro-Magnetic weapons: Today's Newest Military Development

Interesting slant on our problem: Sylvia

Electro-Magnetic (EM) weapons are one of the newest and most serious military developments in the world today. Enormous secrecy surrounds their development, which is helped by the fact that they rely on the complex physics of non-ionizing radiation and on bio-electromagnetics. They can be broadly broken down into two categories - those aimed at the environment and those aimed at living systems, or in reality the human central nervous system.

In the case of the environment, very large quantities of energy can be literally 'broadcast', like radio, to create certain special environmental effects - radical changes in the ionosphere to affect communications, and possibly even the weather, as well as reflection to earth to perform such feats as x-raying the earth to find underground installations, possibly large transfers of energy to power equipment, or to apply destructive forces anywhere on earth, including EMP effects (Electro-Magnetic Pulse, associated with nuclear explosions), and simpler tasks like submarine communication, using very long waves.

The more sinister aspect concerns the ability to use low energy density waves of particular frequencies and special waveforms to literally 'tune into' the human central nervous system (CNS), something that has been achieved in the laboratory, according to publicly available scientific literature. This might be done on an individual scale, to temporarily or perhaps permanently alter psychological states, so as to elicit certain behaviours from human beings. It is alleged that many victims have been tested involuntarily for decades now with this technology. It is also suggested that these weapons have been used in some actions, most especially the Gulf War and against the Greenham Common women in the UK. In this case they would have a mass effect, in that they are aimed at large groups. This use is sought not only by the military, but, alarmingly, by the police forces as well, clearly for the purpose of controlling unruly domestic populations.

The subject came to the attention of the Green Group of the European Parliament in 1996, and we have slowly developed a knowledge base and large archive in this highly specialized area. Several special meetings culminating in a Foreign Affairs Committee Parliamentary Hearing have been held at the European Parliament as a result, and finally the Group managed in early January '99, with the help of interested Members in other Groups, to have Parliament pass a resolution referring very critically to this subject. This subject also has very serious implications for standard setting for non-ionizing radiation, because the levels of exposure at which one can manipulate the human being are very low indeed, since it is the tuning and the waveform which matter, not the levels, which is the reason that Russian exposure standards are apparently 1000 times lower than the US standards. Setting standards suited to the use of mobile phones and power lines, so as to avoid the long term health effects, while very desirable indeed, may not even be low enough to prevent the use of these weapons, and may even legalize their use, something the Greens must be very careful of, since we have been responsible for this subject to date in the European Parliament (Lannoye, Belgium and Tamino, Italy).

Ideally, for now, we should exclude military sources, specifically weapons, as opposed to communications equipment, from EU legislation on non-ionizing radiation altogether.

It is worth comparing the standard setting processes for non-ionizing and for ionizing radiation, as they are remarkably similar. The military, via the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), played a major role in originally setting ionizing standards at ridiculously high levels by burying or ignoring the science, leading to the need for continuous reductions in the acceptable exposure levels. Something similar appears to happening with non-ionizing radiation, in that a very similar unelected 'independent' advisory committee (ICNIRP - International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) has offered advice in this area, which is accepted blindly by the European Commission, despite the fact that, once again, much of the science is being ignored, and the precautionary principle, for some odd reason, seems not to apply.

The fact that two of the US representatives on ICNIRP are associated with the military has echoes of the past, and is most suspicious. The focus of public attention so far has been a project in Alaska called HAARP (High frequency Active Auroral Research Program), which is a massive 'array' transmitter designed to manipulate the ionosphere for military purposes - communications effects, earth x-rays, and possibly weather manipulation (despite conventions banning this). But the range of uses of this basic technology is very wide, much wider than its predecessor, ionizing radiation (nuclear). The primary difference is that electromagnetic waves can be 'tuned' so as to have certain effects on living systems, whereas the 'chaotic' nature of ionizing radiation does not facilitate this and the result of exposure to it is normally direct damage only.

As stated above, scientists have been able to 'tune' EM to facilitate remote direct communication with the central nervous systems of living creatures, and they are of course especially interested in using this fact to manipulate human beings. According to their own official documentation, the military and the police use them to control populations. They were used in a crude form by the Soviets against the US Moscow embassy in the '60s with fatal consequences for the ambassador himself, and it is believed that they were used in what is called a 'superfence' against the Greenham Common women, and also to demotivate the Iraqi troops during the Gulf War. The Soviets tried in the 70s to prevent an arms race in this area by means of a Convention, but the US rejected these efforts, and has moved ahead very rapidly, also within NATO, into a dominant position.

Unless this development is stopped, we are entering an Orwellian '1984' type scenario, which could potentially permanently transfer enormous power to those in control of the technology. It must also be seen in the wider context of the one-sided arms race currently underway, where the US is re-arming, by continuing with 'Star Wars', and is aiming to be totally dominant in 'Space Power' by 2020. Electromagnetic weapons play a key role here, alongside ABMs, lasers and particle beam weapons.




12 Nov 2005 @ 18:55 by bushman : Hmm
I don't know for sure, but, maybe this summit thing could play the roll as the U.N's moral conciousness, in the hopes we humans might use all this tech in a moral way, sure, it's asking alot of those who would not profit on the tech if they only used it for good things, like we know whats good for us, lol. I mean it might be fun to be some sort of U.N. addvisor. I bet any of us here at NCN would do a great job, regaurdless of our predisposed attitudes. We need to be part of the new world order, that they will impose on us anyway, and we could have the ability to be there and have a say, and hopefully help keep it all fair and balanced as to how the new world order welds it's power thru the U.N. :}  

12 Nov 2005 @ 19:00 by bushman : Let me add
that, we could file for independant nation status, like the the Hopi did, so as to be recognised as a nation. In this time, a virtual cyber nation could be considered an independant nation. With equil say so within the U.N.

File for Sovereign Status, first, my man...that's what America Corp., stole from you. Your Sovereignty. Take control of your ''Strawman."

Corporations (Legal Fictions) can only do business with other legal fictions. Your birth certificate ''name'' is the ''legal fiction'' that enables them to enslave you fraudulently. You volunteer your services as a slave without even knowing it. Remember that ''footprint'' on your birth-certificate? They get you before you set foot on the ground!

The real 'law,' vis a vis the Commercial Code is on our side. First things first. America Corp., is the illuminists tool for major suppression of Earths' people. Read the news, the real news, the subtext beyond the text.  

13 Nov 2005 @ 10:25 by silviamar : knowledge = power,control
We are in a subtle war, a sort of 'invisible' war where people don't realize about the danger because they don't see any gun aiming directly at them. When you feel a danger, you have fear and then defend yourself to survive. When you don't see any danger, there's no need to protect yourself, so you become a target much easier to control. If these EM waves have been already used to tune into the central nervous system, then the danger is even worse, a real '1984' like it's commented in the article.
What a pity that in the article they don't give any bibliographical references, to see in which scientific magazine those experiments were published.


Silvia I can assure you that if you will do but a wee bit of research via google or your favorite search engines you will find more than enough to make you gag. Try some of my older 'slogs' or do a search on electromagnetic weapons or silent weapons or...and you'll come up with a ton of stuff. Maybe even go to mother earth news and search. This is no joke and is beyond very real. The wretches want your mind, body, soul, life and won't stop at anything to enslave this planet...that's the truth. Thanks for you comment.


I know it's not a joke. We are in a subtle war as I stated in my comment. It sounds very reasonable that EM energy can be tunned into our brain, as we are energy vibrating at certain frequencies. And for sure there are even more things that we're not told.  

13 Nov 2005 @ 17:41 by bushman : Hmm
I allready am soverinated, lol, they didnt take a foot print from me, they did take a foot print from my bros and sis when they were born though, maybe its a first born thing. I didnt get that smallpox inoculation scar on my arm either. Anyway if we want to change any of this, since we know its happening, then we need to get on the inside, my view is there is a cyber nation of close to 180 million people world wide, thats more than enough population to constitute national status within the U.N.

cool. 18 mill., eh? its the kofi's of this world that i do not need and all the one up your ass manship i will not tolerate. my old view, ak in hand, is the one that i will stick with and total anarchos forever. glad to know your little baby foot wasn't printed and that, hopefully, you touched the earth first before they stole your i.d for their corporate fascist malthusian encrustations. strawman is still strawman and repelling the gestapo with only words just does not work...

i'll think about your idea, though, of cyber nation status as that so more fits my delusions of soul owining body yet at any moment choosing to opt out of the process. thanks for the inspiration bro...

are there caves near sedona where one could live?  

13 Nov 2005 @ 19:30 by jobrown : tingen
...a change and change will come". I believe that to be a very accurate observation, vax! Seems to me as Life follows Decicion much more than "thinking" this & that endlessly; one trying to outdo oneself daily, in "thinking" more "positive" today, than yesterday! Doesn't really work, as far as I have experienced. But to make a decicion for a CHANGE to occur, whether I just say "I decide for something Better than what is now, to come into my life" or actually decide what that "Better" would be, always seems to bring CHANGE -for the Better!

RIGHT ON, Babe! : )

Thanks blueboy. Nice to see you back again after your ride into oblivions winds. "Start, change, stop..." But change, I think, contains the all of the start stop thing and is a constant that we can rally behind and rely'z der tingen?  

15 Nov 2005 @ 00:08 by joda : You are right, Vax
There is no need to overwhelm with all the stuff at once. Maybe I'm outflowing it here because I cannot outflow all those ideas anywhere else, without being ridiculed or put into an asylum. Ah, yes, overwhelms don't help people, they stop people...

Sometimes I get a blinks of some distant viewpoint, like looking at the worldly events from the outside. And yes, the feeling, the emotion.. has something to do with aesthetic. Like all those things ugly and beautifull mix together...flows of chaos and order in the eternal dance of creation.

I'm reading now Krishnamurti's "Freedom From the Known". What can I say...old bridges, eastern bridges explained by eastern people.. they have a scent of heaven and the lecture brings pure joy. I really love that stuff. And none of them talks much about money - contrary to their modern, western counterparts ;)

Returning to our shapeshifting sheperds and this strange high pitch sound in my ears.. heh. Not that I find being monitored very uncomfortable, but, HEY!! I would love to listen to some silence here :))

Thanks friend, see ya around ;)


Yo baba joda. Was being fascetious about the MESTy. Get as MESTy as you like. After all...MEST is only the kinetic of the static that we are...

Clear Theta Clear and all that that determines including exteriorization though many make the mistake of thinking that means 'Astral Travel' in some sort of Body of Light...not so. The static mirrors...

Concerning O/W...well, this time period we are living in is the ''overwhelm'' from the LTA. SHould have finished, and really did, 500++ GUM's ago so...all that you perceive IS the overwhelm from that then. I'll ex[lain it clearer later as I've some materials that might interest you concerning 'that' old score.

We are free. The facsimiles that hang on hang on becasue of the flase theta beautiful aesthetic wave which I'll also go into deeper at another time. As for Eastern things? Whose East? East of who? ;) Think about it...

Most of the so called 'Eastern' teachers I have met and studied with are very interested in ''money''[ though, of course, not stated 'openly.' heh heh heh Money that isn't money is not money and economies based on debt benefit who?

So the monitors are monitoring you? Process them out...I'm sure they'll appreciate that.

It's always good to know that you are advancing along your path. If you want a really good bridge you must build it yourslef. That's the truth. I know you are doing that so be not dissuaded. BTW how is Paul doing?

See ya later bro...  

15 Nov 2005 @ 15:16 by gordon @ : Question???
I hope it's cool that I'm posting questions here... This has recently become a favorite website of mine. Let me know if I'm intruding.

I wondered if anyone would recommend buying Ingo Swann's RV tapes for the purpose of learning how to RV??? I mean, is it feasible for someone who is not OT or even clear for that matter?????


Thanks Gordon. And I would certainly recommend Ingos' tapes highly. After all is said and done he learned his ''stuff'' from doing the levels to OT7 as did the rest of ''the boys.'' That includes Major Ed Dames, too, though he won't admit it. Hal Puthoff was also an OT as was Pierce and there were at least 14 Scientology ''clears'' working at the initial SRI project. One reason Hub was hounded so heavily is that the ''tech'' really works. I mean the technology above and beyond the CofS.

I may store here in a workgroup setting all the valuable materials that one needs in order to go OT in which case I'll contact those interested privately so that we can dialogue on the best ways to accomplish our OMNI missions. You are very welcome here, gordon, and thanks for the questions...  

15 Nov 2005 @ 16:31 by rayon : forgotten the subject here
having gone so far - oh yes, its about the electro mag weapon facility, owahh Either it affects everyone or no one. Hmmm - the body has its own EM field, emmanates from the ears, wear one earing and a lobsided effect will occur in the brain (eg pirates; wear two and the resulting arc created with the position of the eyes actually empowers the eyesight. In fact acupuncture focussed solely on the ear (auricular medicine) can rectify inbalances that may occur in the EM field readings, and have their correctional effect on the brain. It has been used in France, (very few practitioners). Continental girl babies get their ears pierced and do have lovely awake eyes!  

15 Nov 2005 @ 16:43 by joda : feasible?
I have no real knowledge about RV, Ingo Swann's RV tapes, nor about OT or Clear states of being, but one thing is obvious - people remote viewed long before the terms "OT" or "Clear" were coined :)

somewhere deep within the bits and bytes of world wide web - one can find the answers he is seeking. ingo's way, sandor's way, viking's way, or any other way

btw..what is Your intention for learning RV?  

15 Nov 2005 @ 16:58 by gordon @ : Intention
Ultimately, I suppose my intention is to have a better grasp of who/what I am. To have more reality on exteriorization. I have had one exteriorized experience during an auditing session back when I dabbled in the C of S. I have been somewhat preoccupied with the subject at least since then....  

16 Nov 2005 @ 07:04 by vaxen : Exteriorization...
is not the same as simple ''astral projection.'' Nor is ''remote viewing'' which is a real misnomer as there is nothing ''remote'' about it. More on that at a later date.

"I deplore brutality," he said. "It's not efficient. On the other hand, prolonged mistreatment, short of physical violence, gives rise, when skillfully applied, to anxiety and a special feeling of guilt. A few rules or rather guiding principles are to be borne in mind. The subject must not realize that the mistreatment is a deliberate attack of an anti-human enemy on his personal identity. He must be made to feel that he deserves any treatment he receives because there is something (never specified) horribly wrong with him. The naked need of the control addicts must be decently covered by an arbitrary and intricate bureaucracy so that the subject cannot contact his enemy direct."

-- William S. Burroughs, via Naked Lunch

"No one gossips about other peoples secret virtues."---Bertrand Russel

You may enjoy (If you haven't already):  

16 Nov 2005 @ 07:38 by skookum : ok
who do you think is gonna trash Haarp?  

16 Nov 2005 @ 19:25 by jobrown : Once again Bulls Eye!
Thanks vax, espacially for the comment here. the William S.Burroghs' Quote. That is the proverbial Nutshell of the Controllers' Modus Operanda Agenda-almost to the tee!... What they with Burroghs' statement make you belive is that THEY don't put forth any violence, deploring brutality as it states!.... but the real truth is, that these guys 'LOVE' and USE all these different degrees of cruelty!... take a look around... heheheh...

Skokum, the "only" way to trash HAARP, or I would like to say; the only SMART way to trash HAARP, is by understanding Energies: the finer/higher (pitch) vibration / frequency of energy we use, the higher its penetrating potency is.
Love vibration being the highest of ALL cosmic Energy. So when LOVE is directed towards anything, anything at all, it goes there, penetrates its (by us chosen) Target and to whatever amount the Target resonates in HARMONY with that High frequency energy, can it absorb, as it were, that energy. If it does not resonate in Harmony with those frequencies dissonance occurs and the Target start falling apart!.... in what ever fashion!... depending on... God knows what all factors. So, the answer to your -somewhat rhetorical Question- is we; anybody, who does not like the idea of being destroyed by HAARP can make it a habit to once a day (or whatever suites one) to get very centered, and focus LOVE energy towards HAARP and' Vhoaalllaaa... "things" WILL happen more and more to/with HAARP, the more of us who do this!... This applies to ALL, meaning, we can direct this Love energy anywhere we want a change to occur. It WILL stirr up
a lot of you-know-what, but all that HAS to come up to the surface to be ACKNOWLDGED and CLEANED out/'transformed' -as it were. I have not found any other, better method, than this.
If anybody knows of any more efficient scientifiaclly sound methods, please, let us all know about it!


nicely said a-d. thanks for the comment. yes i do know of another method. it's called dismantling the present government lock, stock, and barrel. oh, all it's lackeys and cohorts too...  

16 Nov 2005 @ 23:23 by jobrown : Yup. you are so
right, Milord!... : ) Now that we are at, "how" the "leaders" are/have been I ask you all to check this out:


Heyyy, vax, I'm with you!


Thanks, Lady A-d, for the link to that great article.

"If large numbers of people believe in freedom of speech, there will be freedom of speech even if the law forbids it. But if public opinion is sluggish, inconvenient minorities will be persecuted, even if laws exist to protect them." George Orwell [Eric Arthur Blair] (1903–1950)  

17 Nov 2005 @ 02:14 by jobrown : Ahhh, this is
beauuuuutiful! Check this out!This article totally confirms what happens to people when Love makes them aware of "things"... In this case, these guys chose to let Love's resonance reveal them the truth, they originally didn't want to face!... Well; read on!
Had they chosen not to resonate and ACT in harmony with what Love demanded from them, that Love would have destroyed them!


It still may, A-d, it still may...

"The real issues are that much of the world lives in poverty, desperation and depression, he said, while an affluent minority of the world often oppresses them. Americans need to take responsibility for their world," Stith said.

"To ignore things and to assume that persons in the government have all knowledge is to reject our franchise and our democracy," Stith said.  

17 Nov 2005 @ 07:02 by jobrown : Yup, you're right
'bout that!...


Thanks A-d.

" The compulsive quest for certainty is not the expression of genuine faith but is rooted in the need to conquer the unbearable doubt."---Erich Fromm  

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