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so much sense made out of munchy crunchy nonsense livingness goo buds filled with mango trips of joyous night star de-light. NCN so stuffy? could it be that...

nah, can't lay the blame though she is sweet and pretty and neat just gotta turn up the heat and strike that SP down. in-visable skirmish with something that died a long long time ago...billions of earth years ago before the cosmic kumquat tree developed the likes of you...

what are your likes, anyway? dis-likes? Dis, Latin G'D of light loves darkness best yet when he comes out of dark night nothing shines brighter, clearer, longer, lighter...

GoDs are jokes made up by fools who call themselves men yet are saps...homo-saps. watch out...homo novis cometh.

daybreak brings with it it. it is and it isn't and isn't was all along nothing that ever could be comprehended with words...not even paris burning, not even dead old troya, not even Ellenika.

storms brew the best wine and honeyed wine...meade where once Hu's men made merry in the forests of eld. the eldest star among them drew a blank then shot himself in the head thus was born plan-et earth! breeding grounds of the wunderbus platypus high frequencied roustabout clan of no clan of no coloredness...

wot? wot you say? daringly dallying pringle prangle mingle mangle kill and maim and laugh and holler and drink up mate your draft is dry...your black and tan is killing me in its' skirt of green flowered wussingness and the irish think that they can fight? orange is the color of the pumpkins that we grow and green the color of their vines...the pope wears nothing under his/her kilt save that which all popes wear and have worn ever since old Charlie the Mange blessed mongrel in his catholic catholicness decided to destroy all that was joyful and good and golden.

europe will burn and so will the middle east...whose middle east? oh, there is no up or down in space. there isn't really any space in space isn't that fun? develope a product NCN... but it is true that net-works do not need pro-ducts nor do they need con-ducts nor even meetings of the minds or inner algorithmic sanctuaried programs or engrams either. engrammatic diligence obfuscatory white god moons of ox cart lovingness spoon fed by shiva hopping to and fro in endless tandava whilst lalita mamika is the dance of soul truth and kama trauma...

what is there in the environment of NCN which causes the analytical attenuation that so many old timers seem to feel...rumored, true, yet falsely real. it's that old SP, dark, malicious, hiding out in quad ten causing anaten, drinking stinking wine and smoking rotten dope...

salubrious was grundy after crashing to the moon of yore inhaling little bits of crack o matter dewyness--blink, blink.
sanctioned was the kill and granite shadows claimed the gore whilst driving home in silver laced benz and rolled royce glue...

puffy, huffy, blue...

locks, secondaries, engrams, chains of them...they live!

they live right here at NCN's maxed out no-thing-ness. not is when is is not. can not is when is can not?

see ya...
might even be ya...
toda la el...
hei ho yata hei.



10 Nov 2005 @ 09:17 by vibrani : the answer, my friend
is blowing in the wind......:-) Interesting log, Vax, was a trip to read. Entertaining.  

10 Nov 2005 @ 09:27 by jazzolog : 2 Old Kumquats Kiss In The Dark
and I'm glad you both still rub and bend elbows in here. You may lead us to the Promised Land any time now.  

10 Nov 2005 @ 18:22 by bushman : Hmm
If the trip is anything like Moses's, we still got another 30 years of wandering aimlessly, then there's some of us, that don't percive the wandering as being aimless. :}  

11 Nov 2005 @ 05:00 by judih : wandering
There's an axiom for every occasion

'it's the trip that counts, not the destination'
i mean the end is fairly clear - this here body will be kaput and my intentions will be shelved on a discount rack in some out of way dimension.

But the trip, the journey, the wandering will intersect where possible, ions sometimes rubbing ions and sometimes repelling them.

Give me music, give me language, give me love and out of body experiences, and let me keep some physical viability for as long as possible.

With that, i'll do what i can in this life to utilize the DNA awarded me and to pass on a little common sense and a lot of love to my children.

wandering - that's all this is. No one asked me, no one waited for permission, but here i am. Chasm or highway, i'm wandering through my years. Long, strange trip? Rhetorical question.  

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