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Military drafts war plans for terrorist attacks
August 8, 2005, Washington Post

Preparing scenarios for action on US soil a shift for Pentagon. The US military has devised its first-ever war plans for guarding against and responding to terrorist attacks in the United States, envisioning 15 potential crisis scenarios and anticipating several simultaneous strikes around the country, according to officers who drafted the plans.

The war plans represent a historic shift for the Pentagon, which has been reluctant to become involved in domestic operations and is legally constrained from engaging in law enforcement. Defense officials continue to emphasize that they intend for the troops to play a supporting role in homeland emergencies, bolstering police, firefighters, and other civilian response groups. But the new plans provide for what several senior officers acknowledged is the likelihood that the military will have to take charge in some situations, especially when dealing with mass-casualty attacks that could quickly overwhelm civilian resources.

Nuclear Training Drill May Have Provided Another Reason For Firing Of Four Star General
August 15, 2005, The Arctic Beacon (Excellent non-major media source of inside information)


Controversy around a simulated nuclear terrorist attack, called Exercise Sudden Response to be held Aug. 15- 19 at Ft. Monroe, may have provided another reason for the recent firing of General Kevin P. Byrnes. In a highly unusual occurrence, Gen. Byrnes, 55, was relieved of is duties as commander of the prestigious Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) at Fort Monroe, several months short of retirement for what Army brass claims to be sexual misconduct.

Political observers point to several other more serious reasons why Gen. Byrnes was pushed aside, including an ongoing feud with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Military insiders claim Rumsfeld, who has been trying to weed out officers who don’t toe the party line since taking over at the Pentagon, finally let the hammer drop on Gen. Byrnes.

However, two reliable sources from two different political camps, one conservative and one liberal, claim Gen. Byrnes was stopped in his tracks by Rumsfeld after intelligence reports surfaced that Gen. Byrnes was behind a contingent of at least 40 other high-ranking officers who are trying to thwart the administration’s plans to engage in a nuclear conflict with Iran.

The upcoming nuclear training exercise...also has political observers nervous. Reports have surfaced that Gen. Byrnes was also fired due to certain irregularities involved in the nuclear training session, which is set to simulate a large nuclear bomb being brought on board a ship into a large U.S. city. Critics also site the danger of these “simulated attacks” since the same type of training sessions occurred just prior to both 9/11 and 7/7, with simulated jetliner and subway attack training exercises providing an eerie backdrop for the actual attacks that followed.

For more revealing information from this informative source:


Summary - Properties of plane waves in six-dimensional Minkowski space-time with equal number of space and time co-ordinates are considered. In the x-subspace the wave is characterized by three orthogonal one-to-the-other vector fields two of which are transversal and the third is longitudinal with respect to the direction of the wave motion. The energy of transverse and longitudinal field components is, respectively, positive and negative; however, due to the causality principle permitting the development along all time axes only from the past to the future, the total wave energy is always positive, which prevents a spontaneous creation of waves from vacuum and exotic processes in which the final mass exceeds the initial one.

PACS 03.30 - Special relativity.

PACS 03.65.Pm - Relativistic wave equations.

PACS 11.30.Cp - Lorentz and Poincaré invariance.

The illusion is a real illusion,
portals in 5 space, suns on line,
Joules, in a belt, number 9.
Trance induction coils breathing
liquid fire leaving nowhere untouched.--RD:A




5 Sep 2005 @ 22:35 by vaxen : But of course...
a horse is a horse unless it's Ygdrassil. Fabricate! Get your Venn diagrams ready. Modern medicine has prooven that ''category theory'' enables people to grow new neurons!

Split a six dimensional space time into a 4+2 one...
''p-branes'' anyone? A little re-search anyone?
The boundary condition of the universe is that it has no boundary.

CONPLAN 0500  

6 Sep 2005 @ 22:30 by joda : Let's ROCK!
"You take the blue pill and the story ends.
You wake in your bed and you believe
whatever you want to believe.

You take the red pill and you stay
in Wonderland, and I show you how
deep the rabbit-hole goes."

Well, I'm sure Neo felt very confused, once unplugged, but I'd like to see his face, if he was 'woken up' into our world.

There is nothing like single desilusion.. once one swallows famous RED PILL,
one goes for a LOOOOOOONG ride. Lies, lies, lies, LIES! Even if one doen't like the consequences, there is no coming back. You can run, but You can't hide, and YOU KNOW IT. Certainties are gone, stable datums are gone, authorities are gone and You are left with only one stable thing - You Yourself.
It's not the kind of fun for the fainthearted, but if one likes to stand with his fears eye to eye and be done with them, the adventure of (self)dis-cover-y awaits just beside one's doorsteps.

Every time a confusion strikes one down and one stands up afterwards, he becomes stronger. Be bold, be brave!


p.s. Vax, have patience my friend, data-transfer is coming soon. Reconfiguration of considerations and life-modes takes time ;) I'm almost done with the mess.. Gosh, I've become sloppy - I used to design such WORLDS, and now look at me! Body-needs are surely a nuisance. And those damn VIAs...

Akashic Record Player? It may come in handy :D  

8 Sep 2005 @ 15:51 by astrid : I know
nothing about these "six-dimensionalMinkowski space-time Things... But I know ONE thing: IF I DON"T find MY SELF again I am and will remain LOST -in every respect of the word!... and then; does it really matter WHERE I'm lost if -I'm lost?!??!????.... IF I'm lost, I'm lost!...
IF I find myself again ....( which, I A-d, personally have done, THANK GOD!!!)then; NOTHING CAN MAKE ME LOSE MY SELF again!
To hell with you all CONFUSERS of The World = the so called (sc.) Establishment -regardless your wrappings around the confusion-pill and the "dresses" you use to cover your own old rotting flesh....

If we -who have found ourselves (our own Common Sense -that you, the confusers, wanted to replace with ALL those Intellectual /Historical / Traditional /Religio-Societal Horse-shit about "How Life Is or SHOULD be lived by, or approached by us, the lost fodder-for- your-guns and other war-games)can help our still lost Sisters and Brothers, just by giving VOICE to our OWN COMMON-SENSE /Life SUSTAINING consciousness (= "HEAVEN" / "KINGDOM" /"REALM" / "LAND" These are all Biblical words for consciousness and not at all for the outer things they became symbols for!... when some humans mis-interpreted them - still do!... )

That e.g. SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE IS THEEE ONLY WAY TO SAVE OURSELVES by SAVING THE PLANET from SUREFIRE DESTRUCTION (by the Idiot cronies; the Politically Correct Ones in their Right "Wrappings/Dresses" )is a good place to start helping all the Lost Ones to find their way back to LIFE!
Your consiousness is thee most important TERRITORY and the sharks want it!... because you have there something that to them is more important than ANY OIL in the world -or even actual LAND: you have your ability to pull down fresh COSMIC energy straight from the SOURCE -and THAT is the ability THEY lost!... So.... who really is most lost, huh? *!* WE ALL NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS!
THANKS vax. Like your article, despite some spots a little "over my head". But it really does get the whistles and bells ringing!  

9 Sep 2005 @ 19:22 by koravya : Thanks
for all the stuff to be reading.
Way down upon the Sawanee river.....  

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