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"shoot everything that moves"

The number of the hyperspace bypass is seven.

SOCOM is MOCOS spelled back-wards. How fitting. How abso-lute, How 'germain.' And the little dog laughed to see such sport and the dish ran away with the spoon. I'm glad to erase what should never have been printed in the 'first place' for snobbishness is what snobbishness does best...

Delete, delete, delete from their minds any chance at becoming...

...7, 8, 9, and 10, ruthlessly!

The Implanters action is:

To shrink or replace your awareness and CONTROL it, and make you CONFORM to what they, as "STATUS" aurthorities, say you should believe or do.

To exteriorize a thetan into the MEST Universe as an upper level OT is a trap! The real bridge exteriorizes the thetan from the MEST Universe. He becomes BIGGER than it then he can handle his part of his responsibility in it.

The key to the actual bridge is EXPANSION of awareness in time, space, and the expansion of the ability to play a game. It will also validate you and your individuality and playing ability.


google: Heuristic Ideation Techniques

;) VAX



4 Sep 2005 @ 19:36 by astrid : But what
One, two, three are very good,'cause I understand them... four is a little more mysterious.... five is defintiely unclear to me.I mean.c'me on, I do understand the words, but the meaning escapes me.Is there a real meaning to it?
BUT WHAT happened to nr six and seven??? and why is seven hyperspace bypass???? and what does THAT really mean????  

4 Sep 2005 @ 20:01 by jstarrs : dn't worry 'bout it, astrid...
..the boy's bored.  

4 Sep 2005 @ 20:31 by vaxen : It's about...
modern, surgical, warfare.

"Serial Experiments Lain" is an anime which begs to be interpreted. While the story gives us a lot of hints as to what might be going on, nothing is ever explicitly explained. Even when things are explained in the form of commentary and "speeches" throughout the show, we are shown that the views put forth in those speeches (such as given by Eiri Masami) are not necessarily correct and truthful. When dealing with prophetic speech or prophetic anime, it is our responsibility to be skeptical and questioning just like Lain was, even though the uncertainty can be painful at times.  

4 Sep 2005 @ 20:38 by astrid : Got it, Honey... : )
Oooh Jeff, you crack me up!!! THANKS.... still laughing...  

4 Sep 2005 @ 21:16 by vaxen : The Ruby Con...
Kellogg, Brown, and Root one day
Sailed off in a wooden shoe,
into the Sea of Candlelight, into the foggey dew.

Splish splash she was takin a bath
when Katrina came a knocking at her door...

Miserable, Gentille ol whore,
slipped on that bar, of soap,
and died...

So what, you say? What you say?
Grave riders, sharecroppers from hell,
don't bury the dead, they eat them...

Stretch that Mutha till he hollers!
Don't let him go, Joe...
we gotta make wine from the skin.

Eye balls in the soup Sherry?
Sherry, ruby red, glistening
in the new dawn Canal Street...

All wet with blood
of the crab, the king fish,
Louis Armstrong smile...

Now where's all that jazz, man?
All that dark, deep, asymmetrical jazz,
Afro jazz, Afro feet, muddy Mississippi beat.

Feet of clay on bayou LaFouche
dancing up a good time suite...

Swing time Mamma, she's in heat,
welfare baby tag along...


4 Sep 2005 @ 21:23 by jstarrs : Weird...
..keep seeing the same posts all over the place.
Must be that that's using up all the air:  

4 Sep 2005 @ 22:52 by vaxen : Couldn't...
get the article, may have vanished; what did it concern?
As an aside I must tell you that there is more info coming down the Pike about the Atomic Bomb/Nuclear Holocaust scenario. Seems this scenario was planned for Fort Monroe in preparation for Nuking Iran. Donald Rumsfeld and the boys would consider the loss in human life as necessary sacrifice. War Games. I'll post the info a bit later. This happened, also, around the time of the WTC disaster if you'll remember correctly.  

5 Sep 2005 @ 01:48 by vaxen : Oh...
you mean the article on 'oxygen bars?' Analogy? ;) Yeah, the State moving against 'oxygen bars.' And oxygen as a drug delineated so by the FDA. Cosmetic drug! I'm a cosmetic drug, too, and you might wheeze if you read to much becauee my stuff is all flavored with the taint of other's ideotherapies. Ideotherapeutic, or not, change focus, change feelings, change vibrations.

The real people of New Orleans invoked that monster hurricane, they've been calling it a category 4 all over the friggin news, as a last ditch effort to get someone, anyone, to listen to their plight! Greater New Orleans is one of the saddest, was, ghettoes on earth! So you can see what it means to be a 14th amendment citi-zen. So much for zen. Looks like their calls, low energy vibrations induced by squalor and poverty, were heard...regardless of how the cane was created in the end it'll be all sweet sugar. Just you wait and we go into the New World Orders New Civilization Network. Already Greenspan, spun o the whole cloth, is saying that there will be great profits earned from this little baby; Katrina!  

8 Sep 2005 @ 19:17 by indican @ : Uncertain
the videos of "serial experiment lain" are... I am in the process of viewing them because of your subtle suggestion. They are very interesting. They are re-minding of some previous thoughts I've had in the past and also, They are portraying and persuading a new ideas about the internet and communication in my mind. I'm not done with them yet, but am looking forward to viewing them all. Thanks for the suggestion...
I have also been very interested in the material of scientology, which I've been reading. I read through most of "Excaliber Revistited", but thought that I would never be doing such auditing myself with a tool like an E-meter. So I wonder if you know about any information of scientology and the "bridge" that can help in self study. Thanxz for everything Vaxen...


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