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Admin Briefing No. 1 was about THE BRIDGE.

This is Admin Briefing No.2 and it's about FALSE BRIDGES.

The date is 29th and 30th August 1987 or AD 37. I'm making this tape for the OT Convention on September 19th and 20th.


Admin Briefing No.2 will be about "False Bridges".

By going up the ACTUAL Bridge, one can see where all the FALSE BRIDGES lead. This briefing is to inform you of how to differentiate them from the ACTUAL BRIDGE.

This briefing is not so important to people doing the ACTUAL Bridge, as they have already chosen the correct path. It is important to those who have chosen a FALSE Bridge, or who are still undecided about how to progress toward OT.

You do have the right to choose for yourself and learn by your experience. The intention of this briefing is only to warn you of traps, tricks, and about a course of action ( or inaction) which could be very costly and even damaging to your health and survival, as well as your bank account.

So let us start by giving you the "Rights of a Thetan".

They are:
Right to your own sanity
Right to leave a Game
Right to make or choose (or not) your OWN GAME to play.

I'll state those again:
Right to your own sanity
Right to leave a Game
Right to make or choose (or not) your OWN GAME to play.

Number One, Sanity: Anything which makes you less sane will affect your self-determinism and cause you to be more other-determined. Implanters, and people who are the effect of them and who try to 'copy' them, are dedicated to making you less sane. What is this mechanism in terms of the Bridge?

Implanters try to shrink your awareness and make you believe you are only a 'little part of theta' or are only a 'little part of existence' such as 'a body'. Or, they say: "We are all ONE and must listen to what the ONE says - the 'Great God of Good Sense' of our shared experience and Spiritual Endowment." This is Group Think and causes agreement on an automatic stimulus-response basis, according to what implant is being used or keyed in at that time.

Implanters also try to suppress your native abilities by inating them or only 'conditionally' validating them as: "Well, you may experience that - if you take drugs", or "Our Drugs". (And pay a lot for them, of course). And then they continue on with other methods - including taking over religions or philosophies and twisting them into clever traps. Whatever their action is : TO SHRINK OR REDUCE YOUR AWARENESS AND CONTROL IT, AND MAKE YOU CONFORM TO WHAT THEY (as 'STATUS AUTHORITIES' of course) SAY YOU SHOULD THINK OR BELIEVE OR DO.

I'll give you that again:



Now, Rights of a Thetan No.2: The Right to leave a Game. This is very important as a Thetan's Right, because Implanters and their copy-cats WANT TO TRAP YOU so YOU NEVER LEAVE THE GAME or even find out what it is. This is why over the eons and other games there have been FALSE BRIDGES.

The implanters can't stop a person from improving or wanting to improve himself, as this is one of the key purposes in the real game that the thetan agreed to. He did agree to improve himself. But they can use his desire to improve to lead him into a FALSE BRIDGE. One that promises improvement, but in the end, it's a trap. The improvement, to some small degree, may even exist - to bait the trap - but the end result is the same - A TRAP. And it will be expensive too, as implanters know they must also reduce the energy and financial power of those who could oppose them.

Now the key to the ACTUAL Bridge is EXPANSION. Of awareness in time, space, and the expansion of the Ability to play a Game. It will also validate you and your individuality and playing ability.

The ACTUAL Bridge is based on the fact that a thetan was big and powerful and wants to improve his Knowledge, Responsibility and Control to regain and exceed - EXCEED that original state. In fact, he wants to obtain No. 3, The Right of a Thetan No. 3 - the Ability TO MAKE OR CHOOSE (OR NOT) A GAME. This is a very high ability which very few on Earth have been successful at. One major reason for this is that when a thetan was powerful, he did choose a game, and has been playing it ever since - more and more unaware of it through the mechanism of implanting, not-is, invalidation and suppression.

There are three aspects to this "downspiral" in the game. One is other-determined, another part is self-determined, and another is the pan-determined aspect. On the ACTUAL Bridge, the other-determined aspect of the downspiral must be handled first - then the self-determined, then the pan-determined. This is the way out of the confusion and the uncertainty about how one did go down the spiral.

The FALSE Bridges hide the "other-determined" aspect or invalidate it. (Such as saying: "OT 3 was only Ron's case"). And then, they pretend to give you 'self-determinism', when it's really more and more other-determinism, and then they pretend to give you 'pan-determinism', IF YOU CONFORM. The highest form of 'pan-determinism' on the FALSE Bridge is to "Become One with the Universe". I say, isn't that nice? This is actually REDUCING a thetan's awareness to Tone 0, which is DEATH on the Tone Scale and BEING MEST. (MEST is matter, energy, space and time). It's even downscale from 'Being a Body'. Well, that's the way the FALSE Bridges go.

What is this MEST Universe anyway? Well, it's a complex composite case made by all the players in the game. One runs his own part of it out at OT 13 on the ACTUAL Bridge. So to exteriorize a thetan INTO the MEST Universe as an Upper OT Level is a TRAP. The REAL Bridge exteriorizes the thetan FROM the MEST Universe. He becomes BIGGER than it. Then he can handle his part of his responsibility in it.

I'll just repeat that again for anyone that didn't get it: So, to exteriorize a thetan INTO the MEST Universe as an "Upper OT Level" is a TRAP. The REAL Bridge exteriorizes the thetan FROM the MEST Universe. He becomes BIGGER than it. Then he can handle his part of his responsibility in it.

Let's also look at Axiom No. 10: "The Highest Purpose in this Universe is the Creation of an Effect". Well, that's very easy for an OT to do. In fact, each OT did do it. So what's the 2nd Highest Purpose? Of course, "To EXPERIENCE the effect" - and that's what he has been doing ever since.

But there's more: What's the 3rd Highest Purpose? Maybe, "To PROVE the Cause of the Effect". And here you have theology, religion, philosophy, and some science theorists.

And the 4th Highest Purpose is: "To PROVE the EFFECT." Here are your run-of-the-mill scientists. Always in the lab "proving the effect" over and over and over again.

Ha! Now the implanters join in: "Let's create a FALSE effect" - as the 5th Highest Purpose - Oh! - and "EXPERIENCE THE EFFECT of the False Cause." You see? Create a False Cause as the 5th Highest Purpose and Experience the Effect of the False Cause as the 6th Highest Purpose.

Now, the FALSE Bridge of the implanters comes in and gives "PROVE The False Cause" and "PROVE The False Effect", as the 7th and 8th Purposes.

Now, as I say, you don't have to agree to all these purposes. They are purposes that are floating around in the Games and in that order of priority. You can see "to PROVE The False Effect" is the last one and "PROVE the False Cause" is the 2nd to the last, and these are the ones you will find abounding in the literature of implanter-influenced thought. Here we get psychology, psychiatry, mysticism, occult science, and other squirrel practices. You all know examples of these in reading line-plots of different Implants. These FALSE EFFECTS come from CASE that the implanters have carefully put in on the thetans in the games, so that they will believe these kinds of things.

Scientology starts out at Purpose No. 2, "Experience the Effect". Right in there! Let's experience! Let's get back to what we were doing with the thing! And they do it with processing, objectives, and TR's to be able to confront it. Then the ARC Triangle starts cutting away FALSE causes, effects, and other-determined 'proofs' the person was subjected to. Then on OT levels the KRC Triangle gets at the Cause and Effect points and enables a thetan to regain his abilities.

You may have seen in "Sector 9" the attributes of the Markabians - they love STATUS, CONFORMITY, MAINTENANCE of CONTROL. Well, this forms an 'SCM' triangle to suppress a thetan. It was developed by the implanters to replace the KRC Triangle. STATUS, CONFORMITY, MAINTENANCE of CONTROL.

Now to replace the ARC Triangle - did you know there is another one laid in there on the track? Yes! Their "ARC" Triangle is AUTOMATICITY, GROUP AGREEMENT AND ADMIRATION. It's a super-suppressive triangle, and it makes a person into a stimulus-response mechanism, actually.


So, you don't just "cog and pop out of the games", as do so many Americans tend to believe. OH YES! And they search for Bridges that promise this.

It's an actual gradient to disentangle Other-determined, Self-Determined and Pan-Determined purposes; Own Universe, Others' Universe, Agreed-On MEST Universe, etc, etc, and, of course, the Dynamics. Of which there are twelve in the games. You all know the eight? Yes, there are eight. And 9 is Aesthetics, 10 - Ethics of Games (necessary, necessary, very necessary to handle the implanters, who try to stop you from getting your Rights back), 11 - Tech of Games (of course, The Bridge is the Playing Field of these Games of Completing the Current Games), and of course No. 12, Dynamic Twelve, Administration of Games. And above that, there is a Games Dynamic, and above that, you as a Source of Games and all other components of them. Yes! You did do it for your own play and experience.

Now the Implanters, seeing LRH heading up a movement of thetans to explore and insist on their rights as thetans and get on to these upper key Dynamics of Games, well, when they saw that, they HAD to take over the CHURCH to prevent it from happening. They used their OFF-PLANET Mest Beings, the Markabians, as a "lower-level org" and did so. By 1980, no Old Timer or friend of LRH was safe, not even his family. But LRH had expected this. He knew the intention was to take it over and put a FALSE Bridge on the top of the existing one. So he left a "carrot for the donkeys". A "carrot for the donkeys". (You know, a little stick out in front of the donkey and you lead him with the carrot, so he keeps moving in that direction.) And what was this carrot? Well, there were two of them actually, Money and Status. Oh, they fell for it TOTALLY! They're still wrangling about it in the United States! (Wrangling means arguing, fighting, legal battles and so on). They are still fighting about it, and that wasn't even the valuable thing he left! They also think they have the Tech - but they do not. They have a "FALSE Bridge". Yes! LRH made sure the necessary Tech was spread around to those who could use it. It was all there. Put it together. Apply it to what you find, and there's the WHOLE BRIDGE! Why can't others do it? Well, possibly they are working on the No. 3-8 Purposes given before and they are not on the 1st and 2nd, and thus are not on the trail of reaching for Source.

Well, what's beyond the Physical Universe anyway, and what happened before the Physical Universe?

These are two very interesting questions.

If your Bridge, that you are on, can't answer this with certainty and processes to resolve it with big cogs and gains, well, I'm sorry, you must be on a FALSE Bridge. These little questions are resolved on the ACTUAL Bridge very simply at OT 12-13 and most people know a lot about it, even before they get there.

Well - if your case progress is stopped by Body Problems, Somatics, High-Stuck TA, Headaches, Grief, a "not being able to get through it or audit", or some Unreality, Funny Thoughts, Evil Intentions, Unclear feeling, Illogical Compulsions, Feeling of "being on Two Time-Tracks at once", etc, etc, - then come onto the ACTUAL Bridge and find out what the Game is all about.

You can, of course, choose another one, or wait for a very "reasonable sounding" one, that might come out soon, but realize: WE ALREADY KNOW ALL ABOUT THESE BRIDGES AND WHY THEY DON'T WORK.

The most effective in stopping you, of course - that we know of, is a FALSE Bridge that promises you a way to OT, that is very expensive, and gets you to a state - well - where you can't ever report how you have been trapped. But, of course, FIRST they will make you MONEYLESS and in a condition of INDEBTEDNESS. But then they will get you to the state where you can't ever report how you have been trapped and it will exist for longer than ever before and you might even become "One with the Physical Universe". And, of course, that isn't saying very much at all, because look at where the Physical Universe is on the Tone Scale! Well, that's the kind of Game that nobody wins, except the Implanters. So don't fall for that one.

It's a Bridge that makes you feel good to be "in debt and out-exchange", because you are convinced you can soon "Blow" to OT and not have to pay back the money. You will, of course, also drop the body to "Prove it". The proof is: of course I went OT! I didn't have to pay the money. Anyway, some people are expecting something like that, and they are waiting for it. And what a great way to go! Ha! Use up all the money, have a good time, and then drop the body and never have to pay it back. Little bit out-exchange, though. But they think that doesn't matter, because "I'm going OT". Well, eventually we find them on the bridge, you know? They are not OT, they are stuck in the Mest Universe. It's the worst fate that could happen to a thetan.

Well, you say: "What! How do they know all this?" Well, we know it's a FALSE Bridge - that one I just described - because it's been done before. And by going up the NEW ACTUAL Bridge we have, you will find these thetans and free them. They were caught in it, trapped forever, and they were still trapped, until we showed up. And many, on being freed, stated, as their first words they have been able to communicate in eons and eons and eons:"WOW! What a TRAP! I want my money back!"

And, I'm sorry to say, there wasn't anybody at all on levels past that had actually completed anything. I mean, there were people that were stuck there. And there were beings that had gotten into other practices and maybe thought he was there, but he was really stuck well into the Mest Universe, and into the Games.

Well, I'm sorry to say, there isn't any other way out. The only being that we did find, and you will find, on going on up there (besides the other people that have already gone up, of course) - you will find Ron there, because he is the one that left us the Road Map for the way out and he and I and any OT invite you all to do the ACTUAL Bridge and Play a better Game.

Now, some News from the Games Master Level.

There is now a series of issues which takes you to your own PERSONAL IDEAL SCENE. It's called The Games Series Course and it's done right after The Games Master Course.

And then, on the Games Basics Course just above that, is the answer and handling of what does a thetan, or OT, do when the body is asleep? Do you know you can become 100% aware of your actions 24 hours a Day? It's quite incredible why the thetan chooses to "not recall" what happens when the body is asleep! We now know all about it.

And as a finishing touch, there are Source Operations Issues which give the final handlings to any mysteries why we are here at this particular point in the game. It has to do with your OWN application of Pre-Logics Q 2 and Q 1. That's Pre-logics 1 and 2. If you don't know them, you will have to look them up, because they are already there and have been there since the early 1950's. And, at this level - Source Operations Level - it has to do with your OWN application of that as a self-determined Source. And how you may have deliberately chosen to limit your OT Abilities! It's also quite incredible.

So, there's plenty of room for more Players and Games Masters at the top. There is a New Civilization to put here, a new game with FUN, WINS, and ACCEPTANCE by all. Of course, it's so BASIC and TRUE to the nature of a being. And it will PERSIST as long as you CHOOSE to make it or play it. It will persist, that's your 3rd Right as a Thetan. Enjoy it.

The music you heard before this talk was an example of what two OTs can do on Dynamic 9, Aesthetics.

Now you will hear another example, but just before I end off, I want to thank LRH, or Elron Elray, for doing what he did to help us all out of the trap.

And I welcome you all to this most exciting and interesting OT Convention, AD 37.

Thank you very much.



10 Aug 2005 @ 20:24 by astrid : I either have
"No Comment" to this...-or I have ten pages of comments....At this moment I choose the first option. : )...except for: quite interesting and thoughtprovoking article, though extreamly difficult in all its CLINICALITY!!!..... just like the Western/Allopatic Medicine: nothing but CLINICAL!....  

10 Aug 2005 @ 22:03 by vaxen : heh heh
yeah, but I know you got the 'gist' of it. after was written in AD 37! and it is mui relevant even today. but, really, it is mostly for those who have ears to hear with anyway. so if you do you do and i think, in most respects, you do. not clinical at all, though, so in that respect, A-d, i must dis-agree with you.

But look: AD! heh heh heh

Always remember that not everybody who lives in Tri-Beca is a millionaire. Besides...a million doesn't go very far anymore so let imagination be your currency and you'll always (All ways) be rich!  

11 Aug 2005 @ 03:36 by astrid : Heyyy, now, wait a minute!.... : )
AD 37!!!!???!?!?!? does that mean what it implies..... like four years after.... ahhh, naeh, let's not go there!.... and I thougt Elron lived HERE in the Twentieth Century.... I must be off... with a few years and continents, eh...hehhehehehhheee ; ) *L* ayayayayay....O
h sure, I can see some truths/fact-observations here & there ( in this AD37 article ) .... like when Newton "discovered" Gravity.... the falling apple, that had always fallen to the ground!... or when the NLP - guys made their observations about some connections/principles about our psyche and its learningprocesses etc... I do see those kind of facts here.... but then... ; the Heart-Thing and our own ability to choose our response to Life = our response-ability... which is proportional to our Heartfelt Acceptance of the Divinity in all; called 'relating'/Compassion .... how does that fit in??? Do I get it if I re-read this???... *!*
: )
That's why I expect you to be a Divine Magician -or at least a double digit Billionaire!... : )
"I Can't Give You Anything , But Lo-o-o-ve, Baby,/ That's The Only Thing I'm Plenty Of , Baby-y-y" ... / Remember that one, eh? *o*
Think of me next time you hear it , promise? : )

You know, those two Bridges I ever frequent; The Bridge Across Forever and The Bridge Over Troubled Water are really the very best Bridges! One doesn't need any more than that, I don't think.....  

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11 Aug 2005 @ 15:24 by jstarrs : N° 3
Must surely be about not having things to bridge, right?
Passed thru it one time but wouldn't buy unless I had the money to build a stupa...  

11 Aug 2005 @ 19:55 by vaxen : Surreal Estate?
And just how on Teegeeack does Chandi-Garh fit in? Stupa? Stooping rather low there slack san. It's a Baddi in the Paddi and industrial means "In 'dust' for REAL!' Danke no...

A-d, the piece above is for those aquainted with the raison detre, ours, for being here on this holo globe at this time in hisssss story. Tory? I dare say. Old Rum-pole is kilting in his Vinegar as per usual and the Tory always gets the queen of the may...right?

"There is a New Civilization to put here, a new game with FUN, WINS, and ACCEPTANCE by all. Of course, it's so BASIC and TRUE to the nature of a being. And it will PERSIST as long as you CHOOSE to make it or play it. It will persist, that's your 3rd Right as a Thetan. Enjoy it."---cbr



11 Aug 2005 @ 20:19 by jstarrs : Must be weird talking to people...
..who don't have the script.
Is that what the power is?  

11 Aug 2005 @ 23:10 by vaxen : hahahahaha!
oh, everyone has the script nd if you don't believe that just be inventive. the power? i think the key is to be found in 'ex-pan-sion.' Ex Pan Zion? oh, there are just a lot of very good points that i see happening in the world today that were being mentioned by bill way back in AD 37. from time to time i like to link this spot up to the greater query engine so that deep links become possible and an overall beyond the network shell is formed. like chandi-garh, for instance. do you know of chandra bosh, slack san? he never died, you know...have yiu heard of 'baba ji?' baddi may be better than goodie after all. now to find the currency of exchange and then...igloos in Hodu or as it is called there 'Baharat.' more of that british trading companies oppression of the language. ah but their opium was/is good, eh? chitralli gold! yeah man!

ever study java script?  

11 Aug 2005 @ 23:36 by astrid : From WHAT bridge
did this Property guy land in your Blog, vax!?!?!? Any idea??? I thought it was almost spooky, since we had just talked so much...well...weird!!! say the least! As for Babaji! no.....this must be some Twilight zone, right now?...!...? Those False Bridges you mention... could they be the cause or "at fault" I mean did we end up on one of them all of a sudden???

11 Aug 2005 @ 23:54 by ming : Bridge
Ha, that was funny that there was a guy dropping by to sell ... not quite a bridge, but a piece of land, at least.

Anyway, Vax, I hadn't read this one in a while. And when I do, I must say I disagree with Bill on a few things. But, well, it is tricky for anybody to try to state categorically what THE true way is, without tying oneself in a loop.  

12 Aug 2005 @ 07:01 by vaxen : yes...
looping is a strange effect. 8 ?. may i ask what it is that you disagree with? (hopefully you'll be back to answer that!) heh heh

yes, that land could very well be a bridge, eh? good space for 'OT Projects' maybe? or an OT 'tiger team?' heh heh heh it is a rather interesting area and with the right impetus could grow into something wonderful. i must say that i'd be a lot happier in Baharat, in many respects, then here in the USA.

i think, though, that bills main import is that one must beware of false bridges cause they get you absolutely no where (treadmill effect). look at Virginia McClaughry, as an example (I know there were many others as well)... 9 years on OT7! now that's a built in 'loop' invented by the TOC.

thanks for your comment ming. good to see you.  

12 Aug 2005 @ 13:06 by ming : Bridges
Well, you know, the other-determined, self-determined, pan-determined sequence. To translate for everybody else, "other-determined" means that one is the effect, rather than the cause, that other people are doing one in, essentially. Taking one's queues from others, rather than from one's own decisions. "Self-determined" is that one has gotten up to the point of making one's own decisions, that one takes responsibility for one's own situation, acting by one's own instincts. And "pan-determined" is when one can go beyond one's own ego and make appropriate decisions involving more people and more factors. Not exactly altruistic, but more that one can choose what is best not only for oneself, but for everybody. And that's sort of a scale. It is better to be pan-determined than to be self-determined, and that is better than being other-determined. In a journey of personal evolution, one is likely to progress through those stages. First blaming everybody else for one's condition, then taking responsibility for it, then going beyond the ego to more self-less wisdom.

But I think it is a mistake to assume that one would have to deal with people as other-determined until some advanced level where they suddenly get over it. And that's one of the problems with the way a scientology bridge usually is done. One spends years working on all the ways other people have done you in. One thoroughly buys into the idea that one's condition is the result of lots of bad things that have happened to you, and clever and evil things others have done to you. And, sure, you then work hard on clearing away those unwanted effects, but you also agree rather solidly to being the effect of them, and being without much responsibility for it. Which produces a lot of scientologists who're waiting around for being told what their next level is, and expecting it to be another, even more clever thing, that somebody has done to them.

Hubbard actually touched upon it in what he called "limited processes". Like, if you only concentrate on bad stuff that happened to you, and you do that for too long, you'll end up agreeing more with it, and making it more solid. And if, on the other hand, you ignore all the reasons why not, and you only concentrate on nice positive stuff, like saying affirmations, that would end up getting stuck too. A more balanced path would be to both work on strengthening what you want in life, and also to handle things that are stopping you.

As far as I'm concerned, a "false bridge" would be one that hides from you that you're responsible, that you're cause, that you're creating your own reality. Right now, and all the time, without pause. Whatever's "wrong" with you is something you're doing. Maybe with the help of other folks who can play the bad guys, but you're the one with the script. A false bridge is when somebody persuades you that they know better than you, and you should give up your own instincts and follow them instead, and they'll tell you what your next level is. A false bridge is when somebody convinces you that you are effect because of something that happened a long time ago and that only they have a path that will make you cause again, because they know exactly what happened, but you'll have to do exactly what they say.

I find it more productive to help people realize, as soon as possible, that they're at the center of their own lives, and that they can change anything that isn't working for them. They're always creating it. Might be some work to remember that, to own up to it, and to practice it, but it doesn't change the basic truth.

And, if we should translate it back into scientologese, it is Hubbard's Axiom 1 and 2. Axiom 1 saying essentially that there's nothing at all wrong with you. You're not REALLY affected by anything that happens in time and space, the real you is beyond all of that, eternally unaffected. Axiom 2 saying that you have the power to make considerations, i.e. make your own truth, creating your own reality. And the rest is basically just variations on that theme. You can consider yourself being stuck, and then, indeed, you are. And, to make it more complicated, you can consider yourself being stuck because of ____. But it is just something you're making up. You can change your mind any time. That's the secret that shouldn't be hidden. It shouldn't be stuffed down people's throats either. It isn't necessarily easy. One might have to discover what it is one currently is creating before one feels ready to change one's mind and create something else. And that might take some work.  

12 Aug 2005 @ 19:35 by vaxen : Bravo:
Yes, I concur with your estimation of the situation 100%. Getting people, including ones' ``true'' self, to realise (getting them 'back' to) Native State. The Super Static Operative 'state' or 'condition' of being.

Thank you so much, ming, for your enlightened commentary. Right on! I think I'll put the Axioms up next. Then people can see for themselves from whence the rest, or bulk, of the matter known as 'Knowing how to know' proceeds. Revenimus! ;)

Now back to Implanter Org Basics as the eXperience Entity of the Not is'ed Universe is coming over today for tea and I simply must be pre-pared for the diatribes of madness. ;)  

12 Aug 2005 @ 20:08 by astrid : a BIG A+
for you, Ming!... a HUGE A +!!! THANKS! : )  

12 Aug 2005 @ 22:56 by scotty : Oh boy !
I actually understood all wot Ming said !!

Scarey !

: )  

15 Aug 2005 @ 20:27 by ming : Scientologese
Heheh, I hate bad communication. You know when people use specialized lingo or references that aren't understood, and I can see that the meaning just doesn't make it to the intended recipients. It really gives me, like, a rash. So I enjoy translating beween different systems or different vocabularies. Like, scientologists tend to speak this inside language that has a whole dictionary of its own. Which, some of it, makes it possible to talk about some things that there otherwise weren't words for. But the majority of it is kind of unnecessary. Using normal words in a strange meaning, and making new words for things one could have said in normal language. That was part of what made Scientology rather cultish. It is a way of distinguishing clearly between who's in or out. Somewhat of a control mechanism. But it is fairly unnecessary otherwise. And it makes it hard for scientologists to talk to normal people, because they say things that don't quite make sense.  

16 Aug 2005 @ 19:52 by ming : Language
Yeah, the nice thing about language is that it allows us to talk about things which we maybe otherwise couldn't talk about. So, yes, specialized vocabulary is often necessary.

But also it is important to be aware of what for example is embedded in Korzybski's wisdom. The map is not the territory. Consciousness of abstraction. Things go astray when one forgets that the abstractions one is using are abstractions, and one starts to believe they're the real thing, the territory, rather than just a map. Maps are very useful, but when we forget they're merely maps we might get lost, when suddenly the territory doesn't match the map.  

18 Aug 2005 @ 03:19 by vaxen : Oh yes...
Comment: ...for sure. As a graduate of the GMC you must have had inklings that Scientology, per se, was really set up as a GAME. I wish that that were understood. Role Playing is such a wonderful way to get from A to B. Of course multiverse is not linear nor is time reality and the Map is not the territory...

Even a very cursory examination of the Games System developed by the earlier Scientologists should alert one to the fact that aberration took over at an early stage. The MAP became the territory and everyone got lost...

Creativity is the ability to move from static dormant stage to fully dynamic movement stage and theroetically back again to potent/potential static.

Heuristic Ideation Techniques were employed. Korzybski was no all in all; for R and the earlier pioneers borrowing freely from many 'Game' systems. Imagination is greater than knowledge; recognizing the power of mental modes; challenging and transforming the current Mental Model...all part and parcel of the GUM. But; "The minute an idea for a project is conceived, its already too late to think of it from scratch."--Christopher Alexander

"Teach people to think not what to think" was always R's goal nor was he, nor is he, alone in that. Object Oriented Programming where the HU-MANAS becomes the object and the auditor, the orienteering programmer (creative processing), was and is a good idea.

The techniques (the 'tech.') should always be evolving. A constant returning to source to refresh oneself, to begin again ... renewed in the essence of the quantum void. The power of impossible thinking. "Only say things that can be heard."

Dimensional Analysis - comes from database theory where one wishes to find the most efficient 'set of tables' to contain a 'set of information.' Thus a 'Pattern Language' becomes key in labelling the idea flow.

Patterns are a way to analyze solutions to recurring problems, make them reusable, and communicate them ... patterns are a way of thinking. Patterns are also a cult. R was very keen on this...

Scientology is a role playing game; not a religion. Games that get 'serious' are no fun. If it isn't fun it isn't Scientology. Now we can break the crayons and draw outside the lines. No fear of RPF, or the SP declare, comm ev's, etc., ... or all the many 'Ethics' conditions which have nothing to do with anything but an aberrated movement.

Mind Maps, Brainstorms, Object Diagrams Data Base Layouts, User Interface sketches...programming. All very Sciento-logical. The early patterns evolved out of computer science. Now with the applications of Game Theory to the 'work place,' to the 'Org Space' we can understand even deeper where R, et al, were coming from...Urine powered CSS (Classic Star Ship).

life hacks, note taking, heuristics, productivity pr0n...SDI (Smart Disorganized Individuals)...Free Mind Installers...TheNextRevolution?...the stable datum.

All in all I love R's work and CBR's, and yours, and everybody elses, too, who has meant a damn ... to me ... in this life hack. High Capacity Holographic storage is coming soon, they say, but in reality we are it. So we'll viral market the paradigm which is no paradigm and alter is the alter isness. A new eX Calibur awaits the ancient newness' arrival.

The 'Air Snort' will get us Knights of the Lambda Calculus we think Bule and count 01. Tachibana Labs ubiquitous implants...powered by NAVI, co-opted by open-topian wage warriors ... Google Grid X 9. Protocol 7. Digital Restrictions Management.

"...think blue, count two..."

The LUSTR (Level of Universal Structure) objectifying itself via the eyes of its beholder creator il-LUSTR-ating for all the Kosmik Q; "Watch, but do not govern; stop war, but do not wage it; protect, but do not control; and first, survive!"--Drunkboat, Cordwainer Smith (Dr Myron Anthony Linburger)

Infotastic data smog...quantum teleporting computer gates.

I O Torus || The Neural Net || Rhind Papyrus


Addenda: One does not go 'UP' a bridge; one goes 'across' a bridge; in some bizzare cases one jumps off a bridge; or even paints/ maintains a bridge; but pne just does NOT go UP a bridge.

I love the Nordik Rune called ISA. The Biefrost bridge. SO from whence did our intrepid explorers of 'terra incognita' get this analog? Yeah, baby...

Hierachicalism is a trap. But, then, we know that -- don't we? ;)

ISA Kamakura!  

18 Jan 2006 @ 06:36 by Sovran Elexis @ : Marcab=Merchant (same root: merc!)
infotastic! mongoloids imbeddedness of indebtedness to swine pearls rendered useless and black by green pearl winds investitured white pink noise fractals comboletting with insane lovecraftian wit anything and everything! SOL, then, is wild man! really wild! touche!  

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