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The Miracle

It’s a miracle Rodriguez, 44, who worked at the WTC for 20 years, is even alive. Usually arriving to work at 8:30am, the morning of 9/11 he reported 30 minutes late. If he’d arrived on time, it would have put him at the top floors just about the same time the jetliner hit the north tower.

"It was a miracle. If I arrived on time, like always, I’d probably be dead. I would have been up at the top floors like every morning," said Rodriguez about the quirk of fate that saved his life.

But since he was late, Rodriguez found himself checking into work in an office on sub-level 1 when the north tower was hit, seemingly out of harms way. However, the sound and concussion of a massive explosion in the sub-levels right below his feet changed that.

"When I heard the sound of the explosion, the floor beneath my feet vibrated, the walls started cracking and it everything started shaking," said Rodriguez, who was huddled together with at least 14 other people in the office.

Rodriguez said Anthony Saltamachia, supervisor for the American Maintenance Co., was one of the people in the room who stands ready to verify his story.

"Seconds after the first massive explosion below in the basement still rattled the floor, I hear another explosion from way above," said Rodriguez. "Although I was unaware at the time, this was the airplane hitting the tower, it occurred moments after the first explosion."

But before Rodriguez had time to think, co-worker Felipe David stormed into the basement office with severe burns on his face and arms, screaming for help and yelling "explosion! explosion! explosion!"

David had been in front of a nearby freight elevator on sub-level 1 about 400 feet from the office when fire burst out of the elevator shaft, causing his injuries.

"He was burned terribly," said Rodriguez. "The skin was hanging off his hands and arms. His injuries couldn’t have come from the airplane above, but only from a massive explosion below. I don’t care what the government says, what scientists say. I saw a man burned terribly from a fire that was caused from an explosion below.

"I know there were explosives placed below the trade center. I helped a man to safety who is living proof, living proof the government story is a lie and a cover-up.

"I have tried to tell my story to everybody, but nobody wants to listen. It is very strange what is going on here in supposedly the most democratic country in the world. In my home country of Puerto Rico and all the other Latin American countries, I have been allowed to tell my story uncensored. But here, I can’t even say a word."

After Rodriguez escorted David to safety outside the WTC, he returned to lead the others in the basement to safety as well. While there, he also helped two other men trapped and drowning in the basement elevator shaft, another result he says of the explosives placed below the tower.

In fact, after leading these men to safety, he even made another trip back into the north tower, against police orders, in order to rescue people from the top floors.

"I never could make it to the top, but I got up to the 33rd floor after getting some of my equipment and a face mask out of the janitor’s closet," said Rodriguez, adding he heard a series of small explosions going off between the 20th and 30th floors, unrelated to the airplane strike, while making his way through the stairwell to the top floors.

"Also, when I was on the 33rd floor, I heard strange sounds coming form the 34th floor, loud noises like someone moving and thumping heavy equipment and furniture. I knew this floor was empty and stripped due to construction work so I avoided it and continued to make my way up the stairs."

Rodriguez said he finally reached the 39th floor before being turned back by fire fighters and then, reluctantly, started his dissent back down and his own flight to safety while, at the same time, hearing explosions coming from the South Tower.

The Tragedy

The concerted effort by the media and the government to silence Rodriguez is the tragedy behind this American hero’s story. And there is no question, Rodriguez is a "silent hero" for saving so many lives and for having the courage to continue telling his story against tremendous odds.

In an effort to open a fair and honest investigation as to why the WTC collapsed, Rodriguez has been ignored by government officials, the 9/11 Commission and the National Institute of Safety and Technology (NIST).

NIST, an independent investigative group funded by the government, put the finishing touches this week on its 2 year $35 million 9/11 investigation. This week Rodriguez made his final plea to have his story heard while testifying at the final public hearing held in New York.

" I disagree 100%with the government story," said Rodriguez. "I met with the 9/11 Commission behind closed doors and they essentially discounted everything I said regarding the use of explosives to bring down the north tower.

"And I contacted NIST previously four times without a response. Finally, this week I asked them before they came up with their conclusion that jet fuel brought down the towers, if they ever considered my statements or the statements of any of the other survivors who heard the explosions. They just stared at me with blank faces and didn’t have any answers.

"Also, The FBI never followed up on my claims or on the other part of my story when I told them before 9/11, I encountered one of the hijackers casing the north tower."

Besides the explosions, Rodriguez also has provided testimony to the 9/11 Commission that he stumbled across one of the supposed 19 Arab hijackers inside the WTC several months before 9/11

"I had just finished cleaning the bathroom and this guy asks me, 'Excuse me, how many public bathrooms are in this area?'" Rodriguez told the 9/11 Commission. "Coming from the school of the 1993 [Trade Center] bombing, I found it very strange. I didn't forget about it"

Rodriguez, claims he saw United Airlines Flight 175 hijacker Mohand Alshehri in June 2001, telling an FBI agent about the incident a month after the attacks. Never hearing back from the bureau, he later learned agents never followed up on the story.

"I'm very certain, I'll give it 90%" that Alshehri was casing the towers before the attacks," said Rodriguez.

Regarding the media’s apathetic approach to his story, Rodriguez said immediately after 9/11 some newspapers picked it up but his words were never taken seriously and quickly forgotten.

"During the 9/11 hearings, NBC brought a crew out to my house and spent a day taping my story but they never did air a word of it," said Rodriguez. "Since then, some reporters and commentators have subtly warned me to keep quiet, told me my life could be in jeopardy and warned me that I really didn’t understand who I was dealing with.

"I have been receiving this type of subtle harassment for years, but I keep telling everybody I can’t be intimidated because I am on a mission. Whenever someone asks why I keep talking or warns me that I could be killed, I just tell them I have nothing to lose.

"I tell them I lost 200 friends and I am their voice now. I tell them I will do everything in my power to find out the truth since I am living on borrowed time since I probably should be dead anyway."

Besides trying to tell his explosive story, Rodriguez has been active raising money for 9/11victims, being involved with charity groups that have raised more than $122 million. He says he has used over $60,000 of his own money, originally earmarked to buy a new house, in order to get at the truth behind 9/11.

Also seeking justice at the highest level, Rodriguez is the lead plaintiff in a federal RICO lawsuit filed against President Bush and others, alleging conspiracy to commit murder and other crimes in the deaths of more than 3,000 at the WTC.

The case, filed last November in a Philadelphia federal district court, recently was moved to New York in a change of venue after a government’s motion to dismiss was overruled, allowing legal discovery to continue.

"Even if the case goes no farther, I feel we have scored a victory by winning this first battle," said Rodriguez. "At least the judge seems willing to listen which is a victory of sorts. However, I sincerely hope we can eventually take the case all the way to trial and reveal the truth to the American people about 9/11."

For more informative articles, go to where kind donations are also accepted to keep the truth flowing in the wake of media apathy.


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25 Jun 2005 @ 17:22 by astrid : It will be interesting to see
if ONE man(s personal witness & testimony) -once again, as it did 2000 years ago- will change the course of History as the BigBoys intended it ...  

25 Jun 2005 @ 18:35 by vaxen : The Big Boys,
the CROWN, have been caught with their pants down and we are going to FUCK them! Mark my words you will be a witness to the death of tyranny of many 'SORTS and ORDERS' in your own lifetime!

Most of those who call themselves HU-man and We the People are traitors to themselves and to those of us who actively seek to be free from the insane system created by the CROWN and foisted off onto a world of dolts. So be it!

Sovereignty, the original purpose behind the creation of this country, was 'purportedly' -individual Sovereignty- and no more King! The remedy exists but many want to remain enslaved by the fraudulent Government!

That's cool, I don't mind...but what I do mind is THEM telling ME that I should be just like them and kow tow to the KING government in all its' lying spleandor and treachery! Thankyou, NO!

You need the 'Crowns' internationally certified Apostille to let their lackeys know that you know the fraud that was perpetrated upon you, the invisible contract you didn't sign, at birth. Their Debt is not Your debt though they want YOU to pay it! Using their Fiat currencies, living their lie...

...all of this will shatter this 'people' when the international bankers 'foreclose' on the debt and all the nice 14th amendment 'citizens' cower when the black booted thugees come knocking at their doors to collect what they "thought" they 'owned!'

Well, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. So be it. File your Cancellatura, go through the Common Law Court, get your Apostille and be Sovereign!

It may be easier for you to 'expatriate, A-d, from the criminal 'order' than for the 'normal' American citizen who doesn't know diddly about the fraud and, I may add, is so ensconced in his own manure pile that he doesn't give a wit that he is a slave! So be it!

It's about 'contracts.' Find out about the 'BAR.' Ha! Hub had it right. 'Reality, so called, IS about agreements (contracts).

Thanks for your reading the above article, A-d. I think the people that died there, from many nations, deserve to know who set it up and that it wasn't a bunch of 'Arab' terrorists --many of who are still alive! "Oh there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth!"


26 Jun 2005 @ 06:44 by Flatline Dixie @ : Hmmm
I would certainly like to see more people read this article. Why is it that in a 'New Civilization Network of this size DB@7000+?), and order, there are only two comments? Sea Hawks? Thanks Vaxen for posting this. I'll try to drum up some more vintage wine. See ya...might even be ya. ;)

PS: Don't forget to jack in over at CR's place. Also there is a new article on Botnets (DoS Nets) you probably would like at the Night City News. Oh, that's your place! Sorry "Shadow Runner," forgot where I was for a moment. Happy tracking.  

26 Jun 2005 @ 12:33 by swan : I read every word.
I would love to witness the death of tyranny in my life time.  

26 Jun 2005 @ 18:38 by astrid : I believe
the DEATH -process of tyranny is in full swing already; I see "proof" of the process daily - even if I don't watch "News"!
Just like when severly sick people are dying, there oftentimes is a long DEATH- PROCESS ( -I will spare you guys and not get into details here... but they are un-mistakeable! - ) can take up to seven > ten days in some cases. But I definitely can see a similar process in the (s.c.) Establishment; its death convulsions (that are in full swing now, and they) are, like I said, UN-mistakeable!
I don't care anymore to find i.e. "Proof of wrong-doings by any Groups /Nations, from the pages of History anymore". It's a mute point today!... I don't 'dream of revenge from any group's perspective. I don't make "Fantasy Tapes" 'how our "war" is to be won' and the 'Enemy defeated' and such... THAT kind of Mindset would PULL me INTO THEIR DEATH/Destruction! - and thus I would perish WITH them. That would be totally self-defeating! Over all; the more I let go of any Old Thinking -be it s.c. Esoteric or otherwice, but still old- the better off I feel that I am. I feel lighter and I have more NEW Energy, of a quality I never felt before!!!
And I have noticed that the more I bless ALL, the more I send LOVE and LIGHT to ALL, the more I declare Divine JUSTICE for ALL, the faster EASIER the Process will work itself out! (...and of course, I know I am NOT alone doing these "things"; there's lot of people around the Globe assisting this CLEANSING /HEALING / RE-BIRTHING Process in the same manner as I am assisting!)
Remember the Mayan Calendar; the Fourth Day, that was posted and explained by several ncn members here in Nov, I think it was.
The Fourth Day is active, still, untill Nov 28 -05.
Maybe the guys who are well aqquinted with the Calendar could update us and start talking about the next phase of it? That would be COOL!
I wouldn't be surpriced at all if -come Dec.- the Bush Adm will be taken DOWN completely!!!... not least THANKS to Rodriguez and his testimony! Once again; ONE guys testimony WOULD and HAS the POTENCY of changing the course of History!...I am convinced, that it IS possible!  

28 Jun 2005 @ 03:17 by judih : Power to William Rodriguez
This is the first time I've heard what Rodriquez and the others experienced. Thanks for posting this.


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