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IT IS NECESSARY, my dear brothers, to give you a clear idea of the interior Order; of that illuminated community which is scattered throughout the world, but which is governed by one truth and united in one spirit.

This community possesses a School, in which all who thirst for knowledge are instructed by the Spirit of Wisdom itself; and all the mysteries of nature are preserved in this School for the children of light. Perfect knowledge of nature and of humanity is taught in this school. It is from her that all truths penetrate into the world; she is the school of all who search for wisdom, and it is in this community alone that truth and the explanation of all mystery are to be found. It is the most hidden of communities yet possesses members from many circles; nor is there any Centre of Thought whose activity is not due to the presence of one of ourselves. From all time there has been an exterior school based on the interior one, of which it is but the outer expression. From all time, therefore, there has been a hidden assembly, a society of the Elect, of those who sought for and had capacity for light, and this interior society was the Axle of the R.O.T.A. All that any external order possesses in symbol, ceremony or rite is the letter expressive outwardly of the spirit of truth residing in the interior Sanctuary. Nor is the contradiction of the exterior any bar to the harmony of the interior.

Hence this Sanctuary composed of members widely scattered indeed but united by the bonds of perfect love, has been occupied from the earliest ages in building the grand Temple (through the evolution of humanity) by which the reign of L.V.X. will be manifest. This society is in the communion of those who have most capacity for light; they are united in truth, and their Chief is the Light of the World himself, V.V.V.V.V., the One Anointed in light, the single teacher for the human race, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

The interior Order was formed immediately after the first perception of man's wider heritage had dawned upon the first of the adepts; it received from the Masters at first-hand the revelation of the means by which fallen humanity could be raised to its rights and delivered from its misery. It received the primitive charge of all revelation and mystery; it received the key of true science, both divine and natural.

But as men multiplied, the frailty of man necessitated an exterior society which veiled the interior one, and concealed the spirit and the truth in the letter, because many people were not capable of comprehending great interior truth. Therefore, interior truths were wrapped in external and perceptible ceremonies, so that men, by the perception of the outer which is the symbol of the interior, might by degrees be enabled safely to approach the interior spiritual truths.

But the inner truth has always been confided to him who in his day had the most capacity for illumination, and he became the sole guardina of the original Trust, as High Priest of the Sanctuary.

When it became necessary that interior truths should be enfolded in exterior ceremony and symbol, on account of the real weakness of men who were not capable of bearing the Light of Light, then exterior worship began. It was, however, always the type or symbol of the interior, that is to say, the symbol of the true and Secret Sacrament.

The external worship would never have been separated from interior revel but for the weakness of man, which tends too easily to forget the spirit in the letter; but the Masters are vigilant to note in every nation those who are able to receive light, and such persons are employed as agents to spread the light according to man's capacity and to revivify the dead letter.

Through these instruments the interior truths of the Sanctuary were taken into every nation, and modified symbolically according to their customs, capacity for instruction, climate, and receptiveness. So that the external types of every religion, worship, ceremonies and Sacred Books in general have more or less clearly, as their object of instruction, the interior truths of the Sanctuary by which man will be conducted to the universal knowledge of the one Absolute Truth.

The more the external worship of a people has remained united with the spirit of esoteric truth, the purer its religion; but the wider the difference between the symbolic letter and the invisible truth, the more imperfect has become the religion. Finally, it may be, the external form has entirely parted from its inner truth, so that ceremonial observances without soul or life remained alone.

In the midst of all this, truth reposes inviolable in the inner Sanctuary.

Faithful to the spirit of truth, the members of the interior Order live in silence, but in real activity.

Yet, besides their secret holy work, they have from time to time decided on political strategic action.

Thus, when the earth was nigh utterly corrupt by reason of the Great Sorcery, the Brethren sent Mohammed to bring freedom to mankind by the sword.

This being but partially a success, they raised up one Luther to teach freedom of thought. Yet this freedom soon turned into a heavier bondage than before.

Then the Brethren delivered unto man the knowledge of nature, and the keys thereof; yet this also was prevented by the Great Sorcery.

Now then finally in nameless ways, as one of our Brethren hath it now in mind to declare, have they raised up One to deliever unto men the keys of Spiritual Knowledge, and by His work shall He be judged.

This interior community of light is the reunion of all those capable of receiving light as Elect, and it is known as the Communion of Saints, the primitive receptacle for all strength and truth, confided to it from all time.

By it the agents of L.V.X. were formed in every age, passing from the interior to the exterior, and communicating spirit and life to the dead letter, as already said.

This illuminated community is the true school of L.V.X.; it has its Chair, its Doctors; it possesses a rule for students; it has forms and objects for study.

It has also its degrees for successive development to greater altitudes.

This school of wisdom has been forever most secretly hidden from the world, because it is invisible and submissive solely to illuminated government.

It has never been exposed to the accidents of time and to the weakness of man, because only the most capable were chosen for it, and those who selected made no error.

Through this school were developed the germs of all the sublime sciences, which were first received by external schools, then clothed in other forms, and hence degenerated.

According to time and circumstances, the society of sages communicated unto the exterior societies their symbolic hieroglyphs, in order to attract men to the great truths of their Sanctuary.

But all exterior societies subsist by virtue of this interior one. As soon as external societies wish to transform a temple of wisdom into a political edifice, the interior society retires and leaves only the letter without the spirit. It is thus that secret external societies of wisdom were nothing but hieroglyphic screens, the truth remaining inviolable in the Sanctuary so that she might never be profaned.

In this interior society man finds wisdom and with her All—not the wisdom of this world, which is but scientific knowledge, which revolves around the outside but never touches the centre (in which is contained all strength), but true wisdom, understanding and knowledge, reflections of the supreme illumination.

All disputes, all controversies, all the things belonging to the false cares of this world, fruitless discussions, useless germs of opinions which spread the seeds of disunion, all error, schisms, and systems are banished. Neither calumny nor scandal is known. Every man is honoured. Love alone reigns.

We must not, however, imagine this society resembles any secret society, meeting at certain times, choosing leaders and members, united by speical objects. All societies, be what they may, can but come after this interior illuminated circle. This society knows none of the formalities which belong to the outer rings, the work of man. In this kingdom of power all outward forms cease.

L.V.X. is the Power always present. The greatest man of his times, the chief himself, does not always know all the members, but the moment when it is necessary that he should accomplish any object, he finds them in the world with certainty ready to hand.

This community has no outside barriers. He who may be chosen is as the first; he presents himself among the others without presumption, and he is received by the others without jealousy.

If it be necessary that real members should meet together, they find and recognise each other with perfect certainty.

No disguise can be used, neither hypocrisy nor dissimulation could hide the characteristic qualities which distinguish the members of this society. All illusion is gone, and things appear in their true form.

No one member can choose another; unanimous choice is required. Though not all men are called, many of the called are chosen, and that as soon as they become fit for entrance.

Any man can look for the entrance, and any man who is within can teach another to seek for it; but only he who is fit can arrive within.

Unprepared men occasion disorder in a community, and disorder is not compatible with the Sanctuary. Thus it is impossible to profane the Sanctuary, since admission is not formal but real.

Worldly intelligence seeks this Sanctuary in vain; fruitless also will be the efforts of malice to penetrate these great mysteries; all is undecipherable to him who is not ripe, he can see nothing, read nothing in the interior.

He who is fit is joined to the chain, perhaps often where he thought least likely, and at a point of which he knew nothing himself.

To become fit should be effort of him who seeks wisdom.

But there are methods by which fitness is attained, for in this holy communion is the primitive storehouse of the most ancient and original science of the human race, with the primitive mysteries also of all science. It is the unique and really illuminated community which is absolutely in possession of the key to all mystery, which knows the centre and source of all nature. It is a society which unites superior strength to its own, and counts its members from more than one world. It is the society whose members form the republic of Genius, the Regent Mother of the whole World.

This is a revision by Crowley (deleting or altering all Christian references) of a chapter from The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary, a short work of Christian mysticism by Karl von Eckhartshausen, written circa 1795, translated from German into French, and then from French into English by one Isabel de Steiger (probably in the 1880s or 1890s). In its present form it was originally published in the first number of the Equinox. For the purposes of comparison the English translation of the chapter of von Eckartshausen in question may be studied here.

The Equinox Vol 1

Scientific Illuminism

[link] Equinox.htm



9 Apr 2005 @ 21:39 by hgoodgame : Great article -
Lots of good explanations. When I got to the V.V.V.V.V. they began spinning and turned into a star! Thanks. ;)  

9 Apr 2005 @ 21:51 by vaxen : ;)
"Every woman and everyman is a star."


Knight of the Jackal...


Ladies of time...  

10 Apr 2005 @ 15:55 by astrid : Sooooo, we're
into O.T.O...... where ALL the REALLY BIG BOYS play and direct all th World Events and money too!..... Hmmmm Interesting!...????????? : 0 Isn't there a conflict of not only interest, but conflict of (all the ) PHYSICS vs the /s Selfish BRATT/s need to fulfill his/her All the Wants-On-A-Whim??? "Do What You Want" theat's the Law. ???????...... Hmmmmmm Hmmmmmm Hmmmmmmm
Pulling our leg again???  

10 Apr 2005 @ 18:09 by vaxen : The...
saying is "Do what THOU wilt, shall be the whole of the law." The 'THOU' is not the same as the diminutive 'you.' Not in English. Thou refers to the Holy Guardian Angel. The Daemon or so called 'higher self.' The term 'higer self' just doesn't get it though for it is the persons innate, and natural, Genius, that is referenced here. Many people think it is the Voltarian license to or lease to do what ever you want without thought of consequence. Libertinism. Not in the least! Do you understand? Read deeper. We are not talking about the OTO here! In the world game there are many 'outer orders.' This 'order,' mentioned above, is not visible on these planes except to those who are it.  

10 Apr 2005 @ 18:35 by jstarrs : And Love under Will?

10 Apr 2005 @ 18:46 by gea : Jeff
T´means the Will of God. Human passion(s) UNDER the Will of God. ("God" being the THOU that Vaxen mentions, the "Higher" Self.)

10 Apr 2005 @ 21:09 by astrid : Thanks, vax,
I did not know this!.... because the ONLY connections I ever seen these Things mentioned always had SELFISH BRATTS saying them!....
Thank you, vax, this can now give a whole new meaning to a lot of Things! Thanks, gea, too!..."The Will of God". That DOES put a different spin on "Everything", doesn't it!....COOOL I'm all for it!!!......
Does this actually mean that there's always been TWO sets of "Secret Schools" One truly loving , working for the Highest Good of ALL/to raise the consciousness back to its original; Divine etc, and then there's been the BULLY Insiders in their own little Klick, taking over all the Peoples all over the Planet, organizing them into localised "Nations", giving them "localized Religion" guaranteed with a slant, as to differ from other localized groups of people in order to easier instigate them to be afraid of eachother hate eachother war eachother etc... all done by these Members of the PHONY/FALSE Secret Societies. Am I getting Things Straight here now??? Is this how its been? Is this how it still is?  

11 Apr 2005 @ 06:28 by gea : Yes.

12 Apr 2005 @ 00:03 by vaxen : Soror Gea:
Thankyou. It is very nice to see you posting again. Of course the 'Gematria' must also be taken into account. T is also Tau. ;)

You're welcome A-d. Thankyou...  

12 Apr 2005 @ 12:39 by gea : Vax
(((friendly hug)))  

1 Jun 2005 @ 00:46 by maxtobin : Core reality!!
On every level Vax!! The dis-ease of separation, ego centric mind centred existence is an ever present obstacle within the co created perceived reality. Today is a day of meditative reflection; a time to align through the heart with core reality, for today is mid point of the Galactic underworld, an 'Ahau' day for seed planting. We will see the flowering and the fruiting of this seed in the expression of the final universal underworld which marks the last day of "Gods great play". {link:}
And then that which is stored in sacred trust within our core will e-merge and the outer will reflect the inner. And those souls lost in the separated game (which alone allows for the better/worse greater/lesser comparisons) will be faced with the option of healing and feeling or they will continue lost to the 'All that is' until another opportunity presents its self.
'To be' (that was Shakespeare’s question), through heart centred knowing 'in the zone' is the exact same thing as 'knowing the throne' (your 'Worldly intelligence seeks this Sanctuary in vain') Blessings to your good self and to all those who grow in the know. Ahh Crowley, saw but did not see and knew but did not know, he sensed and was a channel for the expression of an aspect of truth (for the revelations of the Equinox and the wisdom of Thoth were aligned with the heart knowing of which this essentially speaks). But going beyond the words to live that great truth appears to have been beyond his ability. (But then who am I to know or say)

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