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Ourans Notes on Case

Known Basis of The Case

0. Goals are VERBS. They are actions driven by the fact of separation of something into two parts (polarization is charged separation). Separation over time produces charge, what the Buddhists call "thirst", the levels of which are the CDEI scale.

1. There are 8 primal goals which divide into pairs, yielding 16 items.

2. Normally the Being will embrace one side of each item at the level of 8, while pursuing the other side as a primal goal. For example, static (nothingness) is embraced, leaving manifestation as the goal. This is the classic "not-be/be" when done as Shakespeare, or zero=infinity when expressed mathematically. Another example is that conscious self has a goal of knowing and perceiving. Another example is that life has a goal to survive. (That latter is Hubbard's favorite.) Another example is that a viewpoint wants anchors or dimension points.

3. Any single one of the 16 can be worked in processing and meditation to produce a temporary high state of existence (clear/OT/etc). No single one of the 16 has to my knowledge produced a STABLE result. Dennis Stephens tried to work one of the 16: know. He achieved very high states of awareness, but ultimately failed. UCP works another of the 16. Entity processes (NOTs, etc) work another. Let me caution everyone against working any single one of the 16 exclusively.

4. An identity is formed whenever a goal is transformed into a noun (a havingness), and often another verb is used (SUBSTITUTED!) to achieve that havingness. Any attempt to HAVE (an action stopped in time) produces a BE opposite it. This pattern produces the verb/noun combos (root word/end word) worked in scientology.

5. Different "planes" of an individual will exhibit different goals. This is a restatement of #2 above. Now we know where the planes originate. The planes will produce the verb/noun combos explained in #3 above, because the individual has various parts of himself linked, or not linked, from one plane to another. An individual will usually emphasize one plane over the others. If it's the etheric plane of life energy, then the person pays a lot of attention to survival. If it's the astral plane of feeling-emotion, then the person has attention on love and passion. etc, extend this list if you want...

6. An individual exists in more than one universe. The two most noticeable universes are the shared physical universe and the individual's personal universe. Each will have its own primary goal (one of the 16 odus). Together these comprise a combination. There are 256 such combinations at this level. This is an important combo because it is exactly how an individual will manifest himself.

The Four Vectors of Creation A variety of different polarities related to "create" have come to light through processing and meditation. Because some of them are so different from each other, it puzzled me and came close to confusing me. But of course the way to avoid confusion is to release all anchor points and viewpoints (stable data and firmly held perspectives) and pervade the entire area. Then look around.

Among the polarities related to creation are: create/uncreate create/destroy truth/lies truth/create Probably the most common one reported is "create/destroy".

But what does "create/destroy" mean? What do any of them mean? Words are not what they represent. Definitions of these can be slippery, because different people mean different actual polarities when they say these words. "Destroy" for example gives me the impression of being an attempted not-ising view of uncreate, viewing uncreate as a negative pole. When one is resisting uncreation, it can seem like something negative: destruction.

Instead of idiotically reasoning about these further, I decided to know them. I began to directly experience the processes of creation itself without any preconceived ideas or views.

This is what I spotted: "Creation" and its assigned opposite are actually attempts to describe two different polarities. This is because creating consists of two different activities.

One pair involve bringing some original, independent creation either into or out of existence. It could be described as: to manifest/to un-manifest existence/non-existence be/not be (and more fuzzily...) create/uncreate create/destroy (Hmm...) Hubbard called both ends of this activity "as-isness". To "as-is" makes something appear, but because it is a pure creation not attached to any other reality, or otherwise altered, it vanishes in the same moment in which it is created.

The second pair involve taking the original, independent creations made in the first polarity, and sticking them to each other, combining them and saying that the result is one thing instead of two (or more) things. This achieves a persistence. This activity can be described as a polarity thusly: sticking together/unsticking attaching/detaching creating/truth create/destroy (... Aha! Again? Not the same polarity, the wording of this dichotomy is slippery.) The latter two are what people sometimes call this activity; the former two are more accurately describing what people actually DO! Applied only to mental activity, sticking two things together becomes the activity of attaching meaning to something. Therefore one also gets: meaning (significance)/meaningless (no significance attached)

Hubbard called the sticking together "alter-isness", and named the unsticking "as-isness" (that makes three different things he's calling as-isness) and also he sometimes described it as "differentiation". He never did fully spot the entire mechanism, despite the fact that it was indicated fairly plainly in the Pali texts of Buddhism. Perhaps he never had the opportunity to read those suttas...

In the physical universe the second pair directly relates to a person's normal perception of time. There is no "time" as we usually think of it. The past does not exist. There is only the present and our creation of a future. With every pulse of the vibration of matter and energy, all matter and energy vanish and are created anew. And I do mean NEW! The new matter and energy are not the old matter and energy, despite the fact that we create slightly altered resemblances of the previous matter and energy.

The huge lie of time is this: we attach the new creations to the old vanished creations, saying they are one continuous creation, enforcing what is not there. One of the brightest thing Hubbard ever said is that time states the untruth of consecutive creation. Uncreation of a time track consists of simply detaching these creations from one another. Yesterday does not exist. Knowing that, using memory becomes seen as recreating mockups of what is not there. Now we know exactly how timebreaking works. By comparing the two it is simply detaching what IS (the present) from a hallucinatory convenient (and often inconvenient) illusion called the past.

Most processing consists of unattaching things from one another, with occasional actions of reattaching (such as assigning correct ownership), and also the action of taking something completely out of existence. This latter is much rarer in processing than one might believe. Taking something out of existence sends a person's consciousness right out of the universe for a while. But of course it comes back because it has so many untouched polarized existences.

There is a danger to taking something out of existence, and that is when one takes only half of something out, one pole, and leaves the other pole intact. This is the real phenomenon occurring when running a Scientology process which is working a dichotomy, and leaving it unfinished. If the processor quits after one half of the dichotomy has been taken to extremely good indicators and much release, without taking its opposite out, then the person feels very very good for a while... and some time later crashes and burns because the opposite pole is still there. This is especially important with the Power processes of Scientology. If for instance one runs Power process #4 (Source) and gets the end phenomenon and huge release from "Tell me a source", then the negative pole is still there and in full restimulation! This is a sure-fire recipe for ascension/crash, because "no source" is the other half of the truth, is still fully in existence, and because it is no longer balanced by "source", will COME FULLY INTO MANIFESTATION! The person will become a no source and crash downscale and burn! The missing data in Scientology is the polarity tech being researched in the late 90s and 00s. The basic rules are these:

One can detach bits of case from each other safely without having to work both sides of any polarities involved. (It's best to do so, but not necessary.) This is not true however with taking case out of the universe completely. When totally uncreating an item of case, both sides of any polarity involved must be taken out of existence, or the untouched pole will not merely persist, but actually increase its manifestation. If it's the positive pole the person will exhibit positive gain as a persistence, which is an untruth that will lead to obsessive and excessive positive behavior leading to a new. massive service facsimile. If it's the negative pole, look out! One is in for a tough time of negative behavior and unhappiness.

Ouran: Primal GPM's links out of date!


From "The Death of the Gods" Geoff Filberts "Excalibur Revisited"

"There have been some powerful operating thetans which, in the past, designed "theta traps". Some of these were successful forms of entrapment, in that they are evident in people and their conduct today. The three most prominent ones are these dichotomies: (1) good/evil, (2) survive/succumb, and (3) love/hate. Most, if not all, people have spent their entire existence and time in the physical universe looking through one of these only. It is sort of your own 'dark glass' you look through. ... This personal 'dark glass', or Achilles heel, that each person has is erasable through auditing. Unfortunately, until it is, it is the only meaningful context on which the individual can be addressed or appealed to. The purpose of these 3 theta traps was to eliminate the competition and to render the recipient blind and ineffective as an operating thetan. One of these three, at the least, got laid into them prior to any involvement in this physical universe, and it gets reinforced once they are in it, and it accumulates engrams locks and secondaries (not to mention GPMs, Reliable items and Service facsimilies) very rapidly."

The way a dichotomy works to limit a person is this: The person chooses one half of the dichotomy to be, to do, to have. This causes the person to abandon part of theirself because theta is both sides. With good vs evil for example, when the person pursues good, they cannot be evil. When they are being evil, they cannot be good. This causes the person to abandon HALF OF THEIR OWN BEINGNESS on the subject. Viewing case as fragmentation or a lack of wholeness (thank you, Max Sandor), it can be seen that the more dichotomies a person chooses halves of, the smaller they become as a being. The person relives these by recovering the willingness to be either end, both ends or none of any dichotomy at will without effort or force (not-isness).

Also cf., Pnohteftu, chapter 733, for a different treatment on the subject of goals which treats the dichotomy aspect rather differently than does Ouran.

Top of the Tone Scale/Ouran

Native State: no goals and no dichotomies, unmanifest and beyond either existence or non-existence (and no decisions/postulates) Strictly speaking, Native State is above the tone scale. Static: goal - Exist!, postulated dichotomy - both zero existence and infinite existence Coexistence/Individuality: goal - Separate!, postulated dichotomy - both no space and infinite space Awareness (K-M Know/Not-Know): goal - Perceive!, postulated dichotomy - both know and not-know

(The following is one man's account of a spiritual accension, which is so extraordinarily intense that I have reproduced it here in its entirety. Students who are familiar with my and other freezone theories about the nature of reality should notice familiar data in this account.) About three years ago (when I was 20) I was getting quite 'in' to all this alternative stuff. I was having regular out of body experiences and definitely knew I had started on a path to something. I was questioning my life and what I had been led to believe all these years and I realised that everything might not be as it seemed.

anyway at that time and age I was quite torn. On one hand I had this new 'purpose' to uncover the truth about existence and on the other I had drinking, clubbing having a fun life.

One day I was laying there on my bed thinking to myself...infact I was having a full blown conversation with myself!! As soon as I realised this I became a bit angry for some reason.

"I am talking to myself! I am mad!" I thought. "Who am I talking to?" I asked "Yourself!" came the reply.

I felt depressed and lonely because I realised that I had put alot of hope and trust into this 'unseen' side of life, but I couldn't shake the doubt. What about if it was all a big delusion of my mind?

I was angry with myself for being so gullible, for believing I had a soul that lived forever, for believing I really did have out of body experienced and could talk to spirits.

I wanted to stop talking to myself now, go out and enjoy my one single life before it was too late.... but for some reason I couldn't stop this 'conversation' with myself!

"If you can hear me then please just tell me what it's all about!" I shouted in my head.

"Pleeeeeeeeasssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" I just wanted something to happen, an angel or ghost to appear anything! I just wanted to feel that there was a purpose, that I wasn't 'deluding' myself.

Nothing happened.

I got sad but finally admitted. This was it. This is all life is. Better get on with it.... I tried to move - but I couldn't!! > I was paralysed, I had somehow slipped into a trance, yet I was totally conscious. Unlike when this happens before, this time I couldn't get out of it.

"Whats going on?" I asked in my mind again >"You wanted to know what it's all about" came the thought back...

Bang! All of a sudden I woke up. Very strange I thought and sat up. What ever happened?

Bang! I woke up again! Still lying in my bed! Wow, I thought I woke up but I didn't! Weird.

Bang! I woke once more. This is getting freaky I thought!

Bang! Awake!


These 'false awakenings' got faster and faster and faster until they were producing a constant stream. There was 'No-Time' between these false wakings.

at that point something amazing happened.

I realised I was not Dale. I was something, else, something greater. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I REMEMBERED who I was. I was pure consciousness, I was ALL THAT EXISTED. I was NOTHINGNESS! I was GOD! God was me! The loneliness came flooding back to me, I was totally ALONE! I was in the most infinitely great pain that you could (not) imagine. In fact even Pain was ME! (Note: this was the worst experience ever, pure loneliness, pure mind-pain) I desired with all my heart to be away from this loneliness...

Then Bang!

I woke up again.... a few moments went past, I could move... yes I had really woken up.

The horrible experience was still over-welming me. I could feel tears of sadness rolling down my face. Then the next realisation hit me! I now had a life! I was still this 'pure consciousness / God' but out of my loneliness I had created life out of myself and now (as Dale) I was experienceing it - actually living it! Through Me (being God) I had chosen life. Positive from negative, light from darkness, everything from nothingness. Everything made sense! I was so happy! The tears were now tears of joy! I was not alone anymore! I thanked God again and again for creating us, knowing that I was as much him (her/it whatever) as he was me!

No wonder he loves us because he is us! No wonder we should love each other because we are all parts of the same one consciousness!

Everything was perfect! For the first time it all made sense. I suddenly went from not believing in a 'God' to believing 100% and understanding him as well. All those kids who think he is a old man with a white beard who sits on a cloud !!

I also realised existence was made instantaneously and there is no thing such as time. We live in that one moment where he chose life. It will last for eternity because he never wants to experience the pain again. --Dale Askew, 23 years old, from Norwich, England


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Little Filberts' site:


Telling the truth may not be advisable in situations where it would cause more harm than good. In an individual situation, this will always be a judgement call. Typically, this judgement call is based on true compassion (in Gotamo's sense), depending on the circumstances of the partner in the dialogue. 'True Compassion' in Gotamo's sense is a mental state rather than an physical emotion. In such a state an evaluation can take place whether a dialogue partner would suffer more by not knowing the painful truth than if the truth would not be announced at all.



9 Feb 2005 @ 11:05 by jstarrs : I tried to read it but the language is..
...a barrier for me.
Like these people :
It all seems so serious & when I look out my window, it all looks so simple.  

9 Feb 2005 @ 18:37 by vaxen : Nah...
Not at all 'neo-tech,' neo. Cause and effect are one. Ichi Nen San Zen. 3000 worlds in a momentary state of existence. Tien Tai. By the way, what lead you to that neo-tech' site, j, as I seem to remember, ages ago, someone here was shpieling on it...

"It is the best of times, it is the worst of times." Times time tim ti t ...  

9 Feb 2005 @ 18:54 by hgoodgame : The concept of time
is the 4th dimension. If it were to disappear everything would appear to happen at once. It's more fun to know it's all happened and is still happening but the forms are so multi-plexual that one can enjoy it throughout time. Time is not to disappear, but instead, the 5th dimension of sense, will come to live on earth. Let's Make Sense Here People!!  

10 Feb 2005 @ 11:56 by jstarrs : If cause & effect were one...
...there'd be no need for the cause because the effect would already exist.
But then if there were no cause, the effect could not exist.
If the cause & the effect are one, then a chicken is an egg.
Ever tried plucking an egg?
Or eating a hard-boiled chicken?
I have.
My mate's aunty, who was the worst cook in the world, used to give us kids hard-boiled chicken.
Straight out of the tin, in all it's glorified jelly.
For dessert, we had two 'boudoirs' or sponge fingers with milk on them.
She'd sing aria's all day and her husband...wait, I'm digressing.
What time is it?
I'd better be hurrying along down that hole, it's late already.  

10 Feb 2005 @ 19:08 by vaxen : Make...
love not sense! Very Yatrus, very R6...
Down with all sense! Ah, well, what meaning are you applying Heidi?
5th dimension as sense? X-plain, please?  

10 Feb 2005 @ 19:30 by jstarrs : Make logic first...
....den we see 'bout dee res', bo'.....  

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