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Mary Sue Hubbard, the widow of L. Ron Hubbard

"Now we're getting into some other people's tracks but have this from the sources themselves, the stories heard from them directly, and that is: The whole reason Mary Sue and the nine got indicted was because of this break-in that the GO did in Washington to get these papers on Scientology having to do with the stealing of the documents from Cedars.

It's all involved in that case anyway. And what happened was that -this guy Michael Meisner was the one that proposed the break-in. He was the AG Washington. Now, the funny thing is that two people in Washington at the time when he proposed that - before it was even done, before it was accepted - KNEW and had evidence that he was a government agent. Those two people were Bill Franks and Lynn Murphy.

Now, those two people wrote up reports on separate lines - 'cause Franks was Sea Org and Lynn was GO - they wrote up reports on separate lines to Mary Sue to tell her that Michael Meisner is a Government agent and he should be gotten out of here. He's not a GO guy. He doesn't think like us. He doesn't act like us. He has connections to the Government, he is trying to get the Church in trouble, etc, etc, etc.

In other words, they EXPOSED him. They sent the things up the line. Jimmy Mulligan stopped these communications from going to Mary Sue. They did not go to Mary Sue. He ordered, through the connections he had to the Sea Org, from his mysterious GO post of Controller's Committee, that Bill Franks be removed from Washington Org and Comm-Eved and RPF'd: and he was. And that Lynn Murphy be brought back to PAC and Comm-Eved and RPF'd; and she was. And she was also kicked out of the GO. And they were so spinny, they didn't even realize what it was for. But it wasn't for any of their stats or anything. It was just the fact that they had tried to expose a plant.

Now, you realize that if those comms had been allowed to go thru, then Mary Sue would never had gone to jail. And I don't know if you've found that out, I think I told you, but it is a fact now that Mary Sue is in jail. She's in a prison for women on the East Bay - it s called East Bay of San Francisco Bay. It's quite a nice place. It's a white-collar prison. But she's still in prison and she should not be there.

I wanted to point out something else, too, on the GO's head, and these plant's heads. That since 1976, before 1976, all the years that LRH and MSH and the family were onboard the ship under the Sea Org protection, they were totally safe. Nobody touched a hair on their heads. Nobody got them in a court room.

Since they moved ashore, they were under GO quote "protection" and since that time, Mary Sue is in jail, Quentin is dead, LRH had to move off the lines because of 18 or more subpoenas on him for various civil cases against the Church, and the family is quite dispersed."

A fact that we can all relate to is that she is no longer visible. This is strange as she did not use to be the quiet type. She was one of highest ranking excutives of the Sea Org, she headed (GO) Guardian Office who was the protector of Scientology and the Tech. She was married to L. Ron Hubbard and her stories would be the most ultimate PR for Church of Scientology. Then why don't they use her as a PR front figure? The Church never misses out a chance for some good PR!?!?!

OSA say that Mary Sue is happy, auditing on Solo NOTs and winning. But they cannot proove it. They say that one cannot get in touch with her because she protects her privacy. This is a giant out point. Why would she protect her privacy? On the other hand, if she is not at all happy and winning, Management has every reason to keep her away from the communication lines.

This link [link] gives story of how Mary Sue Hubbard was "handled" af the death of LRH.

Here is the extract about Mary Sue:

February 1986

The Estate of L. Ron Hubbard is subject to the control of the Trustee, Norman Starkey.

He is a junior of DM. DM and Starkey make an 800-page inventory list of all of LRH's copyrighted works, close to 20,000 individual works.

DM says the probate of LRH's estate was important to him. Fulfilling Hubbard 's final wishes meant seeing that Scientology Scripture passed to the Church of Spiritual Technology.

Miscavige had Mary Sue Hubbard under "house arrest" in Hollywood Hills in LA. She had two Sea Org members living with her and they went with her everywhere and reported daily to Miscavige what she did every day.

Under duress, MSH made an agreement to waive her rights to her community share of the Estate of LRH. This is how Miscavige swindled Hubbard's heirs out of an inheritance worth 400 million. Soon after LRH's death, Miscavige takes Jesse Prince and over a dozen other Sea Org execs and invaded the house of Mary Sue Hubbard. She was recovering from lung cancer surgery and was in a wheelchair. Some of the other Sea Org members were Lyman Spurlock, Norman Starkey, Vicki Aznaran, Marc Yaeger, Ray Mithoff and Marty Rathbun.

Larry Heller was one of the attorneys there representing Miscavige. MSH was unrepresented.

Note: (He is one of the secret "Special Directors" of Church of Spiritual Technology.)

Mary Sue was made to sign an agreement wherein she was paid $100,000 to relinquish any kind of claim on the copyrights, trademarks, and bank accounts. Ron's children were given $50,000 each. She did not want to sign and Miscavige started screaming at her "You are going to sign it!"

Miscavige threatened to sec check Mary Sue and she said "No, I'm going to sec check you to find out what the hell you are trying to do to me."

Miscavige said they were running the church, its got nothing to do with her and she was lucky to get what she's getting. Miscavige said "Everything LRH did, he did for the church. We are the church, not you. Therefore, everything is staying right here with us."

The moment when she relinquished and signed the document, was when Mithoff made her feel that LRH did not care about her. She was sad that Ron died, because they had been separated and had not talked for a long time. She asked Mithoff, with tears in her eyes, if Ron had said anything, or asked about her before he passed. Mithoff said, "No, he didn't mention your name." At that, she bowed her head and they stuck the papers underneath her hand and she started signing. Mithoff bragged with great glee afterwards about how he got to her by telling her that.

Ron's children had already been similarly handled prior to meeting with Mary Sue, and they had already signed, getting $50,000 each."




12 Jan 2005 @ 23:17 by vaxen : Of course...
I didn't really expect anyone to be interested in this but thought I'd sink it here, anyway, just for me.

EL Ron got the Tech. Xenu got the Admin. Sheople (Scienos) should know this but really don't seem to even care what their minds are being controlled with or by whom.

I wash my hands of the whole affair. Oat Tea is nice and seems to be very 'IRSable.' Homo Sapiens. Homo Sap.


12 Jan 2005 @ 23:23 by skookum : I dont have time to read it
right now.. at work

sigh.. sigh sigh.. okok.. back to work..

ok read most of it.. sounds terrible, unjust and typical

*shakes head

when it comes to money.. some people are all reduced to the same low level it seems  

13 Jan 2005 @ 08:18 by vaxen : Thanks...
skoomum. Very sweet of you to leave a comment. Yeah, same low level. It is unjust and certainly terrible, for sure. Isn't it amazing? But, then, 'money,' so called, is one of the ways in which the 'Enslaver/Implanters excercise their insidious technology of 'control.'

Eventually we will break through and humanity will raise to higher levels on the Aesthetics Dynamic. Glad so many 'DO' see 'the game' for what it is. Hollow, empty, destructive.  

13 Jan 2005 @ 18:15 by astrid : What hurts me the most,..... what -I am sure- hurt Mary Sue the most: "....She asked Mithoff, with tears in her eyes, if Ron had said anything, or asked about her before he passed. Mithoff said, "No, he didn't mention your name." This to me is the ULTIMATE CRUELTY a Human can do another.
Mithoff ( like so many others throughout History ) COULD have achieved their goal doing exactly the opposite of what they did: He could have boosted her Spirit instead of breaking it: " Yes, Ron asked me to tell you how much he loves you and has always loved you. He also asked me to tell you to do his lst wish; to sign those docs (the Church) over to us, because he said it would be too much for you (Mary Sue) to handle alone as you get older...blalbla. Ron was so proud of you for knwoing the right thing to do...bla bla bla..."
Guess what; Mary Sue would have been MORE than happy to sign it all away for that ONE All Encompassing Message of LOVE from Ron to her, his never-ending Love of her, Mary Sue. It would have restored her Dignity and given her the joy to go on she desperatly needed at that moment.
Instead this farth did what these guys always do: FIND PLEASURE IN BREAKING ANOTHER PERSON, no matter how un-necessary!... and then bragg about it!
I'm sorry vax, I didn't get it; Is Mary Sue STILL TODAY, Jan. 13th 05 in prison?(Gosh, she must be "a thousand" years old!) And if so, is anybody trying to anything to get her out of there?  

13 Jan 2005 @ 18:53 by vaxen : No she isn't...
A-d. She was out a long time ago. But it is a long story and I really don't think it interests many people here. I, as I said, just posted this primarily for the 'link.' ;) The story doesn't interest many people, though it is an incredible one, however I do think that people could stand to learn a lot especially since the 'taken over church' is very operative in these times.

Nice to see you A-d. Hope all is well with you and your 'kids.' Beware of mudslides and shadow people.  

13 Jan 2005 @ 20:51 by astrid : Yes. I forgot...
Dear vax, yes, that link is incredible! I forgot to thank you for that one. Info of the GOOD as well as of the BAD is an Absolute necessity for us who want to know how to navigate the "waters".
Seems to me that the Henchemen for the Big/ger Boys did to Ron what they've done to so many other troughout History: destroyed -in one way or the other- the one who dared to display ANY Cosminc Truth! I'm not even bothering with more examples here of guys with similar fate as Ron, as they are SO NUMEROUS!!!... and I know that you & I are on the same note.
I just ask "everybody" here to take a look at that link you gave us. Good reading to make one bewildered on a day one feels bored and in need of some excitement. This link will do the trick! ... : )  

14 Jan 2005 @ 04:49 by skookum : there is
the same feeling in the energy as.. well.. the new world order stuff, all that gov crap etc.

of course.. I don't know much...just feels nasty. I am not as well educated on this stuff as the two of you.  

14 Jan 2005 @ 05:42 by astrid : Ohh, SweetHeart, Marissa,
I think you are!Your Heart and Intuition can never be wrong! The rest is just memorizing some Objective Facts; people's names and actions... The Energy-processes at work, that you pick up intuitively/telepathically (first), are always the most important to recognize for what they truly are. You are quite good at that! Hey, you're a truly LOVING = sharp woman, for crying out loud!.... : )( only TRULY Loving can be truly Sharp! )  

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