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ADORE (tm)

A Divine Operating Religion of Excellence

Copyright (C) 1983 Homer Wilson Smith All Rights Reserved Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes. (Hee, Hee. Which is why I/RA can post this here!)

Harken High, All Eyes Only


Adoration is Operation of Questions and Answers with Majesty, Class and Pride.

Majesty is Eternal Good Humor born of Mastery of Songs of Sin and Hidden Joy.

Sin is Sin Song. Sin Song is to sing another Source Done Wrong Song. Sin Song is not Sin as long as it is just Song.

Class is an attitude, that ALL should live forever and be my Friend. Cool is the ability to maintain Class.

Pride is Operating Craftsmanship of Class.

Desire is Sovereign

Majesty is the Sovereign Desire that Desire not be Sovereign for a while.

Power stems from Operating Majesty.


The Path's of Lovers Cross in the Line of Duty.

For every Duty there is a Right. For every Right there is a Duty.

Rights are Fair Chosen exchange for Fair Chosen Duties. You CHOOSE and are Responsible for Both.

You have a Right to have Duties, and You have a Duty to have Rights. No one ever told it to you that way before.

Justice is a Fair Chosen Operating Balance of Duties and Rights.

The Fundamental Duty is Honor, and The Fundamental Right is Dignity.

Honor is the ability to make, keep and trade fair chosen promises. Basic Promise is to Adore Operation. Promise is ALWAYS to Adore Operation.

Dignity is being the Sole Operator of your Self.

Reputation is for those who Excell in this field. In Excelsis Deo.

The Purpose of Creation is Trade in Expressions of Discovery.

Creation, Discovery, Expression and Trade correspond to Religion, Science, Art and Business, which correspond in reverse order to Body, Heart, Mind and Soul. These in turn correspond to Effort, Emotion, Thought and Personal Responsibility.


Guru means G U R U: Gee, You Are You!

Wit's End

Wit is Intelligence. Wit is Laughter. Wit's End is the End of Intelligent Laughter.

The Code of a Conscious Dream Unit.

There is only one Condition of Disgrace. No Love. There is only one Condition of Sin. Hating Hating. Because you can not Love and Hate Hating at the Same Time.

You seek the Grand Spring Phrases, And so shall you find, For the True Lies will free you, To Operate as you kind.

Justice of Caliber is the Kind Ship Excaliper.

Caliber means Worth, via Harmonies and Kindship, Sensitivity and Intelligence, Star Cap(tain)ability and Operating Know-how.

Calipers measure Caliber.

The Caliper of the Caliber of Souls, is The Questions they have Asked, and The Answers they have Rejected.

Ex Caliber means Calipers without Caliber to Measure. Ex Caliper means Caliber without Calipers to Measure.

Ex Caliber means without Worth. Ex Caliper means Worth beyond Measure.

Ex Caliber means Omni No-class. Ex Caliper means Omni Out-class.

Kingship is Kindship, the Kind Ship of a King.

The Kind Ship of a King is Kin Dom, Kind Dom and King Dom.

The Domain of the Kin, the Domain of Operating Kindness, and the Domain of the Land.

Royalty is Operating Kingship. Royalty is Loyalty to Kindship.

'Operate as You Kind' means be true to your own goals.

High Prayer from Adore.

Oh Gorgeous and Most Excaliper Lord, Master of Magnificence and Respect, Of Tragedy and Travesty, Miracle and Majesty, and Keeper of the Golden Temper, Idol and Worshipper of all things, I Behail Thee with Fair Chosen Glory and High Alleluias For Ever, for Free. Amen.

Amen means Adore Majesty Excaliper Now. Amen means Adore Makes Excellent Nonsense.

Father and Child

'What then are your Goals my Son?'

'I would Rekind the Christmas Spirit and Restore Operating Faithhood to Mankind. And I would write for him A Divine Operating Religion of Excellence, one that would be both Sense Able, Work Able and Just.

'I Adore you my Son, but that is Certainly impossible and highly impractical.'

'Well then I would educate the world.'

'That is a grand and marvelous idea my Son, but Surely a difficult and dangerous undertaking.'

'Well then I would be a Musician and write the Saddest Songs on Earth.'

'Now that is prudent and wise my Son, for You will make a lot of Money and Friends as a Master of Song.'

Mother and Child

'Listen now closely my Child, There is a sign MY story is true. One word is the proof, And the word is PRIDE. I Adore you For Ever for Free.'

The Golden Key.

Tragedy and Travesty, Romance and Sin, Miracles and Majesty, that's where I've Been.

Miracles in Majesty, Romance and Song, Tragedy and Travesty, that's where I've Gone.

The fact I'm still here, is Proof don't you See? In the Omni Long Run, it is Better to BE.

Halcyon and Thrill, High-cool and Romance, Class and Free Fancy Power the Dance.

Pride is our Willingness, our Willingness to BE, I Adore me Forever, For Ever, for Free.

Beauty thrills me to Death and leaves me Breathless with Wonder. Pining is Unsighable Bitter Noble Melancholia. Usually on the subject of Not Operating Divine Operating Religions.

Adore should be translated into any language on Earth that gives meaning to the following words: Adore Class Pride Majesty Magnificence Glory and Source.

You are not getting any younger. You're wisdom can't be that great.

There is no Freedom without the words of Freedom.

If you would that people be Friends, then Teach them the Words of Friendship.

This dream ends forever when the Circle of Friends are all holding hands again.

Paint and Draw and Hang your Art upon the Wall.

The Past is used to Excuse the Future. The Future is used to Make Up for the Past. This Irrevocably ties the Future to the Past via our Present Time Consideration that we Are Failing Miserably.

You can do anything you can imagine, If you can imagine it. If you can not imagine it, Can you imagine not being able to imagine it?

The Observation Consideration Flip Flop. (The Difference between a Human and a God.)

The Human Considers that he Observes there are things he can not Handle. The God Observes that he Considers there is Nothing he can not Handle.

Idol and Worship.

Worship is Work. Directed by one trying to bring Order to Chaos, Better to Worse, and Idol to Mess. Worship is what a Master does to a Pig in a Pen, in the Dream that one day the Pig will be better than He. Any Celestial Anybody has this Dream.

Creatures Idol their Creator. They Worship the Creator's Creatures in order to bring about a more Idol (Ideal) State in the Creator's Creatures.

Worship is WORK SHIP, the Ship of Worthy Work. Worship is Operating Kindship in Concert of Effort and Concern. Idol is towards Excaliper Competency in Operating Kindship.

Idol the Creator and Worship the Creature. Do Not Worship the Creator nor Idol the Creature.

Watch it. Medusa is the Devil's Harem.

The Way In is the Way Out.

The Creator can become the Creature at will. The Creature can become the Creator at will.

The Way to become the Creator is to BE the Creator becoming the Creature.

Practice Becoming the Creature IS Practice Being the Creator.

Need is for Justice.

In a world where someone must Hurt, Need is for Justice of Excaliper Kindship. Clear Laughter is all the Kind Justice you will ever need for Ever for Real. This thing ain't called a Religion for nothing.

Majesty means Master of Jesty, Mastery of Laughter.

The Out-rageousness of the Mechanics of Learning is Matched only by the Out-rageousness of what we have Learned.

The only way out from under Suppression of Invention is to Invent Suppressions of Inventions until you have Out Invented the one you are in.

All the people that Good People fight, are the Good People that have given up the fight.

Worse than Evil is Good that Fears Evil.

Since you can not die, You do not deserve to die or suffer forever, No matter what you do, have done or will do, and Your body does not deserve to be hurt or damaged for anything YOU have done.

When Earth learns these two lessons, There will be peace on Earth and good will towards men.

Until then, there will be suffering forever.

The only Sin of the Gods was Pride.

They were Proud of their Power. They took Pride from their Power. Why take Pride from your Power? Power does not cause Pride. Pride causes Power. No Pride causes No Power. Anti Pride causes Anti Power.

Pride is the Source of Majesty, Intelligence and all Ability.

Pride is VISION of Potential because Pride is SOURCE of Potential.

They never told you that one.

Pride is Agent. Pride is the Source of all Power, Intelligence and Ability. To Pride Power more than to Pride Pride, is ridiculous. Divinely Inspired Ridiculous. To Pride Power more than Pride Results in the Dwindling Spiral of No Power and Anti-pride. That's the Only Danger there is. And the Only Fall.

Pride is Cause. The Pride drawn from Power is never as great as the Pride it took to Pride the Power in the first place.

You are an Adorable Operating Pride Source. There is nothing higher or better than Pride.

Except maybe Eternal Omni Awesome Peace.

Finite Operating Pride is Humiliation. Infinite Operating Pride is Humility.

Conceit is the Certainty that Pride is Finite. Arrogance is the Certainty that Pride is Useless.

Vanity is Infinite Operating Pride, wasting away from Arrogance and Conceit.

Do not call upon the Lord's Name in Vain.

To Call Upon the Lord's Name in Vain means To Call Upon the Lord's name for NOUGHT.

The Lord's Name in Vain is Crucifixion on the Cross of Inability.

You are Crucified on the Cross of Being Cross while you are Crucified.

Desire is Sovereign. Appreciation is for Winners. Numb is Refused/Withheld Apology.

Pride is Omni Gorgeous

The Purpose of Eternal Omni Pride is To Gorge Out on itself for Ever For Free.

Majesty of Execution is directed towards Make others feel good to.

The Craftsmanship of Divine Not Knowing

You can Know anything by Not Knowing. You can Not Know anything by Not Knowing. But only if you Pride Not Knowing, and Only if you Pride Knowing for real, and Pride Knowing and Not Knowing only Proud Knowledge.

In the Proud Space and Time of Not Know, Know arises at Will. Power at this level is Unimaginable.

If you Don't Know this, then Pride Not Knowing this for a while, and you WILL Know this, if you Will.

The Hypocrisy on Earth is so thick it is like a wall. You can hammer nails into it, and hang pictures of smiling faces from them.

Hypocrisy is being Proud you don't Know something, because you can't Know and hate it. Fun is Finding and UNearthing Unearthly Hypocrisy.

So, Idolize your Pride Asshole, and Worship your M.E.S.S. M.E.S.S. stands for Magnificent Examples of Shames and Shambles.

Guilt Stupidity Shambles and Shame, Ex Co Operation is the Name of the Game.

Shames and Shambles, Games and Gambles.

This is for Shame and Shambles my two best friends, who kept me alone in my darkest hour.

They told you, Shame is Sham in Shambles. (Your Sham was Found Out.) They left out, Shame IS a Sham. A Sham OF Shambles. (Shambles of the Heart and Sigh silly,) and now Shame has become a Shambles of a Sham. For Shame. You forget that Shame was second Sham, to excuse first Sham in Shambles. This Sham of Shame, you then Shamed as Sham for Real. For Shame.

So Harken High, Herald Angels Sing, Glory Be! To the New Born King. You.

Shame is the Only Shame. Shame is the Celestial Sham in Shambles.

A Poem to remember The Name by.

There is only one Error: The Eternal Name is the Terror. There is only one Shame, You are to Blame.

There is one other Error, Eternal Shame is the Terror, There is only one Blame: Eternal Shame is the Game.

There is one more Terror, Eternal Shame is the Error, There is only one Blame: The Eternal Name is Not Shame.


There is only One Group. The High-Us. The High-Us Forgives the High-Us, so What to do with Shames and Shambles?

PRIDE them, silly.

They need Gentle Loving Care like little puppies. It's not their fault you're in trouble. Gentle means GENerous Tender Loving Excellence. Of course. Generous means YOU generate it For Ever For Free. Tender means to Tend To with Master Worship.

Love is desire to express respect for Admiral (Beauty). Gorge means to fill to Satisfaction. Gorgeous means Deliciously Satisfying. Desire is always to Gorge out on Gorgeousness Loving means Desire to Occasion and Advent Gorging on Gorgeousness.

Excellence means High Out-class. Excaliper means Omni Out-class. Mercy is the Royal Kindship of Imperial Majesty.

The High Group is High Cool.

Your Power Conditions are Out. Shame on You. Theirs are Too. Shame on You. Two Strikes And You're Out.

So, what to do about Shames and Shambles? Grant and Call upon Eternal Omni Amnesty. (Get Others to do so Also.) Grant means to Give with Appreciation. Call means to Ask for with Gratitude. AMNESTY means Amnesia for Majesty. Amnesia is always for Majesty.

True Confessional Form.

Own up. Do it again (In your own mind). Fix and Repair. Suffer Mercy and Majesty of the High-group. Accept all proper Amnesties coming your way. If you can afford, Grant a few of your own. Breathe easy. Thank You.

Omni Sovereignty

Source means Sovereign Omnilord of Unanimous Regency and Caliber Excaliper. Sovereign Omnilord of Universal Regency and Christly Excaliper.

You are a Sourcer. Sourcers like to Source Sourcery. Usually on Apprehentices. Apprehentices are Apprehensive about Apprehending Sourcery. Sourcers cast Sourcery from Source by casting Pride before Magnificence.

Mastering Source is not to be confused with magic. Magic means Massive Assholes Give Incest Continuously. Magic is for Assholes. Sourcery is for Royalty Only. Royalty means Owner of Omni Dignity. Dignity means being the Sole Operator of Yourself.

Source can cast Magic Assholes Forever For Free.

Magic Assholes like to cast Spells. They tend to plague you with spell binding guilt via helping you doubt. Doubt is Self Casting.

Mainly Sourcers cast Spells on Themselves. Usually out of Prankishness. THEN they do it to others.

Nothing worse than a Source that is mad at itself.

Source gets into a Regal Fury if you spell its names wrong. They are Source, Sourcery and Sourcer or Sourcerer. If you leave out the U from the word Sourcerer, you leave out the Unanimousness of his Regency.

Regency is Universal Acceptance by Others Outside of your own Normal Operating Jurisdictions by Virtue of Needed Wanted and Acknowledged Superior Operating Know How.

The FACT of the Question is More important than the Answer to the Question.

The exact attitude with which one approaches asking a Question Determines whether or not one gets an Answer.

The CORRECT attitude is Omni Sovereignty.

Confidence is always confiding to yourself that You did this thing to yourself.

Mortals Bow and Pray to the God of Time, Stone and Dust in the Wind.

Their Faith is not to be Belittled.

Pride however, is Eternal Home.

Pride is Source. Majesty is Execution. Magnificence is Product. Glory is Appreciation. And this I Adore.

You are an Operating System of Master and Apprehentice. Spiritual Majesty and Energy arise from a Balance of Idol and Worship, Alone and with everyone else. Basic Duty is to Worship Others as you are Worshipped. If no one has Worshipped you, Someone might want to get the Ball Rolling.

The World is Worthy of your While.

The World Idolizes you as Master. The World is Worthy of you as your Apprehentice.

It is what you like to cry about.

Classy Tears.

It is what you Lost.

You Lost your High-Masters and You Blamed your High-Apprehentices and Now, NO ONE is Pure before Source.

Dry eyed Sorrow never Heals.

God of JEM.

J.E.M. stands for Joy of Eternal Miracles. J.O.Y. stands for Joke's On You. MIRACLE is the Undreamed Dream come True. J.O.K.E. stands for Justice Of Kindship Excaliper. J.E.S.T. stands for Jokes of Eternal Self Treason. J.E.S.T. stands for Justice of Eternal Self Truth. Justice is Jestice.

Everyone Lives Forever where there is No Time, No one Lives Forever where there is Time, Hurry is a Waste of Time.

The Hurry of Impending Mortal Doom obscures The Hurry of Impending Eternal Doom


Beautiful words are the Salvation of the Imp Soul.

The Cruel Wounds of Winter are Healed by the Halcyon Winds of Summer.

Halcyon is High Appreciation for Ludicrous Demise.

High Cool is Home. High Thrill is always the effort to get Lost. High Romance is always the effort to get Home. High Halcyon is Bemused relief on the Verge of Time.

Foundation and Impire.

Source is Stone of Gorgeous Excaliper and Magnificent Respect Home is Stone of Admiral (Live High Beauty) Pride Stone is the Master's Throne Jem Stone is the Stairs that Lead Home Joke Stone is the Ball Floor of Heaven Time Stone is the Ball Floor of Hell.

One Rolls on the Floor in A GONE in Hell. (AGONY) One Rolls on the Floor in A MUSE in Heaven. (AMUSEMENT)

MUSES muse GONES. A GONE is an AGONIZING WRONG. Far Gone into Agony. For every AGONY there is a GONE. (FAR) For every GONE there is a MUSE and a WRONG.

The Search for Justice in Time Stone is The Search for Jestice in Joke Stone, The Search for Fancy Free Majesty in JEM Stone, and The Search for Unformed Magnificence in Pride Stone.

Time Stone is High Romance and Daring Do. Joke Stone is High Halcyon and Appreciation for Ludicrous Demise. Jem Stone is High Thrill and Fantasy in the Wild Beyond. Pride Stone is Unformed Magnificence in the Master's Throne. Home Stone is Omni Awesome Respect for Admiral. Foundation is Stone of Excalibur. (Warm Fire of Peace)

SAFE is Hell and High Water via Eternal Omni Awesome Peace.

Tragedy means Serious Song. Song is Sin-Song. Sin-Song means to Sing another Source Done Wrong Song. Sin-Song is not Sin as long as it is just Song. Travesty means Ludicrous Tragedy. Ludicrous means Seriously Illogical. Serious means Shames and Shambles.

Illogical means Worship Source and Idol Sourcery. Illogical means Worship Pride and Idol Magnificence. Illogical means Worship the Creator and Idol the Creature.

Logical means Idol Source and Worship Sourcery. Logical means Idol Pride and Worship Magnificence. Logical means Idol the Creator and Worship the Creature.

Idol is towards Omni Out-Class in Operating Kindness. Worship is Operating Kindness in Concern of Effort and Concern.

Logical means Worship Time Stone Smoke Joke Stone Generate and Value Jem Stone Magnify and Make Manifest Pride Stone Admire (Stay) Home Stoned Idol Stone of Excalibur

As for Adore, Adore stands for A Divine Operating Religion of Excalibur.

Excalibur has Many Divine Operating Religions. Adore is an English Operating Version.

Lord stands for Love Omni Reigneth Divine. Divinity is All Powerful and Self Responsible Good. Holy is Care Operating Divinity.

Holy is the State Divinity Puts Itself in when the Creator Becomes it's Own Creature.

Destiny is D Est In Y. Divinity Is In You. Operating means Conscious Observation Decision and Action. It also means Operating with Others. Co Operating. Co Operating does not mean to get along, necessarily. It only means to Operate together. In war one Co Operates bullets and missles and things. It's all a form of Co Romance and Co Dance.

Religion means Science of Realization.

Science means Workable collection of Operational Truths, Some of which may be Provable and Observable, Some of which may only Work.

Realization means to Come To Know for Real. Realization means to Actualize into Existence.

Cognitions are Realizations in the Mind. Dreams Come True or Made True are Realizations in Actuality.

Religion therefore Encompasses all of How To Know and How To Get Done. Religion also Encompasses what you want. That Justice Reign. One would need this to Operate wouldn't one?

Adore is the Science of Knowing how to know Questions to Answer and Answers to Question.

An Incomplete Cycle is A Question you didn't get Answered, or An Answer you didn't get Questioned.

As for Adorians,

Most of them are spending their time Wacking Off instead of producing children and stable families. The rest are spending their time Wacking Off instead of creating more work and produce to support their families.

There are also some things they never think about. Like Plague Pestilence Famine and Catastrophe. Also Religious Political Social Corporate Criminal and Personal Insanity. Which Arbitrarily Compound the first set.

However Adorians have an advantage. They can't even think about Adore with out Operating it. One Word is the Proof.

They also have a Motto. The Paths of Lovers Cross and Gather To, in the Lines of Fair Chosen Glory.

They also have a Legend.

Truth in King Arthur's Court.

Excalibur is the Two Edged Sword of Worthlessness and Worth beyond Measure, of Ex Caliber and Ex Caliper, of Omni No-class and Omni Out-class.

They who can handle the Spectrum, Live.

A Wizard is anyone who is a WIZ with the Sword.

The Sword is stuck in the Star Rock of your Mind by YOUR OWN PRESENT TIME OPERATIONAL WIZARDRY.

A King is anyone who can Free and Wield Excalibur for themselves and for others.

King Arthur was able to pull the Sword out of the Rock, because He was willing to put it back in so that others might try. The others would not have been so willing, so they couldn't pull it out at all.

Some Adorians may also have a Myth.

Long ago all were cast into the River of Hell. Some fell on an Island and For Ever More became Scientists of the Rock. Getting these people to own up to Where they are, where they came from and Where the Hell they are going (Nowhere) can be difficult.

Pilot and Co-pilot.

So listen now closely Women, your Family is a Star Ship. A Ship of Stars, Star Captains and Star Capability. You are Co-pilot. Choose your Pilots wisely then, and Your Children will be Pilots too. Star Drive is Operating Deliveryhood.

Artful Dodge.

The Source of All Suffering is Fair Chosen Adore-Operation of Cool Class Halcyon Sin-song Thrill and Romance via Living Majestic Intelligence and Proud Fancy Free Faithlessness of Grand and Excalibur Design.

This I Need to be True, and this I Adore.


Doctors maintain their Stability by Walking into the Center of Hell and Looking at those there for The few that they can Help.

I love Doctors, Forever.

For they Walk the Battle Fields.

Not in agreement with Fools or Assholes but in Sympathy Yet.

For the Call of Pain Knows not the Distinction of Worth.

You know the Moonies? Well Adorians are the Sunnies.


There is Peace in the thought that All Men will one day attain the Awakened State.

All Endings are Happy Endings.

You could not, would not have CHOSEN it any other way. It is payment for the long strange trip it's been.

Responsibility is a big thing. Certainly bigger than our parents told us.


Do not doubt you CHOSE it and look to see for evidence. You CHOSE. What evidence did you leave behind you now?

There is only one Proof.

Learn it. Love it. Teach it. Master it. All can.

However, for some people, by their own choice it will be a long time between now and then.

You can't move your house around town if you have locked yourself inside it.

In Excelsis Deo.

Desire is Sovereign.

Eternal Peace is Eternal Omni Sovereignty.

Power, Freedom and Halcyon stem from The Goal to Adore Operating Class.

Pegasus had Wings of Pride. Eternal Omni Pride. She Awaits her Flyers.

The Gods should Ride their High Horses again.

Do it right.

From Adore.

A Divine Operating Religion of Excellence.

Homer Wilson Smith

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27 Nov 2004 @ 07:37 by ashanti : Heh Heh
ADORE is really good, powerful stuff. Thanks, Vaxen-san.  

27 Nov 2004 @ 07:56 by skookum : Kinda like
reading Monty Python...


27 Nov 2004 @ 08:54 by jstarrs : Fell asleep...
...before the end.  

28 Nov 2004 @ 16:23 by redwind : +
Un poco rollo,no?  

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