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From: Karl W. B. Schwarz [] Subject: Debriefing of meeting today with Spitzer's Senior Assistant


Hello Concerned Americans,

Several key documents were delivered Wednesday, November 17, 2004 by one of my associates / friends to the Senior Assistant to Eliot Spitzer, Attorney General of the State of New York. Some readers may not recognize that name but Mr. Spitzer is the person responsible for levying several billion in fines against Wall Street firms for a wide variety of financial scams put forth on all Americans but he focused appropriately on what was done to citizens of New York and the Pension Fund of New York state employees.

Since 9-11 was in part conducted upon the State of New York, criminal prosecution against appropriate parties is properly sited for venue and jurisdiction of such an investigation, a Grand Jury, and prosecution of the parties involved, some of which you will learn about as you read on.

A friend of mine from Connecticut went to Spitzer's office to hand deliver the materials and a separate package arrived from Europe by overnight courier. We are not disclosing yet the names, companies, extent of the information provided for that would tip off where some of the information came from and possibly endanger those persons. Suffice to say, a blind man could follow the trail now that they know where to start, and where the trails end.

She delivered the following items:

First, a full and complete copy of the Demand Letter I sent to Bush, Kerry and DNC around 1 PM, September 30, 2004 [about 7 hours before the first debate] demanding answers from Bush on 30 items that are glaring lies and cover ups of his Administration. That document can be seen at the following link if any of you missed that Demand Letter:


The state democratic parties of every swing state also got the demand letter. That it was never used by the Democrats to discredit Bush should tell you much as to the fallacy of this year's presidential election.

Secondly, we delivered a letter by Sibel D. Edmonds, FBI translator that was co-signed by 24 other former federal employees from CIA, DIA, FBI, DoD and other agencies of the United States government. That letter was dated September 13, 2004 and represents a critique of the 9-11 Commission "Omissions Report" that has been so glowingly written up in the lame media as a work of art by that commission. Well, I have to agree - the 9-11 Commission Report is a "work of art" of a cover up and an excellent fiction read for any of you that missed it.

I have made it clear in other writings that 8 of the 10 commissioners have so many conflicts of interests, their appointment to the 9-11 Commissioner is clearly to be directors of a cover up.

This is copied and pasted from the Sibel Edmonds letter and note who signed it and who received copies of it.


1. Costello, Edward J. Jr., Former Special Agent, Counterintelligence, FBI

2. Cole, John M., Former Veteran Intelligence Operations Specialist, FBI

3. Conrad, David "Mark", Retired Agent in Charge, Internal Affairs, U.S. Customs

4. Dew, Rosemary N., Former Supervisory Special Agent, Counterterrorism & Counterintelligence, FBI

5. Dzakovic, Bogdan, Former Red Team Leader, FAA

6. Edmonds, Sibel D., Former Language Specialist, FBI

7. Elson, Steve, Retired Navy Seal & Former Special Agent, FAA & US Navy

8. Forbes, David, Aviation, Logistics and Govt. Security Analysts, BoydForbes, Inc.,

9. Goodman, Melvin A., Former Senior Analyst/ Division Manager, CIA; Senior Fellow at the Center for International Policy

10. Graf, Mark, Former Security Supervisor, Planner, & Derivative Classifier, Department of Energy

11. Graham, Gilbert M., Retired Special Agent, Counterintelligence, FBI

12. Kleiman, Diane, Former Special Agent, US Customs

13. Kwiatkowski, Karen U., Lt. Col. USAF (ret.), Veteran Policy Analyst-DoD

14. Larkin, Lynne A., Former Operation Officer, CIA

15. MacMichael, David, Former Senior Estimates Officer, CIA

16. McGovern, Raymond L., Former Analyst, CIA

17. Pahle, Theodore J., Retired Senior Intelligence Officer, DIA

18. Sarshar, Behrooz, Retired Language Specialist, FBI

19. Sullivan, Brian F., Retired Special Agent & Risk Management Specialist, FAA

20. Tortorich, Larry J., Retired US Naval Officer, US Navy & Dept. of Homeland Security/TSA

21. Turner, Jane A., Retired Special Agent, FBI

22. Vincent, John B., Retired Special Agent, Counterterrorism, FBI

23. Whitehurst, Dr. Fred, Retired Supervisory Special Agent/Laboratory Forensic Examiner, FBI

24. Wright, Ann, Col. US Army (ret.); and Former Foreign Service officer

25. Zipoli, Matthew J., Special Response Team (SRT) Officer, DOE


Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Chairman Pat Roberts & Vice Chairman John D. Rockefeller

Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Chairman Orrin G. Hatch & Ranking Democratic Member Patrick Leahy

Senate Committee on Armed Services, Chairman John Warner & Ranking Member Carl Levin

Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs, Chairman Susan Collins & Ranking Member Joseph Lieberman

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Chairman Porter J. Goss & Ranking Member Jane Harman

House Committee on the Judiciary, Chairman F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. & Ranking Member John Conyers

House Armed Services Committee, Chairman Duncan Hunter & Ranking Member Ike Skelton

House Committee on Government Reform, Chairman Tom Davis & Ranking Member Henry A. Waxman

House Select Committee on Homeland Security, Chairman Christopher Cox & Ranking Member Jim Turner

Senator Charles Grassley

For the record, Congress has not made a single move to address the foregoing.

From our side, there are over 200 such persons willing to tell all before a Grand Jury or any subsequent prosecution trials.

Sibel and Karen Kwiatkowski are both cited in my book, One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas, a Conservative Republican Speaks Out. Available at [link] . If you want your friends to be "smarter Americans" this is an ideal Christmas gift for anyone that is trying to come to grips with what is being done to this nation, by whom and how they are doing it.

The Inspector General has written a report that is negative of Bush, Ashcroft, et al and in usual Bushian arrogance, that IG report has been classified. A watered-down unclassified report was due out before the elections and it is still not available.

While Sibel has focused on justice on her front, and many of us that receive this email are engaged on other fronts, Sibel continues to seek that the gag order be lifted against her so Americans can know exactly what foreign and American names were uncovered by her in the financing of 9-11. If any of you readers will, contact your elected representatives in DC and also demand that the gag order be lifted and those names disclosed to the public.

A complete copy of the letter sent by Sibel and 24 other former federal agents and employees is attached for your review.

Third, from Germany an overnight package was delivered today from a German attorney to Spitzer's office. He appears to have uncovered an insurance scam involving the WTC towers where in June or July of 2001 the insurance was increased by at least 300% and the beneficiaries of those additional insurance payments are 1.) major American names; and 2.) directly tied to the Bush Administration and New World Order proponents; and 3.) are apparently US firms not involved in US intelligence and had foreknowledge of 9-11 happening. No one is lucky enough to have over $3 billion happen less than 90 days after those riders were added to the insurance of WTC.

Mr. Spitzer's office is currently investigating the insurance industry and scams and was unaware of the information we just secured for his review and this one directly involves 9-11 and the attack on WTC.

Fourth, out of Canada I have been provided information that could explain the technology sources that made 9-11 possible, including a company that was doing business with the State of New York in a service area that would have made it easy to have installed a ground station in or around WTC to where flying planes remotely as UAV [unmanned aerial vehicles] could be done easily.

This company is owned by a Bush Pioneer and a Canadian firm that has major US investors that are directly tied to either GHWB or GWB.

Our sources indicate that such a ground station and antennas might have been in WTC 7 and the reason that building was destroyed [imploded by internal "demolition" explosions].

Fifth, also out of Canada I have been provided information on the software that is used in Red Team Canada and Blue Team USA war games and again, that software could easily explain how NORAD thought it was just a drill and all USAF units were in stand down mode while those planes were allowed through to their intended targets. That would have required that someone in the US let it happen and knew it was going to happen to have coordinated that with the attack.

This company is owned by a Bush Pioneer and a Canadian firm that has major US investors that are directly tied to either GHWB or GWB.

Sixth, out of the U.S. a party has come forth with information that there was a $120 billion deal that was to have closed on 9-11 or 9-12-2001 in WTC and that deal was apparently a debt that did not get paid due to 9-11. How fortunate for someone.

We provided Mr. Spitzer with the routing codes and bank officer names of the parties that were to receive that payment and did not receive it. Figuring out exactly who was on the other side of that deal is just a matter of time. We already know some of the names and they are high level American names.

Seventh, that same $120 billion deal is a derivative of a bogus operation being run out of the Philippines by Americans in falsified Gold Collateral US Debt Certificates. There is a new book to add to your reading list in addition to mine - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by Paul Johnson, an NSA [National Security Agency] recruit that was put into a private company to engineer the financial undermining of poorer nations so certain US parties could take away their natural resources and economic assets. What a country! We are being run by charlatans, thieves and scumbags.

Mr. Johnson and myself spoke Tuesday and compared notes on the methodologies of how Brady Bonds are structured into economic blunt instruments to steal from smaller nations. That conversation is consistent with what we just handed to Mr. Spitzer regarding the aborted 9-11-2001 payment that was due from someone and our sources indicate that the payment was due from Americans. The transaction was a complete fraud so the "borrowed funds" based on "bogus collateral certificates" is something that will be under investigation as of today. Multiple foreign banks took major hits and this Bush Administration apparently has protected those parties from justice. We all want to know why and so should Eliot Spitzer.

The 9-11-2001 deal was Brady Bonds and bogus Gold Collateral Certificates according to our source and $120 billion was due and payable.

Eighth, shortly before 9-11, a Mary Bush and Marvin Bush were moving stock including stock options, stock, and the insurance on WTC. has that information for interested parties.

I have upcoming articles that you can see over the coming weeks at either [link] or [link] titled:

A Conservative Christian Republican says: Listen to Sibel D. Edmonds, FBI Translator

A Conservative Christian Republican says:

Part I - Pop goes the Bush Mythology Bubble

A Conservative Christian Republican says:

Part II - Pop goes the Bush Mythology Bubble

A Conservative Christian Republican says:

Part III - Pop goes the Bush Mythology Bubble

The 9-11 Commission Report is an Embarrassment to America

Shame on the 8 of 10 Sell Out Artist Commissioners

Public Enemy Number 1: Dominionist Christian Fascists

Since all of us took a financial hit due to 9-11, I am one of the 9-11 truth movement proponents that believes and has been recommending that the "final judgment" of any court trying this matter should also include financial restitution to all Americans and others harmed by what is growing more apparent each day was "an inside job".

The information we delivered to Eliot Spitzer's office is An American Issue and both sides of the aisle in Washington, DC are implicated. If you are a Democrat and feel abandoned by the DNC and DLC, you have been. For people on my side of the aisle that believe in Christianity as a religion of peace and tolerance and as a Conservative, we have been sold out by those in power in DC now in my party. Regardless of party or religion - any of us that is not part of that elite insider group in DC has been sold out.

For people of all parties, all religions, all races, the fate of America rests with us, The Silent Majority.

Put your elected Congressional leaders for your state on notice that you too demand The Truth and demand justice for 9-11 and all responsible parties be held accountable under the laws of this Nation.

Let Eliot Spitzer's office know through his office email form that America is standing up behind him on this matter. Just a simple request "Please investigate and prosecute those responsible for 9-11".


Let your local or national media sources know that they can start fulfilling the proper role of the Fourth Estate, print the truth, air the truth, or lose your business as a subscriber, listener or viewer.

Let your friends and neighbors, your work associates read this email too. The fate of all of us is on the line and we have a national government that has sold all of us out to their wealthy contributors.

Look around you and remember what made this nation great. It was not them, it was generations of "US" that made this nation great. Look at the leaders and the media and grasp why they lie to you, to me, to all we love.

Remember - you are an American first and right now this nation needs The Silent Majority to stand up for the country we love - more than ever before in US history.

Lastly, notice that I have not included the major media in on this email. They have a surprise coming and best we let that surprise be just that - a surprise. They deserve to be exposed as the liars and charlatans they are for what they have helped cover up.

God bless America and all of us. We are going to need all of the help we can muster on Earth and in Heaven.

best regards,

Patmos Nanotechnologies, LLC

Karl W. B. Schwarz President, Chief Executive Officer

(501) 663-4959, US Central Time Zone, GMT -6 hrs

Gale ^i^

Website: [link]



18 Nov 2004 @ 23:55 by hgoodgame : We can all stop being afraid!
I have found the solution.
However, if you are using Amiga or Linux you'll want this link.

You're welcome ;-)  

19 Nov 2004 @ 00:39 by vaxen : You think...
it is a joke and that the above is some sort of nonsense, eh? Deflector beanies are not the solution nor will they help you one iota. I can assure you that the weapons in use right now are way beyond your fear. Awareness is not the same thing as fear. Faraday cages work in a limited way but not against RHIC-EDOM and other more insidious forms of electronic 'perception manipulation,' 'psycho acoustic harrassment,' and 'brain-entrainment' or 'behavior modification' that induces 'social ethos' and 'crowd control' or 'individual control.' Harrassment By Remote Control is not a fun thing. Ask the Branch Davidians or The Peoples Temple survivors. Or talk to some of the survivors from the last world war. Ask any one who was ever imprisoned in Vietnam. Ask your senators and congressmen if they care. The last election should tell you something but it probably goes right over your head that electronic remote control was used as well as a whole host of other 'dirty tricks' to change behavior and thought. Die happy.

Incidentally the above has to do with something other than RHIC-EDOM. Maybe you did'nt read it? Maybe it does'nt matter...that 9/11 was an inside job and that there are people who do care.  

19 Nov 2004 @ 02:35 by hgoodgame : Looks like
I just pushed your buttons. ;)
And maybe I did read it and maybe I know all that stuff already and maybe I care very deeply but it doesn't matter because everyone who knows can't seem to do a damn thing anyway (unless they're planning a rebel uprising and I haven't been invited). Otherwise it's all same ol' same ol'. Any other solutions?  

19 Nov 2004 @ 04:18 by astrid : I really hope
these guys working for Truth can pull off this Surprice ( with the help of those Docs.) Wouldn't that be greate!? I will send as much Love& Light to them as ever possible. They will need it all.... But I have faith in Universe.
THANKS, vaxen, great article you shared with us.  

19 Nov 2004 @ 06:00 by skookum : the battle
lines are drawn  

19 Nov 2004 @ 06:02 by vaxen : heh heh...
yes. rebellion is, of course, one. but that is what 'they' would love. the other is click on the link in the article and write to the attorney general also write your congressman, senators, governor and whoever will be able to press for legislature against the use of such terrible 'soft weaponry.' glad you do care. not so glad that you appear to have given up. notice i said 'appear.' like to push buttons do we? ;)

oh, the article was about 9/11? how careless of me! actually there were 'soft weapons' used but the 'coverup' goes on and people keep dying. getting the info out there helps...or does it?

lots of land in south dakota, the 'black hills,' and the 'nations' gather there for the equinoxes and solstices.

the lakota sovereignty organizing committee,
bear butte council box 5686
rapid city, sd, 57709

thanks astrid. thanks heidi.  

19 Nov 2004 @ 06:05 by skookum : I am not one to talk to
not sure there is anything that can be done

gee I sound real postiive don't I lol  

20 Nov 2004 @ 01:28 by magical_melody : Whoah, look out America!
Rock em and sock em! Read, write and speak out! This is just the beginning folks!!!

{link:|Open letter} Karl W. B. Schwarz

More and more voices and their books!

Book, The Exception to the Rulers by Amy & David Goodman: or {link:|Blowback}

{link:|Mike Ruppert}, Book is Crossing the Rubicon,

{link:|Book, The Five Biggest Lies Bush Told Us About Iraq} by Christopher Scheer, Lakshmi Chaudhry and Robert Scheer

I notice that Victor Thorn has some tough things to say about Ruppert, what do you think Vaxen? I am excited to see the book by Amy and her bro David Goodman.  

20 Nov 2004 @ 02:08 by vaxen : Think?
Do you mean about Mike Ruppert or in general about America's destiny? As far as Mike Ruppert is concerned I think he has been telling it like it is for quite awhile now and I'm glad to see him getting 'press.' Hope he sells a million copies and gets rich; he deserves it. Peak oil is peak oil. I refuse to buy into that game and have been pushing alternatives for years.

Have'nt read Karl's 'Open letter,' yet, but will do that next. I do not believe in Democracy and fervently wish that people could be awakened as to what 'democracy' really means and entails. I believe in a Republic as being the best vaiable means of government. Democracies always lead to tyranny. No exceptions throughout history.

That this Republic is called a Democracy by it's so called leaders and by the so called educators (really just implanetrs) lets me know just how late in the game it really is. The country was taken over 100 years ago and, if truth be known, probably earlier than that. Central banking is a curse. So be it.

I'd like to think that you were going to fare better in Australia but One World Government, not a bad concept in and of itself, when that Government is a Fascist Oligarchy means horror for people everywhere. The Military Industrial Education Entertainment Complex feeds off of war. This will not change tomorrow. They are creating weapons of mass destruction and mass maiming. Weapons for every little nuainsce of life. They are anti life.

If all the many splinter groups that are pro life and are awakened to the fact that this planet is under heavy attack from those who bode us all ill, and worse, could unite as one force and begin knocking them off one by one we might stand a chance.

I, for one, know the horrors of the technologies that the 'globalista elite' has arrayed against us. "No place to run to and no place to hide." "Today is a good day to die."

Thankyou Magical_Melody for your very magical melody.

PS: Oh yes, I've read Karl's letter before and have written to the Pres as well. We are not alone. I made it known here as well. So thankyou for bringing it up again. Hope you clicked on the link in the article above so you can write to the Attorney General of New York and let him know that we know. Thanks, again, Magical Melody.  

20 Nov 2004 @ 02:34 by astrid : Heyyyy....
...there's more!....a friend just called in with this info
Things are definitely cooking!...Cooking good now....and more "stew" to be made. Daily, I have a feeling.... How many books on the BushCrime Family are out there already?...Maybe ten-fifteen. Maybe even more. One of the best "Oldies" is by Russell S. Bowen : "The Immaculate Deception.The Bush CrimeFamily Exposed"  

21 Nov 2004 @ 21:42 by magical_melody : We're not in Kansas anymore...
Sorry Vaxen I had noticed Thorn going after Ruppert, and so was curious what you thought of Ruppert. Thanks for your input, and yes democracy, a naive concept and surely an implant. We are not in Ozzie!! and we are faring better in NZ even as the world wide influence is what it is, til it ain't!

Thought you would find this one avenue interesting: {link:|The Role of Boycotts in the Fight for Peace}

Islands of coherence...Keep your eye on the sparrow! Peace...  

22 Nov 2004 @ 05:23 by vaxen : Thanks...
to both of you for the links. Though I was aware of both sites I do appreciate the reminders. I don;t know, Magical_Melody, if boycotting will really be of much worth in the long run. I think a heartier form of revolution is in the offing and much to be desired. Like a New Government based on the original Constitution. A real grassroots election. But then if we did an oblique movement away from the accepted norm we would be more than just systematically murdered by our own people. N.Z. is beautiful yet is, unfortunately or not, under the sway of OZ.

Why is it, astrid, that juries are not being presented with the facts? The need for superior weapons that go beyond anything these criminals have devised is of the utmost necessity. I think I will import some from Marcab.  

22 Nov 2004 @ 21:47 by astrid : I wish I knew....
I have asked that very Question by so many my politically active Freedom Fighter- friends this very Q. NOBODY has been able to answer it!?!?! Whaddddzzzupwi'that!?
I even suggested to some that we bring out( or is "bring IN" ???? umph I hate these lingo barriers...) Monica Lewinsky and Ken Starr again...
They didn't think that that THAT was very funny...I did... 'like a good sarcasm, every now 'n'then...
But -on a Cosmic Note, here, betw.U'n'me “This incredible treasure of higher consciousness is something to sing about. It reflects Eternal Justice ad. infinitum. It is the opposite pole to STUPIDITY, which is the only unforgivable sin.
The significance of the inter-related laws, of spirit, nature and society explodes into the higher mind as we realize that the lower realms of life are both subservient to, and the mediums of, the higher realms of consciousness. Universal Law is inviolable. There is no way anyone can break it. It is only possible for each individual to BREAK HIMSELF, against Universal Law.
Our world is into a fundamental paradigm shift. Our higher human potential is demanding our conscious assistance for externalization and manifestation in the physical world. This requires co-operation with the deva forces, also known as the Elementals or "Little People". They have wonderful secrets to impart to the faithful who cherish the land.
The Deva World, that is to say the Unified Field of Natural Life, have a vast array of intelligence accessible for the mutual benefit of all natural life, including man.” (C.C.Circ.12.3.) What do you think?  

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