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Awareness of Self as an Immortal Being.
EXM - 57
9 April 1992

Copyright (C) 1992 A Voice of the Free Zone (Electra)
Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

Your history in this universe and previous ones as recorded in your own time track is a slow decline from an all powerful sovereign being to a meat dweller who fears the grave.

This is quite humorous as the world is made of consciousness and not of matter, energy, space and time.

Only things IN the dream can 'die', the projector of the dream, YOU, can never die. Only sleep and dream.

Such a spiral decline has possibly happened a number of times, once you decay out the bottom of one sphere of control you find yourself in a new lower one, brand new, ready to conquer the world again as a new Immortal Being. The end of each spiral possibly finds the thetan artfully dodging reality again with his head in the eternal sands, thinking he is a meat body only to live once and die once.

This is all speculation but what is not speculation is that you are an Immortal Being who finds himself as a Mortal Being in this life with no inkling of your prior existence and no responsibility for your present mess.

Thus what ever has happened, you can be sure that these game spirals lead from Immortal to Mortal the longer you dwell in the time stream.

The decline goes as follows.

You start off as an Immortal Being relating to other Immortal Beings.

Then you run into Mortal Beings while still an Immortal Being yourself.

Through your own overt acts, sympathies and regrets you finally BECOME a Mortal Being yourself, but you are still aware of and in living relation to other Immortal Beings who have not yet so decayed.

Finally everyone is in the soup, and you are a Mortal Being relating only to other Mortal Beings, and God becomes a mystery and a silent partner that only the 'insane' get live communications from.

Since track must be run out from latest to earliest, and since track will not run out unless you get the earliest, the proper way to run the Mortal - Immortal dichotomies is as follows.

Run them round and round, don't dwell on any one question if there are no more answers to it. Come back to the first question when you are done with the others.

Sometimes it is more important to ASK a question than to answer it. Real answers will come once you start getting the charge off.

A real OT can ASK a question without trying or needing to answer it.

Notice that the time sequence is from latest to earliest.

If you don't like 'What have you done to' or 'What have you withheld from', use 'What could you do to' and 'What could you withhold from'.

'What have you done as a Mortal to a Mortal?'
'What have you withheld as a Mortal from a Mortal?'

'What have you done as a Mortal to an Immortal?'
'What have you withheld as a Mortal from an Immortal?'

'What have you done as an Immortal to a Mortal?'
'What have you withheld as an Immortal from a Mortal?'

'What have you done as an Immortal to an Immortal?'
'What have you withheld as an Immortal from an Immortal?'

This is not for those with a weak heart. Immortals who have spent some time as a Mortal can have very weak hearts. So watch it.

But which would you rather, live as a Mortal or die as an Immortal?

Long live Eternity.




1 Nov 2004 @ 06:28 by vaxen : Sloopey:
Where an attacker lacks the physical means of destroying others and where his own purpose would fail if disclosed, the attacks become covert.

He uses word of mouth, press media, any communication channel to spit his venom. He hides himself as the source; he makes the verbal attack seem logical or real or proven. This is black propaganda. It is intended to reduce a real or imagined enemy, hurt his income and deny him friends and support.

Black propaganda is essentially a fabric of lies.

Sooner or later such stories are found to be not true.

ONE false story can destroy the credit of the teller. Now who listens?

The usual action is a counter-propaganda campaign based on truth.

It is a long-to-find and hard-learned fact that people who engage in black propaganda have big bursting crimes to hide. They do not have little crimes. They have BIG ones. Not stealing apples or pinching pennies as a child. Real crimes like extortion, blackmail, embezzlement and mass murder are sitting in their closets.

Therefore it is vital to handle the matter. One can't just hope it will all go away. It won't. It will get disastrous to the degree that it is not handled. The less handling, the more disastrous.  

1 Nov 2004 @ 18:03 by astrid : kidding, vaxen!
Identity. Yes... People love material convenience more than Life!....only when the material convenience is taken away from them -or at least "The Order of The Flow of Things" is stirred up "enough" will people wake up a little. When Things define you!....Our whole Western Culture is defined by STUFF.....The "Salvation" has never been for the Masses!.....but for those with Eyes to see and Eares to hear. Hopefully more than just a few!  

1 Nov 2004 @ 20:23 by skookum : Nothing more
disheartening than to meet a noble soul who prefers to walk around blind.  

19 Dec 2004 @ 20:15 by Ace @ : WHAT???
I don't understand what you are talking about, but as soon as I find out, I will comment back....what does it take to be an immortal???  

20 Dec 2004 @ 05:13 by skookum : you already are

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