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A quick toot for other groups:
* [link] -- recommended as comprehensive database for reporting problems
* [link] -- recommend participating in polling results and Mystery Voter projects
* [link] -- recommend TechWatch program
* Let us know what your group is doing, and we’ll toot you the next time around

Black Box Voting: [link] (“.com” not related to us)

1. Check out the Cleanup Crew election monitoring list -- practical, effective vote-protection ACTION MENU for pre-election, Election Day, Election Night, post-election:


The page also contains a MAP OF PROBLEM LOCATIONS in the U.S., based on “voter-unfriendly behavior” by public officials.

2. CAN YOU HELP? We need your help with a quick “Visitation Rights” project. Find out ahead of time what access citizens will get they get when they show up to observe vote-counting in each county, identify problem counties.

- Go to Black Box Voting (.ORG). Check out Cleanup Crew info, then go to CLEANUP FORUM ([link])
- Pick a state.
- E-mail each county the "Visitation Rights?" letter.
- This letter pins down what observers can or cannot watch, whether videotaping is allowed
- You’ll find the letter in the “TOOL KIT” at the top of the Cleanup Crew Forum. Contact info is under each county.
- You do not need to live in the county or state to help. We need help e-mailing letters to as many officials as possible, as soon as possible.
- To avoid duplication of effort, when you send, post update immediately in the Cleanup forum
- Answers from county officials are getting posted in the forum where everyone can see them.
- Some counties, like Riverside County CA and Winnebago County IL, may be targeted for litigation or other actions, because they do not allow observers for certain key functions.


Now for a quick change of subject: Two quick points for Nov. 2:

1 - When people ask, “Do you think there will be problems with the machines on Nov. 2” the answer is, “I expect there will be problems by Nov. 12.” Voting machine miscounts typically are not seen until the canvass. The canvass (audit) will take place from Nov. 3-12.

2 - Candidates need to stop conceding the election on Election Night. Tell your local political committees and candidates to hold off on their concession -- there is no reason to hurry, and there are legitimate reasons to wait:
- We expect an unusual number of provisional ballots this time. Provisional ballots are not included in media projections.
- Voting machine miscounts typically do not appear until the canvass. Error rates can be high, and can even flip the totals. Broward County, FL 2002: 103,000 votes were missed altogether the first time around. Gretna County Nebraska, all “yes” votes were recorded as “no.” Al Gore privately conceded to George Bush in 2000, based on an erroneous “minus 16,022 votes” from the GEMS central tabulator which caused the networks to call the election incorrectly. Urge candidates not to concede on projections or unaudited results.

WISH LIST: Can you help?
- Seattle office space needed for 4 week election blitz, immediately.
- Our search function doesn’t work on the Web site. Can anyone help?
- We need donations to pay copying for a blitz of upcoming Freedom of Information requests, which will document many incidents not revealed by elections officials on Nov. 2. We need to raise $10,000 for this in short order.
- A lawyer is needed for Riverside to file an injunction to force them to allow observation of central tabulator and vote handling. They are currently in violation of California state law by refusing this.
- We need Frequent Flyer miles donations for on-site investigations after the election
- We need hotel stays for on-site investigations after the election
- Grunt work request -- some states on the Cleanup Forum don’t have counties broken out, and still need contact information. Texas has over 200 counties. A boring task, and we’ll love you forever if you jump in on this one.


We are still consolidating e-mail opt-in lists, and some are old. Hit reply and type “Remove” anywhere if you do not want updates between now and the election.



22 Oct 2004 @ 04:45 by skookum : we can send a man to the moon....
but can we do an election right?  

22 Oct 2004 @ 05:10 by vaxen : ;)
hiya skookum. nice to see your comment. i do'nt even believe we can send a 'man' to the moon let alone do an election 'right.' skullduggery, as you know, is older than the hills so...

last election King Albert won but chickened out which means to say that those who really run the 'show' made sure that he renigged and did'nt fight for what was rightfully his. so be should have shown the so called 'people' a thing or two about how elections are 'rigged.' it'll be the same this time around though i think the Bush shrub wo'nt be 'placed' in the hotseat.

the Russel Trust Association is another name for 'Skull and Bones.' so either way the enemy wins. this system is set up that way. the last real 'president' was Andrew Jackson and he knew what was coming down in this nation state. ot's best to stay way far away from politicking but make sure your gun is clean and your well stocked with ammo.  

22 Oct 2004 @ 05:36 by skookum : it all has
been a bit depressing.. the whole election process.. and the choices.. we don't have.  

22 Oct 2004 @ 06:22 by ov : November surprise
There are no paper ballots in place, and resistance is high to have anybody monitor the elections, while the whole world is concerned, and yet I don't think Rove wants to give up the ship, so I'm thinking a likely possibility is that the black box give the republicans the elections and then before the fraud is verified the November surprise puts Cheney in place as president and then it's redline all the way to armaggedon, or at least that would be the rapture starved wet dream.  

22 Oct 2004 @ 06:41 by vaxen : Yah ov...
good observation. We are expecting some kind of 'terrorist' charade to come out of the lumpkins corner blaming the boogey man, of for Cheney as president? hahahahaha

It is probably more realistic to expect a terrorist 'event' with martial law then being declared so that the 'election' will be postponed. Nevertheless we shall see what we shall see. We've gotten word that The Russel Trust Association has already chosen Pimpkin Jones to be their new 'Commander in Chief.' RTA is, of course, Ye Old 'Skull and Bones.' Weird little play going on, eh?  

22 Oct 2004 @ 06:44 by vaxen : Skookum...
I know it is depressing but that is what the enlavers want us to feel. Depressed, no choices, the whole nine yards of victim mentality. That's their routine. Not voting, by choice, is a choice and a very puerile vote. Seeing through the media hype and spin and becoming educated to the farce that is Government is of the utmost necessity. Denying them validity, for they are not valid, is crucial. That starts in the heart. Knowing you are'nt alone helps a bit too...Cheer up lady. May your life be full of blessings. Happy investing. ;)  

22 Oct 2004 @ 15:37 by skookum : I always vote
I never give up  

22 Oct 2004 @ 17:20 by ov : We should know soon
I posted this in Quinty's October Surprise topic but here it is again {|FEMA Disaster Simulation Scheduled for Election Day}  

22 Oct 2004 @ 18:04 by jstarrs : Things are getting hotter...
....the only comfort we can take in Bush winning is that it will, perhaps, bring the pus to the surface.  

22 Oct 2004 @ 18:33 by ov : I agree Jeff
If Kerry wins there could be a tendency for everybody to sit back, give him a chance, give the benifit of the doubt, and meanwhile the same old same old just keeps rolling along. Then again, if Bush gets in this could be the last election the US has for a long time. Either way the fourth reich is on a let's roll program and it is up to the rest of the world to bring it to a stop, can't see that part of the program being that much different than the third reich.  

22 Oct 2004 @ 19:09 by vaxen : Only...
the Fourth Reich is much more technologically advanced. You know about the GWEN towers and how they are being used? Neuro phones, and all kinds of high tech electronics just to enslave human beings so that a few 'elite's' who think they 'own' us can have it all. Such an old, old, story. Yes, the movement against them must be worldwide and heartfelt. The political dog and pony show caklled the 'election' is just a sop. The placement puppet CEO, called POTUS, has already been chosen by its' corrupt masters. There is no such thing as 'we the people.' If you've ever had any dealings with the courts here in the USA you know what I mean. That phrase is such a hackneyed one that no one seems to realise its' real intent. Joe and Sally six pack think they have a hand in Government of for and by? Not a chance. Besides they've been 'educated' in the best institutions of mind control to behave like good little sheep and do not question the status quo. Even when they do question the questions are 'put there,' dubbed in, by agents provocateur, such as John Kerry during the VIetnam era, for purposes of an even more stringent Hegelianism (Dialectic). Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. With 'them' controlling ALL flows start to finish. Sweet! Revolt!  

23 Oct 2004 @ 05:13 by skookum : I have been doing
a bit of reading...

definitely something smelly going on. Boy I musta been tired.. Couldn't spell worth beans.  

27 Oct 2004 @ 07:41 by vaxen : Ah...
yeah, skookum, that's it! I've wondered where my spelling went over the past few weeks or so and now I know! Wow. I've been getting by like a Grunt in the trenches! About four, or less, hours of sleep a day. Hmmm thanks!  

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