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The computer center is empty,
Silent except for the whine of the cooling fans.
I walk the rows of CPUs,
My skin prickling with magnetic flux.
I open a door, cold and hard,
And watch the lights dancing on the panels.
A machine without soul, men call it,
But its soul is the sweat of my comrades,
Within it lie the years of our lives,
Disappointment, friendship, sadness, joy,
The algorithmic exultations,
The long nights filled with thankless toil,
I hear the echoes of sighs and laughter,
And in the darkened offices
The terminals shine like stars.

-- Geoffrey James, The Zen of Programming


Natalie Jeremijenko
Linoleum Block Pudding
Red White and Blue this!
Suckah! ;)

Nature is struggle free.
The result of struggle is struggle.
You can achieve magnitudes more
in a few minutes through 'state of being'
and 'deliberate thought' than by years of hard work.
Intent and detatchment. Not struggle and control.

Telepaths unite! I heard a cop say that they are analog based not digital. He was/is a New York Blue that will be facing all the rioters in the upcoming RNC. The rioters are armed with cell phones and are outsmarting the Gestapo by having a group assemble somewhere, attracting COPpresence then, when the Copper Pig Battalions get there they rapidly shift/swing their real objective into place by phoning the real krewe who then starts a demo elsewhere. The Copperoonies are so bogged down by all that riot gear that they ca'nt move fast enough.
Just how did our ancestors beat those Roman legions?

Anyhow this one promises to be fun. Wonder how King Georges men will deal with it this time around. Many, of course, old and young, are going to get hurt and go to prison. Civil rights are rights not privileges. Did Kerry receive any purple hearts for those shaving nicks?

Today is a brand new day, in any case, and I plan on significant changes to this blog. I've been posting deleting posting, for awhile now, simply out of...

I do'nt know. But I do sense something shaping up. There are some new bloodlets falling onto the vampire tiles of ye old civ new civ meeting place blog site blogoversal funk house so...

Inspiration blowing in from them thars may just sink the ship and save the day the night and whatever else needs saving too. We shall see what we shall see. Anyhow I'm gonna play and have fun and do whatever cause I am just that way. Here today gone yesterday. Tomorrow never comes. English (Enki's Gulash) has no true 'future tense.' Though Eng-lish, per se, is very tense! ;)

"Constant alertness and a willingness to fight back?"
They call that the 'price if freedom!' Ha!
See ya, I'm going back to sleep. Say hello to Herr J. See him in Basel at the next gathering.

You have the right to be sane.
You have the right to leave the game.

Yng Lish



28 Aug 2004 @ 22:08 by vaxen : Hiya vaxie...
good to see you are still cranking it out here. Thought I'd drop a link that would be easily accessible in case the blue meanies get real mean any time soon in the near past. It is a link to the Bureau of Inverse Technology and I think you'll enjoy it. TaTa Carpe Noctem D.I.E. 495

29 Aug 2004 @ 02:41 by skookum : ok... so you
are posting to yourself?

ok.. no problem ;-)  

29 Aug 2004 @ 04:24 by vaxen : hee hee
yeah. used to do that in the very beginning of this site when things were just one room. hours would go by without anyone coming into the room so i would talk to my self. heh heh heh illicited some interesting comments. we used irc a lot in those days, too...

ince i came into the room and a girl friend, who had dropped by, witnessed the fact that "some idiot is down there in the cr talking to himself!" of course the idiot was me. ;) it was lotsa fun though...

it felt like an empty spaceship in those days when you'd cruise in from the deep web. silent, serene, profound, ghostly...  

29 Aug 2004 @ 04:49 by skookum : I talk to myself a lot
I am a good listener lol  

29 Aug 2004 @ 19:41 by vaxen : well...
you write a lot of nice poetry too. if no one makes comments here i was just experimenting with what i could do. add notes? talk to myself? re read and make comments, you know...creative mind blowing. hey, nice to talk with you though. it is always nice to be reflected.

also i'm really not at all settled on how i want to design this loggo bloggospheric blag, bleg, blig, blog, i'm renewing my overall insight by studying the form. i was thinking about workspace as opposed to newslog template or maybe use dhtml or java or whatever to do something really chaotic and non reality spawning...we'll see. but i do appreciate the chat. ;)  

29 Aug 2004 @ 20:18 by skookum : life is a bit
chaotic on my home front.. with all the mentally ill I am trying to help without losing my own identity...

I would like to fix up my blog too.. so so boring.. mine is that is.  

30 Aug 2004 @ 02:32 by vaxen : sorry...
to hear that skookum. here is something i was reading about today. do'nt know if you can use it but i do...

"We seem to create our lives out of our perceptions. If we focus on lack, we get lack.If we focus on riches, we get riches. Our perception becomes a magnet that pulls us in the direction of where we want to go."


"If you do'nt consciously select where you want to go you go where your unconscious wants you to go,"

And a cute little paraphrase of something Carl G. said once:

"Until you make your unconscious your conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate."--C.G.Jung

Of course I know these things and examine their reality within my own life and sphere of being yet...

I do'nt know. What do you think? If our thought/pictures govern our reality, and I do understand how that age old 'truth' may very well be the case, do'nt you think it important to watch and guard our mind brain body complex from intrusion by those forces which would harm us and do harm us? You know, like enslavers, implanters, con men/women, politicians, etc. ANd just what are the best methods in a seeming ocean of methods?

I think that building ones own bridge across the chasms of life is the most satisfactory but that can take forever or so it seems. How do you handle it?

30 Aug 2004 @ 04:58 by skookum : oh yes..
thoughts are very powerful things.. even my mother.. many many years ago.. told me thoughts were things.. real.. powerful and able to affect our reality. I was a small child when she told me this the first time. I have always remembered it.

We do harm to ourselves when we allow the thoughts of others to override our own good sense and sensitivity. When we are healed.. we have essentially healed ourselves.

I try to remember...what is truly real, and what is not. I don't always succeed in knowing the difference... but I am learning and growing in my ability to understand.  

30 Aug 2004 @ 06:30 by vaxen : me too...
we all are, skookum, and i think that is our purpose for adventing here in this world. we created this world out of matter, energy, space, and time. we are not our bodies we are spirits in bodies. thought is actually bioelectromagnetic and has frequency that can be measured. "thoughts are things' goes the famous adage. this is just so. things are thoughts. same same. above and beyond it all we are.

what is beyond the physical universe?
what happened before the physical universe?

what is your personal ideal scene skookum? if you do'nt mind sharing. communicate it via message if you like and only if you want.

i do'nt know if i have a personal ideal scene. i am thinking about that these days.

there is a lot of stuff that i ca'nt put up here in this newslog yet. so i guess i'll just have to message you to see if you are interested if i think you would be. is that ok?

The Ninth Dynamic: Aesthetics.
The Tenth Dynamic: Ethics. (necessary, very necessary, to handle the implanters who try to stop you from getting your rights back.)
The Eleventh Dynamic: Technology (Tech) of Games. (The Bridge, that you construct, that gets you to total freedom, is the playing field of completing the current games.)
The Twelfth Dynamic: Administration of Games.

Above that there is a Games Dynamic.
Above that there is YOU as the source of Games
and all other components of them.
Yes! You did do it for your play and experience.
So did we all. ;)

"You do'nt just cognize and pop out of the games."

You're mother must have been Witani?
I'm Elfin and a changeling. ;)
thanks skookum.  

30 Aug 2004 @ 16:52 by skookum : that is fine.. we shall
we shall have a meeting of minds. I shall get back to you soon. I am at work.

my mother.. from a long line of women of wisdom is my much she didn't tell me that she should have. I was rather a late bloomer in regards to the family 'gifts'.

She was an impish person in someways.. she was a nurse. I learned a lot from her. I am not sure I ever understood her. The stories of her experiences were mind blowing in some cases, yet she spoke as though they were quite ordinary.

I am a wanderer.  

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