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Abbreviations, Acronyms, Symbols & Definitions

Abbreviations & Acronyms

A - Plus Admiration Moco (thetan)

-A - Minus Admiration Moco (thetan)

AAA - Admiration-Agreement-Automaticity

Ab - Ability

ABC - American Broadcasting Company

Ack - Acknowledgement

Admin - Administration

AG - Assistant Guardian

A/I - Attention/Intention

AO - Advanced Organization

AOLA - Advanced Organization Los Angeles

ARC - Affinity, Reality, Communication

ARCB - Affinty, Reality, Communication Break

Understanding Curious About
No (none of it)

ARC SW - Affinity, Reality, Communication Straightwire (A recall process)

ARF - Auditor Report Form

ASHO - American St Hill Organization

Attn - Attention

B - Body Thetan

B1 - Bureau 1 of the Guardian's Office (Intelligence Bureau)

B/CB - Blow/Can't Blow

BD - Blowdown

Bec - Because

BH - Black Hole

B/M - Basic Metabolism check (done before starting an auditing session)

BO - Body Org

B of D - Board of Directors

BPC - By-passed charge

BPI - Broad Public Issue

BR - Bill Robertson (Captain Bill Robertson)

Brk - Break

BS - Black Static

BST - Black Static Thetan

BT - Body Thetan

C - Cluster

CB - Captain Bill (Robertson)

CBR - Captain Bill Robertson

CBS - Columbia Broadcasting System

CC - Celebrity Center

CC - Clearing Course (implant)

CCC - Cascade to Collection Cycle

CCNY - Celebrity Center New York

CCRD - Clone Cycle Rundown

CDU - Connected, Disconnected, Unconnected (Rons Org Processes)

CEDARS - Cedars of Lebanon Hospital Los Angeles (Church property in L.A.)

CEL - Control Energy Level

Cent - Centillion

CI - Counter Intention

CIA - Central Intelligence Agency (US Government Agency)

CLO - Continental Liaison Office or Officer

CMDRE - Commodore

CMO - Commodore's Messenger Organization

C/O - Commanding Officer

COCRD - Commanding Officer Cycle Rundown

COEU - Commanding Officer Europe

C of A - Cycle of Action

C of S - Church of Scientology

Cog - Cognition

Comm - Communication

Comm Ev - Committee of Evidence

Conds - Conditions

CONF - Confidential

Conn - Connected

Cont - Continued

C/S - Case Supervisor

Cse - Course

C/Sq - Can Squeeze check (done before starting an auditing session)

CSI - Church of Scientology International

CST - Church of Spiritual Technology (also called L. Ron Hubbard Library)

CVP - Central View Point

CW - Clearwater, Florida

D - Dynamic (1D,2D,3D etc.)

DA - Drugs Alchohol check (done before starting an auditing session)

D¢ - Dumped Creation

DCM - Datum of Comparable Magnitude

DCSI - Dianetic Clear Special Intensive

DEA - Defense Intelligence Agency (US Government Agency)

Dec - Decided

Det - Determinism

DGIUS - Deputy Guardian for Intelligence United States

DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency (US Government Agency)

Disc - Disconnected

Div - Division

D/L - Date/Locate

DMSMH - Dianetics Modern Science of Mental Health

Dn - Dianetics

D of P - Director of Processing

DRD - Drug Rundown

DS - Date Series (Policy Letters)

DSC - Deputy Sector Commander

Dyn - Dynamic

8-8008 - Eight Eighty Zero Eight (The title of an LRH book)

E/1 - Earlier Incident 1

ED - Executive Director

EE - Elron Elray, LRH's Galactic Patrol name (according to CBR)

Env - Environment check (done before starting an auditing session)

EOS - End of Session

EP - End Phenomena

E/S - Earlier Similiar

Esto - Establishment Officer

E/U - Earlier Universe

Eval - Evaluation

Excal - Excalibur aka Super NOTs (Rons Org OT 8)

Exp - Expanded

Ext - Exterior

F - Fall (meter read)

F0 - Flow 0 (zero)

F1 - Flow 1

F2 - Flow 2

F3 - Flow 3

Fa- Food checked for and is ok (done before starting an auditing session)

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation (US Government Agency)

FCCI - Flag Case Completion Intensive (or a person receiving this service)

F.F. - Flemming Funch

FH - Fort Harrison Hotel (Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida)

FLB - Flag Land Base (in Clearwater, Florida)

fm - from

F/N - Floating Needle

FNTA - Floating Tone Arm

FOLO - Flag Operations Liaison Office

FTA - Floating Tone Arm

GALAC PATRA - Galactic Patrol

GB - Games Basics

GBC - Games Basics Course

GC - Grand Council

GF - Green Form

GMC - Games Master Course

GMGC - Games Master Graduate Course

GO - Guardian's Office

GOD - Game of Other Determinism

GOG - Game of Gods

GP - Galactic Patrol

GPD - Game of Pan Determinism

GPM - Goals Problem Mass

GS - Games Series

GSC - Games Series Course

GSD - Game of Self Determinism

GUM - Games Universe Model

GWW - Guardian World Wide

H - Help

HCOB - Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin

HCOPL - Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter

Hi Sens - High Sensitivity (on the E-Meter)

Hi TA - High Tone Arm (on the E-Meter)

HOM - History of Man (LRH book)

I/A - Intention/Attention

IBM - International Business Machines

I/C - In Charge

III - Interest-Improvement-Intelligence - Involvement triangle

III Materials - OT 3 Materials

I,E/SI - Itsa, Earlier Similar Itsa

Inc I - Incident 1 (4 Quadrillion years ago)

Inc II - Incident 2 (75 million years ago)

Ind - Indicate

Indic - Indication

Int - Interiorization

INT - Intensive (12.5 hours of auditing)

Intell - Intelligence

INTERPOL - International Criminal Police Organization

Inval - Invalidation

IO - Implanter Organization

IRS - Internal Revenue Service (United States tax agency)

ITT - International Telephone and Telegraph (Company)

JB - Jelly Bean (thetan)

K - Knowledge

KO - Key Out

KRC - Knowledge, Responsibility, Control

KRCB - Knowledge, Responsibility, Control Break

L - Location

L-10 - List 10

LCDU - Locations: Connected, Disconnected, Unconnected (Grail process)

LD - Long Duration

LF - Long Fall (meter read)

LFBD - Long Fall Blowdown (meter read)

L & L - Life and Livingness

L & N - Listing and Nulling

LO - Loyal Officer

LRH - L. Ron Hubbard

Ls - The L rundowns: L10, L11, L12

LTA - Last Time Around

m - million

MC - Motorcycle

MEST - Matter, Energy, Space, Time

M/H - Mission Holder

M/I - Mutual Incident

MI 5, MI 6 - British Intelligence Organizations

MIC - Most Important Creation

MIP - Mental Image Picture

Mk VII - Mark VII (E-Meter)

MOC - Moment of Creation

MOCO - Moment of Creation of Viewpoint (thetan)

MOCOVP - Moment of Creation of Viewpoint (thetan)

MSH - Mary Sue Hubbard (wife of L. Ron Hubbard)

MSHIP - Mothership (of the Galactic Patrol for Sector 9)

M/U - Misunderstood

M/W/H - Missed Withhold

NBC - National Broadcasting Corporation

NOTs - New Era Dianetics for OTs (Church of Scientology "new" OT 4,5,6,7)

OCA - Oxford Capacity Analysis (personality test)

OEC - Organization Executive Course

Off - Officer

OI - Other Intention

OPS - Operations

O/R - Overrun

ORG - Organization

Orig - Origination

Orig Post - Original Postulate

OSA - Office of Special Affairs (in the Church of Scientology)

OT - Operating Thetan

OTL - Operations Transport Liaison (Office)

OTLR - OT Life Repair

O/R - Overrun

3P - Third Party

P - Person

P - Plus Perceptic Moco (thetan)

-P - Minus Perceptic Moco (thetan)

PC - Pre Clear

PCDU - Persons: Connected, Disconnected, Unconnected (Grail process)

PDC - Philadelphia Doctorate Course (Series of 1952 LRH taped lectures)

PDH - Pain Drug Hypnosis

PGC - Pre Game Council

PG Council - Pre Game Council

PGCS - Pre Game Councils

PL - Policy Letter

PLS - Person, Location, Subject

POE - Product, Org, Esto Steps (See GMC 15)

Post - Postulate

PPOTs - Power Plus for OTs

PPS - Persons, Places, Subjects

PR - Public Relations

Pre I - Incidents prior to Incident 1

PreOT - Pre Operating Thetan

Proc - Process (auditing process)

Prod - Product

PROJ - Project

PrPr - Power Process

PSLR - Pre Static Life Repair

PSPA - Pre Static Prior Assessment

PT - Present Time

PTS - Potential Trouble Source

PTS X - PTS to Xenu

Pwr - Power

Q - Question

Q & A - Question and Answer (failure to complete a Cycle of Action)

QM - Quartermaster

Quad - Quadrillion

R6EW - Routine 6 End Words (Process for Grade 6 on Scientology Grade Chart)

R - Ron (Hubbard)

Ra- Rest checked for and is ok (done before starting an auditing session)

R.A. - Right Arm (rank)

RAGs - Ring Archives Games

R B'day - Ron's birthday

R/C - Roller Coaster (PTS phenomenon)

RD - Rundown

Resp - Responsibility

Reviv - Revivification

RJs - Ron's Journals (Taped lectures by LRH to brief Scientologists on events)

RONS - acronym for Ron's Organization and Network for Standard Tech

Rons - acronym for Ron's Organization and Network for Standard Tech

RPF - Rehabilitation Project Force

RTC - Religious Technology Center

RTS - Revolt in the Stars (LRH filmscript)

Rts of qn - Rights of a thetan

Rud - Rudiment

Rud LD - Rudiment Long Duration

S - Subject

S9 - Sector 9

SC - Sector Commander

SCDU - Subjects: Connected, Disconnected, Unconnected (Grail process)

SCM - Status-Conformity-Monitoring (triangle)

Scn - Scientology

SEC - Security Check

SEC OPS BUS - Sector Operations Bulletins

Secs - Secondaries

SEO - Sector Ethics Order

SEPAMCOC - Space, Energy (or motion), Particle, Atom, Molecule, Crystal or Cell

SerFac - Service Facsimile

Sess - Session

sF - Small Fall (meter read)

SIN - Suppress, Invalidate, Not-is (buttons)

SIP - Source in Pawn

SN - Solo NOTs or Super NOTs

SO - Sea Organization

SOB - Sector Operations Bulletin

SOL - Source Operation Levels

SP - Suppressive Person

SPOTs - Super Power for OTs (Rons Org OT 12,13)

Sr C/S - Senior Case Supervisor

SS - Super Static or Super Scientology

SSCSC - Super Static C/S Course

SSOTs - Super Scientology for OTs (Rons Org OT 9,10,11)

SSRD - Super Static Rundown

Sup - Supervisor

Supp - Suppress

S/W - Straightwire (Recall process)

T - Thought

TA - Tone Arm or Tone Arm Action (on the E-Meter)

TASEP - Thoughts, Attitudes, Sensations, Emotions, Pains

TB - Technical Briefing (issued by CBR)

TECH - Technology

Tech Vols - Technical Volumes

TELEC - Telepathic Communication

Thru - Through

TKU - Thank you

TLC - Telepathic Link Communication

TLT - This Life Time

TOC - Taken Over Church

Tot - Total

TP - Telepathy or Telepathic

Track - (Time) Track

TR0 - Training Routine 0 (zero)

TTA - This Time Around

TW - Teenie Weenie (thetan)

TWC or 2WC - Two Way Communication

U - Understand

U0 - Universe 0

U1 - Universe 1

U2 - Universe 2

U3 - Universe 3

U.C. of S. - Universal Church of Scientology

Unc - Unconnected

ULR - Upper Level Review (Course)

Val - Valence

VAST - Viable Application of Source Training

VFP - Valuable Final Product

VGIs - Very Good Indicators

V/I - Value/Importance (Rons Org processes)

V/I CDU - Value/Importance Connected, Disconnected, Unconnected (Rons Org Processes)

V0 - Volume 0 (Zero)

V1 - Volume 1

Vol - Volume

VP - Viewpoint

V Shifter - Valence Shifter (process)

w - with

wd - would

w/o - without

WR - William Robertson (Captain Bill Robertson)

WW - World Wide

3X - OT 3 Expanded

X - Xenu

Yrs - Years


qn - thetan

l qn - Lambda thetan

f qn - Phi thetan

nq - entheta

¢ - Creation

- symbol for Astar Paramejgian, Captain Bill Robertson's Galactic Patrol name

S - Static or Static Thetan

S S - Super Static

- S - negative or minus Static

S - positive or plus Static

S3 - Super Static State

± - plus or minus

¥ - Infinity

- Clone

r - Triangle

S - "To Create Existence (S U2) one must..." { See - OT 14,15,16 Notes 10 Jun 86
See - OT 13 Notes and Definitions 14 May 86

- " -S = U2 "
See - OT 14,15,16 Notes 10 Jun 86


Big Thetan
See thetan.

Black 8
A preOT in the Church on OT8 after NOTs TTA.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Black Static Thetan
See BST.

Blow/Can't Blow
Steps for cleaning ones space of beings.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Board of Directors
The Phi Thetans are organized as a social democracy with a Board of Directors.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Body MOCOs
Phi thetans organizing and running the body.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Body Org

An organization of Phi-thetans making the body run.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Body Snatcher RD
Used if preOT is concerned about his body being "snatched".

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Body Straightwire
Handling body MOCOs restimulated by auditing.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Body Thetan (BT)
A Body Thetan is a thetan who is stuck to another thetan or body but is not in control.
Although a human is a composite being there is only one I (that is you) who runs things.

Reference: LRH OT 3 materials.

Black Static Thetan (or Black Static Tech). The "OT" product of the taken-over Church of Scientology LTA; the "tech" used to produce these products. A BST is made to "be" or "own" the entire MEST Universe, is not and can't be in a body, and is stuck "forever" in that state. There are processes to free them now in the Free Zone, TTA!

Reference: SS C/S Course Definitions

Implant 1-1.5 Quadrillion years ago. GPMs run with CC platens.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Cascade to Collection Cycle. Consists of 24 GUMs. 24 CCCs form a Ring

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

A "Cascade to Collection Cycle" - this is a sequence of 24 GUMs (Games Universe Models) which have a similarity of purpose. For instance, if the CCC has a purpose "to improve the understanding of aesthetics" as a purpose, then there may be a GUM or Art, another for Music, another for stories or Books, etc. This is a vastly simplified description, however, as it could as well be a GUM for "picturing aesthetics", "creating aesthetics", "exchanging aesthetics", etc. with all types of aesthetics in each GUM and then in later ones combining the activities of the earlier ones on all flows and all dynamics!

Reference: SS C/S Course Definitions

10x10303. A 1 followed by 303 zeros.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Clean F/N
"Clean" F/N means the F/N doesn't slow down or halt as it goes across the dial in at least one sweep of 1/3 or 1/2 dial.

Reference: Super Scientology for OTs

See thetan.

Clone Cycle RDs
Clones created by the preOT at different levels.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Cluster (abbreviation = C)
A Cluster is a group of body thetans crushed or held together by some mutual bad experience. Thetans believed they were one. This is the primary error.

Reference: LRH OT 3 materials.

C/O Cycle RD (Commanding Officer Cycle RD)
Handling the Body Org and putting the preOT in charge of it.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Coin Trick
Body MOCOs from LTA directed to take over body TTA.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Planet used for experiments and implanting by Xenu.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

An aggregate mass of BTs and Clusters sharing the same pictures and therefore being held together.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

A particular creation from before the Ring games.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

A formation of Black Static Thetans, usually 10x10x10=1000.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Dynamic 10

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Dynamic 11

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Dynamic 12

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Dynamic 13

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

See Pre 1 Plug.

Exteriorization Straightwire
Handling concern about ability to exteriorize.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Game Levels
OT 17-33

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Game of Gods
A game played at the beginning of GUM 0 to elect a "GOD", who would "take care of" everyone's dumped creations from Earlier Universe Games. These "dumps" became the MEST Universe. The Player qns were supposed to learn by doing this to take responsibility for their own Creations and at some point enter the MEST Universe and as-is their own part of it to regain their lost ability to as-is. This was interfered with by the Implant known as Incident I.

The MEST Universe in GUM 0 has been going on for 100 Centillion years. (100 x 10303)(100 with 303 zeros after it).

The Game of Gods was aberrative as many plus and minus Admiration particles (MOCOs) were used as "political" persuasions and as "votes" for the contestants. Unfortunately, Xenu got the most votes and so became the "God" of the MEST Universe.

This game was not considered very significant or important to the qns at that time, just a "fun" thing to do. Xenu's "act" in the Game of Gods included some of the later scenes in Inc I, so it can act as an E/S area of charge.

Reference: SS C/S Course Definitions

OT 14, 15, 16. Connected, Disconnected, and Unconnected Persons, Places, and Subjects that one wants to help.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

A Games Universe Model. It can have one or many games and one or many universes in it. But it is covered by an overall purpose or goal for the qns playing through or in it - whether they remember it or not. This GUM is Games Universe Model 0 (Zero), "Emergency". "Time", as in the MEST Universe (one of the universes in this GUM. There are also "Earlier Universe Games" in it), does not exist before this GUM. So to "date" beyond the MEST Universe "Time" track one uses "Games Universe Models" as a Cycle of Action which all thetans are familiar with.

Reference: SS C/S Course Definitions

The current GUM is GUM Zero.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Help levels
OT 14, 15, 16

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

See Pre 1 Plug.

Incident III
The take-over of the Church

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Jelly Bean (thetan)
See Pre 1 Plug.

Lambda Thetan
See thetan.

Last Time Around
The ring before this in the Ring games. Ring 9999. Almost identical to the current Ring (10,000), however the same position is 564 GUMs ago.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Life After Death RD
Black Static tech used in LTA after 1980. Promised resurrection into a more ideal body.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Logic RD
Used if preOT is determined to follow LTA track after reactivity has been handled.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

An abbreviation meaning Last Time Around. Refers to Ring 9999 the 1st time it was played. The critical GUM which prevented qns from finishing the Ring properly was GUM 0, CCC 24, RING 9999. (This same one we are doing over again now on Ring 10,000).

LTA parallel "time" (to come to the same place - or GUM - on the playing field) is "564 GUMs" ago, (not 576). This is because on the 2nd time around, the first 12 GUMs (called R-factor GUMs) of the RING were skipped - or not played.

All major incidents of TTA also happened LTA.

Note: On TTA & LTA & Rings definitions, if the person gets overwhelmed by thinking he has to urn out all the charge of 10,000 Rings, just indicate he is only stuck in this one. He did get to a Static 3rd Stage to leave each of 9998 (all the other) Rings, so there is only minimal charge, if any, remaining in them.

Reference: SS C/S Course Definitions

LTA future
The period in LTA that we "haven't gotten to yet". Goes to about 10,000 AD.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Engram running on OTIII to handle mutual incidents.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

See thetan.

See thetan.

OT Levels
OT 1 Orientation
OT 2 Breaking up the Composite.
OT 3 Running the cluster making Incident 1 and 2 on BTs and Clusters.
OT 4 Valences
OT 5 Impacted clusters on the body. Accidents and Injuries.
OT 6 Drug BTs, clusters being drugs etc.
OT 7 Intention booster.
OT 8 Excalibur. Stacks and Plugs organized according to preOT's Thought.
OT 9 Thetans Connected to Attention/Intention areas.
OT 10 Thetans Dis-connected from Attention/Intention areas.
OT 11 Thetans Un-connected with Attention/Intention areas.
OT 12 Handling attached creations relating to list of abilities.
OT 13 Creations dumped in the physical universe.
OT 14 Connected persons, places, subjects that one wants to help.
OT 15 Disconnected persons, places, subjects that one wants to help.
OT 16 Unconnected persons, places, subjects that one wants to help.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

OT Life Repair
Extra steps to make sure an Excal completion can run Phoenix.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Other Determined Creation
A creation that has been infiltrated. Might come up on Excal and look like a plug, but wont handle unless treated as a creation.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Phi Thetan
See Thetan.

OT 9, 10, 11. Connected, Disconnected, Unconnected thetans. Organized according to the preOT's Attention and Intention.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

See thetan.

An organized part of the case on Excalibur. Consists of several "terminals" (each of which may be very complex, and consist of many qns, with various functions as a unit or "thing") having a function to perform on a case connected by holding lines. Holding means "suppression carried out through time" or "constant suppression". There may be several plugs on one "stack" or a person's case because they are related by thought. The "stack" wording is how the Pre-OT "thinks" of the area that is troubling him, it is not a "message" or "words" or "intention" coming from a plug or plugs.

Reference: SS C/S Course Definitions

An organized attack, especially against the Jews or- other minority group.

Reference: Glossary of CBR Book Sector 9

Postulate thetan
Thetan 'audited'/implanted into being a postulate LTA.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Power Cube
100x100x100 = 1 million Black Static Thetans in a cube.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Power Plus for OTs
OT 14, 15, 16

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Pre 1 Plug
"Now what is a Pre-Incident I plug? Well, it is a plug, that has been... made up - organized. Made onto an....(correcting himself) as an org-board. Composing....(correcting himself) composed of BTs and thetans. Uh sorry, Bt's and Clusters - made specifically, to do certain hats on that little org-board, and....frozen in time, and then....attached... to a thetan, at some point on his track. Perhaps Incident I, later, and more...even up into Incident II but it is...composed entirely of frozen...thetans which have been doing the same thing, as they are now... stuck in, since... before... Incident I. This is the Pre-I...Pre-Incident I Experimental... Area, we talked about in the last Tape."

"So some of these plugs, these... Pre-Incident-I plugs date back - so far - from 4 to 7 - 7 1/2 even more quadrillion years ago."

"Now. I wanna give you some definitions and then I'll show you why this is also an earlier similar, to... the Incident II. Because there was a capture, from Earlier...Universe. In other words these thetans were whooshed up, with something very much like a vacuum cleaner, and ..Whoosh!"

"In these, Pre-I plugs you're gonna find the following things. This vacuum-cleaner I talked about. Uh...we call it a "Hoover", and...uh...the incident called "Hoovering" and it''s the first, or most earliest - usually earliest - incident on these...uh... Pre-I plugs. They were "hoovered" out of an Earlier Universe, or "vacuumed"."

"When they were captured, they were then, taken to the experimental... area. And this is... see this is "earlier similar" to Incident II, (unintelligible) 4 to 7 quadrillion years ago....these guys were.... whoosh... "hoovered" out of their, own Universe, and they were usually kept in the first, instance...they were kept a thing called an "Electrosphere"."

"An "Electrosphere", is a large sphere, which has a magnetic, charge on the inside - electromagnetic charge on the inside - so that a thetan...the thetan cannot touch the wall. He feels repelled by this. But... he also does not join up with the other thetans. So you eventually, essentially get one of these giant gum ball machines, if you picture it that way... it's a lot of thetans inside of a giant sphere, and they can't quite get out...they can't....they're pressing against each other and so on."

"But they're held in this. And it's kept at a low temperature. All right. That's the "Electrosphere". And... then, they are put through various processes to make them amenable to being...clustered and BTs and into Plugs."

"Uh...and he could have been put in a thing called...we call the "Spin-drier". The "Spin-drier"... You know - like a spinning, machine to dry your clothes out. Right? Or a centrifuge, if you like. But... the "Spin-drier" was to...uh... impact the thetan with other thetans, make him... more than one, and to spin him, with this... tiny amount of mass that he had, by being... attached to another or mocking up something, or the other being mocking up something. A tiny amount of mass but, he was spun at high, high rate of speed in this "Spin-drier", and it made him feel (CBR lowers voice) very heavy...very heavy.

(CBR voice back to normal) So, he was then... given the idea of mass, and he could then BE mass. He was ordered to "BE... heavy", "Be mass". And some of these guys think that they're as heavy as lead, and some of them... they're as heavy only as water or some of them as heavy only as...uh.. a light gas. But, there are different degrees of heaviness, to these little, "jelly bean"... thetans. Now I call the ones that, are there in the plug just... to be, mocking up mass and to hold the thetan down, and to keep him from, doing OT abilities. These, in the plug are usually grouped... together in a... in a bag or container...but - and they just have mass.

They just have the function of being mass. And... these are what I call "jelly bean thetans" because they look like the jelly beans in the jar, uh... you see in the candy stores. You know, they're there and they're all separate but they're just sort of being in a container and being massive."

Reference: Tech Briefing 7

Pre-Static Life Repair
2WC and Game of Gods.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Pre-Static Prior Assessment
MOCOs in different areas.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Prime MOCOs
See thetan.

Uprising, insurrection, takeover attempt

Reference: Glossary of CBR Book Sector 9

1. Routine Six
2. abbreviation for Routine 6. It means the exact processes and aspects of case handled at Level VI of Scn.

Reference: Tech Dictionary

R6 Bank
the Reactive Mind

Reference: Tech Dictionary

R6EW for Clears
A version of R6EW for Clears that have dramatizations going on and haven't run OT2 or 3 yet.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Right Arm - meaning "right arm rank" - has qualifications to command a ship as differentiated from and in addition to administrative or "left arm" rank

Reference: Glossary of CBR Book Sector 9

Resurrection Clone
A thetan implanted LTA to take over a person's body TTA.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Resurrection RD
Black Static tech used in LTA after 1980. Promised resurrection into better conditions.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Revolt in the Stars
Movie script written by LRH describing the events around Inc 2.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

A Ring is a combination of 24 CCCs or 576 GUMs in a big torus or "doughnut" shaped structure. It was part of the original agreement of all "Player" qns who decided to play the Ring Games.

Reference: SS C/S Course Definitions

Ring Archives Games
The series of games agreed upon by 10x1040 big thetans. Consists of 10,000 Rings with 576 GUMs in each.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

"SEPAMCOC" is an abbreviation for the various sub-levels in MEST (¢) or LIFE FORMS (l) of "organized"
MOCOs. Space, Energy (or motion), Particle, Atom, Molecule, Crystal or Cell

Reference: GMC 33a

See Pre 1 Plug.

A built-up area of charge on a person's Excalibur case which makes him act or "think" in an irrational non-survival, non-expanding way or monitors him in a direction of shrinking his KRC and ARC (his Power and Understanding) and drives him downscale as a qn. It can collapse him down to only operating on 1 or 2 dynamics or lead him into other practices that will trap him from ever going OT. It is OTHER-DETERMINED CHARGE in a certain area. If a person has "accepted" or "agreed" to it, he may believe it's his own thoughts!

Reference: SS C/S Course Definitions

Static Thetan
See thetan.

Super 7
Excalibur, OT 8

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Super NOTs
Excalibur, OT 8

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Super Power for OTs
OT 12, 13. Creations and dumped creations. Organized according to abilities the preOT wishes to improve.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Super Static
OT 16. Exterior to the games.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Super Static R/D
Handling the first two postulates in the Ring games.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Planet Earth.

Reference: LRH OT 3 materials.

A MEST (Phi) thetan

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

qn: a general term meaning any life unit. S qn, Big qn or Player, Lambda (l) qn, Phi (f) qn. An awareness of awareness unit.

Big qn or "Player": the preclear or Clear you are auditing or the qn called "me" who has a case. Can be in or out of a body. Can be found sticking on a case at OT 3 or in a Plug because of being implanted or betrayed. Can be suppressed into believing he is a "Body" or a "Body qn", or a "Monitor" or "Operator" or "Implanter". All "Players" were originally Static qns.

S qn or Static qn: a "Big qn" or "Player", who for one reason or another has decided to sit for now outside the game, or chose to do so by Rights of a qn. Usually they don't know the Tech so have out-Ruds. They can permeate the Playing Field and get in comm with other Players telepathically. They are usually just outside of, or exterior to, ONE Games Universe Model and have, of course, unhandled charge on earlier ones.
There are "stages" of Static:

1st Stage = outside a GUM
2nd Stage = outside a CCC
3rd Stage = outside a Ring
4th Stage = outside of the Ring Archives but still in U0 (the agreed upon
playing field).
5th Stage (Super Static) = the EP of the Super Static RD after OT 16 - exterior
to the Ring Archives and the Playing Field.

Lambda (l) qn: a "lambda" or "lifeform" qn. One who has a function of caring for or operating life forms. Can be a "genetic-entitiy", a "demon circuit" or a body operator for animals, plants, fish, birds, or humans. May be part of a team of such qns who were hatted to do this in early MEST U track prior to Inc I or from E/U Games or even earlier GUMs. All true l qns basically are MOCOs. However, you may find a Player qn occasionally implanted or suppressed into the "belief" he is a l qn. Also called loosely "Body qns". Many of these were captured from E/U games and used on "Plugs" after being made to believe they were "solid". l qns like to copy or hold "pictures" for Big qns or make them from his intention. l qns align with the 5th Dynamic. (Ref: Dianetic Axioms).

Phi (j) qn or (f) qn: "Phi qns" or MEST qns. One who has a function of being a particle of matter or energy or space in a creation. Can be of a gradient of sizes with the bigger ones responsible for the smaller ones. Can be identified as space, potential energy or motion, energy particle, sub-atomic particles, atomic particles, atoms, molecules, cells, crystals, etc. Are used to make MEST and pictures for Players so they won't disappear when the Player looks at them. In U3 they are all mixed up from E/U game "dumpings" by all Players. These U3 f qns have been organized by their "Board of Directors" and do not cooperate with any Big qns normally, because of their ARCBLD (ARC Break long duration) on being dumped. All f qns originally were MOCOs. f qns align with the 6th Dynamic (Ref. Dianetic Axioms).. (pronounced "Fee" on Tapes)

MOCO: means "Moment Of Creation Of Viewpoint". A MOCO is a Created qn by one of the Big qns or Static qns for use in the games. They therefore do not have any time track earlier than their moment of Creation. That is the basic on their "Case". (They also do not have a large "case" like a Player, who has been in the Games since the beginning.) Can be a l qn or f qn or a special type created by a Player and used for Admiration (plus or minus) or Perception (plus or minus) or for creating and holding or operating a Creation for the Player (called a VIA MOCO) (The Player used this via so the Creation wouldn't disappear and there would be someone to care for it at his direction.) Probably the Board of Directors of the f qns were originally VIA MOCOs who got dumped with their f qn Creations into the MEST U.

All MOCOs were originally created to HELP the Player who created them. When a person's own MOCOs want to return to their Creator they "blow" inward to him. Other Players MOCOs will blow outward. (Also any who choose to go free, or to Static Point to wait, will "blow" outward.)

Clone: A MOCO who was made with more ability and free will - almost, or
partly, a copy of the Player, to do a "mission" for him or to "fool the enemy"
or to "play a game". See also, more on these under "MOCO" definitions.

Another class of MOCO is called a "Clone". This is a MOCO who was created
with more ability and self-determinism and could serve as a "substitute" or
"missionaire" for the Player. They usually want to debrief before going free
or returning to their moment of creation. They could also have been given
the ability to create other MOCOs and also could have been gotten
implanted, while doing their "missions".

MULES: A combination of two or more MOCOs (usually Admiration Particles -
plus or minus - or Perceptic MOCOs - plus or minus - or Clones), one being
the person's own MOCO and the other a friend's or enemy's MOCO. These
can be combined by implanting into a MOCO "Sandwich" - with a person's
own, a friend's, and the implanter's or Xenu's. One has to run the incident of
the "Sandwich" being made (like a Clustering Incident or Mutual Incident)
before each separate MOCO can be freed.

Prime MOCOs: These are the MOCOs a Player created to prepare for and start
the Games. There are 4 of them. One is the basis of the "Analytical" Mind.
Another is the Basis for the "Security" Mind (which became the "Reactive"
Mind), and another is the Basis for the "Social" Mind. The 4th one is the
MOCO which was used to Create the Playing Field and Ring Archives Games
as an agreement with all other Players. The interesting thing about the Prime
MOCOs is that they CAN NOT BE RUN OUT until the Player is finished the
Games. (After OT 16). He created these Prime MOCOs with the Super Static
postulate to assist him throughout the games, so at any point before that, he
is simply not powerful enough to undo or as-is that postulate. If encountered
in a session on OT levels, they should be thanked for what they did in the
session and told to continue HELPING till the Player is finished the Games.

Reference: SS C/S Course Definitions

This Time Around
The current Ring (Ring 10,000) as opposed to LTA which is in Ring 9999.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Thought levels

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

An abbreviation meaning This Time Around. Refers to Ring 10,000 being a "re-play" of Ring 9999 and all the Players going through GUM 0 for the 2nd time. Ring 9999 was supposed to be the last of the Ring Games, but it had to be done again as no one got out of it.

Reference: SS C/S Course Definitions

U 0
Prime MOCO Creating the playing field.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Prime MOCO Security MOCO. Keeping the Player's secrets. Basis for Reactive Mind.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Prime MOCO Keeping track of other players. Basis for Social Mind.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Prime MOCO Keeping track of the Player's plans etc. Basis for Analytical Mind.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Universe 0 (Zero)
The Playing Field. Produced by the 1st postulate by 10 x 1040 players.

Reference: (See Diagram under Ring definition.)

Universe One
One's own universe

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Universe Three
The agreed upon physical universe. Is on Ring 10,000 (&9999), CCC 24, GUM 0.

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

Universe Two
The universe of another

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

"The universes, then, are three in number: the universe created by one viewpoint, the universe created by every other viewpoint, the universe created by the mutual action of viewpoints which is agreed to be upheld - the physical universe."

Reference: Page 2 of LRH book 8-8008

Valence Shifter
L&N: "Which valence (identity) would be safe?"

Reference: Rons Org Glossary

White Form
PC Assessment Form

Reference: Tech Dictionary



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