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 The Lines Of A New Civilization
category picture18 Dec 2003 @ 08:42
December 2003 - Are Solid Lines Needed in order to birth a New Civilization?

Today the world is a neighborhood like never before. Right now down the street one of our global neighborhoods called North Korea is running things by fear – every person knows this if they even know of this country. To find this neighborhood you simply need to drive out of yours and go west a few blocks of time. Shortly you will arrive there – but be very careful – folks are being killed there everyday.

Its homeowners association dictates what ‘right behavior looks like’ and if you don’t conform to this ‘look’ your life very well may end. So please heed the warning at this neighborhood’s entrance – “enter with caution – for your life is on the line.” It’s the same sign that was posted in the neighborhood of Iraq just a few months ago.  More >