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 Democratic Realism - A Fascinating Look At the Bush/Blair Foreign Policy
category picture17 Feb 2004 @ 08:24
I’m most impressed with this masterpiece of expression! Charles Krauthammer brings to all of us a in-depth look at the creation and expression of a foreign policy for Americans and the world at large – introducing what he calls “Democratic Realism”, which balances both the right and the left and offers the ultimate solution to peace in our world – through the uncompromising pursuit of freedom for all.

It’s filled with solutions that are hard to reason against otherwise…enjoy!

A Unipolar World

Americans have an healthy aversion to foreign policy. It stems from a sense of thrift: Who needs it? We’re protected by two great oceans, we have this continent practically to ourselves and we share it with just two neighbors, both friendly, one so friendly that its people seem intent upon moving in with us.  More >