Matrix Mashing Musings: Circus Act    
 Circus Act9 Nov 2003
pictureby Tsebastian Digges

I spin plates
For people to see
I must keep it going
or I won't be me

I'm getting a bit tired
It’s no longer fun
What if I let the plates fall?
One by one

Oh no can't do that!
They'll boo me off the stage
Imagine all the rage
People paid good money
To watch me play my part

But I'm falling apart
nothing I can do
plates are falling down
broken right in two

I was so afraid to stop
performing for the crowd
I knew I'd lose their love
And now they're yelling loud!

I must summon all my courage
Let my heart be true. . .
Find the WAY that’s NEW

I let the plates go one by one
The audience walked out
But the freedom that I felt
Just caused my heart to shout

The empty hall sent echoes back
I knew not what to do.......
Imagine my delight and glee
When one tiny voice said
Bravo! . . . Good for YOU


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9 Nov 2003 @ 16:29 by vibrani : And
leave them for someone else to clean up? A very different kind of poem, and a cheer - thanks for sharing it.  

9 Nov 2003 @ 16:32 by scotty : I second that Heart Shout
Bravo !.... Good for YOU Seb !
(is the drawing yours too?)  

19 Nov 2003 @ 16:47 by tsebastian : no drawing
No Scotty, I draw the line at drawing.  

19 Nov 2003 @ 17:35 by waalstraat : Yeah,
Yuh, also funny, tseb...  

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