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2 May 2022 @ 06:45, by Unknown

How to Create Backlink Dofollow Berkualitas - In general practice, you are the party providing backlinks to other sites. The trick, by creating a link to a specific site from your site. This is because, there are many benefits of backlinks that you can get, especially if the backlink status is dofollow. That's why, in addition to being a backlink provider, your website also needs to be a backlink recipient from other sites.

The process carried out in an effort to get backlinks, is referred to as link building in SEO techniques. The process of obtaining this URL link is certainly not as simple as it seems. So, it's no wonder that many are looking for shortcuts by buying backlinks.

This can indeed be done, but the backlink you get are not necessarily of high quality. Especially if the niche of the site that provides the backlink is not the same as your site's niche. It's even possible, the website has bad credibility in the eyes of search engines, which can also make your site bad on search engines.


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