Xanadu 2012: 1969 Moon Landing Discrepancy    
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picture16 Dec 2016 @ 22:12, by Unknown

1969 Moon Landing Discrepancy :
speaking of not possible ....what about the 1969 moon landing,,,i was reviewing the specs and noted that the size of the fuel tank was 20 x to small to generate the energy, thrust and Gs to escape the moons gravity...... the size seems to have been about that of a car gas tank, hardly enough....they got the math right and everything on paper checks out but when you compare a Saturn rocket pic to the moon lander.pic ..something is amiss...

yes ´╗┐yes the moons gravity is less at 16.6% earths but still not enough...

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16 Dec 2016 @ 22:13 by swanny @ : Powers Of Observation
takes 50 years for the public to note a glaring inconsistency.  

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