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 White Guilt0 comments
category picture2 Feb 2007 @ 23:06
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 Great Inventions2 comments
category picture31 Jan 2005 @ 10:44
Good of the morn to all or most....
hee hee
I was just in ponderation about Inventions
Debating which were the "great" ones
the ones that sort of changed or transformed
or evolved us in a "real" and meaningful" and
simple way......
Now the good ones seem to be somewhat common
"sensical" like now why didn't I think of that.
Like take "washing ones hands" apparently that
was an idea and invention ahead of its time.
What do you figure ranks up there with the
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 Growth1 comment
category picture21 Sep 2004 @ 01:28
I couldn't help but chuckle at the headline of the paper about balancing growth and taxes. It struck as a kind of can't see the forest for the trees irony.
What is the point of growth then if all it does is increase the tax burden..... What then is this panacea of growth all about. Where is the advantage. True there is probably a ratio and balancing component to it that I think the people are unawares of. Why? Because what is the "magic" ratio or number ? Do you know?
I don't know. Does any one know?
There is Growth, then there is Smart Growth and then there is.... walla " sustainable growth.
Think about it before jumping on the growth bandwagon and consider too the growth life cycles and contingency and rainy day funds as well and supplying good clean healthy water to all this growth
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