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 Take a sad song and make it better9 comments
picture6 Jun 2007 @ 21:30
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 Why wait?1 comment
picture18 Mar 2007 @ 23:16

Improvements to our technologies and changes to our behavior---all of which are well-within our capabilities---have the potential to make things better. According to Stephen Pacala and Robert Socolow we aren't yet facing a world in which doing the very best we can means barely hanging on. Instead, we are in a position now to make resolute and meaningful advances, thereby keeping us from disaster and laying the groundwork for even greater transformations.  More >

 Who killed the electric car?0 comments
picture14 Mar 2007 @ 18:00
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 The Really Big Button1 comment
picture2 Mar 2007 @ 00:13

"I think there's something wrong with the Really Big Button. It doesn't seem to do anything," Paul Mitchell reports.

Dave Rogers ponders, "If a tree falls on the Really Big Button in the forest when nobody is there, does it do something?"

Gregory L. Snead shouts to a large crowd of onlookers, "You are all wrong! The button does what all buttons of its kind do: allow itself to be pushed. What do you expect? Can it be held responsible for what *doesn't* happen once it is pressed? I think not! Perhaps the world would be a better place if individuals were more like the button. Hail to the button!"

Daniel Dylan muses, "I don't see what the big deal is...I mean I pushed it, and it worked for me."

There you have it. And it's still there. Strong and growing.
And I guess its hmmmm still working exactly as it should.
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 Digital Ethnography1 comment
category picture14 Feb 2007 @ 19:33
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