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picture17 Jun 2011 @ 07:11
June 17 2011
ab ca
1:11 am MDT
may day may day.... do you copy CBC heads up or ?
we have a possible viral deviant on the radar from the same folks the brought us the oil leak in the gulf in summer of 2010.... opening up in 21st century churches/theaters today....
requesting interception and interpretive protocol if there is one.... head them off at the pass.....
request analysis of unproven and untested movie.... effects undetermined
possible calibration or similarities to historical past of effects see below
losing altitude and mental integrity
may day entering uncharted waters and air space
over and out....

ps...... and why does the white house USA gov web site have a European web server that originates in the mountains of EU flag Switzerland..... and run by a Canadian company....????????????
and my ex face book page now has Chinese characters.....does not compute request analysis and assist
composed and compiled but not transmitted earlier
June 16 2011
ab ca
4:30 pm MDT

re: master race propaganda films

oh %#*$ here come the master race propaganda film the pm/fuhrer had our Canadian military participate in the photo ops ...... right on cue? although how can this be on cue when its all ad lib and improv???? strange ..... have we entered a worm hole or is it just more of the same global quantum entanglement............. i wonder if the ca pm makes a cameo
uncle Canada wants you...
link = [link]
all the make up you can eat and all the reality edited out
excuse me maybe its just my imagination but does this net cloud have a distinctive BO and BS odor to it?
please say it taint' so.... its just my imagination right? and paranoia.... right? or
well CBC call up capt kirk dr w.s. and well hes a bit pricey but a new project perhaps
the Jedi's strike back

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 After the Rain0 comments
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 Iz ~ Ka Pua U'i 2 comments
category picture5 Jan 2008 @ 14:33
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 What would Jane Eyre do?12 comments
picture18 Jun 2007 @ 20:37

"It is in vain to say human beings ought to be satisfied with tranquility: they must have action; and they will make it if they cannot find it. Millions are condemned to a stiller doom than mine, and millions are in silent revolt against their lot. Nobody knows how many rebellions besides political rebellions ferment in the masses of life which people earth."
---Charlotte Bronte, "Jane Eyre"

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