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 Solutions are the problem?1 comment
category picture31 Mar 2017 @ 01:19
Analysis Mr Data?
Hmmm well well, but in the large picture, it almost seems that the development and advancement of the system and society, as exampled by the above itself, is creating more and more complex problems than it was initially tasked to solve.

The problems of basic life are small thus in compare to the number and complexity of those created by the "helping?" system.

And though it seems a success in terms of the increase in the "number" of the human population, the satisfaction and happiness and calm of that population has decreased quite a bit and been dumbed down and substituted by a unauthentic, glib,, pretentious "game of fun".

Thus to sum up the main problems thus now seem to be the solutions.  More >

 Eco-Idealism4 comments
category picture27 Jan 2017 @ 16:17
In an ideal world, whats good for the economy would enhance and benefit the environment and planet....but let us not kid ourselves, many things people do or find pleasure, in are harmful to their minds, bodys and spirits etc., so thus it takes restraint and study to determine what is healthiest for both, and all, the body, mind, economy and environment, etc..
Somethings we just didn't know what the consequences and unintended consequences were or will be and so fair enough, but when we do find out, it takes a lot of courage, strength and will power to do what is healthy and right for us and the future.

By swanny
26 January 2017
Canada  More >

 Seasons Greeting3 comments
category picture23 Dec 2016 @ 23:25
imagine https://soundcloud.com/davidcamelot/just-imagine seasons greeting swanny  More >

 1969 Moon Landing Discrepancy7 comments
picture16 Dec 2016 @ 22:12
1969 Moon Landing Discrepancy :
speaking of not possible ....what about the 1969 moon landing,,,i was reviewing the specs and noted that the size of the fuel tank was 20 x to small to generate the energy, thrust and Gs to escape the moons gravity...... the size seems to have been about that of a car gas tank, hardly enough....they got the math right and everything on paper checks out but when you compare a Saturn rocket pic to the moon lander.pic ..something is amiss...

yes ´╗┐yes the moons gravity is less at 16.6% earths but still not enough...  More >

 Galatic village9 comments
category picture14 Aug 2016 @ 10:43
And round and round we go in this seeming unfathomable GALACTIC village....ommmmm  More >

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