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category picture11 Dec 2017 @ 11:30
11 dec 2017
the Un security council should hold an emergency meeting as our Sovereign sol system space has been penetrated without notice or permission as per required by the Gabriel Treaty signed in 2011, by an interstellar asteroid.
The initial offense carries a fine of 500 mega watts of energy.

Offender asteroid 1I/2017 U1

also this is the first material proof of the real actual existence of the interstellar or "out there".




 Feasible Warp Drive Possible0 comments
category picture2 May 2017 @ 15:32
2 may 2017
Feasible warp drive
we've done it


make it so

carry on


 Rule Of ???0 comments
category picture18 Apr 2017 @ 20:11
Rule of ?
Well freely speaking, let us confront the pretence of ours, as a rule of law society and that it sort of falls apart when there is no distinction or care made between good/legal monies and bad/illegal monies, though who, in consideration, could really make such calls, in such a complex economy. And then as well, with the added assumption or notion that more of such, ie monies, is generally considered better.
So in truth then, it is more RULE OF HIGHEST BIDDER, and not law that governs and as such, the sham of civility.

 East West conflict1 comment
category picture11 Apr 2017 @ 16:52
Well as usual the West in its bias is not understanding and trying bully and impose a western solution on Eastern culture and reality, when traditionally the way the East and royalty often settled disputes, wars and conflicts was by intermarriage between opposing parties and the offspring of such leading and ruling the future.

that sort of practice or compromise is not possible in democracies.... by the way.

swanny 2017  More >

 Happy 150th CANADA2 comments
category picture31 Mar 2017 @ 15:33
well they haven't really been able to define what canada (work in progress) is so....????
any way happy 150th
enjoyed the first of that CBCs CANADA series on Sunday....
we were the best of men , we were the worst of men....
anyway here is my friends gift to us...
World, We Are CANADA.

enjoy and celebrate... life is short....  More >

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