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Who is this Blog for - I think it's for myself. If I want to get something out of my system it helps to share it with others, like this song that goes around in you head until you pass it to somebody else.

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Ming the Mechanic
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We have to face the fact that either all of us are going to die together or we are going to learn to live together and if we are to live together we have to talk. --Eleanor Roosevelt

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 Lost pagerankgezi
20 Aug 2008 @ 04:54
Shoveling site between servers can be hazardous to your page rank. There I maintained the old site for this blog in order to keep the page rank around in case I wanted to utilize the name at a later time and what happened? - - When switching servers the apache entry for that site was not set up correctly and for a few month the site disappeared from the web. Long enough for google to think it's good for good - and forgot all about it. But now that I have fixed the apache configuration this becomes an interesting experiment to see if google might have a memory. I would not expect the site to regain much of it's rank quickly, if at all, but this is what this experiment is about. And this blog entry is a first attempt to tell Google that GeZi's is back.

 It happened, it finally happenedgezi
picture24 Feb 2008 @ 21:13
This blog went away - at least as a blog it went away.

I did not want to waste the page rank 4 site, so I kept the content for now rather intact, but static.

I used some tool to suck off the whole site and make static web pages from it and it is still available at

Surprisingly Google liked the new setup a lot better, because after only a short time a bigger part of the article pages are indexed, while before Google just disregarded everything that had fallen off the main page. Now I am wondering how I got the page rank without an apparent web site behind it.

But after my attempt to suck off the whole site through this utility I can understand that now. This utility had quite a few problems traversing the site, and so I guess Google had as well.

Any of the old rantings from this blog can now be found on  Read More

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