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 Spin Doctoring
picture6 Nov 2001 @ 15:43, by Zen Benefiel

on another vein, artery or whatever stream of flow may be...

While meditating I was reminded of some recent discoveries that may be of interest. Many portals are opening now as we all are experiencing. Moving inward with the flow of introspection for integration, we often feel the swirling flow engulf us as we journey the rainbow matrix.

Some months past, a discussion of the fibonacci sequence revealed an interesting correlation. Seems this serendipity spanned symbiotic samples... (fit topics on this list and another) At any rate, I trust it is helpful.

The fibonacci sequence is the mathematical expression of the fractal that apparently exists at the core of every natural order, including human dna. This sequence also produces an array of symbols, including several variations of the 6-pointed hexagram, or star tetrahedron in 3d. Spiritual mathematicians have often talked about the 'x' factor, that enables access to the other worlds on a fully conscious level. In looking at one of the sequences of exploration, there is a pattern that, when drawn connecting specific points, reveals an open-ended square. Not the type of thing you would figure from such a symmetrical sequence. When the number sequence is reversed it produces a 'Z' shape across the middle of the star. So far its more of a 'Z' factor. Musing as it is, a morning meditation revealed how it looked in 3d, with the upper and lower lines curved in opposite directions and the center line slightly curved as though it were representing a spinning 'Z', which is what the entrance to the portals resemble as you might look down at the 'Z, ' which is not to say that we are superior. The 'X' factor is revealed when you consider going AND returning, the mirror images, or spins. This also ties into the rotating feathered serpent medicine wheel that the Mayans spoke of, and Jose Arguelles wrote about as what could be seen above the 'gathering places' during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. I also saw the same symbol when I asked about the Creator of God, and it appeared again during the group meditations. Its also reflected in the spiraled helix of our DNA. So, this would indicate that there is correlation in all forms in creation, or at least what we can recognize so far, making us one big family, eh?

What the relevance may be now is that as we move in and out of various worlds, or even aboard ship, this pattern is recognizable in the movements throughout the rainbow highways of the UNIverse. Many are beginning to traverse the intradimensional pathways, encountering some difficulty with the sensations of letting go of the physical form in order to journey. Perhaps the foreknowledge of some of the visuals will make the transitions flow more easily. My sense is that we are already familiar with these pathways from dreamtime. Now, as vibratory levels have been on the rise, the experiences are becoming more prevalent in waking states of consciousness, often facilitated with music and/or other catalysts yet not necessary as meditation alone offers access. Regular, even though sporadic, journeying seems to remove all fears and emotional disturbances as well, although it doesn't seem to do too much for daily routines yet. Maybe it has something to do with that eye of the needle thing. The visual pattern is also reminiscent of the merkaba field generation which is known to facilitate inter- and intrastellar travel among certain groups of space cadets. This may be helpful in creating better ship to shore travel.

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