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 Its all about You...
picture6 Nov 2001 @ 15:41
I would like you to know that any communication I make to you is always intended to be in love. We use many words, some of them have many meanings. I seek to empower you as I do with everyone. If I offend, then I'm open to hearing it. I do my best to listen from a place of love too, even though I may not always hear perfectly. I can understand your workload and dilemma within/out your living experience. I'd like to share something as well.  More >

 Has Your Data Been Saved?
category picture5 Oct 2001 @ 11:44
St. Silicon has been ministering to “the data distressed, the unwired masses, the D-based and D-filed” since 1984. According to St. Silicon, he was working at his terminal one eve when lightening struck his satellite dish and rendered him unconscious. When he awoke, the Keyboard Prayer was on the screen and he was given the name St. Silicon. The Giver of Data (G.O.D.) instructed him to start the Church of Heuristic Information Process (CHIP), the first user-friendly religion. Here, reproduced are some of his inspirational words to help you through your learning curve.  More >