Ascending Masters: The Preface to the 7th Seal - Hidden Wisdom Unveiled    
 The Preface to the 7th Seal - Hidden Wisdom Unveiled9 comments
31 Jan 2005 @ 00:52, by Mathues Imhotep

This is the preface to the newly released book. The 7th Seal.


This book wrote itself, and, in the process, it wrote, confirmed and defined me. The writing process was an inner journey that most conclusively proved to me the existence of an unseen hand that is definitely weaving a greater tapestry of unity and interconnectedness. This book is designed to reveal many things by encouraging a discovery of yourself and the underlying truths of reality.

I would like to provide some background information that I feel is necessary to understand that which will be put forth as a new foundational spiritual framework. In many ways the contents of this book are not new at all, but very ancient. To many, the tenets presented may seem very new and widely divergent from what has been the norm or the pontificated belief systems of academia and the world religions. Some people, on the other hand, will innately recognize the words as truth, for they will absolutely ring or resonate in their hearts; for indeed, we all have the encoding of universal truths embedded in our core, from the microscopic level of our cells to the macrocosmic ethers of our spiritual body or souls.

What has guided me from the beginning is an inner knowing, the “still small voice” that we can hear if only we will stop long enough to listen. In many cases, on my own spiritual path to self-realization and enlightenment, there has been a strong presence, an almost overt influence, which I just could not ignore. My passion for life, love and truth has continuously beckoned me to my highest path and when I would falter, as we all do, that all-knowing guiding hand would gently encourage my continued path of seeking the narrow way and high road. I would be remiss not to mention that, in some cases, that hand has had the need to be somewhat stern and strong, giving me a loving push.

This is the first of three books in this series: Gnosis Unveiled. I have known for over five years that I would be writing several books. My guidance has finally indicated that now is the time. With the events that have transpired recently, the culmination of a life-long understanding has been verified and confirmed beyond my wildest dreams. My whole life’s purpose has ultimately been revealed through the chain of events that have resulted in the near total recall of my soul’s akashic history as a leader of spiritual reconstitution.

I have always known several principal maxims about the nature of existence, which have served as the backbone of my spiritual valor. These firm and sound spiritual cornerstones have been the rock that my faith has been built upon. In this book I will divulge five elements laying the groundwork for our personal sacred temple, as we proceed into the greater mysteries that have been revealed, remembered and channeled through and by me (and my higher self.) Additionally, these five elements represent the five initiations that initiates would undergo in the ancient mystery schools.

The release of this information coincided with several other major events that have to do with the greatest of personal paradigm shifts. For several decades now, there has truly been a significant undercurrent carrying and directing the consciousness of humankind. The time is fast approaching when this seemingly unnoticed tributary will gather with the greater river of awakening consciousness and plummet into the ocean of full realization as a vast divine awareness.

For now is most definitely a paramount time, indeed, with many predictions and utterances of ‘End Times’ and redeeming raptures. These millennium end-days are without question the most anticipated pivotal period of hundreds, if not thousands of years. The warnings are many, and, unfortunately, they far outweigh any favorable predictions that have come forth. Again, my responsibility, (though certainly not solely mine,. but rather a responsibility being accepted by many now) is to be a harbinger of the new “Golden Age.” With every new age, there must be the conclusion of the preceding one. However, let us not lose sight of the future that such ending brings. For what has become clear to me through this work is that the preponderance of information both prophetic and speculative concerning the breaking of the purported seventh seal of the Bible’s Revelation is not, as many would or have you believe, a great judgment of doom and gloom for the sinners. Instead, and perhaps surprisingly for some, it is a time when by choice the “dead (metaphoric sleeping) will come out of their graves”, resounding in resurrection of consciousness and the co-creation of a new Golden Age, at last fulfilling those prophecies which have remained untainted through the ages, as we shall gladly see.

In the innermost circles of the metaphysical esoteric cadre, there exists a belief, a deeply cherished vision. This reverie of unseen messengers has called to subtly inclined minds for quite some time, heralding the foretold Promised Land, a heaven on Earth. These divinely inspired inner glances have been called by such names as: dimensional shift, enlightenment, self-realization and ascension. Great is the covenant so of peace and utopia pledged, lying just beyond the millennium’s first ledge, a mere decade of uncharted waters, with only minor fears to tread: 2012 is a consciousness odyssey not too far ahead.

Whether or not you believe in reincarnation or the eternal conscious existence of the soul, the end is always just a beginning; for regardless of the perceived reality, there always exists the potential for greater accomplishment and understanding. It does not matter for one moment whether reality is of a material nature or not. Existence is existence, a conscious awareness regardless of form. Therefore, as long as you have this current material form and are free to let your mind roam, you may as well pause and open your heart to the greatest, oldest accomplishment potential yet, Resurrection and Ascension. However, this transformation did not actually occur in the manner portrayed in the Bible. It is rather, and more interestingly, a greater mystery. For Jesus says in the Gnostic Scriptures, “Whoever drinks from my mouth will become like me. I myself shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed.” With an understanding of these words, we will retrace and prove that the mystery schools taught this arcane wisdom of Ascension. Even more specifically, that “God’s Wisdom in a mystery, even the wisdom that hath been hidden” was orally taught as the Secret Doctrine which promised “to complete you in the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Light” by those who were initiated “to make the lower like the upper and the outer like the inner, and join them through a Mystery”. Finally, “If you know the truth, the truth shall set you free….if we become acquainted with the truth, we shall find the fruits of truth within us and if we join with it, it will receive our fullness.”

All this wisdom can be experienced through what is revealed here as the veracity of a conscious ascension in awakened awareness as the complete, conscious transformation from one reality dimension existence to another, in a wide-awake fashion, without even leaving the farm. (Lighthearted humor is one of the key ingredients to this sacred ancient alchemical formula, thank Godness.) One of my innate ultimate goals has been and always will be to master this third-dimensional existence of matter, in hopes of simply sharing with others how to transcend the believed limitations of death and gain an eternal awareness of the “I AM”. In this heightened state of Gnosis (meaning knowledge or acquaintance with a personal experience connection to the Creator), “The End” simply does not exist, as conscious life is truly an eternal state. In this newly perceived reality, we will learn that we are the quintessential co-creators of our infinite reality experiment.

“The moment of truth, the sudden emergence of a new insight, is an act of intuition. Such intuitions give the appearance of miraculous flashes, or short-circuits of reasoning. In fact they may be likened to an immersed chain, of which only the beginning and the end are visible above the surface of consciousness. The diver vanishes at one end of the chain and comes up at the other, guided by invisible links.” - Arthur Koestler1

I welcome you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, a reclaiming of your original divine heritage and birthright, not to be missed. May your own heart and inner knowing recognize and resonate with the golden threads of truth that have been sewn together here in a most amazing tapestry of ubiquitous unity by an undeniable presence - the all-pervasive invisible hand. It is my job as a messenger to lay these words of wisdom at your feet for your own heart’s discernment, in the hope that your soul will resound in delight at your own recognition of its passionate part in this long road of torch toting, as a keeper of truth. Please read this material with an open mind and heart and allow the frequency of light, which has been transmitted from beyond (and within), from a place of pure soul and eternal consciousness, to awaken your own soul’s blueprint for conscious ascension in greater awareness of the Creator’s many mansions and your part in it. May you too find renewed conviction and greater understanding of our journey and feel the presence of the invisible ONE beckoning us on to perfection in balance, enlightening your life and enlivening your step, with a strengthened and spiritually enhanced hope and faith of harmony, joy and eternal freedom, given and delivered here for the pure sake of Unconditional Love and a desire to serve the greater good of the whole.

A note to the reader: This work is set up with the sub-title division or demarcation per the following to assist the reader in more easily discerning the categorization of the overall material.

Story Line – My experiences as the unfolding story of what I have witnessed as my life, regarding what is being presented here.

Neo-History –Recounting history with a new precept and look into the old stories, fabled folklore and ancient myths.

Sacred Geometry – This is the aspect of this work that will represent the logical or left-brain approach to understanding the underpinning natural order of creation.

Gnosis – The wisdom that is to be gleaned from the amalgamation of the entirety of this work.

Wisdom – Guiding Light of Author’s further interjections from an overview understanding, as an Invisible guiding hand that weaves the greater tapestry of insight into the story aspects.

Ancient Text – The Secret Sayings and Hidden Wisdom of forgotten scriptures.

Additionally, I would like to mention that the first part of this book was written approximately three months after I returned from my first trip to Egypt, which was September 24th 1997. This portion was completed in one month, as I most intensely remembered my part in the mystery schools, and this section is a sort of 101 on Sacred Geometry and its history, coupled with some of my beliefs. This section is essentially the lesser mysteries. The second part of the book was written upon my return from Egypt for the second time (November 22nd, 1998), and was primarily the story about the “Opening of the Way” into the mystery school and the greater comprehension of a mandala of interconnected sacred geometry and numerology as a mirror reflection of the nature of creation and our intimate unity with it. The second portion, effectively the Greater Mysteries, was written over approximately four months and was prompted by the near-death initiation that I received during my three-month hospital stay while suffering from the strange syndrome called Gillian Barre, which causes the immune system to turn against the nervous system, thus paralyzing the body for the duration of treatment and recovery. This syndrome (experienced by 1 out of every 100,000 persons), which left me next to lifeless, in the most unimaginable, unbearable state of complete surrender to pain, afflicted me on March 17th, 1999. I walked out nearly three months later, on June 5th, a hundred percent detached from my own agenda about any perceivable thing. In most cases this disease causes the patient to remain in the hospital for 4-6 months, with an additional 1-5 years for full recovery. Three years later, my feet are still suffering from slight paralysis and pain.

I thought I was previously surrendered; now I was selfless, detached even from my dharma (life purpose). For my earlier life experiences had filled my heart with a passion for life and truth, exciting me to no end with the possibilities. However, now I was completely empty, free from trying to use my acquired Wisdom to figure out what everything meant. I was truly ready to serve the will of the ONE.

During my post hospital recovery period, unable to work for one and a half years, I carried a deeply renewed selfless torch of inspiration for continuing to complete this most important work as received by a very realistic resurrection to life and breath. I finished the second part on November 22nd, 1999. The significance of this date will become obvious and most profound concerning all the divine synchronicities that have orchestrated my entire life. I have always felt that I am a canvas and Spirit the brush that paints me, for create me masterfully or simply abstract, but create me, nonetheless, for I am yours to creatively express truth through my body canvas.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “watch out what you ask for, because you just might get it”? I am not quite dry yet, though let us begin our journey together.

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31 Jan 2005 @ 23:25 by magical_melody : Hi Matheus,
Congratulations on completing your book. I remember you telling me about it some years ago and have a rememberance of walking with you in MN and sensing that you would be called into some very profound and deep spaces in order to bring forth your service/body of work. Aha... and so it is! There was a freedom in you that warranted explorations of inner/outer travels. I commend you on allowing that process and having the courage and fortitude to tolerate and embrace the very deep and painful sojourns of that journey.

The following phrase caught my attention and brought forth a giggle: "Great is the covenant so of peace and utopia pledged, lying just beyond the millennium’s first ledge, a mere decade of uncharted waters, with only minor fears to tread: 2012 is a consciousness odyssey not too far ahead."

**Reminds me of Thoth as he loves to speak in informing Magical Rhyme. He often shows up when Max and I sit in meditation. We have been compiling some important writings with his assistance. I also notice you have posted some excerpts from Thoth and his Emerald Tablets in a previous post. Great stuff! Welcome back to NCN, as I haven't seen you post here in a long time.

I will take some time to look at your previous entries as I see that you have been busy posting articles in your log. I wish you all the best with your work and in selling your new book. I will have a look at your website: (

Please keep us posted about how it all goes. Thank you!

Cheers, Alana  

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