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31 Jan 2005 @ 00:49, by Mathues Imhotep

Humanity is still in its infancy compared to the wisdom discovered by the ancient Egyptians.

Here are a few reminders from the Emerald Tablets. Much of this information is cracked or decoded within the book called "The 7th Seal" - Hidden Wisdom Unvieled - A Reflection of Self-Discovery.

The Emerald Tablets state that man has forgotten much of the knowledge that was once known. Thoth states that even at the time of the forefathers much wisdom was yet attained. Mystery is unknown knowledge. This is why it is so important to have an open mind, or else mystery will remain an unknown.

Great is the wisdom of the Seven
Mighty are they from beyond
Manifest they through power
Filled by force from within

Hear ye these words of wisdom
Hear ye and make them thine own
Find in them the formless
Find ye the key to beyond
Mystery is but hidden knowledge
Know and ye shall unveil
Find the deep buried wisdom
And be master of darkness and light

Deep are the mysteries around thee
Hidden the secrets of old
Search through the KEYS of my Wisdom
Surely you shall ye find the way
The gateway to power is secret
But he who attains shall receive

Thoth ~ Emerald Tablets (Key of Mysteries)

It is clear that the Mysteries that Jesus was teaching were from a greater body of wisdom.
There are many similarities in the Emerald tablets to the teachings of Christ. The follow reveals the most hidden wisdom.

Spoke to me the NINE saying:
“Seek ye to find the path to beyond
Not impossible is it to grow
To a consciousness above
For when the Two have become One
And ONE has become ALL
Know ye the veil has lifted
An ye are made free on the pathway
Grow thou from form to the formless
Free may thou be of the road bound.”
Thoth ~ Emerald Tablets
The Emerald Tablets teach that the Key to Eternal life is in the balancing of the Male and the Female. Thoth says that this Wisdom is hidden within the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid. It will become clear from this entire work (7th Seal Codex), that the message is also in plain view when perceived from the angle of world movements.

Mystery and wisdom have I brought to my children
Knowledge and power descended from old
Know ye not that all shall be opened?
When ye shall find the oneness of all.
One shall ye be with the Mastery of Mystery
Conquerors of Death and Masters of Life
Aye, ye shall learn of the flower of Amenti
The blossom of Life that shines in the Halls
In Spirit shall ye reach the Halls of Amenti
And bring back the wisdom that liveth in the Light
Know ye the gateway to power is secret
Know ye the gateway to life is through death?
Aye, though death but not as ye know death
But a death that is life and is fire and is Light.

Desireth thou to know the deep hidden secret?
Look in thine heart where the knowledge is bound
Know that in thee the secret is hidden
The source of all life and the source of all death

List ye, O man, while I tell the secret,
Reveal unto thee the secret of old

Know ye, O man, that thy form is Dual
Balanced in polarity while formed in its form
Know that when fast on thee Death approaches
It is only because thy balance is shaken
It is only because one pole has been lost

Know that thy body when in perfect balance
May never be touched by the finger of Death
Aye, even by accident may only approach
When balance is gone
When ye are in balanced equilibrium
Ye shall live on in time and not taste Death
Know that thou are the balanced completion
Existing because of thy balance of poles

See ye not that in Earth’s heart is the balance
Then shalt thou draw on the balance of Earth
Exist then shalt thou while Earth is existing
Changing form, only when Earth, too, shalt change
Tasting not of Death, but one with this planet
Holding thy form till ALL pass away

Thoth ~ Emerald Tablets

O, Thoth, long have WE sat in Amenti,
Gaurding the Flame of Life in the Halls.
Yet know, WE are still part of our Cycles
With our Vision unto them and beyond.
Aye, know we that of ALL, nothing else matters
Accepting the growth that we can gain with our (collective) soul.
Know we the flesh is fletting.
The things that men count great are nothing to us.
The things we seek are not of the body
But are only the perfected state of the soul.
When ye as men can learn that nothing
But progress of soul can count in the end,
Then truly ye are free from all bondage,
Free to work in a harmony of Order
Know, O man, ye shall aim at perfection,
for only thus can ye attain to the Goal
Though ye should know that nothing is perfect,
Yet it should be thy aim and thy goal.

Thoth ~ Emerald Tablets

The Hidden Key is decode through the Wisdom of Seven! All the evidence is pointing to the Rostau Matrix, i.e. the Giza Plateau. The 7th Seal is the Key that has been encoded into the Sphinx and the Hall of Records revealing the significance of esoteric numerology.

Meditate on the Symbols I give thee
Keys are they, though hidden from men
Reach ever upwards to Light and Life Eternal
Find in the Keys of the Numbers I bring thee
Light on the pathway from life unto life
Seek ye with wisdom. Turn thy thoughts inward.
Close not thy mind to the flower of Light
Place in thy body a thought-formed picture
Think of the numbers that lead to Life
Clear is the pathway to he who has wisdom
Open the door to the Kingdom of Light
Pour forth thy flame as a Sun of the Morning
Take thee of O' man, as part of thy being,
The Seven who are but are not as they seem

Thoth ~ Emerald Tablets

It is clear that the 7th Seal has the greater understanding of these wise words:

Far, though strange spaces, have I journeyed
Into the depth of the abyss of time,
Learning strange and yet stranger mysteries
Until in the end all was revealed
Know ye that mystery in only mystery
When it is knowledge unknown to man
When ye have plumbed the heart of all mystery
Knowledge and wisdom will surely be thine

Seek ye and learn that TIME is the secret
Whereby ye may be free of this space.

Thoth ~ Emerald Tablet Number X

O man, wouldst thou gain wisdom?
Seek it in the heart of the flame.
Wouldst thou gain knowledge of power?
Seek it in the heart of the flame.
Wouldst thou be one with the heart of the flame?
Seek then within thine own hidden flame.

Thoth ~ Emerald Tablets

Deep beneath the rocks, I buried my spaceship,
Waiting the time when man might be free
Over the spaceship, erected a marker
In the form of a loin yet like unto man
There beneath the image rest yet my spaceship
Forth to be brought when need arise

Deep beneath the image lies my secret
Search and find in the pyramid I built
Each to the other is the keystone
Each the gateway that leads into life
Follow the KEY I leave behind me
Seek and the doorway to LIFE shall be thine
Seek thou in my pyramid
Deep in the passage that ends is a wall
Use thou the Key of SEVEN
And open to thee the pathway will fall

Now unto thee I have given my wisdom
Now unto thee I have given my way
Follow the pathway, solve thou my secrets
Unto thee I have shown the way

Thoth ~ Emerald Tablets

The Flame is the source of all things
Containing all things in potentiality
The Order that sent forth Light is the WORD
And from the WORD comes all Life
And the existence of ALL
The Life within thee is the WORD
Find thou the Life Within thee
And have the power to use of the WORD

I listened to the Voice of the Cycles:
“Know ye, O Thoth, that LIFE is but
the WORD of the Fire
The LIFE force ye seek before thee
Is but he WORD in the World as Fire
Seek ye the path to the WORD
And powers shall surely be thine”

Then asked I of the NINE:
“O Lord, show me the path
Give me the path to the Wisdom
Show me the way to the WORD”
Answered me then, the LORD of the NINE:
Through ORDER, ye shall fin the way
Saw ye not that the WORD cam from Chaos?
Saw ye not that LIGHT came from FIRE?
Look in thy life for disorder
Balance and order thy life
Quell all the Chaos of emotions
And thou shalt have order in Life
Order brought forth from Chaos
Will bring thee the WORD of the SOURCE
Will give thee the power of CYCLES
And make of thy Soul a force
That free will extend through the ages
A perfected SUN from the SOURCE

Thoth ~ Emerald Tablets

Built a Great Pyramid
Patterning after the pyramid of the earth force
Burning eternally so that it too
Might remain through the ages
In it, built my knowledge of “Magic-Science”
So that it might be there
When I return from Amenti
Aye, while I sleep in the Halls of Amenti
My Soul roaming free will incarnate
Dwell among men in this form or another

Once in a time long forgotten
I, Thoth, opened the doorway
Penetrated into other spaces
And learned of the secret concealed

Deep in the essence of matter
Are many mysteries concealed

Nine are the interlocked dimensions
And Nine are the cycles of space
Nine are the diffusions of consciousness
And Nine are the worlds within worlds
Aye, Nine are the Lords of the Cycles
That come from Above and Below

Space is filled with concealed ones
For space is divided by time
Seek ye the key to time-space
And ye shall unlock the gate
Know ye that throughout the time-space
Consciousness surely exist
Though from our knowledge it is hidden
Yet still it forever exists

The key to worlds within thee
Are found only within
For man is the gateway to mystery
And the key that is One with One

Seek ye within the circle
Use the WORD I shall give
Open the gateway within thee
And surely thou, too, shalt live
Man, ye think that ye liveth
But know it is life within death
For as sure as ye are bound to your body
Foy you no life exists
Only the Soul is space-free
Has life that is really a life
All else is only a bondage
A fetter from which to be free

Think not that man is earth-born,
Though come from the earth he may be
Man is a light-born spirit
But, without knowing, he can never be free
Darkness surrounds the light-born
Darkness fetter the Soul
Only the one who is seeking
May ever hope to be free

Thoth ~ Emerald Tablets


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2 Feb 2005 @ 21:56 by maxtobin : Doreal (And the Brotherhood) ?
Having worked with Thoth energy/wisdom for many years, I would say that there are many 'keys' within the body of this great work.

**Seek ye and learn that TIME is the secret
Whereby ye may be free of this space.**

And to be free of this space does not imply we have vaccated the space!

Ahh the sacred now and the freedom of full acceptance of the choice already made to serve! Oh the pain of ego's death and the resurection to be found in the new balance of the sacred relationship. Highest initiation is through conscious comittment (choice!) to the balancing of the divine male/female essense through relationship. (in my humble opinion)

There is a timing to all unfolding which is in itself a perfection, my personality still struggles to balance the human with the knowing. BUT this year is the year of the Rooster so I guess that its time to awaken to the full glory of the heart story.

Blessings to the ONE and the MANY this is the PEACE of UNITY to be found within the diversity (NOT to be confused with the DIE-VERSE- ENTITY which has so many in its thrall)  

13 Aug 2005 @ 21:13 by Legatarius @ : Sorry for this
So much talk going no where
just read the tablets and say nothing,the more you say, the less you reach  

30 Dec 2005 @ 10:19 by Michelle @ : Balance
'Know that thy body when in perfect balance
May never be touched by the finger of Death
Aye, even by accident may only approach
When balance is gone
When ye are in balanced equilibrium
Ye shall live on in time and not taste Death
Know that thou are the balanced completion
Existing because of thy balance of poles '

I think Thoth is trying to teach us to use our left/right brain hemispheres then we are in total balance. Humans predominantly work from one or the other, if we can balance these two aspects then our poles are in equilibrium working in harmony???  

3 Apr 2008 @ 14:37 by KKF @ : The truth
the truth is not far away

See the site

Your light  

23 Nov 2009 @ 01:28 by ruth kirby @ : Thoth
Thank You  

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"Are you so sure? Maybe there consequently not it?"

"? No, you do not see this pattern," he pointed to the strange fox goes face: "This is the first human sacrifices when Lu ritual mask tape, which must be buried in the tomb of a very special person in what capacity, It may be even more honorable than the emperor at the time. "

I blurted out: "The Emperor his father."

Third Uncle stared at me, they wanted to close up the paper goes on, I'm a hold toward him smile: "Uncle, you do not rush it up, how do I say this thing is coming, this time how about you have to take me to see this. "

He shouted: "No, this scouring the sand is not so simple, and that place can not air conditioning, but also numerous organs, and subject to Xiecai you are your father's only child, if you have happened, I'm not let you. father chops skin can not. "

I also shouted: "That's never been on when I leave!!" Then put the sheet of paper from his hand suddenly taken out, turned around and left. I know this man tri event of their favorite things, that principle does not see this antique, likewise see a woman, I allowed him to eat it, it really only a few steps, he surrendered , and to catch up, pulled my hand the paper: "Ok, you are powerful, but we can say well, when we under Dao Dong, so you may have to stay on top of the head office, right?"

I suddenly elated heart: when I'm going down to can you blocked lives me? Busy nodded: "!! Word go, we all listen to you, you make me why I'm doing."

Tri helpless sigh of mouth, said:. "The two of us do not succeed, then transferred tomorrow I experienced a few folks over the past few days I have this solution paintings, you have to help me to repairing something." then he quickly wrote a note to me and said, "do not buy a fake, as well, ready to set out the first line of travel, or not to the place where we first detained." I nodded , on each separately to get busy.

Tri wanted things are more tricky, I think probably what I deliberately make things difficult, because this single house really do not store things in general, such as what split waterproof miner, steel pipe, shovel soil test head, multi-purpose knife, folding shovel, short handle hammer, bandages, nylon rope, and so, I just bought a half spent nearly a thousand dollars, and my heart is called the distressed ah, Zhi Ma old fox, so rich yet so damn mean.

Three days later, I still have two old guys Panning My Uncle, uncle also the day I bought that stuff back hand dragon boy, five to Shandong seeds temple and then west over 100 km of the place.  

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