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31 Jan 2005 @ 00:45, by Mathues Imhotep

This is an example of the type of research that has been done in the book entitled the 7th Seal. There are many still unresolved secrets waiting to be discovered in Egypt.

Check out to get a glimpse at what is revealed in the book concerning the whole truth about the Orion Mystery, which is solved and completed in the unveiling of the 7th Seal.

The modern day pioneers of ancient sacred geometry are beginning to rediscover the ubiquitous nature of the science of light, sound and color. Confirming, validating and verifying the existence of a meta-science which was fully understood and used by the very ancient Egyptians, as well as several other contemporaneous civilizations.

The following article about Dr. J.J. Hurtak elaborates on the details of the ever unfolding meta-science:

Since the declassification of the new ground-penetrating radar 2 Years ago, the most staggering data has emerged of complex and labyrinthine underground systems in various parts of the world. At places like Guatemala in the South Americas, tunnels have been mapped under the Mayan pyramid complex at Tikal, which extend a full 800 kilometers to the opposite side of the country. Investigators remarked, it was possible to understand how half a million Mayan Indians escaped the decimation of their culture.

In similar fashion, the SIRA radar was deployed in Egypt as early as 1978, mapping an extraordinary subterranean complex beneath the Egyptian pyramids. Arrangements made with President Sadat of Egypt, resulted In three decades of top secret excavations to penetrate the system. At a recent meeting in Australia, one of the key scientists on the Giza project, Dr. Jim Hurtak, showed film footage of work in progress called, CHAMBERS OF THE DEEP, due to be released at the end of the century.

The film reveals the discovery of a vast megalithic metropolis, 15,000 years old, reaching several levels below the Giza plateau. While the rest of the New-Age speculates about a hidden chamber under the left paw of the Sphinx, the legendary "City Of The Gods", lays sprawled beneath. Complete with hydraulic underground waterways, the film shows massive chambers, the proportions of our largest cathedrals, with enormous statues, the size of the Valley of the Nile, carved in-situ. Researchers, risking their lives with lights and cameras, carefully negotiated rubber dinghies across subterranean rivers and kilometer-wide lakes, to penetrate sealed chambers beyond. Already, remarkable caches of records and artifacts have been found.

Just after the Deluge, at the dawn of the present time cycle, an era the Egyptians called ZEP TEPI, "The First Times", a mysterious group of "gods" appeared, to initiate the survivors in the rudiments of civilizations. From Thoth and Osiris in Egypt, to Quetzacoatal and Viracocha in the Americas, traditions worldwide subscribe the origins of contemporary civilizations to this sophisticated group.

Despite the misleading popularity of Von Daniken journalism,
evidence from around the world, indicates these people were the hi-tech survivors of the previous civilizations. Like the nuclear survival bunkers and secret research facilities of our own civilization, there were those who arose from the underground "cities of the Gods", after the dust settled.
They were the "prediluvian patriarchs", like Enoch and Methuselah, the "giants and heroes of old", mentioned in Genesis. The enigmatic gods of ancient Summer, Egypt and India, all hail from the fabulous times before the Flood.

It is the legacy of a civilization and a technology way beyond our own. A technology capable of creating a vast underground city, of which the Sphinx and pyramids are merely the surface markers. The project scientist, Dr. Hurtak, likens it to the impact of contact with an advanced extraterrestrial culture. He described it as the discovery of the Fourth Root culture, the so-called Atlantean civilization, destroyed by the last earth tumble. It presents unequivocal evidence that all languages, cultures and religions trace back to a single common source, which Dr. Hurtak refers to as the "Parent Civilization".

The technology unearthed is way beyond machine technology, as we know it. As Arthur C. Clark once joked, "any technology beyond our own would seem like magic to us." According to Dr. Hurtak, this was a culture who cracked the genetic code and possessed the keys of the physical spectrum, the "Higher Light Physics" of the ancients. Everything old Gilgamesh went searching for in his famous trek to the lost "City of the Gods" to search for the tunnels beneath "Mt. Mashu" in the desert lands.

Hurtak refers to a "language of light" and a great priest-scientist of the previous time cycle, named ENOCH, who is associated with the building of the Great Pyramid complex. Hurtak alludes to a grand spiritual science, a science which describes a genetic stairway to the stars.

The priest-scientist ENOCH, is a prediluvian patriarch, one of the most famous and seminal characters of the previous time cycle. Father of Methuselah and great grandfather of Noah, Enoch is credited in the Bible as architect of the original Zion, the legendary "City of Yahweh", as well as inventor of the alphabet and calendar. Enoch is also history's first astronaut, who "is taken aloft by the Lord" and shown "the secrets of Earth and heaven". He returns to earth with the "weights and measures" for all humankind.

Known to the Egyptians as THOTH, the "Lord of Magic and Time" and to the Greeks as HERMES, "messenger of the gods", he is even remembered in the Celtic tradition as the enigmatic wizard Merlin, who disappears up an apple tree to mythic Avalon, seeking the secret of immortality and vowing to return.

As one who attained immortality, the secret of how we "might
become as gods", Thoth/Enoch promises to return at the end of time "with the keys to the gates of the sacred land." In the controversial Dead Sea Scrolls, revealing the lost Books Of Enoch removed from the Bible by early religious leaders, Enoch describes a wondrous civilization in the past, who misused the keys of higher knowledge and were unable to save themselves from the last cataclysm. Both literally and figuratively they lost the "keys", thus, lost all higher knowledge.

Yet, Enoch, along with many traditions, even the Mayan legend of Quetzacoatal, promises a return of this knowledge at "The end of time", the end of the present time cycle. Biblical Revelations promise "all will be revealed" at the end of the present world. The extraordinary discoveries in Egypt and other parts of the world, describe not just an advanced technology, but, an evolutionary path beyond our present state.

Careful scientific examination of the world’s key pyramid sites, reveal them to be sophisticated harmonic structures, not only mirroring positions of the planets and stellar systems, but, designed to mimic the charkas and harmonic cavities of the human body. Even each stone within the Great Pyramid is harmonically tuned to a specific frequency or musical tone. The sarcophagus in the center of the Great Pyramid is tuned to the frequency of the human heart beat.

Astonishing experiments, conducted by Dr. Hurtak and colleagues at the Great Pyramid and other sites in the South Americas, demonstrate the pyramids to be voice-activated "geophysical computers." Intoning specific ancient sounds, the scientific team produced visible standing waves of light, above and within the pyramids and were even able to penetrate, hitherto, inaccessible chambers. Subsequent discoveries indicate the ancient priest-scientists employed some sort of harmonic sound technology within the temple structures.

The lost Enochian knowledge reveals the mother tongue as a "language of Light". Known to the ancients as HIBURU, it is the primal seed language, introduced at the beginning of this time cycle. Modern research confirms, the most ancient form Hebrew to be a natural language, the alphabetic forms emerging from the phosphene flare patterns of the brain. The same shapes, in fact, born of a spinning vortex. It is a true language of light, coursing through our very nervous system.

Encoding the natural waveform geometries of the physical world, Hiburu is a harmonic language, mimicking the waveform properties of light. The "keys" Enoch speaks of, turn out to be sound keys, keys to the vibratory matrix of reality itself, the mythic "Power of the Word". The Enochian knowledge describes sonic equations, encoded within the ancient mantras and god names, capable of directly affecting the nervous system and producing profound effects of healing and higher consciousness states.

As the ancient texts declares, "If you would speak with the
gods you must first learn the language of the gods."

DNA, the ancient cabalistic "Tree Of Life" portrayed in the Biblical Torah, is now coming to be viewed as a live vibrating structure, rather than a fixed tape recording. Many modern scientists, regard DNA as a shimmering, waveform configuration, able to be modified by light, radiation, magnetic fields or sonic pulses. The legacy of Thoth/Enoch suggests this "language of Light", the harmonic science of the ancients, could actually affect DNA.

The evidence in Egypt, indicates this was the grand 6,000 year genetic experiment attempted by the Egyptians, the quest for immortality and the stars, a quest described by the great ones of old, a quest initiated by Gilgamesh so very long ago. The Egyptians were not fixated on the afterlife, as thought by early Christian translators but, focused on creating a higher type of human. Along with many ancient cultures, they believed DNA came from the stars and was destined to return.

The knowledge of Thoth/Enoch implies humans are meant to evolve beyond our present terrestrial form, as the Bible tells us, "we may become greater than angels". The Egyptians record stories of the "Star Walkers", occasional individuals who, like Enoch, traveled "beyond the Great Eye of Orion" (This would be our Eye of Ra in the Meh URT) and returned, to walk like gods amongst men. Despite the Bleaching of semi-divine beings from modern consciousness, could it be possible, as the ancient texts insist, we are destined to "become as gods"? are the Mayan "Lords of Light" and the Egyptian/Tibetan "Shining Ones" really a higher form of human?

According to many earth legends, such beings are supposed to Return regularly, at the beginning and end of each time cycle, the 13,000 year halfway-point of our solar system's 26,000 year zodiacal orbit around the galaxy’s centre. Because of conditions on our galactic orbit, these 13,000 year intervals or "worlds" (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th going to 5th), seem to be separated by cataclysmic upheaval.

According to the "calendar in stone" of the Great Pyramid, which describes the so-called "Phoenix Cycle" of our galactic orbit, the present time period ends (converted to our present calendar) in the year 2012 AD.

The Greek word PHOENIX, derived from the Egyptian word, PA-HANOK, actually means, "The House of Enoch".

The Enochian knowledge suggests, these regular cataclysmic changes act as an evolutionary agent provocateur, to quicken the resident life forms to the next evolutionary phase, prior to exodus from the womb planet. Human evolution may proceed more rapidly than previously thought. The evidence now appearing, records civilizations before us, who mastered the physical continuum and progressed beyond this world. There were also those who failed. We, too, have equal opportunity to make it or break it.

The discoveries emerging from Egypt, describe the existence of a world wide pyramid temple system in prehistory, mounted like antennae on the key energy meridians, which were employed by ancient priest-scientists as a musical system to stabilize the tectonic plates of the planet... cataclysmic geology at it's finest. From the mother tongue word JEDAIAH, meaning "the way of the Word" or "the power of the Word", the ancient JEDAI priests used the language of Light to tune the planet like a giant harmonic bell. Much is being rediscovered in the last days of this time cycle.

In the words of Dr. Jay Franz, of the Omega Foundation, "even if we don't dare to name it, there is a universal feeling of something impending on the world stage."

If you find this type of information interesting there is over 700 pages of hidden wisdom in the 7th Seal (

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1 Feb 2005 @ 00:01 by magical_melody : This is profound, and yet "I Am"


YES, The keys are being provided now to open us to our shared Divine heritage...

The earth is ready for us to utilize these keys to support her birth of the new earth and our birth into evolving our Essence.

I appreciate this Reference: Astonishing experiments, conducted by Dr. Hurtak and colleagues at the Great Pyramid and other sites in the South Americas, demonstrate the pyramids to be voice-activated "geophysical computers." Intoning specific ancient sounds, the scientific team produced visible standing waves of light, above and within the pyramids and were even able to penetrate, hitherto, inaccessible chambers. Subsequent discoveries indicate the ancient priest-scientists employed some sort of harmonic sound technology within the temple structures.

--AND- key energy meridians, which were employed by ancient priest-scientists as a musical system to stabilize the tectonic plates of the planet...

Matheus, very timely that you post this, right on schedule you are as you share this all with us. Thank you.  

31 May 2006 @ 10:24 by sreevatsa : TRY Interlink:Cosmology vedas
Reasonably a good aproach. A lot of East-West interaction helps to solve many mysteries.
Vidyrdhi Nanduri
Cosmology World Peace  

29 Apr 2007 @ 06:14 by Petros Petrosyan @ : Great Pyramid mystery solved
The following things were ascertained by me:

1. The pyramid is not only the mausoleum for the pharaoh, and the main motives,
which were the source of its construction, were not in this platitude. Here it must
be emphasized, that Egyptology has never accepted even the thought of any
serious discussion on the problem concerning the code of the pyramid, being in
constant contradictions with pyramidology mainly in this cause.Thus Egyptology
deprived itself of the chance of taking part in finding ways for the true resolution
of this problem.
2. All architectural-construction parametres of the pyramid are of no principal
significence from the point of their cryptographical value. Trying to solve the
problem of the hypothetically supposed code of the pyramid, many
pyramidologists often turned to different pseudo-mathematical interpretations,
which were nearly always connected with the geometrical parametres of the
Great Pyramid of Giza.Following this way, every time pyramidology considerably
stands aside from the true way of solving the given problem.
3. The essence of the code is hidden in those peculiarities of the geometrical
form of the pyramid, which stipulate the definition of the given geometrical form.
4. He fixed the principal model of the hypothetically prospective code of a
pyramid. The principal model of the hypothetically supposed code of the
pyramid consists of 365 small pyramids, which form the facets of the 14-stepped
big pyramid.
5. It was settled, that the Bible has the very direct relationship with the
suggested code. In addition, some parts in the Bible at the same time are the
constituent parts of the code and keys for its deciphering.
6. The figures 365 and 14 are considered to be one of the main keys in
deciphering it.
7. The coded information about concrete extents, which is difficult for him
to express, refers to the principal aspects in the formation of the Solar system,
the planet Earth, bases of the Matter organization, factors creating time and
many other things as well.
8. In the process of investigations on the principal model of the code he finally
undertood, that the information, which interests us-is coded in the way of various
geometrical compositions, which are fixed in the structure of the code itself.
Geometrical compositions of small pyramids can be both flat and volume-spatial.
9. With the help of the academical methods of mathematical analysis of definite
geometrical compositions of small pyramids are received concrete figure systems
and mathematical equations and their essence and significence are always
defined with the help of the periodical list of the chemical elements.  

3 Jun 2007 @ 08:40 by Carl A. Helsing @ : Astronautic's
I believe that Earth was approached by a fleet of ship's,most likely from Orion,up tp 6400 year's ago maximum,maybe less than that.Unexpected electronic automaton system,s malfunction aboard large orbital carrier's during the mapping of Earth for avigational purposes disrupted the landing operation leading to shutdown of the carrier's,their system's continuing to transmit,doing so today.Shuttle's were lost on the planet,none being able to return to the carrier's.Descendant's of those astronaut's are with us today.All Earth place name or eponymy is what the vessel's produced,conertible thru different lingual bases.Zastron,Africa-key point-Eye Of Zastron-twin rock tower similitude's.Astronautical "disaster" in simple term's.9/11 was a replication of a landing event where maneuvering shuttle's in orbit smashed thru the door's of a carrier due to unexpected geomagnetic disruption of electronic's causing the hangar door's to fail to open.That is the essence of my theory of a long ago Earth-cosmos event.The temple's at Philae and Luxor could have in fact been railway pier's in an ancient civilization.I have much more on the idea--Speculative with some certainty--My research name tag---skytrainzastron--Bird's And Snake's-Bird's at the top's of the tower's--(plane's)Snake's at the bottom-(train's)--I am open to any insight or suggestion's--  

11 Nov 2007 @ 08:44 by Petros Petrosyan @ : Life and Reason will resuscitate on New
Decoding of hypothetically presupposed cipher displays that reasonable life within the framework of the Solar system can exist only on the third planet removed from the Sun.And we are well aware that this third planet is our Earth.Has anybody ever pondered over the problem what would happen in case the Earth perishes?In that case Mars will appear as the third planet of the Solar system.Life and Reason will resuscitate on New Mars.
Mars will assume the role of the third planet also if either Venus or Mercury perished.In this case as well the relay-race baton of Life and Reason will pass to the planet Mars.
Imagine that right after Venus instead of the Earth’s orbit we’ll see a stripe of asteroids presenting fragments of the perished Earth.
Next to asteroid stripe The Planet Mars is seen which has changed in its dimensions and whose parametres have acquired new characteristics.

1.Its diameter will increase almost twice.
2.Mars will rotate round its axes during 2992 minutes or (49 h 52min) which equals 1441 Martian minutes.
1 Martian minute = 2,076 terrestrial minutes
1 Martian day will last longer than two days at present.
3.The revolution of Mars round the Sun will take 821 terrestrial days
or 365 Martian days.
Two moons will illuminate the nightly sky of New Mars These moons are Fobos and Deimos present day sattelites of Mars which will considerably increase in dimemsions.Mars will be followed by another stripe of asteroids which are the fragments of a former planet named Phaeton in Ancient Greek legends.
It appeares as if Life and Reason can migrate from one planet of the solar system to another one.Each time they will assume new forms and content.
Each time experience and knowledge , the bearers of Divine Reason,will exceed their boundaries.The Great Architect of the Universe has designed all the space way /path of the bearers of life and reason.

11 Nov 2007 @ 08:46 by Petros Petrosyan @ : Attention, 1day = 1000 years
Based n the information from the Holy Bible we have established that God creating the Universe, including Adam-the Man, with absolute exactness determined the period of time during which human kind has to exist on this planet.To be able to determine that period we have carefully to study the following items of the Bible.
Genesis Ch. 6:3 ”and said the Lord my spirit shall not always strive with man for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years” And also the next item, 2Peter Ch.3.8 ” But beloved be not ignorant of this one thing that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day ” In Genesis Ch. 6:3 God has determined the period of existence of human kind on the Earth : ”...his days shall be a hundred and twenty years” So how many days are there in 120 years It won’t be difficult to calculate it for we know that 1 year = 365 days, 120 x 365 = 43800 days
It appears that God has alloted the man 43800 days. However we must remember that these are divine days. Now taking into cosideration Apostle Peter’s saying 2Peter Ch. 3:8 ” that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years” 1day =1000 years,
it is not difficult to guess that 43800 x 1000 = 43 800 000 years and we conclude that God has alotted humankind 43 800 000 years of existence on the planet Earth.
See Koran Ch.22.46: Here again affirms that 1day = 1000 years
Acording to some data of academic science the man appeared on the earth about 40 - 50 million years ago. We think that this kind of analitical thinking may influence your logic as well. It appears that things are not as simple as they may seem at first sight.
Based on the above mentioned facts from the Holy Bible we have ascertained that the second advent of Jesus Christ will take place at the end of the XX and beginning of XXI century.
Jesus said that on the third day of his crucifixtion he will rise frim the dead. As the true believers know it really happened like that.Taking into consideration apostle Peter’s words: 2Peter Ch. 3:8 , where it is clearly mentioned “ that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years ” we appear to be right in the following. Jesus was crucified on Friday, and resurrected on Sunday. The exact period of time betwen crucifix and resurrection fluctuates from 46 - 48 hours. As we see 3 days are mentioned ,but the real space of time between crucifix an resurrection makes two days or even a bit less.
2 days = 2000 years or a bit less.
It appears that all the Christian world will first hear and then only see Jesus Christ. Just as in the Gospel, first they heard John the Baptist and then saw Jesus Christ.
XXI century will be the witness of that happy encounter. All these events will occur in the third millenium or on the third day after Crucifix of Jesus.  

6 Dec 2009 @ 23:03 by Armin @ : 7th seal
Dear sir!

Fascinating article! In it, you mention something about a book called the "7th Seal". Is it available for purchase, and if so, from where and how much? Thanks for any help. All the best.


24 Feb 2015 @ 09:48 by @ : It's good that they have been able to pr
It's good that they have been able to provide enough information about the issue.  

6 Mar 2015 @ 05:49 by  @ : Aim for a higher progress and developmen
Aim for a higher progress and development and work your way from those goals and plans. Interesting in here indeed. thanks for the share.  

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I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You are wonderful! Thanks!  

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