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31 Jan 2005 @ 00:18, by Mathues Imhotep

Where did the original idea of a covenant from God come from? Discover the mysterious relationship one man had with the ANCIENT OF DAYS. Where did the majority of information in the Book of Revelations come from, as well as the brunt of information and the idea of Angels. This is the first of three articles that shed vast light on the core of several religious beliefs systems that are limiting the expansion of consciousness today.

The Testament of Truth (Neo-History/Gnosis)

Where did the original idea of a covenant from God come from? Discover the mysterious relationship one man had with the ANCIENT OF DAYS. Where did the majority of information in the Book of Revelations come from, as well as the brunt of information and the idea of Angels? This is the first of three articles that shed vast light on the core of several religious beliefs systems that are limiting the expansion of consciousness today.

The references that Enoch makes concerning his trip to the 7th Heaven or Paradise, also simply referred to as Heaven in many chapters of the Book of Enoch, are most compelling and ever the more so indelible as to exactly what is being spoken about. The central focus is most conclusively the Pyramids of Egypt, especially after this section of discovery and reinforcement.

If that isn’t enough there are several other very profound correlations that firmly cement or galvanize any postulations I may have formed alchemically into solid mortar. As we shall now see, Enoch is literally the cornerstone of much esoteric advance metaphysics.

The full extent of these insights and understandings completely top off everything that is being put forth here as foundational, creating a springboard that a whole new level of comprehension is achieved regarding who and what we truly are and what we are actually capable of. The more obvious will be the absolute proof that in fact the key to ascension is the balancing of the left and the right, the above and the below and the inside and the outside.

We will now delve into laying out startling proof that all the meta-sciences are interconnected and mutually interdependent one to the another, right down to how and why the Tarot does in fact work and is directly mentioned in the workings of the stars of heaven by Uriel. Hold on to your hats out there all you fundamentalists, this will surely shake up a few devote Roman Catholics.

Especially concerning the significance of the time or date of death for Christ anyway, as well as all who underwent the initiations of the Order of Melchizedek. The underlying formation of the central message will be exploited in a matter of pages.

All these core tenants are found to be within the understanding regarding the relevance of the words spoken to Enoch by Uriel, the angel whom the Lord of Glory appointed over all the Luminaries (These are referenced throughout as the Stars, Conductors, and Sons of Fire).

Starting with further confirmation of the location of the Great Pyramids, which edifies an Astro-theology at the foundation of the Enochian belief system.

“And there I beheld seven stars, like great blazing mountains, and like spirits entreating me. Then the angel said, ‘This place, until the consummation of heaven and earth, will be the prison of the stars, and the host of heaven’. The stars which roll over fire are those which transgressed the commandment of God before their time arrived; for they came not in their season. Therefore was HE offended with them, and bound them, until the period of the consummation of their crimes in the secret year.”

Remember that the Egyptian’s believed that they could capture the essence of the stars or their dekans or conductors into the temples and offerings. Here we find the beginning of a story about something that occurred that was out of place or time for this earth plane. Also, recognize that the most accepted form of a generic symbol for the constellation of Orion is actually only seven stars in the human patter.

“I proceeded towards it and perceived seven splendid mountains, which were all different from each other. Their stones were brilliant and beautiful, all were brilliant and splendid to behold, and beautiful was their surface. Three mountains were towards the east, and strengthened by being placed one upon the other and three were towards the south, strengthened in a similar manner. There were likewise deep valleys, which did not approach each other. And the seventh mountain was is the midst of them. In length they all resembled the seat of the throne.”

“And now, my son Mathusala, I have shown thee everything; and the account of every ordinance of the stars of heaven. Uriel showed me every ordinance respecting these, which takes place at all times and in all seasons under every influence, in all years, at the arrival and under the rule of each, during every month and every week. He showed me also the decrease of the moon, which is effected in the sixth gate in its period. Twelve gates I beheld in heaven at the extremities of earth, through which the sun, moon, and stars and all the works of heaven, proceed at their rising and setting. Many windows also are open on the right and on the left. One window at a certain season grows extremely hot. So also are there gates from which the stars go forth as they are commanded, and in which they set according to their number. I saw likewise the chariots of heaven, running the world above to those gates in which the stars turn, which never set. One of these is greater than all, which goes round the whole world.”

“And at the extremities of the earth I beheld twelve gates open for all the winds, from which they proceed and blow over the earth. (This refers to the influences of the Elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth as we shall full see shortly.) Three of them are open in the front of Heaven (oriented from looking at the Sphinx back to the pyramids or west), three in the west, three on the right side, and three on the left. The first three are those which are towards the east, three are towards the north, three behind those which are upon the left, towards the south, and three on the west.”

“From four of them proceed winds of blessings, and of health, and from eight proceed winds of punishment. The first of these winds proceeds from the gate termed the eastern, through the first gate on the east, which inclines southwards. From this goes forth destruction, drought, heat and perdition. From the second gate, the middle one, proceeds equity. There issue from it rain, fruitfulness, health, and dew, and from the third gate northwards, proceeds cold and drought. After these proceeds the south winds through three principal gates through their first gate, which inclines eastwards, proceeds a hot wind. But from the middle gate proceeds rain, health and life. From the third gate, which is westwards, proceed rain, blight and destruction.”

“After these are the winds to the north, which is called the sea, they proceed from three gates. The first gate which is on the east, inclining southwards from this proceeds water, blight and destruction. From the middle direct gate proceed rain, life and health. And from the third gate, which is westwards, inkling towards the south, proceeds mist, frost, snow, dew, rain and blight.”

“After these in the fourth quarter are the winds to the west. From the first gate, inclining northwards, proceed dew, rain, frost, snow, cold and chill. From the middle gate proceed rain, health and blessings. And from the last gate, which is southwards, proceed drought, destruction, scorching, and perdition.”

“The account of the twelve gates of the four quarters of heaven in ended.”

“I beheld the gates whence the sun goes forth and the gates where the sun sets. In which gates also the moon rises and sets, and I beheld the conductors of the stars, among those who precede them; six gates were at the rising and six at the setting of the sun. All these respectively, one after another, are on a level, and numerous windows are on the right and the left sides of those gates.”

The text explains how the sun rises in one of the gates on the east and sets in one of the six gates of the west. However, the number that the sun rises in is not necessarily the number the sun sets in. The text goes on to state that the gates change every thirty days and some times thirty one. It further states that the length of the days and nights are counted by the rising and setting according to these gates.

For example, “Then the day becomes lengthened by a second portion, so that it is eleven parts, while the night becomes shortened, and is only seven parts.”

This corresponds with the account of the solstices and equinoxes. With regard to the summer solstice, approximately June 22nd, in the Northern Hemisphere the longest day and shortest night of the year occur on this date, marking the beginning of summer. At winter solstice, about Dec. 22, the sun is overhead at noon at the Tropic of Capricorn; this marks the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. For several days before and after each solstice the sun appears to stand still in the sky.

While the equinox time is observed according to the following statement by Uriel, “At that period the day is made equal with the night and being equal with it, the night becomes nine parts and the day nine parts.”

This will become very significant concerning the death time of Christ – Mar 22nd.

The text then goes on to express the elements that are over the four quarters. However, there are some extremely telling comments that desire a much deeper look, once all the clues have been laid out.

“The first wind is called the eastern, because it is the first. The second is called the south, because the Most High there descends, and frequently there descends he who is blessed forever. The western wind has the name of diminution, because there all the luminaries of heaven are diminished, and descend. The fourth wind, which is named the north, is divided into three parts, one of which is for the habitation of man, another for seas of water, and the third part contains paradise. Seven high mountains I beheld, higher than all the mountains of the earth, while days, seasons, and years depart and pass away. Seven rivers I beheld upon the earth, greater than all rivers.

Now, my son Mathusala, all these things I speak unto thee, and write for thee. To thee I have revealed all, and have given thee books of everything. Preserve the books written by thy father, that thou mayest transmit them to future generations. Wisdom have I given to thee, to thy children, and thy posterity, that they may transmit to their children, for generations forever, this wisdom is in their thoughts, and that those who comprehended it may not slumber, but hear with their ears, that they may learn this wisdom, and be deemed worthy of eating this wholesome food.”

All this is gleaned through the correlations referenced in a chart that I put together over the years from the study and research on the esoteric aspects of astrology and tarot.

When you situate a pyramid on the center of this diagram with the four sides precisely aligned with the four directions. Each of the descriptions above make perfect sense and portray a picture that demonstrates that the intelligence of creation in being breathed throughout this world with every nuance of awareness of each action completely identified and directed.

The most direct relation is seen right away in the 36 Dekans (of 10 degrees each or 10 days) which form the 360 degree circle around the center. Each Dekan divides into two portions (negative and positive) for a total of 72. Each of the 54 minor arcana in the Tarot are placed within a Dekan. There are a total of 18 duplicated Tarot cards, which produce a majority of 4 minor gates that are affecting blessings and a remainder of 8 minor gates affecting what is termed destruction. Each major gate has a total of 18 minor gates for each direction with a total of 18 x 4 (the cardinal points; East, West, North and South) resulting in 72. This should sound somewhat familiar, as it follows the overall blueprint of the geometric out picturing of existence from source to the lower vibrations of form.

Also it can be read in Enoch’s book and clearly seen that there are a total of four 18 portioned sections, which directly related to what is said concerning the number of portions in the night and day. It is said that there are four quarters to the whole, representing the possible ways the length of days and nights are expressed, 9/9, 11/7, 12/6, and 10/8. Again, further reinforcing that we are in fact dealing with the same imagery and system of tracking as what is portrayed in the so called creation wheel, understandable labeled heaven.

From another angle we find further supporting evidence that demonstrates that Astro-theology was paramount in the ancient’s lives and practices.

The three days after Christ died is 72 hours to his resurrection. This results in the death day of the 22nd plus 3 days, giving us the 25th of March. Additional, the time that the return of the Sun is celebrated (or the birth of the Son) is the 22nd of December plus three days equals the 25th. This symbolically results in the number 144 (72 72) which is half male and half female.

Here we see the echo of the by now very familiar theme of the balance expression of polarities.

The question could be raised why was the death of Christ situated on the spring equinox? What is the great significance of this date and time? It is literally a major key or message to the way of ascension. It is the best means to portray the perfect example, in the sky every year. The day and night are equal, or better put the moon and sun are balanced! The male and female energies are in harmony with one another, equally sharing the space around this sacred vessel.

This is truly astonishing and yet it is not the only way this message is echoed as we have already seen. Still there is another really interwoven message reinforcing the key to ascension as well as the alchemical nature of this existence. Demonstrating that once the elements are understood they can actually be mastered and used to create whatever you want, desire, or need.

Here is one of the best examples of how the numerology of creation is every aware and ready to be called into service by those who are awake.

Look at the diagram below and notice the correlating numbers that are the key ingredients in our overall understanding.

If all this isn’t enough, get a load of this!

The above reference to the overriding winds, so to speak, which would essentially be the governor of the gate or primary element of the direction, makes specific inference to the “frequently descending beings” and the “paradise”. These two highlighted areas, by reverent association refer to the areas that house the locations of 5/22 and 11/22 respectively!

5/22 is the representation of the descending divine consciousness and 11/22 is the location where the wisdom and the process of ascension was taught and guarded.

Now with this understanding it is quite possible to paint an entirely different picture about the so called fallen angels. Considering that the Egyptians believed that the essence or perhaps the life force of the stars could be transferred to the ground and caught up in the temples, isn’t it possible that the 7 seven creator beings that descend to setup the Rostau Matrix are in fact represented by the seven major points of the constellation of Orion. And their wisdom and essence are transmitted into the entire area at certain times more directly than others?

The text states in Chapter 10, verse 6 that “The Lord said to Raphael, Bind Azazyel hand and foot, cast him in to darkness, opening the desert, cast him there.”

Recall that it states in Chapter 18, verse 14: “And there I beheld seven stars, like blazing mountains, and like spirits entreating me. Then the angel said, ‘This place, until the consummation of heaven and earth, will be the prison of the stars, and the host of heaven.”

In Chapter 21, verse 3: “There too, I beheld seven stars of heaven bond in it together, like great mountains, and like a blazing fire. I exclaimed, for what species of crime have they been bound, and why have they been removed to this place? Then Uriel, one of the holy angels who was with me, and who conducted me, answered: Enoch, wherefore dost thou ask, wherefore reason with thyself, and anxiously inquire? These are those stars which have transgressed the commandment of the most high God, and are here bound, until the infinite number of the days of their crimes be completed….This he said, is the prison of the angels (Watchers) and here they are kept for ever.”

It is most amazing to place these phrases in this new light and ponder the deeper meaning. Especially considering that when Enoch was first being shown everything he had to be told what the Sun was! He demonstrates that the wisdom is ours for the asking over and over again. Chapter 23, verse 1: “From thence I went to another place, towards the west, unto the extremities of the earth. Where I beheld a fire blazing and running along without cessation, which intermitted its course neither by night nor by day, but continued always the same. I inquired saying, ‘What is this, which never ceases?’ Then Raquel, one of the holy angels who were with me answered, ‘This is blazing fire, which thou beholdest running towards the west, is that of all the luminaries of heaven. (All stars are suns and they have consciousness.)”

It is also most conclusive to add that the original beliefs of the Egyptians are mirrored here in the book of Enoch in utter perfection.

Chapter 81, verses 7-12: “So that the year is completed in three hundred and sixty-four days. Truly has been stated, and accurately has been computed that which is marked down, for the luminaries, the months, the fixed periods, the years, and the days. Uriel has explained to me, and communicated to me, whom the Lord of all Creation, on my account, commanded (according to the might of heaven, and the power which it possesses both by night and by day) to explain the laws of light to man, of the sun, moon, stars, and of all the powers of heaven, which are turned with their respective orbs. (This is Astrology and Tarot.) This is the ordinance of the stars, which set in their places, in their seasons, in their periods, in their days, and in their months. These are the names of those who conduct them, who watch and enter in their seasons, according to their ordinance in their periods, in their months, in the times of their influence, and in their stations. Four conductors of them first enter, who separate the four quarters of the year. After these, twelve conductors of their classes, who separate the months and the year into three hundred and sixty-four days, with the leaders of thousand, who distinguish between days, as well as between the four additional ones, which conductors, divide the four quarters of the years. (These are the four children born as Osiris/Fall, Isis/Summer, Set/Winter, Nephthys/Spring representing the four fixed signs.) These leaders of a thousand are in the midst of the conductors and the conductors are added each behind his station and their conductors make the separation. These are the names of the conductors who separate the four quarters of the year, who are appointed over them: Melkel, Helammelak, Meliyal, Narel.”

Coupled with all the overwhelming evidence presented in this entire book, it is established without a shadow of doubt that in the distant past the Gods descended with wisdom and intelligence so far beyond our comprehension that Enoch declares: “Where I beheld the operation of a great fire blazing and glittering, in the midst of which there was a division. Columns of fire struggled together to the end of the abyss, and deep was their descent. But neither measurement nor magnitude was I able to discover, neither could I perceive its origin.”

Pure wisdom is now ours for the asking, fully demonstrated in the following, divine Sovran rights to intelligence and power await our applied and sincere efforts to reclaim our heritage and divine birthright.

We are the Chosen and Elect, that is, those who choose to take up this birthright and do something about it. These are the ones who will experience the fulfillment of been raised up to our fullest glory as the Sons and Daughters of the original blueprint of Man.

Chapter 54, verse 3: “I will place a sign in the heavens and it shall be a faithful witness (1testament) between me and them forever, as long as the days of heaven and earth last upon earth.”

Chapter 46 thru Chapter 50: “There I beheld the Ancient of Days, whose head was like white wool, and with him another, whose countenance resembled that of a man. His countenance was full of grace, like that of one of the holy angels. Then I inquired of one of the angels, who showed me every secret thing, concerning the Son of Man, who he was, whence he was, and why he accompanied the Ancient of Days. He answered and said to me, ‘This is the Son of Man, to whom righteousness belongs, with whom righteousness has dwelt, and who will reveal all the treasures of that which is concealed; for the Lord of Spirits has chosen him and his portion has surpassed all before the Lord of Spirits in everlasting uprightness.’ This Son of Man, whom thou beholdest, shall raise up kings and the mighty from their couches, and the powerful from their thrones; shall loosen the bridles of the powerful, and break into pieces the teeth of the sinners. He shall hurl kings from their thrones and their dominions; because they will not exalt and praise him, nor humble themselves before him, by whom their kingdoms were granted to them.

The countenance likewise of the mighty shall be cast down, filling them with confusion. Darkness shall be their habitation, and worms their bed, nor from their bed shall they hope to be again raised, because they exalted not the name of the Lord of Spirits (Hosts). They shall condemn the stars of heaven, shall lift up their hands against the Most High, shall tread upon and inhabit the earth, exhibiting their works of iniquity. Their strength shall be their riches, and their faith in the gods whom they have formed with their own hands. They shall deny the name of the Lord of Spirits, and shall expel him from the temples, in which they assemble.

At that time I beheld the Ancient of Days, while he sat upon the throne of his glory, while the book of the living was opened in his presence, and while all the powers which were above the heavens stood around him. Then were the hearts of the saints full of joy, because the consummation of righteousness was arrived, the supplication of the saints heard, and the blood of the righteous appreciated by the Lord of Spirits.

In that place I beheld a fountain of righteousness, which never failed, encircled by many springs of wisdom, having their habitation with the righteous, the elect, and the holy. In that hour was the Son of Man invoked before the Lord of Spirits, and his name in the presence of the Ancient of Days. Before the sun and the signs were he created, before the stars of heaven were formed, his name was invoked in the presence of the Lord of Spirits. A support shall he be for the righteous and the holy to lean upon, without falling, and he shall be the light of nations. Therefore the Elect and the Concealed One existed in his presence, before the world was created and forever. In his presence he existed, and has revealed to the saints and to the righteous the wisdom of the Lord of Spirits.

For in his name shall they be preserved and his will shall be their life. In those days shall the kings of the earth and the mighty men, who have gained the world by their achievements, become humble in countenance. For in the day of their anxiety and trouble their souls shall not be saved; and they shall be in subjection to those whom I have chosen. I will cast them like hay into the fire, and like lead into the water. Thus shall they burn in the presence of the righteous, and sink in the presence of the holy, nor shall a tenth part of them be found. But in the day of their trouble the world shall obtain tranquility. In his presence shall they fall, and not be raised up again, nor shall there be any one to take them out of his hands, and to lift them up, for they have denied the Lord of Spirits and his Messiah. The name of the Lord of Spirits shall be blessed.

Wisdom is poured forth like water, and glory fails not before him for ever and ever for potent is he in all the secrets of righteousness. But iniquity passes away like a shadow, and possesses not a fixed station; for the Elect One stands before the Lord of Spirits, and his glory is for ever and ever; and his power from generation to generation. With him dwells the spirit of intellectual wisdom, the spirit of instruction and of power, and the spirit of those who sleep in righteousness, he shall judge secret things.

And in those days shall the Elect One sits upon his throne, while every secret of intellectual wisdom shall proceed from his mouth; for the Lord of Spirits has gifted and glorified him. In those days the mountains shall skip like rams, and the hills leap like young sheep satiated with milk, and all the righteous shall become angels in heaven. Their countenance shall be bright with joy, for in those days shall the Elect One be exalted. The earth shall rejoice; the righteous shall inhabit it, and the elect possess it.”

This is essentially what all the messiah material in the Bible is based on, as well as the Book of Revelations.

Find out the rest of the story in the 7th Seal – Hidden Wisdom Unveiled. (

To see the diagram from this article visit the html version here (

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4 Jun 2010 @ 21:19 by Jacobs @ : there is no death in christ conscious
you guys are very very ignorant !!! How can the Christ have died, at that level of conciousness there is no death. Who have died in the cross was Jesus and NOT the Christ, he channeled the energy call as the Christ in the last 3 years of his life. Is time for you guys to become a bit updated and not continue with the dogma that has kept this planet and humanity in slavery for million of years !!!!!  

23 Apr 2012 @ 01:44 by Ken Atherton @ : God's final message to humanity.
Hi Friends I write to pass to you that God’s final message to humanity through the pen of the returned spirit of truth is freely available at:

I paste below the introduction on the index page. Please pass on to all.

True Light - the bright morning Star

God is greatest ~ God is greatest ~ God is greatest


Testament of Truth

Father God is the Sovereign Power

The holiest divine Revelation of the Creator and Supreme Ruler of mankind
The 'Mystery of God' Revealed

In his name - by his word
the Star of Bethlehem returns to every part of the world

As written by Terence, son of Irene & David

This 'book' is the 'Holy Grail,' containing the pure wisdom of God to set you free spiritually.
This book is not a 'religion,' it is spiritual truth and the TRUE 'Ideology of God' - "Peace unto all mankind."


As the whole world now accelerates towards its final state of mass confrontation, destruction and absolute truth, it is I the returned 'prince of peace' who sends out God's final message for all to read and to 'see & hear' before they personally become embroiled in that never ending fight for what they falsely believe is their RIGHT.

This web site contains 'The correction of the Truth' on earth and the 'end of times' Prophecy, being a fresh new insight that is an 'antithesis' and thus 'contra to' present understanding. For man believed falsely that he could continue on in his greedy, manipulative, destructive and punitive ways and not 'pay.'

This introduction continues on in 'The Unfolding story' below:

Main Index

The Testament of Truth
Book 1 of 9

The Unfolding Story 4 p. The Introduction Story
The TESTAMENT of TRUTH 278 p. Message from Heaven to all
The LAW of GOD 37 p. God's ONE Supreme immutable LAW
The STATE of HEAVEN 16 p. God's 'entry' Decrees
The 'STAR' Prayer 8 p. God sent meditation prayer for all
About the Author 1 p.

Pindari Herb Farm
200 Norwich Drive LONGFORD TAS.7301
My favourite web page is:  

23 Apr 2012 @ 09:03 by yeshua zimmerman @ : Important Issue
if Saint Germain Saw what you're preaching he would laugh till he was blue in the face ill have to show him at the meeting. you know wisdom is a sacred gift the Creator insures us that you and all of your associates will perish be erased from the book of remembrance but after suffering horrible torments in the lower realms because you continue to give false information misleading others with irrelevant quotes from Enoch his books were written and only relevant to the elect of the 1st millennia BCE when truth is available is of the most selfish horrible disgraceful sins . if it weren't for occasional references to truth your mockery would appear as incoherent babble rewriting history and false interpretations of sacred texts is pretty much what the Nazi Party was famous for and the Islamic nation is doing now .To even Hint that Sitchen was close to correct makes one wonder of your mental health and a star gate is from a Kurt Russel movie then ten year sci fi channel series they aren't real. You're so far off base it seems you're making things up from store bought books our organization has been around for nearly 2000 years now we operate in 27 countries and have 240 million members worldwide For a reason our miracles from the father are real not nonsensical wannabe magic . draw your circles and say your incantations maybe you'll invoke a roach if you leave some crumbs in the circle but that's about all you'll ever invoke that's not a figment of your imagination. Pray to the father for mercy raise your hands towards the heavens and honor his grace and limitless power and be sincere about repenting remove this rubbish and never preach such again and our loving merciful creator may have it in his will to offer you a blessing of forgiveness I only say this once I may neither Judge nor forgive nor reward nor punish those sacraments are reserved exclusively for the father . Amen.  

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