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picture21 Aug 2003 @ 20:35, by Mathues Imhotep

Are Archangels continously dipping into our level of reality? In the Distant past did they make a major appearence here setting the stage for this entire duality experiment. There is evidence that suggest that this is exactly so, including many more startingly discovers unlong these very lines.

If you are interested in reading more about the creators and creation of Eden, as well as the striking correlations to the Giza Plateau you can find additional chapters/articles at

Are Archangels continuously dipping into our level of reality? In the Distant past did they make a major appearance here setting the stage for this entire duality experiment. There is evidence that suggest that this is exactly so, including many more startlingly discovers along these very lines.

If you are interested in reading more about the creators and creation of Eden, as well as the striking correlations to the Giza Plateau you can find additional chapters/articles at

I wrote this article in 1993 when I was 29 for a local metaphysical magazine. This was the beginning of my writing experience when I started to amalgamate what I knew to be the truth into words. By this time I had read everything I could get my hands on searching for what I innately knew to be the greater understanding of the nature of our existence. There wasn't very much information targeting serious questions about who really are and where we really came from. Other than channeled material, which there was plenty by this time. The type of material that I was interested in was regarding answers to unexplained feats of an ancient scientific/mathematical nature.

Since then there have been several authors who have asked similar questions, for example Graham Hancock, pondering and tracing the remaining footprints of the Gods, which support that advanced civilizations existed in antiquity.

We will be looking at a variety of evidence strongly suggesting that these God beings did actually exist, highly advanced in all aspects of life, including Spirituality or perhaps better stated, "the wisdom of the Soul."

A very good question that may be asked is do we take the existence of Angels on proof and fact or faith and belief? If we look at the Bible, Angels are only mentioned by name four times, without much of any detail. The majority of information on Angels actually comes from the Apocrypha (hidden books) and the pseudopigrapha (purported false writings). Especially from the chronicles of Enoch (God's scribe.) It is important to note that these writings are non-canonical, i.e. not authorized or authenticated according to the early church fathers.

Perhaps the question should be what is divinely inspired and what is not, and who really has the authority to say so anyway? In the Dead Sea Scrolls says, "Do not worship the dead letters of scripture, but rather the living Spirit." So it is again by Gnosis that we find spiritual guidance. There will be many deep answers relating to these types of question revealed as we continue to both go deeper into ourselves and this type of material.

To put the subject of this article in perspective, whether angels really exist, we simply must have a personal experience. Many of us at one time or another, whether recently or while growing up as a child have been graced or even saved by the seat of our pants in one form or another. Regardless of how seemingly insignificant or significant, like me have probably come to say I owe it to my guardian angels (or Spirit Guides) who watch out for me. Many of us have some external forces or simply Spirit as I call it, that we have come to know (gnosis) and trust in this way. So, as in anything, experiencing is believing; Divine Intervention or inspiration in action.

Overtime we have come to hear or read about the Archangels and their legions and hierarchies, each with their specific roles and talents, serving God, humankind and all creation. There are four prominent archangels that are most known. These are closest to the throne of God. It is generally agreed upon that they are:

Micheal - "who is as God, God's greatest champion"

Gabriel - "Governor of Eden, Angel of Resurrection" (said to be the only female Archangel in the higher echelons and it is also said that she sits on the left hand of God, further evidence of her femininity.)

Raphael - "The shining one who heals, Guardian of the Tree of Life."

Uriel - "Fire of God, the one who stands at the gate of Eden with a fiery sword."

Then there are seven primary divisions related to the duties, which are as follows:

Seraphim - "fiery, flying, lighting serpents"
Cherubim - "one who intercedes (guards), keeper of the celestial records"
Ophanim - "wheels (chariots), many eyed ones"
Dominions - "Lords, those who regulate angels duties, fiery speaking"
Virtues - "angels of grace and miracles, blessings from on high"
Powers - "Authorities, those who impose order"
Principalities - "watch over the leaders of people, in charge of nations or cities"

There is quite a science to all the angelic realms, which may actually be a means to describe the many mansions of God's creation.

My personal experiences have definitely influenced my overall belief in the greater cosmogony. I have found that seeing is truly believing after witnessing golden beings install a golden vortex in my living room in 1993.

The vortex was installed to bring more healing and lightwork to the area and the earth. This increased light and the other forces that are at work slowing the vibration, basically maintaining balance in all, immediately noticed the increased lightwork. Many attempts where made to instill fear and shutdown the vortex. My guidance was clear, "call in Archangel Michael for protection and he will also transform the situation and maintain the higher light frequencies. Invoking him made a major difference in the clarity of the finer vibrations, not to mention dispelling the griffin like creatures that where flying around our heads and visible to all. I now know that I can count on Archangel Michael to be there every time, immediately, without fail.

Many of my clients have reported seeing several forms of energy during my healings and mediations in the vortex. These sightings have ranged from balls of light, light forms to angels themselves. Perhaps some of these are of the order of the seraphim or ophanim. It is believed that angels can appear as whatever they like, or however they wish, much like it is acclaimed that Lucifer can do. I believe that these higher beings are indeed masterful.

In contrast, how can we talk about angels without mentioning the most controversial angel of all? Though, is he really in diabolical contrast? Do we really know for sure? It is not commonly known that Lucifer (known meaning of name: the morning star, Bringer of Light, Chief of the Seraphim) is only mentioned once by name in the whole Bible! Actually it can easily be debated whether he is really an evil angel or not.

The only story in the Bible of Lucifer is embedded in a long saga about Nebuchadnezzer, King of Babylon, who destroyed the Jerusalem and completely leveled the sacred temple in circa 600 B.C. The reference to Lucifer is brief, seemingly out of context, and apparently misunderstood. It reads, "How art thou fallen from Heaven, O' Lucifer, Son of the Morning," (Isaiah 14:12.) However, that's it, just one line! Lucifer's supposed fall from grace is not even a biblical story. This is more likely some kind of a curse for the suffering inflicted.

In the Old Testament, there is nothing to suggest that satan was evil, in fact there in no reference to any fallen angels at all. We can however read of "ha-satan" in Numbers 22:22, where the angel of the Lord stands against Balaam to forsake forbidden passage. In this way the angel of the Lord acted as an adversary to the Lord, hence the name ha-satan, translated as "an adversary who knows."

Likewise, in other Old Testament books, the term ha-satan designates an office, and the angel holding that office in not apostate or fallen at all. Satan becomes perceived as fallen or evil starting early on in the New Testament, when he emerges as Satan (with capital S) "the Prince of Evil, the Prince of the Power of Air (mental realm) or the Prince of this world." It is most important to note that again in Isaiah 45:7, it is purported to be stated by God that "I form the Light and Darkness, I make peace and create evil." But gradually, from the 2nd century B.C. onwards, the Hebrews turned from this belief in an ambivalent God, to one who is only good. So where does the truth really lay?

In the Garden of Eden, it is a serpent that tells Eve what the Lord of the garden is keeping from her and Adam. It is fairly well known that the Bible is often symbolic. As such is there perhaps some symbolism behind the serpent then? When we look to the ancient texts from Sumer (the Sumerians) we find the existence of beings referred to as the "Shining Ones." According to eleven clay tablets, a small band (around 200 in number) of mysterious, but very much materialized beings arrived in what is now Lebanon some time in the very distant past. Hebraic texts attributed to Enoch support the existence of the strange beings. There are many such descriptions of these beings from additional early sources. Christian O'Brian, translates one of them in his book, "The Genius of the Few", as "At Karsag, where heaven and earth meet, the Heavenly Assembly, the Great Sons of Anu, descended- the many wise ones."

Enoch describes them as being very tall and different from anything that he had seen in the lowlands, "there faces shone like the sun, and their eyes burned like lamps." These beings were still around some five millennia later, when the Old Testament prophet, Daniel, sees one he describes it with a girdle of gold round his waist and the same shining characteristics, "His face shone like lightening, his eyes were like fiery torches."

There is also a description of an offspring born as a mixture of these beings and the local inhabitants (humans.) This is referring to the biblical Noah, whose father, Lamech, was terrified of his weird newly born baby boy, who filled a darkened room with light. Lamech realized that this baby more than likely came from the "Sons of the Lord of Eden", than his own blood. He complains to Methuselah that Noah, "is not like you and me - his eyes are like the rays of the sun and his face shines. It seems to me that his is not born of my stock, but that of the angels." (Enoch 6:1-8) Perhaps this explains why Noah and his generation were favored and saved from the great flood.

These beings were also called one and/or two-eyed serpents; there are many references to these serpents as being wise, full of knowledge, and even magically inclined. For example, the Tibetan Book of Dyzan speaks of luminous sons who are the producers of the form from no form (manifestations). One leader 'shines forth as the sun', he is known as the blazing divine dragon/serpent of wisdom. (It should be noted that the creative realm is the realm of fire beings). Also the Caduceus of Hermes, with its two serpents wrapped around a central rod is further evidence of the edification and adoration of serpents as being wise. As the Caduceus is the symbol of medicine and messages, surviving down to today as the signet of medicine or perhaps magic to the uneducated.
Was it not Jesus who said, "Be ye as innocent as doves and as wise as serpents"? Could these luminous beings be one and the same as the as the serpent in the garden of Eden, or even the creator beings themselves?

When Enoch was summoned to visit the paradise settlement (garden?) by two very tall men which he described, "whose faces shone like the sun, with brilliant and radiant eyes…their clothes were remarkable - being purplish with the appearance of feathers and on their shoulders were things which I can only describe as golden wings." (This sounds a lot like the wisdom being of the Mayans - Quetzachoatl) When Enoch arrived and was being prepared to meet their leader, he witnessed four outstanding presences before the leader. Enoch asked his escorts who these four being were. The reply was, "The first was Micha-EL, the kindly and patient one; the second was Rapha-EL, who is responsible for treating illness and wounds among the beings here; the third was Gabri-EL, who is responsible for dealing with those who are selected to receive an extension to their normal life-spans; the fourth was Uri-EL, guardian of the Throne.

One could not help but ponder whether or not there are any connections or inferences to the garden of Eden and the Tree of Life, which the Elohim creators tried to keep from Adam and Eve, fearing they too might discover eternal life.

It is interesting to note that almost all of the Archangels have "EL" at the end of their names. It becomes even more fascinating to discover that the singular EL is an ancient word with a long and complex etymological history, which has a common origin with many other ancient words in other languages. In the Sumerian vernacular EL, is "brightness or shinning"; Acadian, ILU, is "radiant one"; Babylonian, ELLU, is "the shinning one"; Old Welsh, ELLU, is a "shinning being"; and from Anglo-Saxon, AELF is "radiant being."

We now begin to see how it could be possible that the Lords of Paradise, who were once identified with the original EL-ohim could have become the angels and the Archangels (literally the original Archons of the material creation.) that have come down to us at the core of a religious belief system.

The creation of Adam and Eve may have actually occurred in the Garden of Eden or Paradise by these beings. For it is also written and decipherable within these various Sumerian texts that Ninlil, the female scientist, created a genetically engineered worker drone type being to keep up the settlement. (This was the crossing of the evolving Cromagnum man and their own species, effectively creating a hybrid or accelerated evolution of human.) It can be noticed that there is a close parallel between Ninlil and Gabriel as female beings working with LIFE!

Additionally, there is a preponderance of material supporting these types of theories, which can be more closely examined in the work of Zecharia Sitchin, in his Earth Chronicles Trilogy, the Twelfth Planet.

It is sentinel to the greater understanding that is being put forth here that modern day archeologists are still perplexed by the level of civilization that existed in Sumer. Most significantly is that there is not any gradation of its advancement, it is as if it just appeared overnight.

It becomes quite probable that Enoch and his people were taught all they knew by these wise beings. All in all, may questions arise, who are these beings really? Where did they come from? Who is their LEADER? Maybe we have the Angels to thank for the higher civilization of advanced technology or perhaps a 'fallen angel' who was really intelligent. Though I prefer to remain in recognition of that this duality is merely in polarity consciousness and we all are multi-dimensional beings, rediscovering or remembering our divinity and co-creativeness while experiencing multi-dimensional realities and selves.

Thus the Hebrew meaning of the word angel; God's Messenger, and that we are all angels spreading our love and light in truth.

If you enjoyed reading this and/or are interested in this type of material or similarly related check out my website for my new book - 7th Seal ~ Hidden Wisdom Unveiled

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22 Aug 2003 @ 08:29 by martha : welcome
Welcome to NCN Mathues. I need to think about your post but I do know one draws into one's life what one believes.(the bible is not my strong suit so to speak).  

23 Aug 2003 @ 18:18 by spiritseek : Greetings...
a very thought provoking read this was, I'm very curious about your book. I feel truth within here that must be explored.  

29 Aug 2003 @ 03:24 by sindy @ : Wisdom
Pleasant day dearest mm, spiritseek and Mathues.. the els are the guardians or and the messengers* EL means the ELDERS.. its even in the word an-g-el (an guardian ELder).. thanks for sharing this with the lighters here Mathues.. may the light be with you*  

28 Dec 2003 @ 22:34 by d. @ : archangels
i will have to reread this. i know there is a lot of truth in it. but i am sure, this will probably not be printed, a writer for our Lord would not accept money. period!  

24 Jan 2004 @ 10:15 by Hathor @ : Another El origin
I like your concept...Well thought out, researched, and insightful!!

El is one of the titles of God, as in Elohim, El-Shaddai...and in these titles of god El translates to Might,Power, Greater than greatness.  

27 Oct 2004 @ 22:16 by skookum : I will be honest with you
I am still wondering if they exist. I am not saying they don't. I am just wondering...and still exploring. If you were to ask me if I feel they exist, I would say yes. If you asked me if I had come across any personally. I would say, I don't know. Do I believe I am guided... yes.
Why am I so clueless.. ? God knows *smiles

thank you for this article, well done  

19 Apr 2005 @ 18:14 by Raphael @ : The truth about US angels
Hello dear people of earth.
I have a message for you all and I'm merely telling you all this out of love.
I am NOT a tall blonde with big blue eyes and broad shoulders, nor am I a female.
I'm a short guy with a portly physique and a balding scalp, and I look about forty-four years of age.
My loving message is this:



19 Apr 2005 @ 19:01 by martha : Hey Raphael
What does the Lord look like?  

23 Aug 2005 @ 16:36 by solomon vazhappilly george @ : personal
i am solomon .v.g. from ernakulam -cochin city-ernakulam-kerala state-india,Pin-68 2018.i was born in ernakulam on the 12-Feb-1969 on wednessday At 9 p.m. .can you find me a mystic who can hep me to answer my personal problems by the help of the hevanly angels. kindly help me in this regard.please send me a reply.i am waiting for your guidence.
Many thanks for your time and help.
Sincerely yours,
Solomon vazhappilly george.  


18 Nov 2006 @ 17:35 by warren @ :
everything you speak has all been layed out in a book quite nicely infact it would almost seem as all your information has come from this book
it is true though everything you speak of has been revealed once again by cellestials in this book enjoy :)  

22 Feb 2013 @ 15:38 by Michelle @ : Answers lead to bigger questions
Angels are neither male or female. Angels are stars and stars are planets etc. Michael is represented as the Sun which is a masculine or positive energy and Gabriel is represented by the moon which is a feminine or negative energy. Everything in the universe has poles and everything is energy. We are all made of the same things-atoms. Atoms consist of Protons (positive energy), Electrons (negative energy) and neutrons (which are neutral). Look at the sun for example as a giant atom....just like the sun moving in keeping with the Law, so should we. The moral of this is follow your heart and search within to find your balance.  

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