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category picture14 Oct 2003 @ 02:17
A Universe divided.
Two sides to hijacked planes.
With three dimensions of the wreckage
To tribute the insane.

Borne forth, it's time that you return,
Embracing all your senses.
I've got five upon the sixes,
Erasing the dementia.

Both our twins died on the pyre,
Where the blinded raging crashes;
And set the unaware on fire,
Moving forward from the ashes.

Wake up! Arise! Realize!
The moment is the season.
Sit your ego in the back seat now,
While I speak to your reason.

The past encroaches on us now,
Let's reclaim our innocence.
Guilt is cleansed by love of life,
Let the lies lay in past tense.

Made captive once within a word.
An idea inside a frame.
Yet freedom dwells throughout the core,
Where we are all the same.

Are you aware of what you are?
Or wonder who am I?
Whose eyes do you drink in the flames through
The bitter tears you cry?

I transcend ideas of nothing,
Stripped bare without a form.
Where all once was unified,
We ride the eye of the storm.

We're all in the well with the dreamer,
Drawing up identity.
I share with you these thoughts of mine,
While focus here is lent to me.

Our purpose here is to create,
Joy empowers what she sells.
Ever since time here began,
Hatching shells inside of shells.

Existence does in fact exist,
In the presence of the now.
As always, so it ever will.
The question though is how?

If you wish to see the heavens,
Just take this little pill.
Luck will always turn up sevens,
Once we've journeyed up the hill.

No one else can rescue you.
Or save you from your cell.
But those who care may help you there.
Our sharing transforms hell.

Please do not go back to sleep,
Before you fully wake.
Eternal promises to keep.
The future is at stake.  More >

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