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5 Nov 2003 @ 02:43, by Jeff Olsen

I don't know what inspired me to write this poem all of a sudden. It is about a friend I once had. He returned to London after a few years of active service in the U.S. military. I saw him again about two months ago, for the first time in over a year. I lost him. I don't know if he'll find himself.

Waning Shoulders

Beach ball knee'd
An iron tree
Train'd diving in

Faces in the dirt
Bullets in his back
Who in hell'd involve him in
Chasing an attack?

Friends have fallen far from him
Uniform the grave
Against hot-leaded harbringers
The struggle theirs to save

Swearing thousands lying there
Lies that, which he still clings to
Choking back on all his fears
The black, black honest truth

I'm no good- I'm not no more
I am the one who I abhor
With blood-stained intentions sore
I'm sealing up my door

Swords to plowshares
Guns to grain
Come back! Come back!
Don't die in vain!

I pushed him through a window once
Or twice I don't remember
Shattered friendship cutting deep
The fall into November

Oh dear world forsake him not
A herring in the rain
Cheer bring cheers upon chi ears
Rejuvenate from pain

Forgive me now
He battles still
Fight me no more
Forever will

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5 Nov 2003 @ 03:48 by waalstraat : The Best Inspiration Jeff
can't be name, it just bubbles out ouf your heart center when you have your channels this case it is a very touching poem that you posted, although I can't really say I understand it all, but that doesn't matter to me, it just makes it interesting on top of touching.  

5 Nov 2003 @ 03:56 by scotty : Sometimes
one has to loose oneself in order to find oneself again - I know it's a bit cliché Jeff but it's true - you haven't lost your friend - keep thinking of him - keep holding him close to your heart - the love that you send him will nourish his hurt soul ... believe in him even if he no longer believes in himself - continue to love him even if he no longer loves himself... we cant always understand why we have to go through such passages in life but there is surely a reason.... that's part of lifes combat !

"I desire only to know the truth, and to live as well as I can...And, to the utmost of my power, I exhort all other men to do the same...I exhort you also to take part in the great combat, which is the combat of life, and greater than every other earthly conflict."

~ Socrates,

Keep in touch with him no matter how difficult that becomes !
I'm sending so many warm loving wishes and energy your way - for your friend and for you Jeff.  

5 Nov 2003 @ 04:14 by shawa : Guts
I see guts; guts and bloody shards, in your words and all over the place, because that´s the hard reality of a world that is going down the toilet. (And that´s what we need to CHANGE).
Hang on to that poetic vein, Jeff-O, it´s damn good!  

5 Nov 2003 @ 05:06 by swan : Creative expression
is a healing balm for the heart and the soul. Let the voice of your creative spirit keep speaking.  

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