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picture26 Oct 2003 @ 05:39, by Jeff Olsen

I was named Godfather to Benjamin Behrens Maurice Nault on Thursday, October 23, 2003. I am slightly overwhelmed; completely at a loss for words to express everything I am feeling. I can only try. I am struggling to grasp an entire array on new ideas and thoughts while plunging my being into an old perspective of innocence. Who am I? I am lost. I am not confident in who I am or I wouldn't be aware of my faults. Of course, this leads into an opening as to what I can do to change. However, I am so unsure of how to employ myself in this world to manage my debts and be clear of the past. Sometimes the things I say may SOUND intelligent, but I assure you, I have an outer dullard who is numb to this reality. But then, moments of clarity, shortly burning away as my awareness connects with something greater...

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26 Oct 2003 @ 05:58 by shawa : May I...
...refer you to the "Ian Livingstone" log ("Dedication and No Excuses") ? There is an article there that made my day, lol!  

27 Oct 2003 @ 01:06 by repsyche : To the Godfather of Sole
May I just say that, unfortunately, I do not have time to comment on this article today. Normally I would be happy to browse the whole log, searching for semiological undercurrents and to tease out the psycho-sociological dynamics. But, as I say, I am temporarily challenged.
If I had more minutes and hours to contribute my thoughts on this interesting subject, I would probably have pointed out that even sounding intelligent occasionally is cause for celebration.
Even Presidents struggle with this!
Very few people know themselves particularly well, so you are hardly a freak in that respect.
And, M8, if you wanna swap outer dullard stories, I cut through my broadband cable with a garden spade last week.

If none of the above;
Make me an offer I can¬ít understand.  

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