Mining the Mind: Before I go to Wonderland today...    
 Before I go to Wonderland today...6 comments
27 Sep 2003 @ 03:42, by Jeff Olsen

I would like to leave this:

Onwards Still: A Play

In a very highly probable battle,
God had another fight with nothing today.
God still won.
Nothing was lost, but assuredly could be found.
God- 2
(I think God rigs the deck)

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27 Sep 2003 @ 10:57 by ovular : God...
scrubs the deck and gets all soapy, the Devil's in the rigging, feeling ropey.  

27 Sep 2003 @ 16:10 by repsyche : wasn't it Albert Einstein that said...
..."God doesn't play dice"?  

27 Sep 2003 @ 21:33 by jeffolsen : And wasn't it was Aristotle that said...
..."the things we learn how to do, we learn by doing?" Perhaps that also means that whatever we choose to be, we become by being. The fun in playing the game is realizing the winner. I think I have a Hill to get started on. I think I can reach the top. Wasn't it Buddha that said, "He who thinks he is able, is able?" I have work to do. I'll try and prepare the lye and tea, with the hope that we will all win and nothing is lost. It looks like I may have to get my hands dirty. At least there is soap at the end...  

28 Sep 2003 @ 04:32 by swan : If you become one with the goal,
the goal comes to you. You are already on the hill, JeffO. When you are one with the goal time and space disappear. Katelyn Mariah said that:-)  

28 Sep 2003 @ 18:03 by jeffolsen : ...
...score! :)  

8 Oct 2003 @ 12:34 by repsyche : when two sides...
...go to war
one is all that they can score.


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