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24 Sep 2003 @ 23:44, by Jeff Olsen

It's funny, the "Five Card Stud" log began with an understanding of "SOME" of the cards that I was playing with. As I started playing, only then did the cards become apparent to me. Their suits and their placement were not evident to me when I started. Now they are. Now, between the two that are playing, do I realize who wins and why. I understood the players first, the game second. Now I understand both together. Kind of like the chicken and the egg. However, the game only ends when the winner chooses. I have faith that the choice will be made.

I have two neighbors where I live now. My Western neighbour is from Iraq. I have been helping him with his Pita Grill. He transformed his van with plumbing and electricity through his own understanding. I helped him dig a trench to bury the power lines that stem from the opposite side of the parking lot where his grill sits now. I opened the grill with him on September 11. I have agreed to work for him on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights for the present. Soon, we will be building a partition together and maybe planting a post to protect the propane tank from harm. We have become good friends. My other neighbour is to the East. His name is Jay. I said to him, "I wanna have some Mary, wanna? Do you wanna have some Mary, wanna?" We started smoking together. I discovered that Jay is an artist. He carves wood. He showed me this magnificent piece that he is working on. I told him that it is worth a fortune. He is making it to sell. I offered him millions for it, but he is unsure of whether or not to believe that I can give him millions of dollars for his carving. I asked him to wait until I have made millions, but that if he did decide to sell it before that time, to sell his piece with the fact that there is an offer of millions for it. I also asked him to continue carving the piece knowing that it is worth a fortune. Jay is also in a band. He is a talented musician. I have asked him to help me learn how to play the guitar. He said that he would. I asked him his price for lessons. He told me $10 an hour. I asked him how much he would charge me if I booked him a gig. He told me that he would give me one month free. I asked him his price per gig. We agreed upon $500. That is the price that I will start selling his talent for him. I want to learn how to play.

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25 Sep 2003 @ 01:42 by repsyche : good luck with your new endeavour
take this virtual plectrum with all best wishes and wield it well  

25 Sep 2003 @ 04:44 by shawa : You´re good -...
...young one! :-D  

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