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31 Mar 2008 @ 22:42, by Bee

Inside the Muslim Mind

To the infidels of the West:

Constitution for the new Islamic Republic of EU and
USA is under construction.

We will fight the infidel to the death. Meanwhile American laws will protect us.

Democrats and Leftist will support us.

UNO will legitimize us.

CAIR will incubate us.

ACLU will empower us.

Western Universities will educate us.
Mosques will shelter us.

OPEC will finance us
Hollywood will love us. Koffi Annan will pass politically correct sympathetic statement for Jihadists.Our children will immigrate from Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Indonesia and even from India to the US and to other Western countries. They will go to the West for education in full scholarships.

America is paying and will continue to pay for our children’s educations and their upbringing in state funded Islamic schools.We will use your welfare system. Our children will also send money home while they are preparing for Jihad.

We will take advantage of American kindness, gullibility, and compassion. When the time comes, we will stab them in the back. We will say one thing on camera and teach another thing to our children at home. We will give subliminal messages to our children to uphold Islam at any cost. Our children in
America will always care more about Islamic country’s interests than US interests. We will teach our children Islamic supremacy from very early childhood. We will teach them not to compromise with the Infidel. Once we do that from the very early age our children won’t hesitate to be martyrs. We will take over Europe first and then the

US will be our next target. We already have solid ground in the UK, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Germany, and now in the

US.Our children will marry Caucasians in

America. We will mix with the fabric of Western society but still will remember Jihad when the time comes.Who are we?We are the “sleeper cells”.

We will raise our children to be loyal to Islam and Mohammad only. Everything else is secondary.
At the time of the real fight we will hold our own children as our armor. When American or Israeli troops shoot at us the world will be watching. Imagine,… Imagine the World news “Death of Muslim babies by infidels”.We know CNN, ABC, CBS are broadcasting live. Al-Jazeera will pour gasoline on the fire. The news will spread like wildfire. “Americans killed 6 babies, 10 babies”. “Jews killed two women”, Keep your Nukes in your curio cabinets. Keep your aircraft carrier or high-tech weaponry in the showcase. You can’t use them against us because of your own higher moral standard. We will take advantage of your higher moral standard and use it against you. We won’t hesitate to use our children as suicide bombers against you.

Visualize the news flashes all over the world, …Moslem mother is sobbing, ….crying. ….Her babies are killed by Jews and Americans, the whole world is watching live. Hundreds of millions of Muslims all around the world are boiling. They will march through Europe. We will use our women to produce more babies who will in turn be used as armor/shield. Our babies are the gift from Allah for Jihad.The West manufactures their tanks in factories. We will manufacture our military force by natural means, by producing more babies. That is the way it is cheaper.

You infidels at this site cannot defeat us. We are 1.2 billion. We will double again. Do you have enough bullets to kill us?

On the camera:
We will always say, “Islam is the religion of Peace.”

We will say, “Jihad is actually inner Jihad.”

Moderate Muslims will say there is no link between Islam and Terrorism and the West will believe it because the West is so gullible.

Moderate Muslims all over the world will incubate Jihadist by their talk by defending Islam.

Using the West’s Legal system we will assert our Sharia Laws, slowly but surely.

We will increase in number. We will double again.

You will be impressed when you meet a moderate Muslim personally. As your next-door neighbor, coworker, student, teacher, engineer, professionals you may even like us. You will find us well mannered, polite, humble, that will make you say, “Wow, Muslims are good and peaceful people”. But we will stab you in your back when you are sleeping as we did on 9/11.

There will be more 9/11’s in Europe and in
America. We will say, “We do not support terrorism but

America got what it deserved.”Muslims, CAIR, ISNA, MPAC and other international Islamic Organization will unite. We will partner with Leftist, ACLU, with Koffi Annan, and the UN, and if we have too even with

France. Fasten your seatbelt. The war of civilizations has just begun.We will recite Quran and say Allah-Hu-Akbar before beheading infidels, as we have been doing. We will video tape those and send it to all the infidels to watch. They will surrender - ISLAM means surrender.We will use your own values of kindness against you.

You are destined to lose.

Must be very depressing for you. Is it?

Allah-Hu-Akbar - as we say just before beheading people.

21st Century Islamic Warfare.

Let’s see the effectiveness of Islamic warfare.

Muslims Vs. the West.

THE RULE HAS CHANGED. There is new game in town.

Bill Clinton ordered 50 Tomahawks Cruise missiles costing $100,000,000 each, to destroy $50 mud houses that belonged to Osama’s family. What stupidity? What a poor ROI
(Return On Investment)

In return Osama’s attack on the US. Cost: 19 martyrs and less than $500,000. Cost to the West: over 3,000 dead.At least $1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) dollars economical loss in one year. This includes the ripple effect.

Osama’s ROI with respect to: life = 3,000/19 = 158 fold. Dollar = $1 tr./500K = 2,000,000 fold

This is modern warfare. The West will loose.

Allah-Hu-Akbar. Islam will rule the world. There is nothing you can do. Even if the per capita GDP of the world drops to half of its present level as a consequence of Islamic laws in place all over the world. Islam will still rule the word.

From your point of view we bring the world into the dark ages, so be it. But still Islam wins and the West looses.

Are you sure you want to play this game?

Jihad, ..Jihad…Jeeehaaad…

You are destined to loose.


[Sight of the Truth]
Saudi Arabia’s $100 billion investment over the last 3 decades on over 60 thousands Madrassas and schools all over the Islamic world is finally paying off. While the West was busy inventing medicine, increasing life expectancy, elevating human suffering, decoding the human gene to find a cure for Cancer, heart disease etc, launching space shuttles, inventing the internet, working on new laws/theory for human rights, developing better economical models for a more prosperous world, while ACLU was gaining control over common sense, while American ingenuity was benefiting the rest of the world, we Muslims were busy producing over 200 million out of 1.4 billion, Walking, Talking, Non-Thinking, West-Hating, Pre-Programmed, Suicidal, Parasitic, Terrorist Robots. You can’t win. The Genie is out of the bottle.We will use American’s kindness, fairness, compassion, freedom of speech and non-discriminatory policy against them. We will stab them in the back.What are you going to do?

You are doomed


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1 Apr 2008 @ 00:51 by a-d : It's about time.....
that the Private Corporation United States of Americka, gets some BALANCE in its TOP which is extreamly Jew-heavy, jews with no allegience to any other Living entity in the world but "its own"!.... MORE than 85 % of the so called American Government/Administration of today being DUAL ISRAEL /AMERICA CITIZENS! EVEN ONE Muslim there would START some BALANCE =bringing back the POSSIBILITY of something resembling healing/health to return to this severely RAPED NATION... and NOT raped by Muslims, I might add. (Do you you think, b, that we are all dead or blind idiots with NO ability to see/hear the TRUTH about what has gone on this Planet the last 6000 years!... So much for WESTERN Civilization!.... and still is... yet weaker for every passing day, thank GOD!...Europe and the rest of the World being stolen from its own people by these so called JEWS as well!... or was it MUSLIMS who made up the BOLSHEVIKS??? The Jewish DESTRUCTION with the all the revolutions fomented by them and the wars (including the WWI and WWII ) is no secret any longer and cannot longer be hidden by deceit /PRETENDING to be ONE thing, Lenin et Co and so on -when in reality being something else....
( Europe has been in (KRYPTO-)Jewish hands for at least some fifteen hundred years!... and in a death STRANGLE grip for the last three hundred:it goes something like this: Who makes --as in prints-- the money to be forced to be bought by the People against sickening wild usury-interests OWNS the country -at least in the money printer's own opinion!...
The BIGGEST difference between Islam and Judaism is that Islam FORBIDS Usury and its Adherents -as a group- have never broken that command: USURY is NOT ALLOWED by Islam!....
NOTHING is more HOLY in Judaism than its USURY that it has forced upon the world the last few thousand years (Read your your OLD Testament) THIS DIFFERENCE between the two "religions" is the MAIN REASON why Jews have ALWAYS wanted to destroy every single person who abides to the Laws of Islam throughout the ages. JUST FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!
If Europe can get some help freeing this Jewish death-grip, I am sure most normal intelligent Europeans would welcome such help!

SELFISH Pricks, power hungry psychopaths have ALWAYS HIDDEN WITHIN groups of more naive innocent people whom these power hungry crazies first brainwashed into thinking "this n that" GRANDIOSE Thing about their own group. A human shield of Believers HAS BEEN a Powerful protection for these Selfish pricks, be they this that "Label"/ "Flag"
a maniack is a maniack!... EVIL is EVIL! period! and knows NO natural magnetic belonging to any particular "religion" . But when evil is built in as a VIRTUE in a religion, then it needs to be weeded out. Sooner or later that moment will come. Maybe it finally has arrived to Europe! Let's pray to GOD it will arrive to America before ALL is lost . If not, then .... Make no mistake: MOST of the Jews will lose ALL just like the rest of us. ONLY the SICKOS will grabb the Cake... and then what???? )
The World knows Today that ALL religion is psychology and no religion is "ETHNIC belonging" of any sort -- other than in some dork's fantasy world!
[ http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=180 ] millions have done the same as this guy on this site!....WHY???? Hmmmmmm
[ http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=124 ] in this link; one person's pretty well stated comment has this to say:
"... the way I see it is that this group of controlling individuals seem to be using the term “Jew” to distract us from their own personal mis doings. Thus leading populations to revolt against the Jewish people, who are obviously oblivious to the secret doings of this supervisory committee (better known as the CFR and federal reserve here in the US) who are money and power hungry and care little for anything else, including its own people (American, Jewish, British or any other nation they have infiltrated over the centuries.)." plus more (in the link)

and what about the 'Communist Take Over of America (and the rest of the world) Were they too Muslims??? or??? what does your research in these Issues bring up? [ http://www.rense.com/general32/americ.htm ]
why not shed some much needed light on THIS Take Over too, now that you're at it!; )

A MUCH NEEDED shattering of MYTHS!...right there where it is MOST needed! Thank GOD! [ http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/966952.html ]
[ http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=38 ] ...like you say, b; " You are doomed "  

2 Apr 2008 @ 22:43 by b : You are calling people sick?
You change the subject of my post to jew hate and speak in generalities and non specifics. Could it be that you are insane and not taking your meds? Or maybe you are. Wait until the mosque goes up next to your local Piggly Wiggly blasting high volume Islam voices admonishing you about sharia law requirements and brutal penalties. Then see where your jew hate gets you. You still have to buy groceries until blown up. At least you are not waiting for Bush to blow you up. I am sure you hate him too.  

19 May 2008 @ 21:40 by b : scrambled eggs
is korma. Jew hate is Amazinbng more common as Muslim propaganda infects the formerlu rational. Amazing that there is one God and so many think that God only br;pmh  

28 Sep 2009 @ 04:36 by b : wass up
with the gagootz  

14 Sep 2016 @ 08:12 by paypal login @ : This blog is nice. I admire what you
This blog is nice. I admire what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that this is working for you as well.paypal sign up  

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