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 Serbia Under Attack1 comment
10 Mar 2008 @ 22:03, by Bee

In the 20th century Serbia was forced into a country after one thousand years of being Serbia. By the end of the 20th century Serbia was free of Yugoslavia but sparsely populated. Ethnic Albanis moved into parts of Serbia where there are railroads, electricity pllants, telephones, Serb banks, etc. Now these ethnic Albanians who are also Muslim have proclaimed they are a new state and not part of Serbia.
Why is Serbia, the only country in history who faced down the Muslim hordes on their way to Vienna, should be blamed for not giving land of their country to Muslims? They are the only country in history who, when demanded to submit to Islam or die, the shout heard by so many populations, the Serbs did not submit and did not die or become Muslim. They should not be blamed for this by ethnic Muslims and their lands taken politically to create more Muslim countries..

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1 comment

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