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picture15 Jan 2008 @ 23:07, by Bee

Na na na na na

Several years ago while meditating in a Temple in India I had a realization that I wanted to share with all New Civ members who I thought were my friends because I thought we were like minded. I returned to America. I began to write a series of articles in my blog about creating a real world new civilization and how I thought that would be financed.
I used gold as a medium of exchange and wrote how it could be collected and used to create what I thought was a desire of many of the members here. I knew that gold then under $300 an ounce would rise to it's current just under $1000 an ounce price.
I even offered free shares to members here to participate and share and no one cared. Ok, some few wrote and corrosponded with. People like the minister for new civilizations in Russis. Stuff like that. No one here seemed interested in profit and wealth here seems to be a dirty word like success. I, of course followed my own advice and have gold. You did'nt and don't.

Now at the dawn of the 21st century we are having the great American depression while the rest of the world prospers. I think that I would rather have a space ship then an island.

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15 Jan 2008 @ 23:32 by mortimer : i luv it,
when people say that.

I Told You So.  

15 Jan 2008 @ 23:58 by swanny : Interesting Picture
Interesting Picture
in the sense that it looks some what like organic arch
but just as a precaution I would tie the buildings together
with a few ped ways to give it some structural integrity
and cohesion.
Wheres that from?
thats not Dubai is it

Don't care much for Dubai

glad you got what you wanted

still not sure what I want...

oh I have visions sometimes

I suppose I was workin on my health

it has improved somewhat

I found the cause of my ailment

not the cure though.


carry on...


16 Jan 2008 @ 00:25 by bushman : Right, lol.
As if any of us had any disposable income to buy or invest in gold, I have some gold, but even if I sold it now it wouldnt amount to much. Point being for your Newciv project to of worked you would of needed far more investors with disposable income to burn, basicly people makeing big bucks, or property to sell off to buy the gold at the $300oz price, just for it to have worked for me, Id of had to buy a whole pound, I dont make that much money in 10 years at $300 an oz. So lets say I droped what I was doing and sat in the dust and paned gold till now, fact is Id have to of sold that gold for food and fuel, and still wouldnt have gained any amount of gold enough to make big bucks off of at the going price now. I was game, but you never followed thru, you just keep saying no one had interest, when that was not true, people did, you just didnt make any of it clear enough as to how it was going to work. And especily where the money was going to come from just to get started on your project. You never made map of the land this gold was on, so as we could go check it out and see if there was going to be enough resorces to live off the land till we harvested enough gold to drill wells or filter stream water, the cost of food or a weather resistant building. Like you expected people to just live out of a cheep wallmart tent and survive with no infastructure at all, drive to town and eat Mc Donalds every night? lol. Anyway it was you who dropped the ball just so you could say "I told you so" and "nanana", lol. Most the people on NCN have pretty much lowered thier consumtion rates and this resulting in far less income, should I have sent you 10 bucks a month, so you could galavant around the globe just to come back and tell us we didnt participat in your scheme?  

16 Jan 2008 @ 00:41 by mortimer : Bushman,
you ever do the rainbow trail?  

16 Jan 2008 @ 01:38 by bushman : Naw,
I did look into it, thought it might be fun, but I don't know anyone who could stay out on the land that long to partner up on it. Heck I can't even get my friends to climb the ridge in my back yard, lol. I guess everyones gotten too old to do those kind of hikes. I had planed to do the old trail from here in Sedona to the Hopi land, only 130 miles, but since I messed up my back, I don't think I could handle a 40lb pack anymore. I been to a couple gatherings, and kind of lost faith in that path, nothing really enlightening other than meeting a few good people, but seems the majority are just hidding out from the law or just there to get high or beat on drums. I still see some people come thru here and they usualy stop at the food bank or saint vincents church for food, leave thier trash in the forest. I guess about 2 years ago now, a group of them left a hot campfire going and set the forest on fire. Now the city of Sedona just calls them transeits and usualy runs them out of town unless they have a place to stay. They closed down the place called "stage stop" due to all the trash and fights and drugs.  

16 Jan 2008 @ 21:57 by b : Ed
Yes, the pic is of a part of Dubai. A most modern Arab city.  

21 Jan 2008 @ 21:43 by vaxen : Hell man...
I think you're leaving out a lot but that's OK. For one: Your assumptions that you have it we don't? That's a lot of hooey. You don't know what 'we' have and, really, that's quite OK. I wanted more info but that info wasn't forthcoming so I would say that you didn't try hard enough nor were you, in my opinion, really desirous of anyone, here at NCN, participating with you in "Your" venture. It always seemed to me to be just too much "your" venture.

I know where there is so much gold it would make your head swim and your heart palpitate and your mouth drool and salivate. It's reserved for me in my old age. But not for I alone, oh no, but for me and those who come with me to get it.

A grand headache, to be sure, but well worth it's proverbial weight.

If you really want an investment vehicle then invest in "Medical Marijuana" whose value, now and in coming years, far outweighs the delusions that gold brings. Ah, there is silver, too, and COPPER!

Yeah, most Alchemists that I know value 'copper' far above gold. But that's a secret that doesn't sekret' easily.

In life there is that which far outweighs the ups and downs of any market be it free or not. In fact it controls markets on this world and off...

It has no name and it is invisible to touch and taste and smell. It is very close yet far away. You hold it in your hand and yet you don't.

Egotism 'feels' good for awhile. Like gold. Midas had the touch...

There is no depression here in the good old USA. There is a lot of FUD but when one invests fearlessly be it FOREX or some other way then one soon learns the lessons of the markets and trance ends them all for victory and the spoils that don't.

Good day, b, nice to see you playing around again. Hope all is well with you.


And while there do read, please, about the couple from Colorado who is sueing the police force in their city...

Oh, and BTW...it's a bear market! ;)


24 Jan 2008 @ 21:37 by b : right on vaxie
you talk a lot about it but don't do it. You are in the same old place. It is good to see you here too. As far as waiting until your old age to get something, that is a real good laugh. Be Do Have. Lol.  

24 Jan 2008 @ 22:56 by vaxen : I have...
you do. ;)


And true about the old age. Here there is no age. Eternity just is...

the NOT in the knot/s. ;)  

25 Jan 2008 @ 04:38 by a-d : Now,b would you please
answer / clarify these Question -marks left haging in the air by you -as some sort of teasers, I guess, when you brought forth your IRRESISTABLE (???!!!?!?) Offer to us here on NCN: We were expected to join with an/d invest/ment of $30.000/person!... to digg, exuce me: to MINE gold for you/us???...( IN THE MOST EARTH & LIFE LOVING MANNER WITH MERCURY -an' "Everything"!... )
Then some time after this extremely weird "offer" was put forth ( " NOBODY in the WORLD had yet started a "as self sufficient, Earth FRIENDLY, healthy & loving-Lifestyle-Community as this was going to be (how did it go???... You never updated on that... Remember; I wrote a comment showing a dozen, or so, Communities, some of which already had been happily functioning in these manners ( without plundering the Earth, mining for gold!... ) for DECADES!... and I was pooh poohed (read: SLANDERED... I copied all those comments and sent them to Ming just to make sure he read all that s--- !.... )and ridiculed by you, bushman and Nora!.... ) If I remember correct your rethorics; you posted and article showing the first SALARY CHECKS that you had written out to somebody -and "would have written to us too" "-had we joined you" ( for $30.000 bucks each!....)
I never understood how in the world and why you asked for that money if we were to MAKE there SOOOOOO f----- much!?????

I'm glad to have this opportunity given to me to actually ask you.... Always wanted it all clarified!...especially since Ming never saw "anything wrong" with all that shit going on here!... I have his response emails also saved!... : )  

29 Jan 2008 @ 21:15 by b : nothing for you A-D
you got it all going on in your head. ring around the rosy.  

29 Jan 2008 @ 21:24 by b : Bushman
No crops, just some new trailers, generators, gas tanks and canned and dry goods and some meats for the fridge and barbie. Miners aren't too big on veggies or mill workers either. They do like whiskey. I paid them in fresh smelted and minted gold coin with my face on it. Baron gelt 999 fine. Everyone seems to love it. :) Every civilization is not a paradise.  

29 Jan 2008 @ 22:28 by bushman : lol
Im sure, lol. Too bad I dont drink, and like my home grown vegies, although its a frozen wasteland right now outside. At least my time spent here in the redrocks has gotten me a new PC, one I couldnt have bought on my own even with gold. Dosnt mean Im not still intrested in your project, but with out the pertinent info, there is no one I know that would invest with out it, the people I work for have money because they don't take ill informed chances. :}  

31 Jan 2008 @ 00:13 by vaxen : Hillary Clinton?
Oh yeah...and more. Goes back a long way into the bowels of the stench known as the UNITED STATES. A private, for profit, Corporation established by the Brits after winning the war of 1812. Ah...the CROWN is a jewel indeed! I want my Wanta!

Sunday 13 August 2006 21:01

By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review: www.worldreports.org. For earlier Wanta reports, press ARCHIVE on this Home Page







Note: The following report summarises the status of The Wanta Settlement at the time of posting.
It represents the position as officially approved and authorised by Ambassador Leo Wanta. All Wanta-related reports posted on this website are PRIMARY reports. All others are SECONDARY.

The blatant and scandalous diversion of Ambassador Leo Wanta’s Treasury-tagged $4.5 trillion, earmarked for the benefit of the Ambassador Leo Wanta, his corporation, the US Treasury, the State of Virginia, and the American people, continues. Specifically:




31 Jan 2008 @ 04:05 by a-d : Yeaahhh right!
AND ON the PAGES OF NCN!!!!..... Provable? Hell Yesss! I wrote the Qusetions mostly to give YOU an opportunity to once again show your true Character: that of an evil person, who does ANYTHING to not answer -as responding intelligently to inquires about/or accepting to be held accountable etc. for his own follies or worse things!... Sure enough! ; )
We all show our true colors when asked to respond to something we KNOW we were not quite honest about -not to say outright 'lied about' !....So ; of course, why would you respond and have an intelligent dialoge for once with anybody???!!
that would be just tooo much to ask from a great guy like YOU!... eh???? Well, those articles of yours are more than " All going in my head"!....Of course, by now you might have removed the article with the picture of the check. .... And you still can't seem to understand why nobody is interested in your shit???? Now, talk about deluded!
But of course; ... YOU DESERVE your part of Divine Justice and FAIRNESS -like we all! : )
Uuuuh don't forget your GOLD! ALL gold is FOOLS GOLD!!Remember that now, cause I told you so! ;)Hahahahahah... I'm learning to express really sick & twisted "Humor" from you, b!... : )  

1 Feb 2008 @ 23:14 by b : You can't win if you don't play
Except for the newciv part that I have written about the mining for finance is done. Since so few here showed any interest I marketed that prospect commercialy. It was done for profit. I still would like to see a start of a new civilization community with purpose of more then survival. A civilization where life is enhanced and there is joy in the pleasure of being it it together.  

2 Feb 2008 @ 20:45 by a-d : ....you can't win
in a rigged game either!...  

13 Feb 2008 @ 09:29 by skookum : too poor
to participate in the experiment.. but i thought it intriguing and imaginative!

in the end, people tend to go the path of least resistance

change is hard, and i am no better than the next person in that regard

but i am inspired by those who go the path least traveled by



15 Feb 2008 @ 23:55 by b : Thanks Marissa
At least I am trying different things and communicating. As much as I would love it I don't think a new civilization will be a utopia where people lay around and get handed cupts of coffee or martinis. We humans have such compertitive natures that nature will never stay still for us to lay around and do nothing.  

16 Feb 2008 @ 18:24 by skookum : true
nothing will change if we don't keep trying

that drive we all have.. can be channeled in inspired ways

I don't think man will ever be content...not the nature of the beast.. so to speak  

16 Feb 2008 @ 21:37 by jerryvest : You're right about this scam that
"B" attempted to do with the NCN members. He is right that the price of Gold has risen so that he can make more profit, but it is interesting to me that no one here fell for his phony deal. As far as I can see, he is the only one who "...lays around and does nothing." Astrid, it's always good to read your comments as you tell it like it is. Thanks, Jerry.  

17 Feb 2008 @ 05:12 by a-d : Thanks, Jerry, for
allowing yourself to see right through lies and accepting to face the dark Truth/s about "Things" when ever they are hanging around like thunder clouds... -and thus giving to others your gift of Encouragement to do the same.... Some of us need a boat load -and maybe a thimbles worth of Common Sense would help them as well... but that -of course- is something they have to find (from Within) themselves : )

...as if MINING gold would be a prerequisite and mental foundation for MORAL Living!!!.... !?!?!?...can 'you' believe it!?! It blows my mind!  

19 Feb 2008 @ 21:54 by b : Jerryvest
Strange for me to see that you bad mouth me and talk in generalities> What is phoney about some investors in a lucretive mining prospect getting their investment money back and a 100 per cent profit returned to them in gold in less then a year?  

19 Feb 2008 @ 22:08 by b : Your mind is banked A-d
To you money and gold are bad and you compare those mediums of exchange to morals as if I owe you something. This is my blog and your morals. You don't know me or yourself. Discussions can be carried on in the comm chat rooms, like the Mediation room for example. Blog items are for comments and discussions here best suited to a work group of in the chatrooms in Communication like the Asylmn. You do talk in generalities and non specifics. I wrote in the the header that some here think success is a dirty word. Iguess that's you A-d.
You're not making this a personal attack on me here, are you?  

20 Feb 2008 @ 00:06 by a-d : B, you can bet your bottom dollar,
that SLAVE money, like the Money Crooks' money from Fed Reserve / Rotchild's house is BAD, NOT JUST IN MY OPINION!!! BUT whole world's, who are informed enough and intelligent enough to understand what usury, cheating, deception, looting, stealing, is all about: ENSLAVING people, sucking people LIFE BLOOD!!!
The Current system; the cheaters System, the one your root for, is nothing but a TOOL to do just that: SUCK people's LIFE BLOOD -and when no more Life blood to suck they GET RID of people -one way or the other! But, hey; greed is GOOD, Black is White. etc... and this is the league YOU ROOT FOR!!! Now, Pardon me for asking in WHAT way does this relate to a NEW CIVILIZATION??? ( Isn't that what this website is all about anyway?... or am I totally mistaken ( read: MIS-LEAD???)?

BUT there are better, much better money SYSTEMS available as soon as the World has cleansed itself from these blood sucking bastards with their PHONY money, that they've been forcing with sly Point blank Murders of Millions of people and WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION against the rest they murdered -for what?... Yahhh, if/when someone DARED to oppose or try to expose their SCAM!...

Have you ever paid any attention to for instance Bernard Lietaer's ( Consultant for the World Bank & one of the three Brains behind Euro) suggestions on a MONETARY SYSTEM that would be FAIR for ALL and Life Supportive instead of --like the Cheater's System-- destructive to ALL - including the crooks themselves...???

As far as bad mouthing!.... I am surprised that YOU of all people say that, considering the things YOU say to people, including myself ON YOUR BLOG COMMENT SPACE! You have had misgivings with people on NCN since FAR before "my" time -and all the ill "blood" you been spreading around just during my years here!... PLENTYYYY. But I give you that: by no means are you all alone doing so, but you sure seldom miss a chance! And , no, you don't just do it in the Rooms, you do it in the comment spaces and why not!... All you can come up with is an article with ahhh so subtle "I told you so" WHAT The f---- did you tell us? that we are idiots because none of us seem/ed to truly be interested in your games???? (IF anybody had been truly interested and inspired they would found a way to join, but nobody felt inspired enough!.... wonder why!?! ; ) Could it be because people --at least eventually-- can SENSE arrogance vs truthfulness!

All I did, was asking you a few straight forward QUESTIONS about your "Offer" to see if you for ONCE would ANSWER questions (about your own articles/writings -instead of turning it around as if the person asking you a question was on trial and you the Judge!...Ad HOMINEM at its "best!"Of course you didn't answer anything. You never do!
And you know what, people DO remember comments! So, back off with your Martyrdom and get a grip of yourself!  

26 Feb 2008 @ 20:37 by b : That offer is over A-d
You talk in the generalities and non specifics of a crazy person. I hope you are taking your anti psychotic meds. You are out of present time. You are living in the civilization afforded by the USA in USA by USA. You want to go somewhere else, go!  

4 Aug 2009 @ 04:28 by b : Want some pure gold?
I can get you a good deal on gold for cash exchange. Not affected by stimulis.  

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