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15 Nov 2006 @ 23:01, by Bee

There are many aspects of the New Civilization. The best in my opinion would be a civilization that transcends this current civilization of Earth in an enlightened manner. Through out all of the new civilization writings this year on the newciv blogs what resonates is that the writers (myself included) of these blogs related to new civilizations expect there to be a transcendence to a new and better way of life for all Humans on this planet. That most of the members of this site, where the blogs are posted, seem to be disinterested, matters not at all.

I have written many articles about new civilization, visions thereof. I have written about the model for a new civilization model community including ways to finance, support such a community in the USA. While none of this has been greeted enthusiastically by members of this newciv site, this blog goes out to the public through various links. I have received many comments, internal mail and email on the new civilization subject that I write of. Some of these emails, comments, have turned into lengthy correspondence. Especially interesting to me are the new civilization projects that are starting up or ongoing in other countries.

A central theme is the morality of the new civilization. For example, if a model new civilization community was populated solely with homosexual people there would be no procreation. That is to say there would be no children in the new civilization community. Could the community continue to stay in existence without repopulating it or would a continual flow of none pro creating people be needed to be assimilated for continuing sustenance?

Civilizations here on Earth have developed over the millennia with religion as an integral part. Yet, in none of these religions has the questions been addressed of who we humans are and what we are. Some of this is self-evident. We Humans live on the planet Earth. That is a fact. From my observation, a human being seems to be a composite of body, mind, and spirit. The body has cellular memories, the mind is partly in body and part in spirit. Spirit is the being itself, I, you, me. Spirit is that which leaves the body at point of body death. A duty of a new civilization model community of which some part is based on research should be to answer in depth the truth of who and what we humans are. To transcend all religions of Earth and prove with evidence the facts of our existence on Earth.
Moreover, to prove our relationship with the rest of the physical universe. By researching Zero point energy, zero point fields we can see that there is an existing forces of continual movement out from the original source point of this universe that permeates all matter, energy, space. This could be God that is so central to many of the world’s religions; To many times in religions, dogma, doctrines, prevent actual enlightenment from occurring. God has been described as the creator of the universe. God is the one source of all life. What is needed and wanted is the proof of our existence as human beings. . . .

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16 Nov 2006 @ 03:52 by freo7 : B, so you need proof of your existence?
Would that not be in the eye of the beholder? And that since there are so many unique beings in the human form there would by the laws of diversity be that many different perspectives?

See I proved the existence of GOD to my self and found THAT to be a central energy source like you point out: "we can see that there is an existing forces of continual movement out from the original source point of this universe that permeates all matter, energy, space."

*It never EVER ocurred to me that I needed to prove my existence/perspective within the webs of all that is life. LOL, B  

16 Nov 2006 @ 18:49 by b : Freo
The existence I speak of raises the question that at point of body death does the human spirit leave the body and go on. If so, where too? If not, at point of body death all goes black so to speak, that's all there is then why should any of us humans have any morality or ethics while alive here. If there are no rewards for good and evil is not punished why not just take what you want from any and if there is protest, kill them?

Many of the religions dogma teach of an after life or state the possibility that we humans are immortal beings. What do you think? When you die your dead and that's it? Or are you one of those who just does not know and pretend that you do?  

16 Nov 2006 @ 19:20 by celestial : Ah, Bee,
Haven't you heard "from dust you came and unto dust you shall return?"
When you die in this plane of existence, then you return to the electron (planet) from which you came.  

16 Nov 2006 @ 22:01 by b : Ah, Celestial
What I am looking for is the proof and evidence there of. For example, at point of body death can the soul, spirit, be photographed. If a peson can center and balance. We(at NCN) have discussed many times through the years year visions and truths of our existence as human beings of and on Earth.
Or you're one who believes at death there is nothing more of you...  

16 Nov 2006 @ 23:35 by scotty : Photograph a spirit or soul hmmm !
don't know about that BUT - I believe that there have been photographs taken of the 'Kirlian' energy of persons at the time of their death.  

16 Nov 2006 @ 23:42 by scotty : at the moment of death
a body loses several ounces in weight ... where did they go - what were they - can a soul be weighed !!! interesting eh !  

17 Nov 2006 @ 09:31 by celestial : Ah, Bee,
It sounds to me that you are looking for hard copy to use as proof.
I'll formulate it into a question and put it on my back burner and sleep on it.
Hope to have an answer for you soon, maybe two weeks to a month.
Just off the top of my head I would say it would have to be photographed in the ultraviolet frequency but could be in the lower frequency of infrared.

Hi Scotty, nice to see you around again!!!  

17 Nov 2006 @ 11:19 by scotty : interesting article
I found this { http://www.kirlian.org/kirlian/korotov/korotkov.htm } this morning - if you go about a 1/3 way down the page you'll find this ... "Experimental investigations of a human body Energy-and-Information activity after death"  

17 Nov 2006 @ 11:20 by scotty : sorry about that
here's the {http://www.kirlian.org/kirlian/korotov/korotkov.htm} again  

17 Nov 2006 @ 18:28 by b : Thanks Scotty
I believe you are refering to the Anne Kubler Ross studies on death and out of the body experience in her books. I'll check out the link. Yes, there are many photos made using Kirlian Photo techniques.  

17 Nov 2006 @ 18:54 by b : Celestial
As Scotty points out there have been experients done with a technique called Kirlian Photography or aura photography. The aura which emmanates from the human body can be visable to some people. It appears as a field aound the body.
The actual photo technique is being done using lasers which hit a metal plate and are spilt. The light splatter interacts with the electrical properties in the field around and in the human body which is photographed.
Also as Scotty mentions there was a weight study made at point of body death where a loss of a few ounces are noted in those studies made by a physcologist named Anne Kubler Ross. Also such studies are noted in the books" Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtin" which were published in the U.S. after the Soviet disintergration in 1990.
The soul, seperate from the human body. Where does it(we) go at point of body death?  

17 Nov 2006 @ 19:03 by b : FYI
Brian Baron Berez - beesbiz@yahoo.com
I am b or Bee.  

20 Nov 2006 @ 20:35 by celestial : B, what comes to the surface...
We only exist in the imagination of the creator and
the spirit goes where ever it wants to go.
I'm curious, do you fear going to christianity's Hell?  

20 Nov 2006 @ 23:37 by b : No, Celestial
Generalities and non specifics equal ignorance. I aim to be precise.
You haven't answered my question to you yet. Do you think that when you die you're dead, no afterlife alternatives?  

21 Nov 2006 @ 01:13 by iamramtha : Life after death
Of course there is life after death of the human body. We are in fact life itself. No one dies,Only the body dies. What happens to the spirit? That is your choice. Do you wish to came back as a human,Or a highly evolved being from another universe. Tha choice is ours individually. Or do we wish to remain in the all and all or isness that is our energy so to speak. We continue forever and ever life without end amen. And the choices are literally endless. To the finite mind this seems unlikely. But we are infinite in our being, we just need to awaken to this knowledge. Oh this life in human form is only the game we play here on earth. Enjoy it have fun with it. But know that we are much more than what the eye sees. If you look inside you will see clearly that you are a wonderful spirit filled being living temporarily as a human. Religion dosent want you to know this. Because then you realize all truth is in you and not in a 2000 year old book. Well thats another matter. lol. But I have no doubt that I
am that I am. And so too are you and everyone everywhere. No better, no worse. Equal partners in this game we call life.  

21 Nov 2006 @ 17:08 by celestial : Bee,
I believe that when the body dies you still exist!
I believe that a person may come back and sleep in their dead body, off and on, until they are ready to move on; during those moments one has the potential to be resurected back to life. That is why I don't believe they should routinely disect bodies or cremate them.  

21 Nov 2006 @ 20:44 by b : Thanks IamRamtha
for demonstrating in your comment your understanding of the question that I have asked about what happens when you die.  

21 Nov 2006 @ 20:46 by b : OK then Celestial
Everyone is entitled to their own belief system. You certainly are free to make your choices.  

22 Nov 2006 @ 00:18 by iamramtha : Sleeping in your dead body
I'm not saying you could not do this. But why would you.I think people beleive that the human body houses the spirit.But in fact its just the opposite.The spirit in fact encompasses the body,not the reverse. When the spirit leaves the body behind,it has no thought of it. but goes on to its next journey. No sorrow,remorse guilt,or loss. If you want to create that body again you are free to do so. What humans fail to realize is they are the creaters of all that is in this realm. Not a God or Goddess on a thrown somewhere in the cosmos. We ALL are the God,Goddess,creater of all that is, was, and ever shall be. That is why religion has failed so miserably.They make you beleive you have no say in the matter. ITS UP TO GOD AND HIS MAJESTY.Well I say this. I am the truth,the light and the way. Follow me.But don't follow me literaly, Follow this example. For you too are the truth the light and the way. Some are just not aware of this yet. But in time all will come to realize the God,Goddess or what ever you choose to call it that lies in All of us.And all will rejoice in the union of the oneness that is us,you and I and all things.We ARE coming together beloved. It just takes time.  

22 Nov 2006 @ 19:14 by b : Beautifly put, IamRamtha
It is best to leave the flesh behind at point of body death. In seeking the exact, precise, knowledge of the transition I find that it is possible for electronics to interfere with cosmic interaction. So it is up to us when we are alive with these bodies to have this lifetime to know ourselves to the fullest. So that we gain strength in wisdom and develop a core of self awareness. That, perhaps is the only thing that we can take with us.  

22 Nov 2006 @ 19:59 by iamramtha : Love the interaction B
It great to find people of a like mind in this place. We are all the same. Its just that some are awakening quicker than others.Which is not to say this is a bad thing. We are all evolving at our own pace. But we will all eventually grasp our mastery of all that is. Beautiful thing to contemplate. But seeing time exist only in the relative plain on earth. There is no hurry. Its just that the more we awaken the more exciting this journey becomes.We truly are the masters of our own destiny. All the answers are inside us. Look there and not to the world and you will be pleasently surprised. Knock and the door will open,seek and you will find.  

2 Dec 2006 @ 02:09 by vaxen : VGI...
that there really are people who are fully awake and understand the mysteries of life. I, of course, have been very interested in the 'idea' of a community. The time has not been right for such. But as we vibrate more in synch with one another what we wish to manifest on this Earth plane will be manifested.

People tend to band together for protection. One thing I find lacking in this NCNs' concept of a new civilization, based originally on Captain Bills & Rs investigations into these matters is that of Government.

An Archos does not mean chaos. So do any of you have any ideas along these lines? In Israel I was a part of the 'Land Movement (Tenuat Artzi)' and there were, at that time, some interesting things going on but communism just doesn't work.

Communism is actually just the first stage of Democracy. As the founding fathers and mothers of this Nation knew very well...

Democracy never works. So...

I, for one favor the Republican form of government which protects individual rights. Perhaps some new form of Government remains backstage. Something we've never seen in this world before? Any ideas along those lines?

I think, also, that this cyber group is evolving. Things tend to happen in cycles just like nature and natures sources...

Since we are those very sources we are at once dynamic and static. Operating statics, if you will, and since we live beyond the multiverses of thetas forming -- getting back to source -- core, foundation, native state, seems to be a crucial part of this journey.

'The way out of the trap is to become the trap.' -- A great mentor of mine once told me...


20 Dec 2006 @ 21:08 by b : Community enjoys Spirit
It is good to have a government that protects individual rights. In the end/beginning that is who we all are: individuals. And we can all dissapear. Though I don't recommend that alternative.  

30 Aug 2007 @ 19:56 by dan1 : A Few Thoughts and Suggestions.
Good Morning Bee.You seem to be asking, in part, "Who, What, How, Why, When and Where Are We?" Some very good, but incomplete answers have been revealed to us. Of course it is up to us to decide if we accept all ot part of these answers, and to what extent.

I can recommend two books that would help us formulate satisfactory answers to these questions.

The first one is the "Gemstone Luminary" by Michael Katz. This work is for people who are interested in gemstone healing, but it has a very interesting and plausible explanation of the "Layers of the Being". It begins with the physical body and proceeds through various layers until the Spiritual Body is reached. However, the orientation is from the "Up" to the "Down", or from the Spiritual to the Physical. Then the rest of the book goes on to describe how different gemstones act upon these bodies. It is, at the very least, fascinating reading and I, for one, find it believable. Maybe I am gullible, maybe not. Maybe my intellect and intuition is serving me well.

The second book is a huge work offered to us, also from the top down. It makes the valiant attempt to help us grow intellectually and Spiritually, but it is quite challenging and relatively few can get through it. It speaks to us of God and the many aspects of God and Its Creation, which is, so far, a central universe surrounded by seven more universes, of which the whole thing is called the "Grand Universe". From these dizzy heights and expanses this work goes on to show us some of the structure of Creation; the levels and and some of the nuances that we might be able to understand. Then it proceeds to reveal to us the workings of our own universe, Nebadon, and the sentient forces that administer it for the Creator. It speaks of the Many Sonships of God and the many kinds of Angels and other Service Beings. Then it comes "Home" to us here on Earth and tells us much of what we yearn, (some of us), to know. Throughout this contribution to Our Evolution as a Planetary Species it reminds us that it is only presenting what has been authorized in the context of what we are capable of understanding. It is a rich work and deserves, in my humble opinion, our scrutiny. It can be read online for free. It is called the "Urantia Book". If one is sincere in wanting to learn more about themselves and others, then they certainly should make the effort to bring this revelation into their lives.

Respectfully, DAN 1  

5 Sep 2007 @ 21:30 by b : Yeah Dan
We have had many, many, discussions hee at NCN over the years about existence and conditions. There is a lot to read about on this site. Labels are part of the generalities and only sometimes the specifics.  

18 Sep 2007 @ 18:27 by b : Again, God is God
We are humans who live on planet Earth. Humans are a composite of body, mind, spirit. THere is only one God, God who created the universe and who is the one source of all life.  

9 Jan 2009 @ 22:51 by bee @ : A new civilization
is being carved out for we humans whether we like it or not. We seem to be being conditioned to accept a huge disaster coming to all of us gradually or all at once. There may only be survivors or maybe none. That bad, just watch some tv and not feel the dread.  

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