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picture3 Oct 2006 @ 19:05, by Bee

I have been back several months now from spending the last few years living in India. India to me, is like no other place I could imagine living in the 21st century. So old, with written history going back over 25 thousand years and modern hi tech too. For thirty years I had poor health condition of the disease of diverticulitis. that caused me pain almost daily. I had gone to hospital many times because of the severity of attacks. I learned over the years to control it with strict diet, exercise and disciplines like not eating four hours before I went to sleep. Also I had to eliminate many things from my diet like seeds, nuts, corn of any kind. Strawberries have seeds and so I could not eat them. I did not eat popcorn for 20 years. My tomatoes had to be deseeded. In my last two months in India before I returned to the USA I observed that I no longer had the attacks of diverticulitis which are similar to extreme indigestion accompanied with stomach cramps. I no longer had the pain of awakening and tiredness of fighting it off. Gradually I began testing my condition by eating foods that were forbidden to me. Slowly I came to realize that the condition that one US doctor had told me was in a terminal stage was gone

I have a good Indian friend who is a doctor. Not only is he a degreed MD but also a doctor of Asian medicine and a noted acupuncturist. I consulted with him, he sent me to a specialist friend and after tests they both concurred that the condition was gone, healed. I attributed this to the complete diet change I had undergone while living in country. And the spices, the amazing spices that I consumed while living in India. In the USA I had kept to a rather bland diet and our foods are filled with preservatives too. Indian food is fresh prepared and there are no toxic additives. The food is cooked with many different spices like: coriander, fennel, chili, turmeric, ginger, garlic, masala, beriani, etc. I believe the food and the spices are what cured me.

The people in India are on a higher spiritual level then those in the West. At least I found it so with the Hindu’s who are predominant in India. There is a great sense of harmony, unity, that I see in India. The people are all in it together. The Hindu’s know that they are spirits who have bodies. They have many Gods who are spirits too. Because of this knowledge sometimes what would be considered supernatural events in New York City are commonplace in India. Like telepathy for example. Not only with people but also with the animals that Hindu’s interact with every day.

One glimpse of India I remember was riding in the back of a car one day when I had gone into town, Mumbai, from the suburbs where I lived in Jehu. I had my driver take me to a section of the city called Crawford Markets, Mumbai which used to be called Bombay is an island city with bridges and causeways connecting the islands of land reclaimed from the sea. The city was always crowded with 15 million residents. The center has wide streets with trees and some parks. They are constantly tearing down old dilapidated buildings and making new high rise hotels, apartments, office buildings. On this day my driver turned off a busy main street onto a street that looked like a war zone with rubble everywhere for blocks around. There were several thousand men working around there. Most wore breach clouts, no shirts, some wore old turbans on their heads. They had an elephant with them. He was a young bull elephant, maybe three or four years old and very strong looking. He wasn't ’chained or tethered. He was helping pull down old buildings and moving the rubble. I rolled my back window down and for one moment our eyes met. I felt that he looked directly into me. There was an instantaneous connection and I tingled with the contact. Some invisible wave went between us for just those few moments. He shrugged and his trunk curled up. I swear that he winked. Some of the other men around him reacted to him and looked around to see what he saw. The car was gone. I held his eye for those moments passing then turned straight in my seat. Only he and I really knew that contact. There had been communication too and it was about love of different beings for each other. That love was sweet, it is the love of India.

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3 Oct 2006 @ 19:44 by jerryvest : Bee, thank you for your interesting
article or experience about India, their people and animals. I also appreciate your healing experiences and antidotes. I really could identify with the 'arc of energy' or connection that you had with the young elephant. I once connected with a cow during a walk that I made several times a week in Vermont. It amazed me to see her running across the field to greet me the moment she saw me. Anyway, I wasn't taking any psychedelics so that made it even more special.  

3 Oct 2006 @ 21:56 by b : Thank you JerryVest
'arc of energy' is a good way to discribe that wavelength that connected us, me and the elephant. As you say about the cow, animals connect with us.  

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