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picture13 Sep 2006 @ 19:07, by Bee

A new civilization model community that is started with the realization that the community will be self sustaining. A community set forth to bring together individuals who are willing to dreate a new and better way to live to be an example to all people of Earth that we can all share a new and better future existence.

While writing here at New Civilizations Network at newciv.org I have been studying information compiled from the internet on new civilizations. I find that while not necessarily going by the name of a new civilizations, that communities have been starting up in various parts of the world that are dedicated to propagating a version of some ones vision of something new and better.

Many of these new communities have been founded and funded by a religion or a particular sect of a religion. It is no surprise that Muslim dominated countries have through the state sponsored religion funded colonies in many western counties. These colonies have an organization of divisions or departments like social services, political movement, military security combinations, for example.

There are new age startup communities growing in all of the English speaking countries too and Europe. In Russia and China new communities have been started that are dedicated to work related projects of communities to create and engage in distribution of products for profit.

Then there are the visions of people who would like to have a new civilization that embraces all people of Earth and put for the completion of the vision that We are all One, One people, one race, The human race of Earth. In order for that to occur, each of us humans has to realize that we are individuals who have a duty to ourselves to constantly improve our condition. To better ourselves we must see ourselves as we really are. Humans are a composite of body, mind, spirit. .

In starting a newciv model community there is a question of who goes and lives there and what do they do there. I envision a community that is self supporting in municipal services, agriculture, technologies, energy, transportation, communications, security, food services, water. This would be composed of individuals who participated in the start up and continuance of the community.

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