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picture23 Aug 2006 @ 22:12, by Bee

Since I started writing these entries on creating a new civilization model community and discribing ways to finance, fund this project, I have received many emails and internal mail here at NCN. So much that over these last months I have become an authority on this subject.

Sometimes I think that creating a new and better civilization is a task best left to morons or fools. There are so many random views of how it should be that conflict is almost unavoidable. That is what is so wrong with our current civilization. Is the conflict risk ratios. With the world split into countries and each country responsible for their own sovereignty then communication between countries becomes imperative and good relations necessary for the survival of all. For conflict brings impending doom to government except when they conquer. Then it was winner take all. Now in the dawn of the 21st century long laid plans take fruition. Sometimes it is even the losers of conflict that get to dictate to the winners.

For example, before the breakup of the Soviet Union USA planned to create a space/defense shield capable of defending USA from incoming missiles by destroying them before they reached their targets. The Soviet who became the Russians, stoutly resisted USA doing that. Now, twenty years after those protests US has the defense shield and Russia is exposed as having developed hundreds of missile types that they have sold all over the world.

After writing so many blog entries here at NCN on new civilization, creating a model new civilization community, funding and financing a new civilization community, I find myself somewhat of an authority on this subject. Now this written at the newciv dot org site that is owned by founder Fleming Funch. He certainly IS the definitive expert by virtue of having created this site. Yet, after writing some many entries on this subject, people have found me on the search engines is the author of theis blog and written me asking a variety of questions about what I have written and about how they could participate in a new and better civilization. Some of this has been plain job solicitation. There are always people reading things on the internet that want to have a job, change jobs, get a job. There are a few people who really want to create something new and potentially great in the way we live and enjoy life. These are people who have been writing me. I also receive internal mail here at NCN about creating a new civilization.

Sometimes I have entered long correspondence with some of these persons. I have a file now of resumes that have been submitted to me. I have another file of potential investors in a project of creating a new and better civilization. A lot of what I have written relates to creating a model new civilization. From much of what I have read on this subject I have deduced that people joining a community and participating in its formation can contribute their views in a positive contribution toward the founding documents or how the community will operate and who will participate.

I would like to see in the creation of a new civilization model community a use of cutting edge technologies to be able to bring to market products created in this form. The community must at some stage be sustainable on its own. I think one of the most important facets of a new community is its morals, ethics and belief systems. In a free society and we hope that any newly created model civilization will have a free society, people will be entitled to have what ever belief system they want. However, these usually include religious beliefs. I feel that in creating a new and better civilization that any religious beliefs put forth should be able to be proved with fact and evidence to support belief and even faith. Just as any philosophy put forth should be workable and be able to be demonstrated. A new community starting out in the beginning of the 21st century should be designed to take advantage of emerging technologies to provide free energy sources like solar, wind, methane and or a combination coordinated by computer for the communities use.

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24 Aug 2006 @ 01:11 by bushman : Hmm
The religion thing, I could see small shrines for reverance of each religion, but I cant see a bunch of churches or temples to all religions. I mean if our community lacks fellowship, then we don't have a decent enough town hall. Anyway if we are going high tech, then individuals could practic a religion on the net churchs, and for fellowship they participate in whatever events at the town hall. Social democratic anarchy? That could work. :}  

24 Aug 2006 @ 22:30 by b : No churches, mosques, temples in this
new civilization community, Bushman. Religions all have something wrong about them even if its just their dogma and doctrine. I admit that certain rituals from some religions do bring about a spriitual conciousness and that is good. Rituals like meditational skills can help to calm and to heal. But in a new high tech oriented survival community: proofs, fact and evidence should be the guideline to wisdom. Religion should be able to prove what they claim.
Each self is a self who can choose to live and be with other selves.
Religion of humans creating a new civilization model community should start from the fact that Humans are a composite of body, mind, spirit. And prove that up. That there is only one God that is the creator of the universe, the one source of all life. And prove that up.
Religious humanism without dogma or doctrine is static then there is all of those cosmologies. That's chaos! Who has the right one?  

24 Aug 2006 @ 22:37 by enora : Bee
this is a great example of a new civ, even if it is a game. It is one of the most popular games, too, and for good reason it's the most widely distributed game series of all time. They use the barter system, it's spiritual and not religious, it's about cooperative work as well as independent paths. It's brilliant. Final Fantasy.  

24 Aug 2006 @ 22:44 by b : Ok Nora, thanks
I will check it out. The real thing is on a much broader scale.  

25 Aug 2006 @ 00:24 by enora : Ha!
is there much of a difference? Millions of people around the world are playing online together as teams around the clock. They trade, share, help one another. If that's not a great model for a new civ, I don't know what is. They're doing it on one level, and who's to say it can't be transferred to the rest of the world?  

25 Aug 2006 @ 02:39 by bushman : Game is game.
Real hardscape, of a new civ community is far beyond, just a game. We are talking real pavment, real solid tech, a real town where people will want to move and be productive, in those things we stand for. It just can't be compaired with a game in my book. Im not saying the game isnt good training , and as well do think it does set the mind in motion to do the right things in a new civ community.  

25 Aug 2006 @ 20:01 by b : the purpose here
is: as a community create a real model community of a new civilization. A civilization model of a new and better civilization then the civlization we are existing in as humans on Earth now. That would be as a community that wanted to survive to a higher purpose:
Living a life of purpose. For this first model community from NCN it
must possess willing people. Perhaps of one catagory.  

29 Aug 2006 @ 21:50 by vaxen : Focus:
1) Being, 2) Mind, 3) Body, 4) Product.

1) Group President
2) Communications Executive
3) Organization Executive
4) Public Executive

Reason involves a premise and a process of logic.

A premise is a starting point from whence subsequent steps of logic are taken...

An axiom is a special kind of premise - the sort that cannot be denied.

"A premise is an axiom if, in order to deny it explicitly, it is necessary to assume it implicitly."--- A.R.

The money issuing power.
The Private Sector.
Legal Systems.
Do a bunk.

Transnational (trans-state) Law.
UNIDROIT Principles.
Death before Dishonor.
Private Banking.

Inflation, the dillution of currency, is a form of non legislated tax.

Offshore doesn't necessarly mean ''Off Shore.''

Money is freedom? Politics is a fools freedom...

I'd suggest that you check out the ''Green River Formation," Bee, since drilling has already begun...

The Piceance basin has the highest concentration of oil shale.

Strategic Business plan?


29 Aug 2006 @ 23:20 by b : The hell with the oil
go straight to the hydrogen membrane. Seperate from water oxygen and hydrogen. Contain them seperately, use the oxygen, transform the hydrogen to heated gas and transform into electricity. Put it all in a box and plug your house electricity in it. Carry the small box with you and plug your car into it and drive away. Develop it for one community at a time until a reasonable public understands the powers can't touch it. You write the business plan.  

30 Aug 2006 @ 06:43 by vaxen : Yeah...
but till then there is enough oil in the Green River Formation to sustain us for another 500 years. The profit potential is tremendous... world shaking power, too...

Scalar energies are being harnessed (cf., T.Beardens' work etc.,) but we are entering the period of time known as "The Energy Wars." So... knowing what energy is is tantamount. Energy from the vacuum...  

30 Aug 2006 @ 21:03 by b : New and Other energy sources
are available but can only be accessed by small groups. THey are not allowed to be developed by powers who prevent the public(you&me)from using them. A start up newciv community that develops new energy sources should be able to utilize them. One new one I have been looking at are the new magnetic field discoveries.


31 Aug 2006 @ 00:13 by vaxen : Well...
transnational law (trans-state) is a viable reality and the New Lex Mercatoria gives us plausible remedy beyond the UNITED STATES Corporation whose fraudulent behavior against ''We the People" is well known. The remedy exists in Commerce. The UCC, here in the states... is the law of the land.

We know how to deal with the devils in their courts. So they can threaten all they want to... their time is rapidly coming to an end.
Once you know who you are their 'foibles' really mean very little. We can coerce them in ways they've not yet dreamed of...

You see... they are Lienable! You'd be surprised at what tools and shields are available against Fraudulent Government. The thing on Capitol hill loves to huff and puff and blow down houses but once you know yourself as creditor then the story changes. Goes for local Governments too...

In any case the oil shale deposits that we have here in the united states of America will revolutionize 'oil.' The new Middle East is the U.S. Yes, new and viable forms of energy... new? Suppressed. Times they are a changing, though, thanks to us... ;)

Good luck bee san.

PS: Can you tell me who did the picture you used above? I love it.  

31 Aug 2006 @ 20:24 by b : re pic:
Ingo Swann, he's still around. Pic comes from his book site.

More oil is constantly being discovered. The planet has oil all over it. There are many different sources of inexpensive energy. The best ways to use these sources is do just that: build what is needed to utilize them and use it. don't bother to go through a patent process. Many changes for the better will occur.  

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